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AT&T HTC One X gets rooted with one simple click


While HTC claims restrictions prevent them from unlocking the bootloader of the AT&T HTC One X, that has not stopped the development community from banding together to unlock root access on the phone. A new post by kennethpenn on XDA-Developers delivers a one-click rooting option for the HTC One X which takes advantage of an exploit identified by the community.

Gaining root access on the HTC One X allows users to make backups of their applications, remove AT&T’s bloatware or even make clock speed modifications to the phone’s CPU. Unfortunately, flashing unofficial ROMs to the HTC One X is still not possible, but we have a feeling it won’t be too long before the development community finds an exploit to solve that issue as well.

Will any of you be using kennethpenn’s method to gain root access on your AT&T HTC One X?

Via: The Verge

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • Joel

    First FlipBoard and now this – XDA is on a roll this week. Not surprised, they’ll keep up the good work and a ROM will be out on the One X before we know it.

    • yankeesusa

      If it wasn’t for developers and people like the ones on xda att and verizon would have us backed up against the wall with no options. Good for xda and the open development community.

  • eallan

    That was a painful week! I feel so claustrophobic without root.

    Now to rid myself of that god awful AT&T logo…

    • Alex B

      That is exactly what I want to do, any clue on how I can remove that logo on the bezel? It seems like its not on the surface and instead inside…I might even try putting a screen protector over and cover the logo with a high quality marker…

  • johnj

    Great, I’ve got to gain some basic knowledge about Android in general before I do it, but I downloaded the files already.
    Was ticked at that Stephenson f*^=er saying it was HTC’s fault not his, Google’s fault not his. I’ll know how to rid this One X of all his crap before the week is done!!

  • seabass978

    When push comes to shoves the people got to do, what they should do, root. Why at&t want to stop their customer for.

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    • Homncruse

      Tell me more about your air conditioner.

      • AmericanJedi001

        LOL! Nice.

  • Ronald Bradford

    When will US telco industry wake up like the rest of the modern world and stop this crazy new phone must be on a given network, and 2 yr plan, with bloatware and physical logo branding.

    I would buy a phone outright everytime if I had the right then to choose which provider sucked the least at the time. Only The Google G1 developer phone made it to this status.

  • Moises Rivera

    Looks like a pretty reliable phone, might be pretty good for my sister or something lol.

    • PM

      Tell her Hi for me.

  • Derek

    With the bootloader locked you can still flash stuff from HBoot. You just cant do it with fastboot commands. That’s all unlocking the bootloader does is allow fastboot commands. You can still do it with the file on the root of the SD card. Getting S-OFF is the most important part to flashing roms.

    • Toonshorty

      What? You don’t need S-OFF to flash a ROM.

      My Desire is S-ON and I’ve got CWM and Oxygen 2.3.2.

    • Dags -

      Sometimes unlocked bootloaders include fastboot commands and sometimes they don’t. For example, you can flash an unlocked version of the latest hboot for the Sensation (1.27) but it doesn’t have fastboot commands. An unlocked bootloader just means that there is no NAND/eMMC lock on partitions that would prevent you installing custom ROMs. The HTC unlocking tool blurs this definition by still keeping the boot partition locked. I personally don’t think this solution truly represents an unlocked bootloader though. I consider S-OFF to be roughly equivalent to an unlocked bootloader on HTC phones, and you can certainly have an S-OFF phone with a production (ie. no fastboot commands) hboot.

  • yankeesusa

    Even though it doesnt include soff this is still great news. I hope the evo lte is the same way. With root that means you can run wifi tether i hope and run programs like setcpu to help with battery life. I’m glad they did this and stuck it to att. Too bad even with this no one will go to att anyway unless they have to cause its the only service they have access too.

  • Jorge Branco

    Once ROMs are flashable this is just about a done deal

  • Bernardo Najera

    I will most certainly be using this method.

  • PM

    Any news on whether or not the Galaxy S III will hit ATT yet? I’ve been checking out the One X over at the ATT store and it looks great. Now that it’s rooted I can’t think of why i’d wait for the GSIII.

  • johnj

    This was so simple to do.
    I got the at&t crap off my phone, and the Avast! firewall to work. Didn’t delete the att stuff yet, but disabled it in ICS then blocked with Avast.
    The One X is huge to me but it’s so thin it’s not aggravating me being in my front pocket. I can’t manage to do everything with my thumb but I’m having a blast with it.

  • cb2000a

    I just bought an ATT One X and if I decide to keep it (like it so far) I will most definitely root it. The phone will run better and it will improve battery life.