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LG reveals first Android smartphone with 2GB RAM


Today LG revealed the Optimus LTE2 which is the first smartphone to feature 2GB of RAM, double that of most high-end phones. LG obsesses with Samsung, the same way that Samsung obsesses with Apple, so it’s no surprise the Korean handset maker quietly announced a new smartphone in responses to Samsung’s Unpacked event.

Highlights of the Optimus LTE2 include a 4.7 inch True HD IPS display, dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 2 GB RAM, 2150 mAh battery, and support for LTE networks in Korea. The device is expected to go on sale in mid-May.

We don’t expect this exact model will ever come to the US, but it provides a good idea of where the high-end smartphones are headed. By the end of 2012, most flagship products will have quad-core processors, 2 GB RAM, and 2,000+ mAh batteries.

Thank you LG for making all our phones feel a little more inadequate.

optimus-lte2-specs lg-optimus-lte2-630 lg-optimus-lte2


Via: LG Korea Blog

Source: LG Korea

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  • oddball

    Congrats to LG for pushing the bar for smartphones a little higher.

    • LukeT32

      Yeah, hopefully this thing comes stateside.

    • jonathan3579

      Which is better than the underwhelming GS3.

      • kazahani

        The same way the Galaxy Nexus, Droid RAZR and Droid Bionic were underwhelming?

        Maybe we are over-hyping these devices. GS3 will be top of the line in every single way when it launches. What more were we expecting?

  • YMS123

    Powerful and pointy

    • Richard Yarrell

      Personally i applaud Samsung they will have a great year ahead. People need to realize it’s no longer about the Galaxy S line of devices. Samsung has MAJOR OBLIGATIONS to GOOGLE in the coming months and they saved their best for last. This Galaxy S3 trumps the Galaxy S2 hands down in every possible way design, screen, camera, and software. The Exynos quadcore 4412 steamrolls the dualcore Exynos 4410 in the Galaxy S2. Samsung accomplished their goal which was to BEST the Galaxy S2 mission accomplished. With the fact that google has selected them again for the NEXT NEXUS in Nov/Dec you can bet down that all the best things will be on the next Galaxy Nexus. You will see the Exynos quadcore 5250 clocked at 1.5ghz as well as the 4.8 to 5.0 1080p screen as well as a 8mp to 12mp camera backed by 2gb of ram. Plus stock jellybean which will be introduced to everyone at Google i/o later this year. Samsung must focus now on the 2 most important upcoming launches their next GALAXY NOTE 2 and the end of the year GALAXY NEXUS. Great job Samsung the Galaxy S3 has the best software out of any skinned android device. The best options to swap out batteries and great opportunity for 32 and 64 gb SD cards. What more can people actually ask for these options are totally enough. I don’t see Htc or any other manufacturer offering these things at all. Take a good look at the S3 as well as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus then look at the iphone and honestly as yourself who stopped innovating years ago. With the current Galaxy S3 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 and end of the year new Galaxy Nexus Samsung is really working hard to earn their spot as number one in the tech game.

      • squiddy20

        I guess congratulations are in order. You’ve just spammed the f*ck out the Internet once again by copying and pasting this stupid article of a post to not 1, not 2, no not even 3 different articles on different websites, but to at least 4 articles here at A & M alone, and at least 1 at TechnoBuffalo via Disqus. And you “insult” *me* about not having a life? Ha! Whatever helps you sleep at night Dicky. And you wondered why you were banned from Phandroid 4 times, Android Central once and Android Police once… Sad.

        • Gabba

          While I agree that the guy is an annoying douhce, it should be pointed out that the site phandroid is run by a bigger douche who deletes comments that are accurate, but talk about uncomfortable facts.

          • Division by Zero

            I agree wholeheartedly with every letter of every word you just posted.
            Richard Yarrell/Phandroid comparison:
            Can’t spell – check (pun partially intended)
            Incredibly annoying to read – check
            Spams – check (Phandroid spams their own site)
            Never heard of punctuation – check
            Constantly looking for a new thing to spaz-out over – check
            Acts like overly hyperactive, mentally challenged 8-year-olds – check.
            Freaks out and throws a tantrum when something is posted that they don’t agree with – CHECK
            :o Richard Yarrell is Phandroid, and Phandroid is Richard Yarrell!
            Some of the articles sure look like they’ve been written by Richard, especially by one “blogger” in particular. I don’t really bother with them anymore, they’re not a good source of info anymore, and the deletion of critical posts is completely unacceptable and just as juvenile as Richard.

      • Steam

        You’re an idiot. Not just an idiot, a trolling, retarded idiot with no life, imaginary phones, no knowledge whatsoever of what you’re talking about, a TV you found in the trash from the 1970s (that, from a guy who thinks he knows tech, is a “big spender” or that having *two lines* TWO, not 200, entitles him to something). At least try to keep track of your lies and fantasies. What am I saying?! You’re too f*cking stupid to keep track. You don’t even know what comes out of your mouth or what you type.
        “Samsung accomplished their goal which was to BEST the Galaxy S2 mission accomplished. You don’t say? A company improved on their previous design? What a shock.
        “8mp to 12mp camera” For what? Are you going to print a poster-sized photo? I would explain the basics of optics to you, but again, you’re too stupid, in your world more MP=boss, not the light sensors, or anytrhing else.
        “great opportunity for 32 and 64 gb SD cards” Really? Here is a direct quote from you just a bit over two months ago; “People need to come to terms with reality now 32gb is more than enough space NO NEED for an SD CARD.”
        Reality? I don’t think you ever were in reality. You’re a idiotic, trolling, homophobic racist who is going to get himself killed because he’s too stupid to realize that when you threaten and insult people on the internet, and are proud of using your real name, people will go after you, whether (not rather f*cktard) it is on the internet, or in real life. On the plus side, you never have to worry about a head injury affecting you in any way. Unless, of course, it gets blown off.

  • leo

    Im pretty sure if LG pulled it off, Samsung could of tried a little harder to put 2GB of Ram on the Galaxy SIII!

  • leo

    LG is setting the bar for high-End Smartphones. Hope to see other oem’s join LG and start making phones with 2GB of Ram.

  • A

    That UI looks little bit like MIUI :)

  • Tristan

    Assuming this comes to the USA relatively unaltered and is completely rootable, this is my next phone.

  • Danerisms

    Great specs. But since it will never get a software update from LG it will quickly become outdated.

    Such a shame because I liked my G2X and this could be the next phone for me.. if they would have updated my G2x…

    • OnIn2


      I notice that the specs are hardware only and no mention of it it’s running GB (probably) or it’s running ICS

      • Homncruse

        It’s probably running Eclair.

    • Homncruse

      I wish I could upvote you more than once. LG’s failure was in supporting their flagship and taking a heads-in-the-sand approach to the myriad of bugs which plagued almost every phone. While it’s true they tend to pioneer new tech (G2x was the first Tegra 2 phone on US carriers), unless they finally admit “hey guys, we screwed up, we know it, we’ve learned our lesson, we promise to do better if you please give us another chance”, I won’t buy another LG phone. I’ll just wait for some other manufacturer with a better track record to take the 2GB route.


    wow impressed !!!

  • spazby

    very nice, was hoping for sg3 to have it but oh well

  • Mix

    This excites me more than the SG3 announcement did….
    I hope we get a quad core version of the SG3 or I will just have to wait for something else to hit ;_;

  • Derek

    LG phones arent that bad. Their TV’s are pretty damn good, I love my LG tv with cinema 3D and IPS display. They’re phones with IPS displays look great.

  • BigCiX

    If they would update their software sooner the LG would be in the mix with Sammy and HTC.

  • Joel

    Sigh….Sammy held back on us this time around. If LG could do it, Sammy DAMN SURE could have.

  • rantmo

    MGiven my constant struggles with my G2x, it would take a *lot* more than a pile of RAM to get me to even consider another LG phone.

  • Nathan D.

    Can some one give me explanation on what RAM exactly does? I only have a small understanding on what it does.

    • Fahad Rahman

      Ram or Random Access Memory allows for storage of small amounts of data. So when you open up a program and are working in it ,wether it be a game or some sort of application, your application will store temp data in your ram instead of having to constantly write to your hard drive. This is supplemented by Cache as well.

    • Jesse Moreno

      RAM holds information and applications in place so that the phone can quickly recall it without having to re-run the software. The more RAM you have, the more things can be stored and quickly retrieved, making your phone work less and freeing it to perform other tasks.

      • Nathan D.

        Thanks for the explaination =) I thought it might be something like that. But thanks again, now I know what it is for sure =)if I could give you more than one point I would ;)

        • Jesse Moreno

          Ha no problem.

      • quatermass

        RAM is where the apps run from.
        It takes power to read from the built-in SD card and lots more to write to it. With a tablet or phone with say 512MB of RAM the phone will only have ~160MB of RAM free for apps. The rest is used by the Android OS.
        Each time the OS has to kill an app and reload the next one you want to use, it uses more power to transfer it to the RAM.

        If you use a Task Killer app to speed up your phone you’ve got too many apps running in the background and the phone simply wastes power reloading the app again. So uninstall the Task Killer if you’re running Android 2.3 and above, you’ll get extra battery life!

        Most cheap tablets come with 512MB as that makes it cheaper to make. But it’ll spend a lot of energy just reloading apps. So get a tablet with at least 1GB if you like your apps.

  • Fahad Rahman

    Ram or Random Access Memory allows for storage of small amounts of data. So when you open up a program and are working in it , whether it be a game or some sort of application, your application will store temp data in your ram instead of having to constantly write to your hard drive. This is supplemented by Cache as well.

    Also I found this answer on yahoo answers to clarify it a bit more…

    “RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is what you are actually using at any one time. Let me try to explain it this way. Your brain has a conscience and a sub-conscience memory. The conscience memory is what you are using right now. The sub-conscience memory is what you will you need to remember something that happened a long time ago. When you access your sub-conscience memory, then those memories are transferred to your conscience memory. Think of a computer in the same way. The hard drive is the sub-conscience memory, so to speak. When your computer turns on, then what it needs to run your programs is then transferred to the RAM, or conscience memory of your computer. When you are finished with a program or application, and you close the program, then it is wiped out of the RAM in order to make room for more applications, but it stays on your hard drive so you can recall it later. “

    • cthonctic

      It’s kinda funny that this write-up describes physical storage methods in terms of theoretical cognitive systems that were modelled after the physical computer systems to begin with. Neuroception! :D

  • سلمان


  • Mark

    So, erm, what is actually going to use that much memory ?
    I think this is spec for the sake of it to be honest.

    • Gabba

      Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

  • Richard Yarrell

    If this came with 10 cores and 5gb of ram it’s still made by LG. That means CRAPPY UI and NO UPDATES with extreme lag.

    • redraider133

      Have you actually looked at the new lg skin that they demoed way back on their quad core phones? Doubtful just like everything else that you talk about like you know when the phone isn’t even out yet.

    • Homncruse

      Wow. I just upvoted a Richard Yarrell post. I didn’t think that was possible.

  • thaghost

    Nice try LG, lol. The phone is ugly anyway. [anyone on tmobile in NY wanna buy a g2x to hold them over while they wait for the phone of their choice? Let me know [email protected]] thanks.

    • Vance

      …. too late. muahaha

  • cthonctic

    When they say “True HD”, is that just marketing blabber or do they really mean 1080p? If so, why? Beyond 720p it’s really lots of diminishing returns.

    The other thing is, mobile RAM is a constant and significant energy drain because it needs to keep the memory powered even when idle. More RAM is generally good for multitasking and future-proofing has never been a wrong thing to do; but I’m somewhat sceptic if this will pay off.

    • Jesse Moreno

      Good points. Was wondering the same thing about the RAM myself.

    • Silentmelodies

      I think you’re getting things mixed up a bit. 1080p is “Full HD”, True HD here means that it uses the traditional RGB arrangement, and is not Pentile. It’s kind of taking a shot at Samsung that uses Pentile on their HD panels.

      About the RAM, I do agree. But I think it’s more beneficial than not.

  • redraider133

    This looks like a nice phone. Will be interesting to see how it performs in real world tasks. Hopefully lg can bring this to all the carriers.

  • droilfade

    Nice! Design kinda looks like an s2, no?

  • Vance

    Now those are some simple, solid, top tier specs to make any techie happy. The design could use some help, but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for snoring.

  • aerok

    I like its wireless charging.

  • glennw

    Good for them. I wish Android wouldn’t prevent the installation of apps to external SD cards without rooting and reformatting the SD card. What good is a 32GB card if you can only install to the measly < 1GB available internal memory?

  • skugern

    LG still has a long way to come in my book. If this is their future, then they’re headed in the right direction.

  • aranea

    Finally a phone with 2gb ram. Congrats to LG

  • bin artyte

    I really don’t care if s3 is has the highest benchmarks in gpu currently because many of the high end processors like s4 and tegra 3 can handle games smoothly. All I need is this whopping huge ram and less bloatware. This phone is definitely catching my attention.

  • pekosROB

    Now if only LG would update their phones…

  • dVyper

    Yawn. Not interested in LG in the slightest…

  • Sever

    samsung was playing the catch up game when they chose to release their s3 late, so they copied some of the features of the htc one x and then improved upon them further (only really the camera features though).

    if only LG announced this phone sooner, then samsung would’ve put 2gb ram on the s3 as well…