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Android now found on 51% of U.S. smartphones


Android has finally broken the 50% market share hurdle, according to a quarterly report from comScore. Android continued its phenomenal level of growth for the quarter ending in March 2012, climbing 3.7% since the December survey. Android’s growth continues to come at the expense of RIM and Microsoft, who saw declines of 3.7% and 0.8% respectively. Apple’s iOS gained just over 1% to make up 30.7% of the U.S. market.

Android’s biggest challengers in the future will be Microsoft and RIM, who will both release major new platform revisions in the fall. With consumer sentiment increasingly against these companies, however, it appears the smartphone OS market will be a two-trick pony for at least the foreseeable future.

Can Android break 60% in coming months, or do you think we’ll start to see the market plateau after too long? Sound off in the comments.

Via: 9 to 5 Mac

Source: comScore

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  • Phil

    I’d swear I hear this news every month.

  • oddball

    Congrats to Android a huge accomplishment. Now if only the media would stop predicting that the end is near.

    • cwjones4

      no joke. some many also-ran tech sites are saying android is essentially dead in the water and microsoft is going to become the new #2 to apple (which honestly just goes to show how biased or uninformed they are)

    • DroidSamurai

      To be fair to the media, they do have legitimate doubt — both AT&T and Verizon sold more i*hones than all Android phones combined in the last quarter. Sprint did not break down their phone sales, so we couldn’t tell, but just assuming that it’s a split, which means, the numbers above are single-handedly helped by T-Mobile, which is not a particularly healthy condition. On top of that, we need to factor in the fact that some i*hone 4 users simply hold out from the 4S and are waiting for the i*hone 5.

      On the other hand, internationally, Android continues to do fine. It seems that we are only seeing a reverse course in the US.

      • Kindroid

        These are US numbers. Android grew against Apple…. 3.7% to 1.1%. Apple may have sold more phones in the last quarter…but that didn’t increase their market share as much as Android. The most likely explanation is current iphone users upgrading. Which is typical in the first several months after an new iPhone model comes out.

    • Joel

      Very good news indeed. Makes me proud. Can u imagine being one of the competitors and looking up at a whopping 51%?
      And yes…Definitely android can break 60%, One X, One S, SGSIII….its already there, the charts just dont know it yet.

      • Mohi

        It makes sense, there was a recent study showing Americans prefer the cool factor over productivity, every other nations had opposite results and chose productivity over social. except UK.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      “The end is nigh!” lol

      • Gir

        If they are I*phone 4 users they should already be accounted for under that section. I’m just waiting for the Galaxy tab with my 1080p resolution and stylus. I will keep dreaming!

  • Skis03

    I think in order for Android to keep this rise going they need to get ICS on more phones and less on the older software.

    • kazahani

      Isn’t it funny that there haven’t been more ICS devices released?

      Maybe Jelly Bean is comming sooner than we think?

  • Lightning7

    Please let Business Insider know this. They predict the end of Android like Harold Camping predicted the end of the world: dead wrongly.

  • spazby

    It will be more and more difficult to keep up the pace but I think android can remain in the 50% – 60% range

  • bolanrox

    honestly as new handsets come out i can see it keep going up until the next iPhone launch and it will flip flop back and forth for a bit. and end up settling to around the same as it is now

  • Sven

    And yet, Google still doesn’t make any money from Android. They even make more money on ads on iOS than Android.

  • Mix

    I will be abandoning the RIM boat soon and will be floating my ass over to Android!
    Stupid 3 year contracts.

    • apo

      Be sure to choose the nexus; )

  • Nathan D.

    Next, world domination, wuhahaha ;-)

  • BigCiX

    Was this not expected when there a choice of numerous handsets to choose from.

  • Ichigo

    This is huge. Wow.

  • apo

    On aside note guys, I think I’ve just understood why my nexus does true multitasking … while I launched this page I checked a mail, came back and found it charged!
    Amazing: d

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    I think Android is going to plateau at 5 or so % more, iOS will stay where it is, RIM will die, and MS will take over RIM’s business for another 10 or so %

  • finndogg

    At least 51% of smartphone owners are smart.

  • Droidfan

    Ya THINK? You and most other WP7 fans live in that same fantasy world where Android and iOS quit improving their software and the producers of Android phones…..say what the hell…we are just going to sit around and wait for MS to get their shit together. All those hardware specs you talk about will be on Android phones as soon…if not sooner…than WP7. And while the WP7 has things to recommend it…its got a ways to go yet. And MS is famous for giving up on things that are not WINDOWS core. Even if you argue that Windows 8 has the same Metro look as WP7….Windows 8 is going to be a hard sell. Hell…as of the end of December 2011 almost 40% of users running Windows as their PC os….were still running XP.

  • ALcapitalist

    We should all hope that Rimm & MSFT hang in the smartphone market. If both could be around 10% of the market they should be profitable enough for each company to continue to push R&D internally which will push it at AAPL & GOOG. Then we all benefit from new & better technology brought on by competition. Think about where the smart phone market was 4 years ago and where it is now. It has improved exponentially and hopefully will continue to do so.

  • Vishnu

    The March 2012 info is wrong,…. its not 100%. Its just just 99.3% and also in the changes there is 0.3 missing….

  • nippi

    and they say that microsoft gonna b the biggest os in 2012,doesnt seems like thst.
    gnote was launched way after microsoft lumia and gnote have crossed5 million marks and win lumia is stuck on 1 million i guess….oh yeah microsoft gonna get some

  • nik

    and they say that microsoft gonna b the biggest os in 2012,doesnt seems like thst.
    gnote was launched way after microsoft lumia and gnote have crossed5 million marks and win lumia is stuck on 1 million i guess….oh yeah microsoft gonna get some

  • Moises Rivera

    Im glad, this is exactly the way things should be. Google > Microsoft > Apple. But thats just my personal opinion. Google and Android is going to take over the world, and im perfectly fine with that lol.