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HTC launches the HTC One camera challenge


Capturing that perfect moment with an Android phone’s digital camera has always been tough, but HTC seems to think that the new HTC One series has solved the issue. To prove its point, HTC has launched an interactive page on its blog to see if you can tell the difference between pictures taken with an HTC One series device and a “professional digital camera.”

Having used the HTC One S and HTC One X extensively, I was able to easily identify the images which were captured with an HTC One device – achieving a score of 8/10.

There are a few distinct characteristics to look for when trying to identify the images taken by the HTC One, but I don’t want to give them away quite yet. Take the HTC One camera challenge and let us know what you score. Do you think the HTC One lives up to the high expectation HTC has set?

Source: HTC Blog

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • taz88ny


    I was terrible.

  • spazby

    4/10 – not much better than taz88ny…. not sure if the results would be different looking at blown up version on my pc though

    • eallan

      Of course they would, these tiny little photos all looks pretty good.

  • Derek

    I got 8/10. All you have to do is look for the ones with the worst depth of field. HTC One series phones use a f2.0 lens. This results in extremely poor depth of field. Only about 25% of your image will be in focus, so its about worthless as a real camera.

    • Jahmon

      my first attempt was 3/10, next attempt looking at the dept of field gave 9/10 :-D

    • cece

      Quite the opposite. DSLR sensor being bigger, depth of field will be smaller than with the smartphone at the same aperture. (often cited as a big culprit of small cameras, where you can’t isolate your subject with fuzzy background).

      Anyway DSLR can also have lenses with f2.0 or less, and either camera does not always shoot at widest aperture. So your reasoning would not hold.

      • Moschops

        I believe the point is the f2.0 lense on a smartphone is fixed at f2.0. AFAIK there is no smartphone with adjustable apperture lense so you are stuck with that smaller depth of field and the only option for brightness control is shorter exposure not less apperture.

    • Jon

      That’s only true if it’s taken at f/2.0. That’s the max aperture of the camera, but probably not it’s steady state. My DSLR lenses have varying apertures and only when I open the lens wide up to it’s max aperture do I get really shallow dof. I’m hoping the One X has a truly manual camera setting to let people who know what they’re doing really use it to it’s full potential

    • Simon

      I got that to :)

  • SGB101

    6/10, I’m an x owner :o)

  • Dan

    I don’t understand how the challenge works. All the pictures I selected were from Smartphones because they looked crappy by comparison, yet it said that 4/10 i selected were from the HTC one series? Are they implying that their smartphone is a professional digital camera?

  • halo0


  • Jahmon

    3/10 but they should have the same picture taken side by side instead of different pictures !

  • MJM128

    7/10. I’ve had quite a bit of time playing with the One S camera, so I know a little bit about what it doesn’t do as well/

  • Vance

    6/10 – One S owner. I attended a launch party for a friend’s new business Monday night and took pics on the dance floor all night, no flash. the low light capabilities of the One cameras are amazing! It was great to have all my iPhone owning friends give up on their crap pics and ask me to take their group shots and text them to them :)

  • pekosROB

    7 out of 10

    If I could look at them closer I would probably do a little better (or worse, if I was second guessing myself constantly)

  • Sean Riley

    9 out of 10, awesome proof that you can take crappy pictures with a DSLR though.

    • Donald Williams

      you defiantly can take crappy pictures with a DSLR. We have one and you should see the crap we snap.

      My score: You correctly identified 8 out of 10 photos taken by the HTC One X

      I guess im used to good photos. Then again you DO NOT need a One X to take great photos. I have an AMAZE and all I hear from friends and family is WOW that came from the phone? Good game.

      So what are the “secrets” Nick?

      • james

        The trick is to look for the ones with the worst backgrounds. Sky blurring through trees, incredibly shallow detail at range, general fuzziness in close up shots.

    • pekosROB

      Ahhh, never thought about it in that perspective! But so true.

  • vmark

    Got 7/10, look for the depth and the lighting at the edges compared to the center…Not bad though.

  • JIW

    8 out of 10. But I’m a photographer :)

  • n25philly

    6/10, easy to make them look similar when they aren’t much bigger than a postage stamp though. Then again if they didn’t make it about BS how would they sell the phones based on their camera. There is simply only so much you can do with a cell phone lens. They should compare the camera to other cell phones as no one in their right mind is ever going to use a smart phone for serious photography. They are great for spur of the moment shots though.

  • revs

    never realized how great of a pic my sensation takes till i switched to a g2x/droid3/iphone

    htc cams are insane

  • Mix

    4/10 then 8/10

    I wonder what they classify as “Professional Camera” though.

  • Jake Gall

    10/10 its quite easy for myself(being a photographer) to tell the difference. The background is fuzzy not out of focus on the mobile pictures.

  • glennw

    8/10. The pictures are too small to really tell the difference.

  • shadowxof

    8/10, not too bad if i do say so myself

  • Genjinaro

    I got 5 out of 10. I thought I could ace it LOL! Nice job HTC.

  • Barry

    Inspect element -> Read filenames. 10/10. Woo me.

  • jamal adam

    6/10 not bad for a first attempt.

  • c1liu

    would’ve been better if the pictures being compared were actually the same picture, but i guess they made their point regardless.

  • Scott

    I ended up with a score of 6-10, the photos were great though!

  • lenguan

    10/10. Surprise myself that I did so well.

  • dVyper

    The pictures are tiny – they look the same to me. If it were at full resolution it’d be easy to tell

  • Fishingcat

    It didn’t help that they used some pretty crappy “professional digital camera” images and that the pictures were so small, but it’s still not hard to get 10/10.

  • Cool

    I got 10/10 yeah. Guessing FTW

  • sly

    I scored 10/10. Just right-click the image to save and the file name will show the device used :)

    This challenge is kinda silly. My Nexus S 4G pictures look almost as good if I shrink the image down to match their resolution of 400×318. It’s not even HVGA.