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HTC One X update improves system performance, squashes bugs


With only days to go before the HTC One X is unleashed on US soil, HTC is pushing out a second OTA update to the Tegra 3-powered HTC One X. The 1.29.401.7 software update for unlocked/unbranded handsets in Europe weighs in at 35MB and comes with a slew of minor bug fixes and system improvements to make the handset more stable.

HTC has not issued an official changelog for the 1.29.401.7 software update, but users have scrounged together and identified most the changes. Major changes within the update include a new radio (updated to 1.26.401.2), fixes to the calendar application and widget, improved stability to HTC Sense 4.0 and overall system performance improvements.

For now, the 1.29.401.7 update is only rolling out to unlocked handsets, but carrier-branded devices in Europe may also receive the update within the next week or two. The HTC One X launched with software version 1.26, quickly moved through 1.27 and on to 1.28. It would have been nice if HTC had caught all the bugs before the handset was released, but it’s encouraging to see HTC working hard to make sure their customers have the best experience possible with the HTC One X.

Have you received the 1.29.401.7 software update on your HTC One X yet? Are there any issues HTC has overlooked?

UPDATE: We’re been informed that the changelog we posted earlier was for the 1.28 update for the HTC One X. We will update this post with any new information when details of the 1.29.401.7 update are made available.

Via: HTC Source

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • WlfHart

    Glad to see HTC is committed to their flagship! I hope this trend continues for all their phones.

  • LukeT32

    Good thing someone is updating there phones…… Are you listening Samsung?! My Gnex is waiting!!

  • spazby

    don’t you just love it when ur device gets an update? even if it is minor, I get all excited

  • Michael

    When I look at this changelog, I think I have a déjà-vu…

    Looks like it’s from the 1.28 Update a few weeks ago.

    I’m on 1.28 and also havo no dots in my youtube app, this had been fixed since the last update.

  • Nick

    That changelog is incorrect, it’s the changelog for the 1.28 update not the 1.29 update:

    • Nick Gray

      Thanks for letting me know. I have updated to post accordingly.

  • Mark

    When are they going to release these bug fixes for the One S?

    It’s not just One X users who are fed up with the initial buggy sense 4! My calendar widget crashing, and with even less pixels on the S’s screen, the superfluous menu button on ICS apps is even more irritating!

    Come on HTC! I bought the phone for only £60 less, so I expect these fixes to land on the S pretty soon!

  • Nathan D.

    HTC is on the roll keep it up :-)

  • Ichigo

    Someone needs to tell HTC that you have to do major testing before releasing a buggy phone. But kudos to them for releasing quick updates.

  • james

    I’be updated my HTC one x last night and after having done so its kept crashing. Replaced it in store following HTC’s tech supports advice, applied the update – same issue – watching any video causes a crash.

    • Scott

      Mine’s gone from being smartphone to snailphone. It’s suddenly become incredibly slow. Everything takes so long to respond making it practically useless. If I restart the phone, it takes about an hour before things start responding even slightly.

  • Kenna

    Awesome, can’t wait, not that I find anything wrong with it.

  • Prowd_onx_owner

    I bought One X a week ago… excellent phone… happy but will be happier if they improved the battery life…

    Speed, Screen better than iPhone 4S
    Battery life same as iPhone 4S
    Camera not as good as iPhone 4S

    • larry

      Camera not as good like iPhone 4s haha that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

    • Dave

      Are you joking??
      The camera is superb – i have had mine for 2 and a half months and taken 100′s of pictures and it takes the best pictures from any phone i have seen and in poor light.

  • dVyper

    Nice work HTC

  • SGB101

    No update for me yet. unbranded UK model, anyone in Blighty got the update yet?

  • Majid

    I got one x last week and I’m not happy with the battery!

  • Stephen

    Got my update notification this morning – unbranded UK handset. Updating now…

  • martin

    no here with me!…unbranded, unlocked, UK

  • martin

    Hey is it only me but….the HTC Hub widget never connects to anything…i always get an “unable to connect to the HTC sense server”

  • Steve

    I have a t-mobile branded handset and still stuck on 1.26. Customer service have no idea when or even if the update is coming. DO NOT BUY A T-MOBILE BRANDED PHONE!! You have been warned!!

  • Isaack

    I updated mine last night… Bipups to that.. It’s on Vodafone.. Since then I can’t watch any video’s including YouTube.. Everytime I try the phone restarts..phoned Vodafone.. They said switch off fone take sim out restart.. N. Off again sim back.. Then on again…. Nothing worked.. Dude said they are not responsible for updates.. HTC sync gives me error 1000 too… Am getting vexed… The thing is a couple of weeks old

    • olololol

      a coomon one – headphones solve the bug, if youre desperate!

  • Alex Incicau

    i got my 1.29 update yesterday- not a huge noticeable difference, still the Live Wallpaper pausing while going to other pages issue is present.

    nb. my phone is locked by carrier- so updates might as well get rolled out to carrier phones.
    idk if i was of any help.

  • SGB101

    ive still not had the update, just check again still stuck on the old one.

  • walkerx

    my phone downloaded the update – rebooted and now been on the green cycle image for about 10 minutes

    • whitepele

      Me too. But seems llike mine is more then 10 mins. How long i have to wait then?

  • jillgib

    Had my HTC One X since 9th April. I am on O2 and very disappointed that I am still on software 1.26 so not even had update to 1.28. After browsing loading screen hangs for 10 sec going back to home screen and it’s hacking me off. I am going into O2 shop tomorrow to kick up a fuss, not good enough.

  • Shaun

    If you want good battery life than don’t buy a smart phone you should be buying an old Nokia phone. Regardless what smart phone you have the battery life won’t be very good due to how powerful phones are now and what phones can do as well. I’d suggest either buying extra batteries or portable charging devices. After you update phone firmware yo. Should back up your phone and do a factory reset, this helps to make sure the update works properly.

  • Vivian

    Mine d/loaded the update and has shown the green cycle image for 40 minutes! Is this normal? Help! :(

    • Noprobstillnw

      Hell no..Thats not normal. It hardly takes 6-7 mins ..

  • Claude

    Vivian: Mine did the same, until I unplugged it from power then it rebooted almost immediately and completed the cycle just fine. Give it a go.

  • backudog

    getting my one X tommorrow, upgrading (?) from a Samsung galaxy s2, just love it when i see an update is available for any of my tech, get quite excited about it is that wierd? According to HTC site the update is supposed to improve power management and improve some camera issues, anyone noticed a difference at all?

  • Adam Barrett

    How long does the update take for the one X ?

  • Backudog

    Only took about 5 to 10 minutes to install it for me.

  • KC

    After the update, the phone keeps crashing while trying to play youtube videos and change ringtones! Anyone experiencing the same problems?

  • Frank

    Can’t switch my phone on after update! Even tried resetting to factory setting according to HTC’s website instruction, and it still won’t work!!
    Only bought it a few days ago and loved it so far. And this is a huge disappointment.

  • Lee UK

    Mine froze too after trying to install the update – had it plugged into the mains and the update froze at the ‘timer’ part of the update (green icon – circle arrows – black background). Was like that for over an hour. I unplugged it, left it for about 5 minutes, plugged back into the mains and held the power button for about 10 seconds – the phone then restarted, updated android (about 10 steps) showed and then the phone started up as normal.

    Only received the phone today! Was a very bizarre ‘error’ and I thought the phone was dead! Anyways, it seems ok now.Phew!!!

  • myself

    Where can i get the changelog for 1.29 and the newest witch came out couple of days ago?

    (I’m on 1.29 and have not dared to update my rooted one x cause im afrait the updating will brick the phone.

  • Barry

    I’ve noticed major battery imperovements. Delighted with it because the battery was the only thing annoying me about my one x

  • Barry

    HTC Sense Version: 4.0 Android Version: 4.0.3 Software number: 1.29.401.7 Rollout date: May 1, 2012

    Starting May 1, 2012, HTC will be rolling out a system update for the HTC One X. This update will only be available for HTC Europe & Middle East customers and can be installed to the device over the air. This system update includes several enhancements and bug fixes such as the following:

    * Reminder: You must have at least 35% battery remaining in your phone before you begin any update. Charging your phone during an update may interfere with the process.

    ** How to update: From the Home Screen on your device go to MENU> Settings> About phone> Software updates> Check now

    Update Power Managment Update for HTC Europe & Middle East on 5.1.2012 Collapse

    Improved power management Enhanced HTC Car user experience for navigation voice prompts Camera improvements for HDR mode and video snapshot Improved incoming call alert speed Added device volume control when in DLNA mode (HTC Media Link HD required)

  • milton

    Iv updated my HTC one x and now everytime i go to watch any youtube videos it restarts automaticly and i can’t watch anything, only a day old and I’m having problems with this phone, peoples warned me no to get this phone i should of listened, but i just had faith in HTC because my previous phone was a Desire and it never gave me any problems, I’m very disappointed that this has happened to my phone i shouldn’t of updated the phone was working fine before then.

    • shokkfx

      Do a factory reset after software updates. It may not fix any bugs but it helps to make sure the update is installed properly. This may fix your issue too. HTC have already started working on the next update so just be patient. There’s new stuff in one x that’s never been used before so it will take some time to sort out the kinks

      • milton

        Thanks for your help , but i exchanged for a another new HTC one x and i havnt software updated yet I’m paranoid that the same will happen again, so shall just wait for the next update that HTC release ?

        • milton

          Iv just updated my HTC one x and it is working fine now, youtube videos are playing and the phone is a lot smoother, my advice is DON’T LEAVE THE CHARGER PLUGGED IN WHILE YOU UPDATE THE PHONE AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 50% BATTERY POWER if you do this you will have no problems, hope this helps : )

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  • HOXuser

    got the update.. 1.29.707.11 … not sure the changelog

  • NoProbsTillNw

    Guys never keep ur phone on charging while installing any updates. And make sure that u have atleast 50% battery remaining …

  • HOXuser

    am install it while in charging.. but so far nothing happen.. guess am lucky.. is there any official change log from HTC or xda-dev? my battery seems to be improve since today in the office i use a lot internet and music but it still give me enough btterry tll night.. less call probabbly.. but.. changing homescreen and animation seems a bit smoother than usual.. else nothing much diff

  • mickie

    In setting and about check for system updates
    Im on o2 1.29 no problems

  • Simon Matthes

    i live in australia, i have a one x, about a month ago i got 1.29.980.11 i have to say im a bit pissed off. There was another update i recieved before this which caused my phones screen to be unresponsive, not the whole screen tho, about the bottom quarter of the screen. I’ve been putting up with it for about 3-4 months, i went into my local optus shop to have it checked out being that its really off putting having a new phone and recieving an update and the bottom half of the screen being unresponsive. Anyway, they have no replacement handsets, id have to borrow another handset while mine gets fixed and because i bought it over the internet and had it delivered i didn’t have my reciept with me so they have to ring the mail office and get them to fax it over. I tried to call htc australia support but the number is incorrect and i get a message saying the number you have called is incorrect or disconnected. I tried emailing them and have had no response, im working at the moment so its really hard for me to get to the shop and get it replaced. The problem occured after i recieved the update prior to this current update, when you try to unlock it with pulling the ring up, it doesnt work, i have to either sit there for 5 minutes pulling the ring and finally it does work, or i have to pull down the menu at the top and click on settings and click on home and go in that way… having a bit of rant im sorry but i’ll have to get this resolved shorlty. Im hoping the next update would fix it but im not thinking so.

  • Sunil

    I’ve recently purchased a HTC One X phone and was brilliant up until the new system update of v1.29.
    Ever since the update was installed the battery life is really bad. Using the phone normally on the v1.28 update latest 2 days without charging. Now on 1.29 it only lasts 1 day and that’s not even using the full features of the phone. Honestly HTC better release a system update to quickly resolve this annoying issue or allow users to roll back to the older version. This would make good business sense and make a lot of sales for the HTC.

  • Madeleine Williams

    Hey, I’ve been having the same problem. My HTC One X arrived yesterday, and I spent all day on the thing as it was such a beautiful piece of technology.
    Last night, I decided to check for updates. With my phone being at 40%, just 5% over the reccomended battery level, I decided to charge my phone and leave it to update.
    Every application I use crashes.
    But, I just checked for another update, and one was available. It’s off charge now. I hope it goes back to normal! :/

  • silemam

    Iam an Asian user. when I updated it. it was 1.29.707.11. is it normal

  • grace

    I’ve been having problem with my HTC One,videos and other games are not working. every time i go to watch any videos i cant watch any videos including YouTube it restarts automatically also if i play music its not playing . Every time I try, phone is always turning off and restart the phone again by its self, I decided to check for updates and i make updates to it but still not working…applied the update but same issue…causes a crash! my phone downloaded the update and rebooted already but its practically useless. after that i tried it with my head set…. shocked pretty playing… but after you put off the headset again videos, music and other games is not working… I’m very disappointed that this has happened to my phone….why like this?? any help please… :(