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LG’s Google TV hitting the US later this month


LG introduced us to two shiny new Google TV models at CES 2012 back in January in 47″ and 55″ variants. We came away fairly impressed at the show, though moreso for the Magic Remote than the actual TVs themselves, even though they featured 3D support.

We started to hear wind of possible price points for these bad boys last week, with the 47″ rumored to sell for $1,699 and the 55″ variant to go for $2,299.┬áTurns out, those will be the final MSRP price for LG’s entrants into the Google TV platform, though you can find them a bit cheaper at Amazon. Amazon has the 47″ for $1,599, and the 55″ for $2,099. Reuters┬áreported this morning that the TVs will be officially start shipping on May 21st, just two short weeks from today.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, and want your next set to incorporate the Android platform, you can do no better than the LG Google TVs. Anyone out there have their eyes on one of these devices? Sound off in the comments.

Via: Engadget

Source: Reuters

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  • Joel

    Oh Amazon, always coming to our rescue.

  • jaxidian

    Sounds nice on the surface but I don’t see these being successful in the long term. If you thought getting updates on phones and tablets were bad enough, on your TV?!

    • zerosix

      TV doesn’t need frequent updates. By the way, we don’t know, who controls the FW of Google TV. Probably, Google controls it. If so, I wonder, is it Nexus-way or ChromeOS-way.

      I just wish it was Samsung. Looks like Apple is really going to make a TV, and if Samsung were the first to bring S-Voice and Smart Stay to the TV-market, they would win.

      • brinegaj

        I totally agree – something about LG being behind this makes me a little less comfortable. Maybe that’s wrong, but given how much I’ve loved my Samsung TVs in the past, I’d feel better about them being a part of this.

  • spazby

    Um, for tv, I will be buying based on the picture quality, not based on android being built in…

  • ajonrichards

    I guess someone has to make that gamble, but I just consider smart TVs to be a nonstarter. With online consumption tastes changing every couple years, I don’t expect something as static and long-term as a TV to keep up. Oh, I’m tired of my Wii? Fine, I’ll just unplug it and put a PS3 in its place.
    I do suppose it’s less wasteful to stop using the Google TV features when they obselesce, rather than let an outdated set-top box collect dust in the basement.

    • Johnathan Prochaska

      Samsung has announced a new way of upgrading televisions that is supposed to be coming out soon. Basically the CPU portion of the TV can be removed and swapped out with the newer version, allowing you to keep the same screen and everything else. I’m open to this plan if the upgrade is a reasonable price (maybe $250-450) and if they keep this system going continuously instead of trying it out and then dropping it after a year or two.

      • ajonrichards

        So what’s the difference between that and simply having an MHL-equipped WiFI-enabled dongle that does just that? I think that TV specs are simply homogenizing and manufacturers are trying to find something to make you think your 1080p flatscreen is now lacking (its not).

  • Vance

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I picked up a sweet Samsung 55″ LED last year along with a $99 Logitech revue so I’m all set …. For now. I was totally happy with the integration of the revue and my cable service, but since switching to Dish I’ve had trouble with the digital content protection certification showing up and so I’ve had to resort to running my revue and DVR into my tv on dedicated inputs in order to keep my premium stations working.

  • Wunako

    eh not so sure im sold on this yet i think i might wait to see what the box sets offer versus a fully fledged Google Tv but i have to say it does look nice cant wait to see in stores to play with it if anything

  • ondore

    Please can somebody explain me difference between this Google TV and for example new LG 55LM760S?

    • Wunako

      from my understanding the LG tv is running on Google Tv (Android) but they placed a custom UI skin which doesnt look bad imo, stock google tv is whats found on the revue and the sony sets

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Hey! What about the set top box. I’m not in the market for a new TV.

  • Brandon V. Fletcher

    i await Vizio’s streaming box

  • jperezmvp

    Hope they’ll be available in Plasma

  • REVS

    looks just like my lg i have now ….same ui

  • TJungus

    Can I install XBMC and what OS version is it running?

  • ss

    thx, but i will buy my next tv when OLED TVs will drop price.. after some 4 years maybe :(

  • Adam

    Any device that gets me away from Xfinity will get a look from me. I find their software sucks and their prices suck more. These moto boxes have had the same software on them for many, many years. I want a device that can get updates, um, like my phone.

  • NasLAU

    After the G2X I want nothing to do with LG. I love the hardware but the software was buggy and waiting for updates is ridiculous.

  • victor

    Im going to get this as soon as it comes out its a bit on the $ side but it will be worth it looks sooo pretty almost apple like.