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As suspected, Verizon won’t be getting an HTC One device

droid incredible 4g lte

There’s no beating around the bush; most of us on staff here at Android and Me love the HTC One series of devices. I had a chance this weekend to spend some hands-on time with the HTC One X from AT&T, and was completely blown away by both the look and build quality of the device.

At CTIA last week, Verizon Wireless announced the mid-range Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC. The Droid Incredible 4G LTE is not a One device, and HTC Spokesman Jeff Gordon indicated to Android Authority that Verizon “is not going to be carrying either of the HTC One devices currently announced.” Considering the HTC One V, One S, and One X devices have all been announced, Gordon’s remarks suggest these phones won’t be coming to Big Red’s network.

That’s not to say future HTC One (or, is it HTC Two?) devices won’t make their way to Verizon Wireless. It’s possible Verizon and HTC are working on a superphone to take Verizon’s network by storm later this year. We’ll continue to incessantly check our inboxes for a special invitation from Verizon or HTC, though we won’t hold our breath.

Were you hoping to see the HTC One series come to Verizon’s network? Does the Droid Incredible 4G LTE suffice for your HTC smartphone needs? Sound off below.

Source: Android Authority

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  • mrkrstphr

    It doesn’t really matter. Verizon would have bloated the $#&% out of it and it never would have gotten timely updates and ultimately disappointed its owners.

    • ajonrichards

      It’s starting to seem like your best bet is either a Nexus device or an iPhone, otherwise you’re forever stuck with a trial version of Need for Speed and Backup Assistant.

      • redraider133

        Sadly even with the nexus Verizon is taking forever to push out updates.

        • Rory M

          Obviously not the case for everyone, but the reason I wanted the Galaxy Nexus was for the unlocked/unenencrypted bootloader. I haven’t been running stock ICS since day one – I’d rather put a custom ROM on there and get updates every few days than once every 6 months (if lucky) with a standard VZW phone.

          • michael

            VZW doesn’t give a [email protected] about updating these expensive buggy devices to their customers. They think their customers are as stupid as their executives who run VZW. The only way they would ever give updates to people, especially in a timely manner is if they could charge you for the updated os.
            Sprint got the 4.0.4 update the day they released the Gnex. They had connectivity issues with their phones and a few days later, received another update! I talked to a VZW rep who called their “tech” guy and was told VZW has nothing to do with the updates? The rep said google creates the software and Samsung is solely responsible for pushing the updates to our phones. I call BS!

  • redraider133

    Maybe they just mean it won’t be called an Htc one sort of like the inc 4g. At least we can hope anyway that they get something with specs along the lines of the one x

  • triangle

    It’s disappointing that Verizon isn’t getting the One X. On the bright side, it sounds like they will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S3, so it’s not all bad. But the One X and Evo 4G LTE are pretty sweet devices…

  • DroidSamurai

    >> Does the Droid Incredible 4G LTE suffice for your HTC smartphone needs? Sound off below.

    No, and Verizon begins to suck. What’s their “FEATURED” Android phone for the last 6 months? Droid RAZR Maxx. Basically, the only groundbreaking feature is the larger than normal battery.

    • JayB95

      The meeting probably went something like this.

      Verizon: We really like your HTC One series but can we call it a Droid?

      HTC: No!

      Verizon: Ok. Forget it. Just give us the Incredible and keep your damn high end One series. If we can’t call it a Droid then we don’t want it anyway. Meeting adjourned. Ok team lets get out of here and sell some damn Razr’s!!

      • Jay555

        If you haven’t noticed, HTC bends over way too easily for every carrier. That’s why Sprint got to call their One X the “Evo 4G LTE” or whatever stupid name it is and why At&t got to lock the boot loader. Whatever the reason might be for VZW not carrying the phone it surely wasn’t that the clowns who run HTC all of a sudden grew a spine and actually said “No” to something.

        • SpamNEggs

          Locked Androids and Locked iPhones was ALWAYS AT&T’s policy. It wasn’t something special just done to HTC. In the beginning AT&T wasn’t letting side loaded apps on there phones while Sprint and Verizon didn’t care.

          Last time I checked the Evo 4G was one of the biggest phone launches ever for Sprint. I couldn’t even activate mine in best buy for like 20 mins (California) because Sprint and Best Buy we’re so overloaded. Yes, I was first in line too.

          HTC was also pushing updates faster on Sprint too. IMHO they are bending backwards for each other. Say what you want but it seems that Sprint takes good care of HTC compared to other carriers even though they don’t have GSM. There phones take awhile to be released anyways so why not change the hardware up a bit.

      • thaghost


    • pekosROB

      I’m getting annoyed. I was an AT&T customer from 2006-2010; got frustrated with the iPhone love affair on AT&T (only shitty Android phones on AT&T like the Backflip) and went to Sprint for the EVO.

      Then Sprint’s 3G data magically went from 1-2.5 mbps to an abysmal and consistent 300 kbps and I got fed up with ugly phones like the Photon and went to Verizon right before the unlimited data ended. I switched to Verizon because they had LTE already at the time and they just kept getting Android phone after Android phone. Now it’s starting to look like AT&T is carrying the nicest line up. This is really aggravating. I really wish we could buy our own phone and put it on whatever network. Sheesh.

      I am willing to pay $700 for a phone that has no bloatware, no skin, and gets updates ASAP.

      • WlfHart

        Agreed, would love to have truly international phones which I would be willing to pay $700+ for that I could take to whatever carrier I felt like at the time and use and didn’t come with bloat yet still got timely updates. Pipe dream I guess…

      • thaghost

        um…you could have been doing that since the launch of the Nexus One. You could have used it on at&t. If not, you could have used it on tmobile. There are a few websites that sell unlocked phones where you can buy phones free of bloatware. Just be aware that there are no cdma versions for most of the unlocked/international phones (correct me if im wrong). And if so you cant use it on verizon anyway cuz they wont let you. Since you have $700 to spare, my suggestion is to pay the etf at verizon and go buy yourself an unlocked gsm real Galaxy Nexus and activate it on tmobile. Get yourself a nice prepaid plan which gives you the option to leave anytime you like.

        • pekosROB

          T-Mobile is fucking abysmal in my area. There is not a retail T-Mobile shop for at least 90 miles.

          Yes, I could have bought a Nexus One and used it on AT&T, but guess what, I’d be stuck with EDGE speeds. Plus back then I was still a full time student so blowing $500-600 on a phone wasn’t as easy as it is today.

          There’s just something about prepaid that I don’t quite like… not sure what it is. Probably just me being silly and not wanting to go that route. My unlimited data from Verizon is worth “too much” for me to jump ship to prepaid.

          However, maybe we should cancel my wife’s line (it’s on her family’s), pay the ETF, and replace it with a GSM Nexus on AT&T’s prepaid network. I have a special Verizon plan that gives me unlimited minutes to other cell phones regardless of carrier (it was a promotional thing in my area to try and be similar to Sprint). Let’s see what she thinks… we could always buy the unit first and then see how the service is before cutting her phone off.

          • Dave

            Not to be “that guy” or anything but Google sold the Nexus One in two versions, one for T-Mobile and the other AT&T. I owned the AT&T model and it worked on their 3G network just not very well. I sent 2 or 3 back before getting a refund unfortunately.

        • pekosROB

          Wait, can you get 4G on prepaid??

          • VS

            Depends on the prepaid carrier you go with and the phone. I am currently on T-Mo’s prepaid service and have full access to their HSPA 42+ network using a HTC Amaze 4G (paid full retail).

            T-Mo’s prepaid site was featuring phones lacking 4G speed at the time I was researching, but checking their forums showed that any phone that could use their network could achieve 4G speeds.

            I know you said their service wasnt great in your area, but perhaps AT&T has the same setup. Good luck!

          • bb

            No 4g or LTE on att’s go phone plan

  • roosterk506

    I was hoping to see it on Verizon’s network been waiting for months now for the next flagship phone to come out on verizon but all i see is the other carriers getting there fill of the next wave of flagship phones while verizon keeps putting out different color variations of the phones they already have which is pathetic as hell. Regarding the HTC Incredible 4G doesnt suffice me at all pitiful excuse for a new phone from verizon almost half way through the year. Just another variation of a phone verizon already has. Largest network yet a joke on the phone front right now. Very disappointed with verizon at the moment.

  • Cleon062

    Verizon is trying to punish any dealer or master dealer to carry Verizon phones only.
    Not know Verizon is pushing it self out of the market and driving down subscribers who want current phones. The carriers who get the best phones will win.

  • Briguy87

    I have been frustrated with Verizon since they began with their Android smartphones. Goes way back to the HTC Eris and OG Droid. They have always gotten s**t for phones, compared to other carriers. The Galaxy nexus was over hyped completely and is already in the dust when it comes to the One series. The only reason I am still with Verizon is because I am grandfathered in for 4G unlimited. if they don’t impress me soon I will heavily consider leaving my unlimited data, for a phone that has the specs I desire.

    • Thomas Biard

      I kindly disagree. I got the Droid X. One of the first 4.3″ screens, first 8mp cameras, 1Ghz processors, yada-yada-yada. It was a solid phone to begin with and then it was quick to get Froyo and the first phone to get Gingerbread. That phone was such a hit that they made the X2 which wasn’t a huge step up, but enough to keep it relevant still. Lets also note the Incredible which I think put HTC on the map as one of the top manufacturers.

      Then Verizon got the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX and those are premium phones with some of the best hardware on the market. I’m not saying these are the all out best phones in existence, but they are top of the line in their time and not crap. The Galaxy Nexus did fall short, but that wasn’t Verizon’s fault. Esp when it was released GSM also.

      Verizon will be getting more super-phones in the near future and if they don’t appeal to you then it is a matter of personal preference and not the mark of a bad carrier.

  • frankthgr8

    I am very disappointed with Verizon, how can they not carry the One X? That was the phone I was looking forward to buying from them.

  • oddball

    I am not a big fan of HTC hardware but the One series looked pretty impressive and I would have been happy to give it a shot and seen what HTC did to make a high end phone with a nice design. I am not surprised at all with this Verizon hasn’t launched ANY high end phones this year and I only see two that are even rumored. The droid fighter (which since it’s from MOTO will be locked and constantly have it’s release date pushed back) and the GS 3. All I want to see right now is a true top of the line phone on Verizon that gets the same level of support as an I*thingy

  • Noven

    While I am frustrated with this as well; I don’t think Verizon is stupid. Meaning that they probably have something lined up later this year from Samsung and HTC. GS III and this may be a long shot, but I am hoping to see a new Thunderbolt or some other Evo-like variant. I’m sure the new Nexus will be available as well.

    I’m tempted to jump ship but I think I’ll hold on to my unlimited data plan and better LTE coverage till the end of the year. Just in case.

  • Mustin

    Dangit. Really wanted to replace my Sweetie’s Thunderbolt. What’s the next HTC on Verizon?

  • Hue Three of Five

    Verizon is just the worst. Can’t wait to leave when my contract is up.

    • Bil

      Just sell your line on ebay, you can get $150 eas assumption of liability..take a look on ebay if you really want to leave (as I did) verizon stinks,i hate ask the damned bloatware etc

  • Jeff

    Verizon is too cozy with Motorola to let HTC release a flagship phone on their network. The last time HTC had a high end phone heavily promoted on Verizon’s network was the original Droid Incredible 2 years ago. They didn’t get the Sensation, the Thunderbolt was a joke, and the Rezound had zero advertising budget compared to the RAZR.

    If you are looking for choice of high end phones in the US (plus access to international phones as a bonus of you’re willing to pay) AT&T is your only network to be on, which is sad.

  • VS

    HTC has always had an uphill battle on Verizon’s product map. They always seem to be behind VZW’s constant barrage of Moto devices (makes you wonder if they have some sort of kickback agreement…).

    I seem to recall the Incredible getting the only decent amount of push but that series hasnt done well. I know the Rezound was the 3rd stepchild this winter when VZW was hard selling the Galaxy Nexus and the Droid Razr, even though it could be argued that the Rezound was the best phone due to specs.

    I know HTC needs access to Big Red’s customer base, but I thought they’d put up more of a hardline of offering their One Series “As Is” to all the phone retailers. Oh well, in network execs eyes, it’s all about what exclusive phone can they offer those precious postpaid customers when phone service should be selected strictly on reliability of said network.

  • redraider133

    Wonder if Verizon passed on this for the note like device they were rumored to be getting from Htc??

  • WickedToby741

    Verizon didn’t get a GSII variant because they got the Galaxy Nexus. Maybe, just maybe, HTC landed the next Nexus and Verizon landed the main carrier again. It’s unlikely, but I can dream.

    • thaghost

      Have you read the previous article? You do not want a nexus device on verizon no matter who makes it!!

  • Derek

    The Droid Inc 4G LTE is basically the same as the HTC One S on T-Mo. qHD res screen with S4 Snapdragon.

    • rauelius

      That’s what I’m saying! The One series DID make it to Sprint and Verizon, just with a silly name change (Evo and Droid) and a different back cover. In the Evo’s case, the One X got a bit of an upgrade, with the Micro-SD slot, good on Sprint for upgrading the phone!

  • Danny Calderon

    Maybe they’re going to get it but not until it’s LTE compatible, they probably want the quad core version with LTE

  • Nathan D.

    Well that disappointing for Verizon costumers but then again look at what they did to their version of the nexus.

  • tnnm

    I believe the reason Verizon is not getting the HTC One is because of this crazy Galaxy Note competitor they are supposedly putting out in a few months. Read the fourth paragraph:

  • Just Jeremy

    I’ve had the Inc 2 for a little less than a year and running cm7 for a month. I specifically chose it for its size. I don’t understand the assumed need for a 4.3″+ phone. Look at the single most sold smart phone at 3.5″. So im happy with the new update.

    HTC is going in the right direction with a more minimal line up. Less phones means less software testing with less vzw bureaucracy.

    In regards to the economy. There probably was something under the table with sprint and htc. Sprint guaranteeing a certain lot of sorts.

  • iain

    as verizon is still in the dark ages using CDMA they will never catch up with the real Worl,meaning global world. Untill they bite the bullet and dump the outdated CDMA (rusty towers system) and use GSM so we can use the phones in the real world (by the way 4G phones are only good if you have a complete 4G system requiring satlites and modern technology!

    • rauelius

      If you mean HSPA+, then I coud agree that it’s really good…at least with T-Mobile. On T-Mo I get about 11mbps down at home on my GNex. On At&t with my iPhone 4s, I get about 5mbps down with their HSPA+. I have to say, Faux-G is pretty solid for me.

  • rauelius

    Isn’t the HTC Incredible 4G LTE the hardware Twin of the HTC One S, like how the HTC Evo 4G LTE is the hardware Twin of the HTC One X?