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Android 4 quietly rolling out to international Galaxy Note


The international Galaxy S II has already received the update to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, leaving the sized-up Galaxy Note behind on Android 2.3. Today, several European users are reporting that their devices have received an OTA update notification that brings their phone-tablet hybrid into 2012 with the Android 4.0 update.

Of course, this is a Samsung device, and Samsung has revamped their Touchwiz UI overlay for the Note, which looks a lot more like its Gingerbread variant. Other features in the upgrade include a new and improved S Note application, a new S Memo widget, and the Premium Suite Shape Match and My Story applications. Of course, you’ll get the performance improvements that come with ICS as well.

Owners of the AT&T-branded Galaxy Note will have to wait for the update to pass through carrier testing, which tends to add 1-3 months to the process. Hopefully that process has already begun, and AT&T Note owners will be getting their own taste of Ice Cream Sandwich very soon. We’re leaning towards the update coming sooner than later, as an AT&T-branded Galaxy Note was spotted at CTIA this week.

Any non-US readers out there getting the Android 4 update on your Galaxy Note?

Via: Engadget

Source: Devin Balentina (Twitter)

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  • B2L

    YES!!! This is great news, I wonder how long it will take for the OTA to start rolling out to (International Note) users in the US.

    • Jeff Pan

      I have a question.

      Why is it that only US carries require “further testing”. The European carriers don’t even care is it?

      • B2L

        The US carriers feel the need to add extra bloat. (Carrier apps, games, and whatever else they feel like.) If they were willing to leave the system untouched, the wait wouldn’t be as long. That’s why I typically stick with unlocked international versions of devices, then the carriers have no say, you get the updates the manufacturer wanted you to have.

        • Rockstar323

          I agree completely just want to add some things. One reason why they like to add extra bloat is that US carriers subsidize the phones and by absorbing some of the cost I guess they see that as reason to make the phone unique to them. Many carriers overseas don’t subsidize so the user has to pay the retail price and are getting the phone the manufacturer intended it to be.

          • B2L

            The sad part is, if someone like me wants to pay the unsubsidized price for a carrier specific device, you’re still stuck with all of the bloatware. That’s exactly why I’m willing to spend a little extra and import it, but most people don’t realize that you can do that.

        • akl

          I shall finish your message:
          …and that’s even more why you should stick with the GSM nexus, then the manufacturers have no say, you get the updates Google wanted you to have.

      • JonGarrett

        At this point Ive given up and I don’t even care about ICS–Samsung promised ICS for the Galaxy devices in Q1 yet here we are half way through Q2 and still no solid time frame yet.

        Meanwhile, my wife’s shitty Acer Iconia Tab has ICS on it and it looks lovely (because there’s no customizations laid over it.)

  • dpleus

    Great news for International Galaxy Note user community. But those of us in the US tied to Carriers for OTA updates shouldn’t get our hopes up. All too often, international updates are far faster than US Carrier OTA updates. But if any US Galaxy Note owners are seeing this as well please let us know. Thanks.

    • uncfan

      ICS is out in western PA…i updated last night thru my home computer what a nice os

  • Joel

    Hm…Well hey congrats to all Note owners…but I gotta be honest not really happy that its arrived BEFORE the ICS rollouts for the SGS2. And then that whole factor with ‘carrier testing’ which is even worse news.

    • eallan

      The i9100 got I should a while ago.

      • Wilson

        Yes for I9100 but not for I9100G

  • Jorge Vieira

    2-3 months….i wish it was 2-3 weeks. I have been waiting forever it feels like between this and my nexus! Cmon Son’

  • McLovin

    I’m pretty sure this is going to be my next phone if the rumours about T-Mobile getting it come true soon. For an much as I am a keyboard guy and nothing on the horizon that looks good in that camp this will do. I’m in love with the idea of a stylus and a bigger format. I can’t tell you how fustrating it is to select, copy and paste between apps with my big fat finger.

    • therealestmc

      I would wait for the note 2 if were you. The current note is already 1 year old so the next note should be out pretty soon.

    • Sam

      Hiya x Dont know if this is any help but I have had my Note for nigh on a month (its awesome) and I am on T-mobile ?!? xXx Although I couldnt get it directly from T-mobile :-( xXx

    • his1975

      You can get the note from t-mobile via and other suppliers Google it and you will find lots of deals i got one free on 24 month contract for 25 quid a week..

  • spazby

    after buying unlocked nexus for my wife, i think i will go that route for myself and avoid all these disappointments with carrier / manufacturer delays

    • Richard Yarrell

      Yes that is the BEST way to go. Google I/O is coming soon and jellybean will be introduced to the world. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus on At&t and T-mobile version will be first to jellybean after the release of the new NEXUS december.

      • squiddy20

        Do we need to have a talk about opinions again Richard? It seems we do. Here we go then: these little things called “opinions” can neither be right nor wrong, and they mean different things to different people. To put it in words you will hopefully understand, what you think is “the best” is not what everyone else thinks. In fact, most people would disagree with you simply because you have no clue what you’re talking about. Go get an education.

        • Owain

          Chill out… why everyone hate on this guy? Seriously?

          • squiddy20

            Maybe you should take a look at his comments here (by clicking his name), at Android Central ( , especially the latest ones which were in direct response to me), or on Disqus.
            He thinks everyone that doesn’t own his “pimp slapping” or “BOSS” Galaxy Nexus is “useless”, “broke”, a “bum”, or any other childish name. Most of the time, he insults people simply because their opinions are different from his.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Don’t worry about the HATING. Mr. Squiddy20 in my mind is the biggest JERK we have here in these forums. He spends more time surfing the web during his college time when he should be worrying about studying. This guy has been a CLOWN for years and as time moves forward he just exposes himself more and more. He can Kiss monkey balls allnught long..

        • Mik

          das right,way to go.

        • Richard Yarrell

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          • squiddy20

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          • Matt

            You don’t even know the difference between Your and You’re moron..

          • jonathan3579

            Richard, I feel like you’re trying to communicate with us but it just isn’t working. Nothing you say makes sense…

          • kazahani

            This needs to stop. Both of you need to stop.


          • redraider133

            Here ya go dick since you think education is useless, maybe you can use this to help with your grammar and spelling….


  • scottythegrudge

    im in scotland and have not had an update for my note.

  • alexanderharri3

    Dear ATT CEO who claimed earlier this week that Google, not ATT controlled phone updates. Google updated, Samsung customized….Europe is getting the update…..sooo why not you mr ATT CEO? Google still delaying the process?

    US Carriers, like yours ATT (Verizon, Sprint (but T-Mobile seems fairly quick) add much time to the process, yet deny it…

    If only the manufacturers had the leeway like apple to update on their terms…

  • Rob Smith

    Called Bell here in Canada, and they told me June 2012!!

  • Richard Yarrell

    The Galaxy Note with ICS should be a special device.

    • squiddy20

      Not as “special” as you Richard. No one and nothing will ever be as “special” as you.

      • Dude

        Stop bother Richard.Iike his comments

        • Richard Yarrell

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          • squiddy20

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          • Dr.Carpy

            I honestly thought cyber bullying was over with myspace! If you don’t like Richard, we get it. However I assume that you live and go to college in America. Richard has a first amendment right to say what he wants, as do you. I don’t see him following you around from site to site. That’s just plain weird. I come here for info and to hear others points of view, even Richard (whom I have no problem with, I don’t know him.) It’s really frustrating that you continually spew rude comments, and don’t offer anything android related like everyone else. Vote me down folks if you want, but bullying and name calling don’t belong here, and I hope this nonsense stops, cause this site is cool. Things like threads app referrals spark positive discussions. I hate bickering. It’s childish and annoying.

          • Angie Wimberly

            I agree with Dr. Carpy. The dispute has gone on so long that it’s obvious how you both feel. Just speak with the voting system, please.

          • squiddy20

            @Angie, I would “speak with the voting system”… if it actually worked. For about a month Richard sat ranked with an 80 despite constant downvotes (some well below -30). Then it jumped overnight to 68 where it’s sat for several weeks, again despite downvotes around or well below -15.

        • jonathan3579

          You must be Richard. It made just as much sense as what he writes.

          • jonathan3579

            Comment was in reference to Dude. This whole comment section is kinda all over the place.

      • Mik

        Richard u r special,special kid,means crazy,not the phone

    • Owain

      Agreed… why do people down-rate your comments?

      • WTF is wrong with you people?

        Why all the hate?

        Things that bother me about this place:

        1. Down voting. Didn’t your momma ever tell you “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything”?

        2. Guest comments.

        3. Guest voting.

        • Owaib

          Never have I been on a blog that is so unwelcoming to visitors, seriously. Last place for news and the community is damn rude. Why I come here is beyond me.

          • droidguyuk


        • Division by Zero

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          As for guest comments, what’s the difference? Anyone can take 15 seconds and setup a junk email account to register. I know of a few people who have 6 or more Disqus accounts. The same thing would just end up happening here, although I understand the sentiment.

          • droidguyuk

            The best way to kill a troll is not feed it, make its sad life even more lonely… sad that people likecti argue about petty bullshit when there is so much wrong in the world, shame some people are not a little more focused on making a positive difference in peoples lives, but instead choose to troll android websites being nasty, selfish and deluded (evo?). Phones like that is why HTC fucked up last year lmao .

        • jonathan3579

          The irony is that you’re a guest leaving comments.

          • Division by Zero

            lol, I thought that a bit hypocritical myself.

  • skugern

    Magic happens when manufacturers don’t have to deal with (mostly useless) carrier bloat!

  • LegBye

    Honestly, TouchWiz + Android 4 is not ICS.

    • Alex

      You can always switch to another launcher.

      • Olavo Moretzsohn

        other launcher is not pure android system.. we could have a option to use touchWiz or pure android ICS…

  • WlfHart

    Awesome news!

  • BigCiX

    Like always. Good ol’ U.S. carriers screw us with further testing of their crapware. Shit gets old!

  • Columbuzz

    No update for my International GalNote either, in Saudi Arabia.

  • Chuck Mullen

    Well as soon as I seen this via Google Reader I had to run home and use my WIFI. I got excited as it said, FIRMWARE UPDATE… but it was only 36.57 MB. Hmmm your photo showed 316 or so, anyway I looked at the wife and was HAPPY… downloading… rebooting… restarting… ANDROID 2.3.6 STILL as was before… HMMMM… tried Software Update again, and it says my phone is UP TO DATE…

    Ahhhhh well. Try again later.

    But it begs to question, EXACTLY what was this update? And what did it add? My device has nothing new nor seems slower or faster?

  • Gary Kenning

    No update in the UK yet, but although I feel like I’m checking every 5 mins!

  • Raptor

    Cmon damn Samsung, make the screen non-pentile SAMOLED PLUS or keep your sh#t pentile with blue but fix it by doubling the red subpixels count. The red pixelation is currently the only what kills the great phone. Who was that moron who choose current RGBG pentile layout?

    AND add 3500mAh battery.

    This will be the best phone of all times.

  • Peter J.

    No update yet here in Italy at 23:10 CET, buona notte

  • kristis

    no update for portugal/spain…

  • Dan

    No updates yet here in Metro Manila, Philippines.

  • Arne

    Nothing yet in the Netherlands. Sigh…

    • Dude

      Netherlands yes there is update.check

  • Noted

    No update in India either. :(

  • bep

    No update in Italy on a galaxy note unlocked buyed in Germany…still waiting

  • DavidJ

    Not what I would consider to be an accurate survey / comparison. The need both the digital camera and the smartphone taking a picture of the same item for it to be an apples to apples comparison.


  • Sung

    I updated by kies since OTA wasn’t coming through and so far official ICS seem bit laggy to me and apps crash more often. It just doesn’t feel stable to me. As far as promised features of premium suite, some are experiencing issues with S-Note not showing up and definitely no “MyStory” app. I’m not sure what the problem is with that, apparently there are two different roms one is 300mb which is by OTA and one you can download from Samsung site 600Mb…. Weird… Also I can’t seem to find how to record my drawings? Clearly shown in premium suite video but that feature is no where to be found. Even though this is official release from Samsung for international galaxy note (German) it feels like Samsung did half ass job on it, I’m quite disappointed!

    • Nbl

      I´m totally agree with you

    • g

      You can find “My story” as a separatelly installable apk on xda. However it’s one piece of crap. It had spent about 90 seconds on my phone before I uninstalled it. 30+ MB and has 4 (I spell it out: four) different very simple message templates which can be sent only to other galaxy note users… Shame.

  • kaydee

    nothing here yet in london ;(

  • Piet

    nothing here in China either

  • lcelervs

    Nothing so far in Argentina. I own a factory unlocked European version. If it arrives, I think I will be late for work tomorrow…

  • Apurva

    Nothing here yet in india :-( ;-)
    waiting eagerly for ics update for my galaxy note :-)

    • muthu

      Any update Quentin india

  • Adam

    will it wipe the phone clean or update it without having to start again?

    • Robin Löfgren

      I got it Updated only. No wipe.
      I made a backup a while ago, but I didn’t have to use it.
      You should be safe, but don’t take my word for it. I’m just happy it worked smooth for me.

      Updated through Kies with USB kable.
      Next I will be rooting it :P


  • jeremy

    still waiting for it here in Manila.

  • Archereon

    No update in NZ yet

  • jana

    None for the Philippines yet. I wonder when.

  • Nbl

    hey guys,
    I got the ICS yesterday, first i got a notice via OTA but for some reason it disappeard, so I took a look in kies and i found the update there…Try it over Kies maybe it will work for u too ;-)
    PS: Im from germany

    • Robin Löfgren

      I got it from Kies too. Those who didn’t get it should try it. Or just flash the new ROM from XDA-devs with Odin. That’s what’s next for me anyways.

      For those of you who don’t want or can’t root/flash/restore/update to ICS for some reason, I hope your carrier is fast and is reasonable with the amount of bloatware they put on your phone. Maybe if you all sign a petition that you expected to get your promised update over 3 months ago and not 3 months after everybody else with a Galaxy Note? Worth a try? I’ll sign it too, as I feel sad for my international friends that are left behind.
      Honestly, if I knew it would take this long time to get the update I would probably have got a Galaxy Nexus.

      Greets from Sweden

  • liew

    Not happening in Malaysia yet…

    Anyway guys, will the update format the phone?
    Backing up all the data & apps will be bit tedious, but I’m sure it’ll worth it!

    • Nbl

      I didnt loose any of my files and apps, but of course it will be better if u make a backup

      • liew

        great, no need to worry bout reinstalling all my stuff :D

        but i do practice regular backup to cloud & ext. HDD, it’s a good habit for smart phone user, IMHO…

  • corneadoug

    Nothing in Korea… and Samsung is korean… well I guess they are putting shitty apps on the phone like AT&T… I don’t have anything against them installing it to get money, but when I have 25 applications I can’t remove without rooting my phone I just want them to fuck a duck and try to fly

    • leaponover

      haha, yeah no update for me either in Korea. So much for looking after your own. I can’t read half the apps I have because they are in Korean so fortunately I just let them sit there. There are a shitload though!

  • rasj

    yeah! Good news, but not effective yet in France (Paris). Waiting 4 update.

  • Robin Löfgren

    Updated yesterday about 10:00 in the morning through Kies with USB kable.
    The Update itself was smooth and the result is impressive.
    No carrier bloatware except the obvious Samsung stuff (I personally don’t mind).
    To my great surprise, the feel of ICS is smooth and not laggy, so it seems that the hardware is suited for it.
    I like the way I can swipe with my finger to close apps. I plan to get it rooted again later on, but for now I’ll just enjoy the refreshed feeling of an OS update :-)
    XDA-devs already have a flashable ROM with ROOT + CWM, so it won’t be long now.

    One question:
    Would it be possible for you US users (or others that won’t get it until up to 3 months later) that you could flash the rooted XDA-version and skip all the bloatware your carriers are so persistent to thoroughly test before letting you taste the sweet ice cream? If I were you, I would look into that “option”, if it IS an option.
    Greetings from Göteborg, Sweden

    • Thomas Krotkiewski

      I just read on that the update was recalled, and some people got their phones bricked, when did you do your update, and what is the name of it? XXLPY?

      • Robin Löfgren

        Will this info be sufficient: (the headlines are in Swedish, but I guess you’re used to read these).
        I did the update sometime in the morning yesterday at about 10:00.
        It works perfectly for me. The only downside is that I miss Root permissions to it. So I’m hoping for the cool people of XDA-devs to save the day again :-)

  • HC

    No update available in Australia yet either.

    • Robin Löfgren

      Have you tried updating through Kies?
      Worked for me, and I’m in Sweden

  • simon

    I have download the Update via. Check Fus and flashed this via Mobil Odin :) Now i have the ics firmware with full Root Access :)

  • skandany

    nothing yet in mru :/

  • Lana

    So far nothing in Argentina

  • Arvind Jain

    When Ics updates will be available in India.

    • HackNet

      India? You guys have internet down there?

      You guys are having a major population crisis down there, and you’re worried about ICS? They should start rolling out Condoms in India instead of ICS. lol

      • abusyms

        No man. Unfortunately we don’t have internet down here
        We come to ur country to check our mails or to video chat but that is one way ur govt is financing ur social security. I guess u can understand the sarcasm. If not then sorry buddy but face it noone can help u.

      • Jacob

        Dude hacknet, dont bother with the condoms.. Because of the population crisis in India,we come to America to have sex with your mom. Its just 5$ a night. Yea buddy she was good. No wonder you are so concerned with India.. You might have some india-ness in you.. If you know what i mean.. :) take care. Love all the way from India.

        • leaponover

          haha, i thought i was done laughing at “sex with your mom” jokes but every once in awhile they come in a fresh new conversation and just fit perfectly :-)

        • HackNet

          No, no “India-ness” here Abu.

          God forbid I look like you guys…eww nasty. barf…fart…barf…rofl

          • Jacob

            Dude Hacknet, dont blame me if you dont look like an Indian… you know, your mom had other customers too.. She liked to have Mexican on weekends and Indian on the weekdays … your mom loves us (brown people).. no wonder you have such bad stomach coz your mom had an Indian before you were born.. haha. :) and who the hell is Abu son?

  • HackNet

    “Quietly in the darkness of the night, they gave ICS to the little gremlins of Europe”

    • Andreas

      no OTA ics update in Cyprus either.. Lol but i should try kies tomorrow…

  • fingers26

    When will be for Mexico??? waiting for this since ever..!!! for my GN7000.

  • einstien

    Nothing yet in Singapore until now since the posting. Disappointed

  • lcelervs

    YES!! I’m in Argentina. Just got tired of waiting (rollout could take weeks) and decided to update manually.
    Use this tutorial:
    It’s ridiculously simple, took under half an hour, and is absolutely worth it.
    ICS works much much better than GB.
    Good luck to all!

  • droidguyuk

    I hear a kid in the UK has got ics he got the phone from Amazon? I’m thinking an unbranded one like mine and the one from Amazon will be first this time?

  • Florian_D

    It would be cool to see a Android 4 update for the Galaxy Ace, but I doubt it will happen. Got mine running on 2.3.6 now.

  • jana

    Can anyone tell me when it is coming in the Philippines?

    • Anders


  • robert

    Ics With touchwize my ass its laggy and buggy and worthless update that’s why there is cm9 ..and that’s why I will always buy the unlocked international version screw the 4g

  • Guest

    What would be the point of “quietly” rolling out 1 of the biggest/best updates this device has EVER had????

    Keep it quiet? For what possible reason?

    • Maximo

      Ya whats so good abou an awesome update

  • Maximo

    Why quietly?

  • Rob G

    1 – 3 months for the AT&T branded? Holy!!! >:@

  • Olavo Moretzsohn

    Brazil wait for you ICS at our Note… nothing yet…

  • thePariah

    Come on, let us update our notes! Can’t wait no more for the french roll-out.

  • khc

    did mine 2 days ago.Malaysia

    • Jacob

      bro you already got it? I am also from Asia.. so maybe it wont take so long

  • Sai

    I just updated my galaxy note to ics but i did not get my story app i got s note n s memo widjet

    • Mahima Srivastav

      Even I did not receive My Story. Heard that it is regional. Don’t know for sure.

  • Chuck Mullen

    Follow up on my earlier post, sadly, I have yet to receive any type of ICS update.

    I know this will sound harsh and I bet will get me hate, but seriously the entire UPDATE PROCESS is broken. And I am not saying this cause my device is not updated yet, its just in general. It seems that there is so much to this, and the lies from DEVs, TELECO’s and even GOOGLE who should do it.

    It could be the only set back I can see for Android moving forward. Its also a reason I know a lot of ppl stay away from Android… believe it OR not, but seriously. if they “read anything” about it, its all that sticks out, the crappy update service… just being honest… anyway, I do not know what to think as it seems its not being updated anytime soon for me at least…

  • dboi4lyfe

    reieving my ota right now …….samsung i am not mad at you…taking super long….3rd hour and just making it to 40%…

    • dboi4lyfe

      oh yeah Lake Charles,La. 70601…and my phone is from Germany

  • Chuck Mullen

    Well, it finally happened. I updated my NOTE last night (via OTA).

    320.45 or so MB. Took no time at all. I started it and took my dog GOD for a walk, come back and it was done. A few interesting points. The amount of background running apps SEEMS to have INCREASED. It does seem a tad bit SLOWER… nothing exciting though the ICS look and feel is OK, but I got that crappy TOUCH WIZ junk… I am not rooted… BTW.

    Otherwise its business as usual. Funny thing the wifes Sensation XL got updated last night OTA and mine this morning. There was HEAT in the HOME from this… as she was LAUGHING AT ME… I screwed her home screen up and wallpapers, she wasn’t laughing any more… :D

  • fingers26

    What About Mexico Telcel is not releasing this Update.. either..!!! come one..!!! Need it..!!!

  • Chuck Mullen

    4.0.4 OTA update started rolling out this weekend… 99.7 MB file.

    Use WIFI or KIES to update.

  • alex

    aku bingung, pie koe iso ngandani carane po ra