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Galaxy S III unboxing video hits YouTube


With the European launch right around the corner, it was only a matter of time until the first Samsung Galaxy S III unboxing videos started to creep up on YouTube. Today’s video comes courtesy of Nicollo Rolli, editor in chief of the Italy-based HD Network. The video shows an unboxing of the retail version of the Galaxy S III, and compares the S III to the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One S, and the HTC One X.

Check out the full unboxing video below, then let us know if the Galaxy S III will be your next Android smartphone in the comments.

Source: YouTube

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  • fekle

    HTC One X <3 – still my favourite :)

    • wtf

      why are there HTC fanboys always following SG3 news and say they like One X and all that crap?

      • nebsif

        just trying to defend their poor purchase..

  • amgala

    That was actually pretty fun to listen to that review in Italian

  • Paul

    Nice & also on the HDBlog it has some sample photos which look very nice, BUT, all the photos are taken outdoors on a sunny do, & we all no virtually every camera phone can take good? photos outdoors on a sunny day, its indoor & low light/night time photos that really show you what a camera phone is really like at taking photos.

    Hopefully someone soon will post some comparison photos in Low Light between the One x & the S3

  • Legend

    They should have gotten rid of that darn home screen button!

  • droilfade

    Man…suddenly S2 looks so old!

    • dVyper

      I prefer the S2′s look. S3 easily looks uglier…

  • fletchtb

    We need a release date for this puppy here in the states!!!

  • tagstar

    Where’s the video?

  • KL


    GSMarena did a proper preview (better than most reviews) 8 days ago. They even did a “vs.” with HTC One X where they test audio quality, battery life and even the loudspeaker.

  • Richard Yarrell

    For me my NEXT device will the new GALAXY NEXUS in November.

    • squiddy20

      This is about the Galaxy S III, not your wishful “new Galaxy Nexus” which, FYI won’t be called “Galaxy Nexus”. And you tell me I need to “be more intelligent in this space”? Hahahaha. Okay.

    • jonathan3579

      Hey Richard, I realize you’re as stubborn and ignorant as a mule but the Galaxy Nexus is already out. When have you ever seen a Nexus device come out with the previous iterations name with the exception of the word Nexus? Fool.

  • Mike

    Really wish Samsung would start selling the international version to US
    USA mobile markets take forever and are going to ruin it just like they do with every other galaxy S
    from what i heard US galaxy s 3 will have dual core …WTF is that crap its not a galaxy s 3 them

  • Anthony44

    I say the s3 seems like a really nice phone.
    I would add all the hype prior to release is a bit disappointing.
    The s3 doesnt blow any of those phones away except the s2 which still is a good phone.
    I currently own the gnexus and certainly wouldnt shelve it for the s3.
    The s3 made alot of noise but with the choices privided by Htc its no major splash
    That said ill wait for the next nexus

  • Adam
  • Scottyb112

    If this releases on Verizon, watch its gonna be right when they change their Data guidelines and make people want to upgrade.