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HTC teases Sprint EVO 4G LTE with new camera samples


After yesterday’s review of the AT&T HTC One X, many Sprint fans are even more excited to get their hands on the EVO 4G LTE.┬áSprint’s version of the device will feature all the same awesomeness, with the addition of a microSD card slot, slightly larger 2,000 mAh battery (vs 1,800 mAh), and a kickstand.

Today HTC shared a new gallery of photos taken by the EVO 4G LTE to show off their ImageSense technology. For this round of shots, HTC hired Meeno Peluce, American photographer and former child actor. Head over to the source link to check out the entire album.

Sprint opens up pre-orders for the EVO 4G LTE on May 7th, and you can head over to their holding page to sign up for reminders. We are still waiting on the official release date, but the latest rumors suggest it could be as early as May 18th.

The elephant in the room remains Samsung’s next Galaxy phone, but they unpack that tomorrow so we will know how the two device stack up soon enough.

If you are on Sprint, let us know which way you are leaning. What would Samsung have to do in order for you to pass on the EVO 4G LTE?

Source: HTC Facebook

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  • Alan Reboli

    This is what I wanted from the one series. Perfection.

    • jbarajasp

      Agreed, sd card slot, kickstand, larger battery, and the combo of polycarbonate and aluminum make this phone a winner

      • Dan

        non-removable battery is a deal breaker for me. I’ll be going with the SGS3

  • spazby

    i do like the battery going up to 2k mAh

  • Breon

    Its HTC or bust. I switched out my HTC EVO 3D for the Epic Touch and can’t wait to go back to HTC. I am sure the Galaxy S III is going to be great but unless their phone is something earth shattering and game changing I am headed full throttle to the EVO LTE

  • LukeT32

    I know a few people waiting for the new EVO also….

  • Misael

    Wow, I was leaning towards the SGSIII but this phone just went to the top of my list.

    I have the original Evo and the kickstand to me really is a big deal (even though a case could have a kickstand for the SGSIII).

    Familiarity is something I would prefer with HTC since I didn’t really like Samsung’s TouchWiz.

    Guess I’ll make my decision tomorrow :S

  • Jimmy_Jo

    It’s all based on rooting solutions. HTC just makes hardware. I honestly can’t think of anything physically that Samsung can do to one up the One series. Maybe if the battery last 24hours guaranteed, it roots with a breeze and build quality is close to HTC, I’ll think about it.

  • Orion78

    I can’t wait till tomorrow so I can finally decide to go with either this or the GS3.

  • Paul Atreides

    Samsung has to release a device that is all-around better than the EVO LTE, and they have to release it in the states this summer. If not I’m going to pre-order May 7th. With the news of S4 shortages I’m a little worried there won’t be a lot these to go around on launch.

    • jbarajasp

      the fact of the matter is that the s3 won’t come out till the end of the year in the US. At that point I may just sell my Evo LTE if it is impressive

      • Orion78

        End of the year? Reports are, Samsung will shorten the gap between the International and U.S. versions. Don’t be surprised if we see this on Jul/Aug. Don’t base things as facts if you are just making assumptions.

        • Jose

          Dude those reports are from Unknown sources… In other words… Someone probably made em up….. My statement was just an educated guess based on past launches…. I don’t expect to see the s3 in the US before sept… That’s nearly a half year wait… And let’s face it… iPhone will be out in October… I will probably get the Evo LTE now and then the LTE iPhone later

        • swazedahustla

          I think he’s probably basing them on history, as in if you look at all of samsung’s releases, the avg time to go from international to the states has been 6-8 months. Thats called a pattern. Its been that way for a while, and I wouldn’t expect it to change. And since the US variants are coming with the S4 and not exynos, it seems to be more of a reality that the state won’t get it anytime soon.

          • Jose barajas

            That’s exactly the way I see it :)

  • Joel

    Im already 100% sure that I prefer Touchwiz over sense. Im already 100% that id get the GS3 over the Evo X. But maan…..I…NEED a kickstand, that would be really useful…but im also pretty sure the GS3 wont have one, which makes me sad. Im really hoping that the Sprint variant of the GS3 has some awesome perks like its version of the One X.

  • Kizipotamus

    I’ll stick with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Tim

    I will get one it seems to be the best of the HTC One X phones .Will replace my OG EVO .

  • swazedahustla

    It’s my next phone knowing that the GS3 will only be on par with this phone. Plus it will be in my hands 6 months quicker than waiting for the GS3 to come to the states. 3 days and preorder is going in.

  • cwjones4

    the s4 rumors for the GS3 put a damper on it, but i’ll wait and see what processor they decide on for sprint. Otherwise, it will take an amazing display, camera, and 24 hr battery life with a removable battery for me to pass on this and pick up the GS3. Otherwise i’ll pick up the EVO LTE on launch day, I am so ready for a new phone and i need one SOON!

  • linkinmark5

    I must say I tend to agree with many of u. HTC’s quality, design, and hackability for this phone is tough to beat. 32GB as a standard would be nice. My only concern is the vibrant SG3 display vs. The EVO LTE HD. My girlfriend has the Epic 4G and despite its many flaws that display trumps the OG EVO.

    Unless SG3 drops some super fantastic new must have features I’m with HTC. ME NO LIKE touch wiz!!!

    • jbarajasp

      The reviews of the one x have all praised the device as having the best display I’m the market… Sayin it’s far beyond retina and samoled

  • Nathan D.

    This is the phone most sprint user wanted for a while now, it really doesn’t have anything wrong with it spec wise.

  • sdesocio

    Unless Samsung does something amazing, big removable battery, launch in 3 months, better screen, as well as a few things no one is even thinking of…

  • walt_

    Exynos 5 series, and a sub 4 week release date, and I might consider it.

  • txbluesman

    Decisions are getting tough! What’s it gonna be boy? What’s it gonna be? LOL….sorry, had a little Meat Loaf flashback.

  • yankeesusa

    I’m just waiting to see what the battery life on the evo lte is going to be. Right now swapping batteries on my 3d is a lifesaver not to mention easier then waiting 1 hour for my phone to charge. Just swap the batter and your done. But if the evo lte battery can last me all day or at least passed 6pm then maybe I’ll get it. Right now my 3d is enough plus with ics coming soon it will be like a whole new phone. I’m just looking forward to the reviews and see how it stacks up to all the new phones that are coming out in the next months.

    • sdesocio

      Im going to go out and expect that the battery on the evo lte is going to be really top notch. Its running the same basic configuration as the att one x but its got a 10% larger battery.