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Android 4 now on 5% of Android devices, Gingerbread still dominant


No longer the platform of the 1%, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now found on nearly 5% (4.9%) of Android devices, according to the latest Android Platform Versions Chart. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is still found on the most devices by far, with 64.4% of Android devices running the previous version of Android. These charts are based on the number of devices that have accessed the Google Play Store over the past 14 days, giving a fairly good estimate of the breakdown of devices in the general population.

Still, with Ice Cream Sandwich now six months old, and Jelly Bean set to be unveiled later this year, we’re a bit disappointed that Android 4 is not available on more devices. The update to Android 4 is the greatest improvement yet in the Android OS, meaning it has taken OEMs significantly longer to push out updates to their devices.

With an update for the best selling Android device, the Galaxy S II, hitting the airwaves around the world recently (coming soon to the U.S.), we should see this number creep up and break the 10% mark shortly. Are you one of the lucky 5% to be on the latest and greatest version of Android? One of the 0.3% still on Cupcake?!

Source: Android Developer Site

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  • spazby

    4.0.4 on my wife’s unlocked nexus, 2.3.4 on my photon (sigh)

  • SuperAndroid

    4.0.4 on my SGS2 using CM9 ;-)

  • thaghost

    5% after almost 6months? I guess super slow progress is better than no progress.

  • sykkro

    Nexus S with 4.0.4 here! (CyanogenMod 9 v6.0) :D

  • pekosROB

    If only my phone would get ICS I know it would run better… sigh, but it won’t. Guess I will need to just buy another one and hope that gets any future updates. How long has ICS been out now??

    On another note, how come all of the vote buttons (both down and up) are whited out and don’t allow me to click on them?

    • thaghost

      And why havent our scores been updated?…just asking.

    • B2L

      This has happened before, Clark was able to fix it last time. So we’ll have to wait and see what he says.

  • blt

    ICS on desireS!

  • Joel

    I love Android..but it hurts seeing 1 operating system..with 15 different platform numbers – Sigh.
    Im on the waiting list for the SGS2 update. I feel bad for those still not even on 2.2 though. And its sad that the more popular your device is (Units sold), the longer it takes to get updated. Id be hella pissed if I get ICS and then not even a half year before JB gets released.

  • seabass978

    By mid June that percentage should be higher because by then htc amaze should be getting ics, and that’s pretty much the last device receiving it.

    • B2L

      So I guess all of the US Galaxy S II’s, all versions of the Galaxy Note, Razr, Razr Maxx, and 20 other phones that will be getting the update don’t count?

  • Slith

    The 95% needs to rise up and revolt!

  • Eric Rossman

    For the sake of their customers, and all the anxiety people seem to have about having the latest and greatest OS right after it is released; I would actually love to see Jelly Bean moved out to next year. Google needs to focus on bringing a consistent customer experience, and saying “we will bring a new great experience in the next OS” does not cut it when the Carriers selectively hold back (I know they have their reasons)

    Now before all you get fired up about this, take a moment and think.
    1. We have been pawing over ICS, witch in reality adds very little unique content over the current Gingerbread offerings.
    2. With all the Vendor and Carrier integration that has to happen to get updates out, getting the “newest OS” on select legacy devices seems to take the better part of a full year.
    3. By the time legacy devices get the latest and greatest OS update, Google is releasing the next OS again; thus starting the upgrade anxiety cycle all over again.

    I am not talking down to Google, I just want them to let the current “Latest & Greatest” OS mature a bit, get good rollout numbers, and mature before dropping the next big thing.

    We would all grab pitchforks and torches if this was a software company developing OS’s for the desktop space, giving a completely new OS every single year, regardless if the last OS was in the customers hands or not..

    -thank you for letting me share some thoughts
    -Eric :)

  • droiddewd

    Ive got 4.04 on my MTG4G with Creamed Glacier (one of the best ROMs for ICS) and have ICS on the TF 101 also. Luckily I rooted the MT4G so I could update it when I wanted to and not wait for manufactures etc to determine when I should have Gingerbread and ultimately ICS. Asus has been great to get ICS out (though my TF is rooted too and running Megatron ROM.)

    Are the .3 percent of the Android population on Cupcake even aware they have that outdated UI? Are they even aware of checking out Android sites for info like this? :OP

  • Nick Overstreet

    Considering the large majority of Gingerbread phones will never get the ICS update, it is going to be a long time before ICS becomes the dominant version.

  • VS

    Android 4.0.3 via leaked HTC update (thank you XDA) on HTC Amaze 4G.

  • Mix

    OS updates are only area that I wish Google and its mobile phone makers would step up to the level of Apple but I also understand that with the sheer number of different Android phones it is almost impossible.

  • pjamies

    Google really has to put a stop date on older OS versions still being
    rolled out. My Samsung G Note came with 2.3.6 and it is just a month old.
    Google should have a policy that 1 month after a new OS is rolled out that
    the previous versions become discontinued for new phone roll-outs ..
    This would help users that always seem to want the latest OS on their new
    devices, and quicken the push to the new OS on older devices, as it would
    make manufacturers have to move to ICS (if possible) or decommission devices
    that do not support the upgrade. A more definitive Yes or No upgrade path.
    And Google has to force manufacturers to upgrade all phones that meet OS specific
    specs. This will help with fragmentation issues, as more phones will be running similar
    OS versions that are newer and more feature rich ..

  • Horaz

    ICS 4.0.4 (CM9 Kang!) in an old Motorola Milestone (first version) =)

    Of course, it runs with issues…

  • Abhi

    I know a guy that works at moto and he says that moto will be pushing it on most devices when the vanquish (codename for razr hd) comes out in June. Razr and maxx will get it on that date^^ though :)

    • Abhi

      By that date I meant may 21

  • Lee

    4.0.3 on my acer iconia tab a100