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ASUS MeMO 370T passes through FCC, is it the Nexus 7?


You probably remember the ASUS MeMO 370T from CES as we freaked out a bit when NVIDIA pulled it out during their press conference and reeled off a laundry list of fantastic specs and then dropped the bomb on us that it would retail for $250. The basic response to that was “give it now!” But of course as with many products that we see at CES, we had to wait.

In the last couple months we have had a few indications that this one might be worth the wait as the ASUS MeMO 370T may now be doing duty as the first Nexus tablet, which our sources have confirmed will most likely come to market as the Nexus 7 (Yes, that is one better than those pesky Nexus-6 units in Blade Runner).

As yesterday’s rumor indicated, the Nexus tablet could bring with it the first taste of Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and may indeed bear the Tegra 3 processor, which was previously rumored to be dropped to bring the price of the tablet down to the insanely low price of $149-199 that we have reported previously.

Today the ASUS MeMO 370T has passed through the FCC with just WiFi radios on board, which is certainly encouraging as even if it would come to pass that this is not the Nexus tablet it would still hopefully deliver a powerful tablet in a compelling form factor and at a price significantly lower than most of the competition. Another possibility is that there could be two versions of the device with slightly differing specs for the Nexus 7 versus the ASUS MeMO 370T.

While FCC approval hardly provides a definitive timeline for a device to release it does typically come weeks and not months prior to launch so if this thing is going to make an appearance at Google I/O next month (perhaps in the hands of all attendees) and then become widely available in July, this timing would make perfect sense.

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Source: FCC

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  • redraider133

    Hope this does end up being nexus 7. Can’t wait for Google io

  • Juan Mora Merchan

    Sometimes I love the device naming process, “memo” in spanish means stupid/idiot. So in Spain, Asus will sell an “studid” device. We’ll have to see how well it fares against regular smart devices :) but at least we’ll have some laughts.

    • Jorge Eslava

      This happens all the time with all manufacturers, they just change the name in the market where the name is inappropriate.

    • killrgummibear

      actually memo in spanish is a nickname or short form of quillermo (william in english). pendejo, idiota, estupido, tonto, imbecil, bobo and bruto are stupid/idiot in spanish.

      • Jesuspi

        Odd, I never thought of the MeMo in Spanish (also, I always called it “mee-mo”, as in the portmanteau of Me and memo). And, as others have said Memo is not that commonly used for dumb or stupid… at least in Latin America. My guess is that we have here the typical language differences between the motherland (Spain) and the many former colonies in LA (Venezuela perhaps, killrgummibear?)

        Although cases like those are not unusual. Mitsubishi had one in their hands with the Pajero SUV. Here it’s called Montero (Mountain man), since Pajero in Spanish means wanker. Anyways I doubt the name is so bad so as to demand a change.

  • Pallen

    If the Nexus 7 version is striped down of features (I.E. lesser cameras, memory) then I would not mind both if the original 370T has the original specs as announced at 2012 CES. We will all soon find out I guess.

  • Jason

    I really hope this is the Memo we all saw announced originally, from a spec side that is. As cool as a Nexus tablet would be I am nervous about all the rumored cost cutting going on to hit the magical $199. I would gladly pay 250-300 for one that had the IPS+ display and the decent RAM to go along with the monster processor. With the rumor floating of a possible keyboard dock too I would be giddy to get this machine.

    Don’t screw this one up Google…the hoard had been patient.

  • Jorge Eslava

    At $200 with Tegra 3 this might be my next tablet, but I’ll have to hold one and see how 7″ feel since I’ve grown used to my 10″ screen, and I hope they also have a keyboard dock for it since I’ve also grown used to the physical keyboard and extended battery life it provides.

    • fletchtb

      I love the 7in form factor. It is so convenient to be able hold it in the palm of your hand while in portrait mode. It is big enough to play games and watch video, yet the size is so much more convenient.

      I have a XOOM and a couple of HTC Flyers at home and I find the Flyer to be the perfect size.

      I can’t wait to pick one of these Nexus 7 tablets up!

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    If Google changes anything from the ASUS Memo I hope it’s the addition of a front facing camera. I’d much rather have that then the rear camera.

    • fletchtb

      The Kindle Fire becomes a significantly better product if it comes with a front facing camera. It would be a huge miss for a Google Nexus tablet to ship without a front facing cam!

  • Slith

    I hope they have the same specs with just different branding. No need to confuse the masses!

    • Pallen

      As long as it has the original CES 370T spec i will be happy. Other than I would like the rear camera swapped out for a front facing one.

  • JayB95

    I don’t care what they call it as long as it comes with the original specs it was introduced with.

    • masterpfa

      @JayB95 I too since, it was announced, have been holding out for the Memo 370T

      If that now happens to be the Nexus Tablet or some other iteration I won’t mind as long as the same specs or better than those revealed a CES 2012

  • spazby

    can’t wait for the final specs

  • micky j

    i HOPE this little beauty comes to england for the equivlent of $199 and not £199 because i would feel rather cheated (all though i would pay £250 easy for the spec)