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HTC devices including One X, Evo 4G LTE clear for sale in US


Last week, HTC released a somewhat cryptic update regarding their little customs problem, stating that some models had been released to carriers.

This left us with more questions than answers, as they did not specify which devices had been released. It also left us questioning whether the holdup, which was believed to only affect the One X and Evo 4G LTE, was in fact hampering the importation of additional devices.

Well it appears we might never have a straight answer. HTC sent out an e-mail this afternoon indicating that the Customs review is complete and all devices have been released.

HTC has completed the review process with US Customs, and HTC devices have been released, as they are in compliance with the ITC’s ruling… Future shipments should continue to enter the US, and we are confident that we will soon be able to meet the demand for our products. HTC Public Relations

HTC is still working with Customs to get the devices to retailers and did not have a firm timeline for that as of yet. Suffice it to say that the wait should not be long.

This has been an unfortunate distraction for what most reviewers (including our own Taylor Wimberly) have said are the best Android phones currently available in the US. Not to mention that HTC has to be hoping to ring up as many sales as possible before Samsung’s Galaxy S3 can land stateside as early as next month.

Motorola would do well to pay attention. This could be a glimpse of the future, if the company doesn’t act on the ITC exclusion order that was issued following the finding that it infringed on Microsoft patents.

Via: Wired

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  • myandroid99

    oh yes

  • blk728

    The HTC EVO 4G LTE was released to Best Buy pre-order customers last Thursday. I picked mine up on Friday. Awesome phone!

  • cb2000a

    I got mine (One X) and it’s awesome!

  • Jaz

    The more and more people talk about the htc lte the more I want to go out and pick it up. I hope I can wait till december. I hope the battery life is as good as what they say. Can’t really try out a phone with sprint too much anymore since they have the 15 day return policy. I guess I’ll have to use amazon or bb.

    • Andrew

      It is as good as they say, I had one pre ordered and decided to wait rather than cancel the order. I love this phone. I was a big sceptic about the HTC phones because I had problems with the HTC HD2, The HTC My touch and other TMO phones. But this phone is perfect. I thought I would hate the size of the screen when I first opened it, but its so thin and light is doesn’t bug me at all. the one complaint I have is that I use a mac and getting the phone to usb connect to put movies on was a pain. I ended up have to go get a micro SD then it worked fine. But, I have been using my phone like I do ever day (yesterday I even had the GPS on for 3 hours while I golfed) and the battery lasted till around 11:00 pm which was great for me. I am glad it got through customs and into my hands. I am a believer in HTC again!!! Fix that stupid HTC sync program and I am 100% satisfied.

    • Sean Riley

      We should have our own review of the Evo 4G LTE to add to the mix soon enough to help your decision. Though in another 6 months who knows what else will be available.

      • thel0nerang3r

        Thanks Sean. I’ve been waiting for your review (AndroidAndMe). There are few things that I got used while using a Nexus S device.. and either I’m not finding the option, or it’s an Sense thing. One of them, in the past (off topic, sorry, but it bugs me) a youtube link would bring up a prompt to either run in Youtube or in the browser.I got used to getting the “set default action for…” When charging the phone, I’m used to it showing the charge level, now, it’s several menus down, or I have to use a widget. In the past, when I closed the browser, it would reopen into the home page. Now, it keeps the last page. So, if I could ask for something, could you make a review and say, compare it to a Nexus device to show the differences? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • mlynch01

    A friend of mine picked up his from Best Buy and I must say it is a great device.

  • spazby

    unreal… it took a while