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Leaked HTC Ville C specs suggest a cheaper, under-powered HTC One S


A little more than 24 hours after the introduction of the HTC Desire C, another HTC phone is making its debut. It may not be an official unveiling by HTC, but a leaked document and an unnamed source claim that HTC is working on a slightly cheaper version of the HTC One S. Currently known as the HTC Ville C, this new device is said to feature nearly all of the same internal components as the HTC One S.

The only difference we have been able to identify is the Qualcomm MSM8260 S3 processor (the same chip found inside the HTC Sensation) which replaces the MSM8260A S4 chip currently used to power the HTC One S. While the leaked document shows the MSM8260 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, the source claims that the HTC Ville C’s chip will be clocked at 1.2GHz.

On the software side, the HTC Ville C will be running on Android 4.0 paired with HTC Sense 4.5, giving it a leg up on HTC’s current HTC One series.

We’re not sure what to make of the HTC Ville C. The device looks to be identical to the HTC One S in nearly every aspect and we can’t really see HTC releasing this phone in Europe or the U.S. unless they manage to cut the handset’s price by at least $100. How much would you be willing to pay for an HTC One S if it was powered by last year’s Qualcomm MSM8260 S3 processor?

Source: Brief Mobile

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    What happened to HTC releasing fewer models in 2012?

    • nebsif

      only 1 each week.. most of them hardly being any good for even 2011.

    • lilmoe

      i think they meant fewer “flagship” models…

  • Wouter

    I agree. I would rather see a One C or something. A budget phone with ICS hmmm at 180 euros. Instant buy provided it has decent specs of course.

  • Derek

    Certainly not a bad phone. Sense 4.5. And S3 at 1.7 GHz with 1GB RAM is certainly no slouch.

  • tarwin

    Specs-wise there wouldn’t be much difference between it and the Sensation if they clocked it at 1.2ghz, only the RAM and bsi sensor and image chip. Specs wise the amaze would be better. And if there’s no expandable memory the Sensation would have potentially more.

    Now if it was clocked at1.7 like the sheet says then it’d make more sense. More powerful than available S3 models while being less powerful than the flagship S4/Tegra 3 ones, making it a good mid-range/budget phone.


    I’m really close in my decision making to leave Android for the LTE iPhone. Just had so many issues with Tmobile and their Samsung Exhibit II which has turned out to be junk – with tons of problems that the carrier acknowledges but neither the carrier nor the manufacturer have fixed despite promise after promise for six months. The service from both parties have been horrendous. Also tons of Google issues so its hard to figure out if its because it was a mid-level handset vs Android in general. I just know Im tired of daily troubleshooting – of SMS issues – of phone freezing EVERY DARN DAY; of the phone mysteriously turning itself off when its just lying on a coffee table, of constant reboots, factory resets, repairs and yet the problems continue. If i were to consider staying with Android, Id have to get a phone that reviewers say is the best … but even that is uncertain cuz reviewers crowed about the exhibit2 and yet as i and many of customers can tell you , a percentage of them seem to be defective and we;re plagued with handsets (that Tmo sells for 329) being a total disaster

    • Erick

      Good job with the irrelevant post. Jerkstore.

  • Nick Gray

    My guess is that this phone will be pitch as a high-end device for emerging market where price is much more relevant. I was we will hear about this phone a few more times before launch, but it’ll soon fade into obscurity since it will launch in smaller Asian markets.

  • Simon

    Are you sure that this isn’t the HTC Desire C?

  • Aaron_301

    So after saying they’ll be releasing fewer devices, they release two low to mid range phones after their One series? Can anyone understand their logic?