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ASUS Padfone and its tablet and keyboard dock get unboxed


Lets be honest, phone unboxing videos can get a bit boring, but we doubt any of you will be bored while watching a 17 minute video unboxing of the ASUS Padfone and its tablet and keyboard docking extensions.

On its own, the ASUS Padfone is a fairly powerful device, featuring a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor paired with an Adreno 225 GPU, 8 megapizel camera and comes with a 1,520mAh battery. From the look of it, the Padfone is running on a stock Android build, though ti does have quite a few pre-installed applications to enhance its phone/tablet experience. The tablet dock features a 10.1-inch display with a 1080 x 800 pixel screen resolution, stereo speakers and a docking port which allows it to connect to a keyboard which is very similar to the keyboard dock of the ASUS Transformer Prime.

ASUS has also developed its own Bluetooth Stylus Phone which can be used phone phone calls while the Padfone docked inside the tablet. The Bluetooth stylus phone features a volume rocker, power buttons and a capacitive tip which can be used to control the tablet.

Be sure to check out the video below and let us know what you think of the new ASUS Padfone and its many accessories. Would you rather have a dedicated phone, tablet and netbook or one device which can work as all three?

Source: NetbookNews

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  • jaxidian

    SOO excited about this! I’ve been waiting for a device such as this. REALLY hope there’s a version for Verizon!

    • jonathan3579

      I would hate to invest in a carrier subsidized version – bloatware, slow updates, and they’d probably even want to attach tethering to your data plan because that’s just how greed works for U.S. carriers.

      Give me a SIM-free unlocked with T-Mobile compatibility and a North American warranty and I’ll be all over it.

      • jioqjsd

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  • oddball

    I would love to see this device but I’m sure the carriers in the US would charge an additional monthly fee for the use of the added features.

    • jaxidian

      $299 for phone purchase
      $199 for tablet purchase
      $99 for laptop purchase
      $50/mo for 2GB data on phone
      $10/mo to use your data plan with the phone inside the tablet
      $10/mo to use your tablet’s use of your phone’s data plan with the phone inside the tablet
      $40/mo to use your charger
      $20/mo to be allowed to unmute your phone
      $10/mo to be able to use the soft keyboard

      Oh, wait. It can get more ridiculous! Who woulda thunk??

      • oddball

        That about covers it. I wouldn’t mind if they had a $20 month unlimited tethering plan. Then I could simply add it to my wife’s line and mine and cancel the additional home internet. That would actually save me a couple bucks a month. But for some reason that doesn’t exist. Then the companies wonder why we root and rom our phones and add things like wifi tether on our own

      • WlfHart

        Sadly sounds about right…

  • Max.Steel

    Don’t forget a pound of your flesh or your first offspring.

  • YMS123


  • GeekJimmy


  • kzlife

    Can’t see the video.. is it only me? o.O

    • Ton Habraken

      I had the same problem with chrome but in IE it worked fine. So try a different browser maybe it will help.
      An other solution is going to the youtube page.

      • kzlife

        thanks :) Works now though

  • Bryan Stoner

    OHHohohooh transformation of my dreams @[email protected]

  • aranea

    I like to be able to make a phone call while looking at the tablet screen. So for me phone and tablet should be separate. Tablets are replacing laptops anyway so just the two is enough.

    • Ton Habraken

      And that is why they have the bluetooth stylus which functions as a handset.

      • epps720

        But if this is on Verizon you can’t surf the web while talking on the phone, so that would be a big issue w/it. That’s why I’m guessing this wouldn’t go to Verizon.

        • aranea

          As far as I know on LTE you can do both but not on 3G or 2G.

  • Nick Gray

    Give me a phone and a Windows 8 tablet with keyboard dock like the transformer and I’ll be happy. I love Android, but I need a full computer experience for work and real gaming.

  • jonathan3579

    In addition to the Padfone and tablet, I think I’d like to see her too. Lol. Techwife FTW

  • amgala

    The stylus is cool, but I’d prefer a separate phone and tablet. That way multiple people could use the tablet without needing to give them my phone at the same time. It is a cool concept though!

  • Canterrain

    I’m glad I read the article, cause the padfone is a concept that intrigues me.

    But there’s a couple of grammar problems that I think Nick just missed. Namely “though ti (it) does have quite a few pre-installed applications…” and “Phone which can be used phone phone (for phone?) calls while the Padfone docked”

    I figure this article was written from a tablet or phone or something, which means grammar tools aren’t around. Happens to everyone sooner or later, and Androidandme is actually one of the best for having well written articles. So though I would point these out, cause i figure the author (Nick) would rather see them fixed!

  • droilfade

    Looks nice. Hope it does better than the Xoom.

  • myandroid99

    very nice and intuitive idea, might actually try it out

  • spazby

    love the idea

  • honourbound68

    would love to see this with a quad-core phone.

  • hater on the rocks

    this phone sound very interesting i wonder if it coming to the states? if it does i hope it comes to tmobile and they let u bundle it like motorola with their atrix where u pay like 300 or 400 u get the laptop deck that’s cool the first tablet that offer a 8mp camera then the 5mp.

  • Jorge Branco

    I was super excited about this but I’ve slightly cooled on the idea. Definitely awesome innovation though. Whoever said manufacturers can’t differentiate on hardware alone clearly forgot to tell Asus

  • Mix

    Very neat idea but I am curious about the charges as I think Jaxidian is almost spot on.

  • HAVK

    Im glad she said the battery goes into the back of the phone, I would have been totally lost trying to duct tape it to the screen.

  • Nathan D.

    Great looking product, hope it comes states side but would hate the carrier customization like the bloatware though.

    • Arjun

      yeah true, you will have to probably look into unlocking and modding the system OS.

  • Yonas

    Not worth the price though,the whole bundle is about 950 USD (tax included) here in Sweden.


    i have question……..does the keyboard dock comes free with padfone in the box or is purchasable from outside…….and how much does it costs?

  • kasun

    please some one tell me where can i buy it from with the keypad dockings????pleassssseeee

  • Arjun

    Definitely a nice entry level device. Would love the next generation device with more serious specs.

    Adreno 225 gpu is bad. Display is mediocre on the tablet, phones alright, looks nice though. Capacitive stylus, fat nib and really crap to use compared to a inductive stylus with a fine tip like the S-pen for Samsung. I understand that they cut costs to make it more appealing and having one provider for connection is nice but people would not mind paying upto $1700 for a nice combination as it virtually replaces all the devices i.e. phone, tablet and maybe in the future laptop as well. I’d like to see this product develop into a really nice premium product.

    T33 processor, 1920 x 1200 tablet screen with stereo 2 speakers and not just one, Inductive stylus for real accurate and responsive note taking with a fine nib and drawing would have made this a definite buy for me.

    • Orfeas

      ” but people would not mind paying upto $1700 for a nice combination”
      Where did you get the idea that everyone has that kind of money?
      1000$ and 1700$ is a big difference, and the real reason to buy a padfone is because it’s cheaper than a phone+tablet.

      If the padfone costed 1700$, one could buy the best iPhone and iPad for that price….

  • Dan

    Where did you guys get this phone from ? I’ve been looking everywhere to get the grey version EVERYWHERE and I can only find the brown/gold one…