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Jelly Bean is Android 4.1, to debut on “Nexus 7″ tablet


Google’s $199 “Nexus tablet“, that we first reported on back in March, appeared online this week in Rightware’s Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji benchmark test. Most of the details revealed in the benchmark match up with what was previous reported. The device will be made by ASUS, feature a 7-inch display with 1280×768 resolution, and use NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

What’s new in this benchmark result is the Android version 4.1. Rightware tells us this is the only device they have ever seen to include Android 4.1. The device also featured a software build number JRN51B, which is important because J represents Jelly Bean.

The device also has the model name listed as “Nexus 7″, which could be the final product name.

Some of us had speculated that Jelly Bean would be a major release and become Android 5.0, but this new evidence suggest it will be more of a minor update and be labeled Android 4.1. We reached out to a second source who claims to have seen the Nexus tablet, and they also said it was running Android 4.1.

Details are still limited, but we are told that Android 4.1 will feature a user experience very similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The device will feature multiple home screens that are dedicated to different types of content (music, movies, books, etc).

We are just a month away from Google IO, when this “Nexus tablet” is expected to be revealed, so look for more details to leak over the coming weeks.

Source: Rightware

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  • oddball

    I’m not sure I like Android going to different screens for different content. I understand that the tablet segment of the market is in love with the kindle fire but I’m not a fan of the UI at all

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That UI could be limited to the 7-inch Nexus tablet. It sounds like they are just trying to make it more friendly for new tablets owners that just want to use the device to consume content from the Google Play Store.

      • halo0

        They had separate versions for phones and tablets before and then there was this big push to converge them with Ice Cream Sandwich. So now, before the vast majority of devices are even running ICS, they are going to diverge again? I don’t get it.

        • professandobey

          I’m sure the new UI is going to be easily customizable back to classic ICS style home screens. I’d bet all it is is a set of stock fullscreen widgets with a media focus. At worst, it’ll be a dual paradigm setup like Windows 8 with the Metro and Desktop UIs.

          • aranea

            Locking the screens for specific content doesn’t fit android at all so I’d agree with you. Easy for newbies and customization for those of us who love android for the freedom.

      • oddball

        I understand the decision I’m just not a fan of the idea. Setting a single device UI seems like a poor idea to me. One of the reasons i*thingys do so well is that the UI is the same from device to device. I was hoping that jelly bean would be the iteration that Google finally united the basic UI for Android. Manufacturer skins added something when we were all on froyo and gingerbread but the ICS UI is great. Not a fan of the color scheme but the way the device works is so much smoother even with older devices like my droid x

        • ndarvishev

          I am not sure whether Android could’ve been competitive if the UI was the same across all the devices because of the openness of the system and different manufacturers. Neither did I like the idea of UI specific to Nexus 7. I was expecting some minor facelift in UI and a few tweaks to the kernel and such.
          On the other hand, with the ICS now reaching 7.1% I don’t know when other devices will start receiving JB.

      • daveloft

        I’m willing to bet its not much more than a set of widgets.

      • sknoslo

        Well I hope that, if it is true, it is just an extra launcher option in addition to the regular launcher. Because then instead of making Android lame, it would greatly increase Android’s awesomeness. More options are always better.

        Though, I could see Google releasing a “Google Play” branded tablet (with a custom UI) instead of an “Android” or “Nexus” branded tablet, in hopes of stealing some of Amazon’s success. Here is to hoping they don’t.

    • Jason

      Agreed….while this could come off nicely it totally defeats the purpose of such a custom OS. Should my Galaxy S2 really have more customizing options than a tablet? The Fire has it’s place but this ain’t one of them.

    • alamoe

      I agree. A lot of people get the Fire because its a cheap tablet they can put stock ICS on. I know that’s what my wife had me do with hers.

    • Jorge Branco

      I really can’t see them doing that. A major UI overhaul seems like the perfect reason to go an extra leap with version numbers. The fact it’s only 4.1 instead of 5.0 makes me think it’s pretty unlikely. Plus, I’m sure google knows it would make me sad.

  • spazby

    Interesting, I would think jelly bean would be 5.0… oh well, let’s see what gets released at I/O

    • professandobey

      But they said they’re focusing on one major release per year. Why would they double back on that now?

  • Vance

    Hmm… Underwhelmed

    • dVyper

      Me too. Will have to wait until proper unveiling before passing judgement tho…

  • Matt

    I have to say, dedicated home screens kinda defeats the awesomeness of android. I am very capable of setting up my home screens based on similar content. This may appease newer less technical users of Android, but they better leave the open customization Android has today.

    • professandobey

      I think it’s a good move. This will make it more welcoming to newbs, while people who would care can easily just install (or switch a setting to) a more standard homescreen.

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      I’m sure you’ll be able to change it. It’s probably just SETUP that way for the plebeians and/or luddites.

  • Lightning7

    Jelly Bean 4.1 during summer and Key Lime Pie 5.0 during winter possibly?

    • professandobey


  • DroidPower

    can’t wait to see what other features are going to be changed to enhance the tablet UI. this is exciting news!

  • LukeT32

    This is what I have been waiting for to finally jump into the tablet market…


    exiting news

  • redraider133

    Can’t wait to see what they unveil and if they can keep the price at the rumored $199 price. Looks like it will be a great stock android tablet and if they keep it $199 I could see it being a big seller.

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    Very interesting. Just can’t wait 2C what Google’s cooked up. I can’t get rid of this Acer Iconia A100 fast enough though…lol

  • Jeff

    At some point Google really needs to develop a rhythm for releasing new OS updates so that 3rd parties are better able to handle upgrades.

    • redraider133

      Well they said before they were doing 1 a year but if they release this and then 5.0 later on one would assume that is out the window. I think maybe google will aim this more at tablets first until they can get most of the other phones updated to ICS and then maybe make 4.1 the base for manufacturers.

  • fletchtb

    Overall this is good news. I’ll reserve judgment until I see this tablet and the OS in action.

  • leaponover

    great…. a minor release!! This sucks, I was really looking for something game changing at this point in time. Yes, I am probably always looking for something game changing but at least getting something like project Majel off the ground would be a start.. THIS SUCKS!

  • aranea

    I’m still hoping for a 10 inch nexus tablet from google. That and the new galaxy tab are what I’m waiting for my next tablet purchase.

  • JFetch

    I’m betting everyone at Google I/O will get one, and at $199 it’s going to sell like crazy.

  • Tal

    It all depends if this thing is going to be with minimal bezel as the first 7″ that really aims to be pocketable, or a bezel beast that is just another brick in my hand. In the later I see no reason for people not to go with 8″-11″ tablets. The 7″ will really fulfill its promise with no bezel at all.

    • Squigz

      Bezels are there for a reason people – a practical feature. How are you easily supposed to hold a tablet with no bezel without touching the screen and pressing something by accident? Unless they have some feature or new screen to counter this I think we need bezels.

  • da hater

    I wonder If theres a 10.1 on the way? But a 7in tablet at a price of $199 is pretty nice I hope it comes with nice features too.

  • Max.Steel

    I am so glad that JB isn’t 5.0. All this time I’ve been thinking to myself, ICS just came out last year. Do we really need another major release so soon. An “incremental” update is more like it. As for the home screen, I doubt Google would pull off a stupid move as “limiting screens to content”.

  • rasterX

    Nexus 7? I guess they are going by screen size. Google should call this one Rachael and the bigger tablet Deckard.

  • jamal adam

    We don’t know for certain but we’ll just have to wait til Google I/O. Maybe it has some needed changes for tablets which were not addressed fully on ICS. Can’t wait to see it all in action.

  • masterpfa

    As none us really know what is going to be released, what it will look like and what UI will be used, presently all we can do is speculate. In less than a month, more than likely this tablet will be released and we’ll all know for sure.

    When Honeycomb was released on the whole we were all pleasantly surprised on for this to be super-ceded by Ice Cream Sandwich, let us trust Google to do the right thing, if indeed this is Android 4.1 and/or Jelly Bean, because surely the team aren’t just looking at this build but the future roadmap og Android for years to come. As far as Android is concerned , In Google I trust lol.

    If this device is released it seems that the claims by Asus a few months back claiming to be the manufacturer for the Google tablet also to feature the next Android OS, were true. Asus deliver on their promises again?

  • yankeesusa

    I really hope its not the same ui as the fire. I almost got the fire for my daughter back when it was $140 for a refurbished one but I didn’t get it because the ui is not my favorite. I hope the ui is just like it is now and not like the fire. Please google, don’t screw this up.

  • Gregg

    “Nexus 7″ is an interesting choice. The most advanced Android in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” was a Nexus 6 …

  • skyflakes

    I’m okay with it being a minor update – I’m still getting familiar with ICS :)

  • guyb99

    I’m in so long as it has a front facing camera

  • shadhussain

    default homescreen UI “options” for new users is definitely a step in the right direction … maybe through a setup wizard at activation? the beauty and uniqueness of ICS on tablets is how you can have a live, dynamic and interactive experience right on your homescreens. unfortunately i’ve seen quite a few friends using android tablets with horrendous screen setups that really degrade the whole android experience. these folks admit to never learning how to set up and eventually use their tablets less and less because it’s just too frustrating. these are the people JB should be targetting, otw they’ll end up buying something else. for me, i’ve customized/optimized my homescreen just the way i want it already. gimme better widgets options and i’ll consider em!

  • Laurel laurel25

    I really hope that these are just widgets otherwise, I’m going for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I don’t want my tablet to be locked into use a certain way or have to root it to get it to function the way I want. I want a nice clean set of screens that I can set up the way I want them to look.

  • Mix

    As long as I can add a 32gig memory card I am sold on this!

  • Alex Belko

    That’s very tempting. I was right thinking that Jellybean won’t be a major update (ICS still feels new and cool to me)) but I don’t really think I need a tablet. Waiting for review)

  • Skis03

    I was already going to purchase this tablet when it becomes available. And if it is going to come with the new OS then I want it even more!!! ANDROIDDDDDDDD!!!

  • Skis03

    If you actually go to the site that leaked the story it is pretty cool you can compare the benchmarks between different tablets and phones. Looks like Nexus 7 has almost double the performance of Kindle Fire.

  • The Rainbow Unicorn Man

    I don’t see why the article says the UI will be like the Kindle Fire. I don’t see anything saying that on the “Source” (Rightware), and I don’t see how one could get such information from a benchmark. Still, looking forward to this! I hope it’s not faked…

  • ndarvishev

    It seems that Google realized that tablets had got pretty popular these days and as the hardware specs are getting well it is time to move from tablet, hardware specs to content.
    I don’t know how many Android tablets are out there (not counting Chinese tablets) but if there will be a single content provider, now that’s a good business strategy.

  • ndarvishev

    Anyways, I am waiting for this tablet if it is really gonna be around $200. But in my country it would still cost around $400 at the beginning. I’ll try to figure out how to get one.

  • Lyyyyyysa

    And 51B denotes that it’s the beta for 5.1
    Oh wai-

  • Jack Thakar

    I doubt that Android 4.1 will adopt a Kindle Fire-style homescreen.

    My guess is that 4.1 will be to 4.0 roughly what Gingerbread was to Froyo or maybe what Froyo was to Eclair. It will improve on features and design elements added in ICS and improve performance under the hood, but it won’t completely change the UI.

    My guess is that 4.1 makes Chrome (which would no longer be beta) the default browser on devices with Gapps. Other than that, they’ll probably just make minor improvements to the interface.

    I’m really hoping that they give these away at I/O this year.

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