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Hands-on the Samsung Galaxy S III video roundup


Can’t get enough of the Samsung Galaxy S III? The device was just unveiled in London and now the hands-on videos are coming online. We scoured the web to gather up the best videos so you can see what the media is saying about Samsung’s flagship device. Check out the growing list after the break and let us know what you think.

Find any more interesting videos of the Galaxy S III? Share the links in the comments below and we will ad them to our list.

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  • mkstvns

    Gawd… it really does look too big for me. I know it’s not a problem for everyone (and many people love it), but this obsession with upsizing has really got me down.

    I’m one of those poor bastards that have been cursed with short fingers, and I really dislike having to stretch to reach across the screen with my thumb, moving the phone into an awkward and unsafe position in my hand.

    Also hate being forced to use both hands to get a decent experience out of the phone (making it a less than decent experience).

    I had a feeling it was going to be huge. There’s a good chance I’m not going to get this phone, as a result. That said, I’ll wait until I can hold one in my hands before I decide.

    • Matthew

      I have small hands too, literally small, not just the fingers but the entire hand so i know how you feel, but i have recently used the note, only for a short time, but i didn’t find it a problem to use, it will probably just be a two handed job, one to hold, the other to use.

      • Matthew

        I don’t mean anything dirty or innuendoic by this..

      • Mathew’s Sugar Daddy

        Dirty lil’ boy likes to be kinkaaay!

        • kazahani

          Must you?

      • mkstvns

        Yeah, I dunno… I don’t mind having to use two hands to get things done (lolol), I just prefer to not have to.

        I don’t want to have to use two hands to comfortably send a text, y’know? I want to be standing in the street texting with one hand and holding my shopping in the other hand.

        And I don’t want that to feel awkward. It already does, a little bit, with my GS2.

  • David

    “The Samsung Galaxy S3 mimics the beauty of nature.”

    What an astonishingly stupid statement.

    • David

      “Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface has been updated and infused with nature and human emotion.”



      haha. I had to stop watching that first video. Too many cheesy “one liners”.

  • jspiby2

    Deffo my next phone……

  • oddball

    The “smart” features that have been added to this phone are pretty impressive. It does things that make the phone better and more usable IMO. It not much to look at though. I was hoping for something iconic that would make an impression designwise. And not just a home button that will be removed for the US version

    • NasLAU

      Agreed. I need a phone NOW but now I don’t know if it’s worth the wait versus a cheaper Galaxy Nexus. I waited for the announcement and I think I can do most things with apps on a Nexus plus have stock Android.

  • Kizipotamus

    I hate how they added a menu button in place of the recent apps button. Most people don’t know about the holding the home button trick. Also, it takes longer to access that way. Google is trying to eliminate the menu button, and this will just hinder that.

  • Joel

    Holy passed the woodchuck test..I’m in.

  • xray49er

    I like the phone but hate touchwiz. No need to muck up ICS. Isnt Cyanogen working at Sammy? They should of just let him throw a crazy version of cyangenmod on there and called it a day. Think i’ll stick with my galaxy nexus

  • Paul Atreides

    I was hoping to see the U.S. variants today. I’m not overly impressed by this model, but it’s definitely a nice device. I like the home button design, especially on the white. I was hoping for software cares, still possible with a U.S. variant. The back is uglier than the EVO LTE, but not really a deal breaker. I like the overall shape of the phone, but the buttons should of been a little higher. The home button should of been back lit. Or is it?

    • Paul Atreides

      software keys*

  • Fayez

    only complain is that its not super amoled plus, rest it thumbs up

  • Techrocket9

    Ok, I admit that some of the gimmicks look cool. But my primary reaction is


    • akashwani

      TOUCHWIZ is ugly because its designer is the CEO’s daughter’s boyfriend and they can’t fire him. I think.

    • Joel

      Why? Because you touch yourself at night. At least its not like Sense that had to be ‘simplified’ for the average user. If it was so ugly it wouldn’t have the sales record that it has today.

  • Dillan

    I like it I just wish that Samsung didn’t change ICS no one wants a menu button!!! just follow suit annoying but overall nice phone oh and home button really didn’t apple already sue them for that even though it was a stupid reason

  • Dillan

    Yea touch wiz has to be the ugliest of all the UI skins omg even the wall paper that comes with it looks ugly.. I can chage that right if I buy it . How would I put Stock ICS on it

  • Al

    So disappointed with this phone, what’s with the old style buttons? I’m not talking about software or hardware keys, why do they have the old menu button there? Maybe it’s just me, but that bugs me to no end. Was going to get this phone, ain’t gonna happen now.

  • droidguyuk

    Terrible. … The truth is this Samsung just messed up touchjiz is like the nipple milk of Satan himself its bad. If only they did what HTC did with sense 4.0 or better still vanilla. The only thing that’s similar between nature and this monstrosity is poo. glad i got the Gnote and even though touchjiz is pants i have s-pen premium suite to console myself with that and big screen

  • Sere83

    Yep full to the brim with fail.

    Samsung have officially flopped it. Pentile display, fugly hardware (the whole back side of this phone is atrocious), Touch wiz – Fugly as ever, a truly awful bland looking UI skin. And to top it all off a painfully embarrassing Siri clone. Plus, no upgrade to camera optics, just some rubbish social networking feature no one cares about.

    Also the Xynos will also lose against the A5X in a fair few benchmarks.

    I love android but this will be seen by the majority of joe public as an inferior clone when the iPhone 5 drops, apple will keep growing and this will make absolutely no dent in their market share whatsoever.

    Samsung don’t seem to understand the importance of hardware design and UI design and giving the public a premium / quality feel to a product. They simply don’t understand that in the eyes of the general uninformed public the iphone is seen as a luxury superior product and the Apple design reflects that, visually anyway.

    If they cannot match he feel and aesthetic of the iPhone the fickle consumer will simply have no interest and very quickly brand it as a an inferior product, a siri clone also adds further weight to this.

    The HTC One-X is a far superior looking device to this, HTC’s issues are more software based, but thats another story.

    In turn I’m very disappointed. Samsung will never achieve their full potential in the high end smart phone arena until they start focusing on the actually quality of the product itself. This is what happens when you have little focus and and are trying to pump too much product into a market. Quality suffers

    • Richard Yarrell

      Personally i applaud Samsung they will have a great year ahead. People need to realize it’s no longer about the Galaxy S line of devices. Samsung has MAJOR OBLIGATIONS to GOOGLE in the coming months and they saved their best for last. This Galaxy S3 trumps the Galaxy S2 hands down in every possible way design, screen, camera, and software. The Exynos quadcore 4412 steamrolls the dualcore Exynos 4410 in the Galaxy S2. Samsung accomplished their goal which was to BEST the Galaxy S2 mission accomplished. With the fact that google has selected them again for the NEXT NEXUS in Nov/Dec you can bet down that all the best things will be on the next Galaxy Nexus. You will see the Exynos quadcore 5250 clocked at 1.5ghz as well as the 4.8 to 5.0 1080p screen as well as a 8mp to 12mp camera backed by 2gb of ram. Plus stock jellybean which will be introduced to everyone at Google i/o later this year. Samsung must focus now on the 2 most important upcoming launches their next GALAXY NOTE 2 and the end of the year GALAXY NEXUS. Great job Samsung the Galaxy S3 has the best software out of any skinned android device. The best options to swap out batteries and great opportunity for 32 and 64 gb SD cards. What more can people actually ask for these options are totally enough. I don’t see Htc or any other manufacturer offering these things at all. Take a good look at the S3 as well as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus then look at the iphone and honestly as yourself who stopped innovating years ago. With the current Galaxy S3 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 and end of the year new Galaxy Nexus Samsung is really working hard to earn their spot as number one in the tech game.

  • drone3

    what the?

    so depressing, htc ftw!

  • Nathan D.

    I want to see how the U.S version stack up with the global version of this phone.

  • Anjie Cai

    It feels like I just got samsunged so my decision of waiting for the next nexus stands

  • Ichigo

    This phone looks so fucking awesome. Geez!

  • Alex Belko

    Very disappointing design, htc one x looks so much sweeter, At least I don’t feel the urge to upgrade from my sgs2