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WSJ: Multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers by Thanksgiving


A report out of the Wall Street Journal has us thinking differently about the Nexus program. According to the report, Google may be going all-in on their new Nexus strategy, partnering with not one, but multiple OEMs on Nexus devices that Google would sell directly to customers similar to its recent Galaxy Nexus offering. Google hopes to have a full portfolio of devices available by Thanksgiving, and is working on giving multiple OEM partners early access to the next version of Android, currently codenamed Jelly Bean.

This marks a stark change from Google’s previous strategy, where Google exclusively partnered with one key manufacturer to provide the flagship device for its latest OS. Sources for The Wall Street Journal believe this strategy is being taken to provide Google with greater control over the operating system and apps that run on it, thus reducing the impacts wireless carriers have over devices. We assume this will be because the Nexus devices will launch with stock Android, as opposed to the custom skins manufacturers are keen on putting on their devices.

Many are speculating that the move is a response to appease manufacturers concerned with Google’s acquisition of Motorola and what that means for the rest of the Android industry. Taking the potential for Google to play favorites off the table will likely persuade these manufacturers to keep producing and innovating with Android devices.

This story is obviously developing, and Google was unavailable for comment at the time the WSJ story went live. We’ve reached out to Google as well, and will update you as we learn more of the expanded Nexus line rumored for later this year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • redraider133

    I think this would be great. I mean what better way to have a choice than if every manufacturer has their own stock nexus device? It seems like a win for us as consumers since you can choose which manufacturer you like the best for a stock experience.

    • AppleFUD

      Agreed! This would be a good step towards “making everyone happy” however, “every manufacturer” will most likely NOT have a Nexus. Probably only the major OEMs and I’m sure some might even decline. Nonetheless we should see more choice.

      I’m curious how they are going to sell them. If it is only via Google Play and an unlocked version then that will not go well with average users – they want a subsidized phone and after all in the states you are paying for the data anyways so you might as well get some subsidizing.

      As we’ve all seen recently, Verizon made a right mess of the GNexus. . . so. . . there’s still a bit to see about all this. I sure hope they can produce multiple “true Nexus” devices that are carried, UN-TOUCHED, by all major carriers.

      • westy

        Well T-Mo offers cheaper plans for non contract users and i more people are realizing being tied into a contract for a phone that you will want to change after a year is stupid. Carriers dont like having to subsidizing but are forced too because people arent smart enough to know that it cost more. The fact that carriers have anything to do with the actually phone is annoying and i hope that this will change. Carriers first need to take a lead like T-Mo and give people an option for a cheaper plan if they buy phones that arent subsidized. Once they do that and the price of phones drop to 300-500 dollars i think you will see the shift happen much faster.

        Google doing this will help with getting the door open. They just need to offer the right price 300-500 dollars for unlocked phone i think will be the right window for users to buy into this.

        • lasgrandebolas

          a stock nexus on each oem… that be awesome…all depends on PRICE! hope they sell a verizon one or one that will work on all cdma and sim like apple phone

    • Da Android God

      Honestly, I have not liked the Nexus line-up since they let Samsung be the only one to hold its Flagship. What a dumb move on Google’s behalf. Who is the First phone manufacture to carry and embrace Android? Anyone one. It was the HTC G1. HTC at least gives you updates in a more active manner, than Samsuck. I had a Galaxy 1 and it never got updated they came out with the Samsuck Galaxy II. HTC beat, Samsuck with ICS. Come on Google. Let another Vendor have your Flagship device. HTC makes better phones, Body wise and spec wise. Samsuck is all plastic which feels like its going to break if you drop. The HTC Nexus to me was a way better and solid built phone than Samsuck. Does anyone agree with me?

      • pman

        while I agree that HTC phones come in better bodies than Samsung phones, saying that it’s the same story in the specs is a different story. HTC is good, don’t get me wrong, but Samsung’s specs are more powerful – even though not by so much.

        I have also dropped my Nexus S a lot more times than I can possibly count, but it has survived every fall, with only minute scratches I can barely notice.

        as for the update game, I don’t think one is above the other – they got their unlocked GSM flagships updated to ICS at roughly the same time.

        to each his own, but I don’t think Samsung deserves this bashing.

        • CTown

          Not this year around, especially when it comes to the US since the US versions of the One X and GSIII will have a Krait. Plus the screens are not that much different, a high density screen on the HTC One X vs the vibrant colors and brilliant contrast that exists on Samsung’s SAMOLED HD display.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    “The change is a bid to exert more control over the apps that run on smartphones and tablets powered by Android, thus reducing the influence of wireless carriers over such devices, these people said.”

    • Joel

      I can definitley see how this would be a smart move….but is noone else concerned about having multiple Nexus devices?…they have problems updating/servicing one…muchless 3,4 or even 5 on multiple carriers and under different OEMs? It can be either a really good move…or a really frustrating one.

      It is a step towards a kind of unification though – bringing more Android users closer to Google. Im all for that.

      • pman

        based on the given information, this is a move to suppress carrier influence. however if CDMA will be considered, somehow carriers still have that influence. I believe the OEMs are to blame if their hardware is not updated promptly because they are the ones providing device drivers. Google only controls the OS

      • redraider133

        If google makes each of the phones have the same processor or works with them to unify the platform I could see them being able to do it all in one no matter what manufacturer makes the phone, but if each uses their own various processor I could see where google could potentially run into issues.

        • masterpfa

          If these are Nexus devices, Google will be working with all the manufacturers to get the devices working with the OS be that Android 5.0, 6.0, or 7.0 if this process continues this long.

          I welcome this move if this proves to be the case.

      • Jonathan

        Maybe google can handle more nexus devices because they made it easier to update a device in the new version of android. I hope so because updating is the weakest part of android right now

      • dcdttu

        If OEMs are on board throughout the entire Nexus planning, development and production stages, they might just have a lot less of a problem.

        Also, eliminating the carriers from the equation would be amazing… Course Verizon will let your device on their network as long as it’s been ‘certified’ to work with them… I wonder what that even means?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    As long as they have the same hardware and its just different styles, if not I have a feeling the updates would be everywhere. Unless they all get updated at the same time, if not i’ll take one Nexus

    • Meister_Li

      I dunno, Cyanogenmod and AOPK also release updates for all supported devices at the same time, sometimes with wildly different hardware and form factors. I’m sure if they can do it, a huge company like Google can too.

  • Meister_Li

    That’d be kinda neat. Google and Providers seem to be at odds about updates, so it makes only sense that they take matters in their own hands. The Verizon Nexus debacle shows that there’s a lot to be done still and going the Apple way and just overstepping the Providers is probably the best solution.

  • l0g0s

    Excellent idea. Then, each manufacturer can offer their custom UI as an option hopefully withOUT the added bloatware from the carrier. I want my carrier to transport my data and not do anything else with it. Carriers can add value by offering the most uptime coupled with the fastest service at the best price and NOT with horrible apps that they force on your phone.

    • delinear

      I wish custom UIs were basically glorified apps anyway, so effectively ANY Android handset could be taken back to stock right out of the box, without rooting, just by doing a factory reset and choosing the stock rather than the UI option from a simple menu. If Google could negotiate that (the average customer would still stick with whatever came with their phone, but everyone else would get a quick and easy route to stock Android) we could all come out of this winners. Security updates would be quicker because the UI would be working within an established framework, other updates could be pushed quicker to those who care about them, everyone else gets the same experience as before, nobody has to worry about voiding their warranty to be on the bleeding edge, etc.

  • Nathan D.

    This would be so awesome if Google did that, having different nexus devices for each carrier would help Google out a lot to sell nexus devices. Also this could mean a Samsung version could be made with a HTC version as well and everyone will be happy with the phone they get; this is not a bad approach at all.

  • mlynch01

    Please let this mean we could see an HTC Nexus device again.

  • Bob Saget

    Sounds too good to be true. I hope it is what you described but I have a feeling that “devices from multiple oems” might just mean the play store will have the galaxy nexus and the rumored asus nexus tablet. Here hoping I’m wrong because we would all love to see each oem with their own unlocked nexus devices with updates straight from google.

  • Christopher Wueste

    Pretty darn cool Google. I must say, if they pull this off, they could rejuvenate the Nexus name. As one who would love to have a shiny new, HTC made Nexus, this is great news. Now I just hope HTC jumps on the bandwagon.

  • Stigy

    Verizon is just going to say no if they don’t have control over it.

    Although I don’t understand how Apple gets away with it.

    • Thomas Biard

      Apple gets away with it because the iPhone is a cash cow and Verizon doesn’t have to do ANY advertising for it. All they have to do is have it in a store and it will be bought by anyone and most everyone (obvious hyperbole)

      • Max

        Been so frustrated with my Android experience, Im very close to switching to iphone and not looking back. i know its not a popular move with this crowd but i want a quality device that works so i dont have to constantly troubleshoot & i want real support from a company that actually cares @ its customers & provides quality responsive support

    • redraider133

      Most likely this will be gsm only devices sadly like the nexus that is sold now through google play since cdma carriers have to approve the devices on their network, hence why you don’t really see any unlocked cdma devices on the web like you do gsm devices.

  • jonathan3579

    I’m pretty skeptical of this actually happening. Sure, more choices are better but then you have bastard companies like LG who could easily ruin the Nexus line.

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    I read this to mean something that we kind of already knew which is they will offer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as well as the Asus Nexus Tablet in the Google Play Store. Time will tell. Would be cool 2C an Asus Nexus Padfone or a Motorola Razr Maxx running stock Jelly Bean.

    • kendiboi7

      I like that ” Asus Nexus Padfone”. :)

  • rpras

    Best news I heard since buying my Nexus One from the Google Store. Hope they’ll have the Nexus Tab in there too. My next Nexus phone purchase will have to wait until December 2013.

  • Eric Weiss

    Selfish response: Damn. I’m so ready to purchase a Galaxy S III but if a Nexus Jellybean phone is just a few months later I might wait.

    Non-selfish response: I hope this is true. If each manufacturer has a Nexus device for each major release it would give us more top quality phones without all that bloatware.

    • masterpfa

      Holding off from the Galaxy SIII for the same reason, well that and I already have the Galaxy Nexus which is only 6 months old (and still loving it)

      After my 1st Android experience in the UK with my HTC Hero I have always aimed to purchase unlocked phones, with no carrier influence at all, hence getting the Nexus 1 and now Galaxy Nexus, having given the Nexus S a miss.

  • oddball

    This will be great if they manage to get CDMA devices as well as GSM. But I bet that will be the sticking point for the same reason CDMA “nexus” devices are no longer AOSP. But if I can get a device direct from Google that will be unskinned, unlocked, and off contract I will jump at the chance

    • Max

      Could be a huge boost for Tmo Prepaid. the wsj article i read said gsm

  • WatcherZero

    Why though? What would be the point of multiple Nexus devices? I can understand selling every Nexus unlocked and SIM free on the Play Store but why multiple models? Isn’t that what all the manufacturers were supposedly trying to move AWAY from? Quality over quantity?

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Choice! I’m ok with my galaxy nexus but I would have been even happier with a note sized nexus device.
      Like many others I would prefer a Nexus with HTC build quality while others like the lightness of the Samsung devices, if this rumor is true it’ll mean even more options for us.

      • delinear

        Also the added competition might mean every Nexus device gets a boost. At the moment if you want a Nexus you HAVE to buy the Samsung device – Samsung know that they will automatically get all Nexus customers.

        If there was a choice of two or three or four manufacturers it would no longer be so black and white and we’d see manufacturers trying to distinguish their device, and since they’ll be running stock Android they can’t do that with software features so they’d either have to give us better hardware or lower prices (or both).

        • masterpfa

          Best point made so far

        • reddragonman

          Yes, competition is great. Would be even better if they could be used on all carriers, as the carriers would also have to improve their networks, and pricing to lure customers, and would be more similar to how things work in Europe as I understand. As the phone would be purchased from Google directly, the carriers would not be able to lock people in, unless they came up with innovative ways of offering discount promotions like satellite TV providers do.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I JUST bought a Galaxy Nexus, normally this would annoy me to get a device and have more options become available but this time I’m happy to hear it.
    Next year when it’s time to get another phone it sounds like I may have more than one choice for a Nexus device.
    Great news!

  • Jeff

    I’d love a One X with stock Android.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      If that was an option I’d be all over it.

    • Dylan

      they could call it the “nexus one”

      • Greg

        Nexus One X

      • Dr.Carpy

        Or the Nexus X or Nexus One X ;)

      • rpras

        Or oneXus.

  • MIke C.

    It would be great to see a trend towards devices with stock android, sort of like what Apple and Microsoft are doing (with IOS/WP). The smartphone/tablet market is moving so fast, that 3-6 months delays in rolling out new firmware (due to manufacturer/carrier customization) means loss of opportunity.

    While Google are at it, they should come up with a strategy for Nexus devices outside the US. Right now non US customers buys Nexus devices believing that they get the “Google Experience”. Unfortunately they don’t – the get the standard Samsung/Motorola/Sony experience with late updates and early abandonment of devices.

    Google should either provide the same experience to Non US customers or stop selling Nexus devices outside the US. And I for one will never buy another Motorola Android device after all the problems with the Xoom. I suspect non US owners of the Galaxy Nexus are also pissed at Samsung (and perhaps Google).


    This is certainly the way to go! It’s basically what Android consumers always expected from a Nexus device and Google. Pure Android experience, carriers free, up-to-date device and WITH OPTIONS!

    What this means:

    - More control over the updates – just like Apple does – but without pissing off manufactures with the possibility of a Google own device. This not only gives control over updates but also gives a little bit more control over fragmentation.

    - This says “carriers, screw you!”, which won’t let them put those stupid apps, it won’t let them delay updates, it won’t let them control what can or cannot be part of the device – like NFC and Google Wallet, it won’t let them dictates prices and plans, etc.

    - This lets manufactures compete with each other but under Google’s rules and under Nexus’s standards, it’s a healthy competition and this gives the consumers some options. For instance, I prefer HTC design over the others, this way I will be able to buy a HTC device over a Samsung or Motorola.

    One key point is the PRICE, I hope that Google understood that if they sell for the same price as everybody else is selling the same unlocked device there is no advantages to buy it from them. So, if they can reproduce something like they did now with the Galaxy Nexus, this is a huge step forward and it sets some new standards, pushing some button of everybody else.

    One last hope for me is that I want more diversity when it comes to screen size. Nexus devices are getting bigger and bigger and not everybody needs such a huge mother fucker screen, some of us are happy with something that fits more nicely our pockets and hands!


      I just wonder how is Google gonna select which manufactures are allowed to create a Nexus device? Probably they all will be given a chance and them they will choose the more innovative ones. Those that doesn’t pass will probably still be able to sell their device, but not under Nexus brand.

      • Parker

        it doesnt seem like there would be a big downside to releasing a phone from as many device manufacturers as possible. Let everyone put out a device that wants to, as long as it is stock 5.0 and unlocked. Then you could choose whether you want a Galaxy Nexus 2, One X Nexus, RAZR Nexus, etc


          I agree, I don’t think it’s a downside, I think it’s a big plus, it brings more competitiveness between manufactures. My point was that even so everyone can apply, the quality meaning behind Nexus brand should be kept intact and that those that didn’t pass the standard should still try to sell a stock Android. I think that what Google is also trying to do is that if Android stock offers enough the skins don’t need to be so heavy, therefore, even if a manufacture uses some skin, it won’t delay the updates so much. Google would be glad to have more stock phones out there. Nexus is just a way of Google saying what they really expect of an Android phone, since they will not obligate any manufacture to do solely in this way.

  • Donnieace

    Eagerly waiting for an HTC nexus. Couldn’t afford their first nexus when it came out. I’m done with Samsung for now. We want variety!

  • spazby

    can’t wait for google’s official news… i would be all over it…. carriers could offer cash incentives instead of subsidized phones if contract is your cup of tea….

  • Dan13

    There would be nothing better than this! If they pull this off, carriers are going to be sorry. I am honestly fed up with all the delays from carriers on both the hardware and software front. Especially with Nexus devices. (I’m looking at you, Verizon.) More variety is good! Better yet, make a nexus for high, mid, and low price ranges. I’ve got a good feeling about this. Come on Google!

  • aranea

    The first try of doing that with the nexus line was not that bad. It’s just that google didn’t get to sell as many devices because it wasn’t widely advertised. The same device was available with two radios for ATT and AT-Mo and updates weren’t that far. So I don’t think it will be a problem this time too. And because it is stock Android google can relase the upgrade over the net instead of over the air, eliminating carrier delays and bloatware.

    My one worry will be if they have to sacrifice hardware features to make it compatible with GSM and CDMA + LTE. As long as hardware is top of the line (i.e. quad-core, 2gb ram, good GPU, high quality screen etc.) I would prefer to buy a Nexus phone. On 2011 I went for Atrix instead of Nexus because the Nexus back then was single core. I was dissapointed with the hardware. And as much as I liked my Atrix when I bought it I am frustrated with lack of upgrades. If the nexus that comes from Google can compete with latest and greatest hardware wise it should be my choice for the next phone.

  • Kaote

    I currently have the HTC One S and am extremely happy with the direction that HTC is taking, , if I can finally get another HTC Nexus, then I’m all for it

  • jian9007

    This would be great. Google would have to approve the hardware as well as ensure (hopefully) that all the Nexus devices offered would be quality phones. Taking away unnecessary carrier bloatware as well as customizations that break phone functionality (i.e.- Wi-Fi hotspots that get disabled without a separate plan from the carrier). The Wi-Fi hotspot uses the phones data and there is no reason, other than sheer greed, to not allow you to use it (you’re paying for the data no matter what, anyway). The OEM’s could then give you a download of their skin (because they don’t seem to understand that AOSP Android is just fine) should you choose to want it and you could remove it at any time.

    Google could then push updates to all the different Nexus phones earlier and stop finger-pointing back and forth with the carriers and OEM’s about delays to the consumer. Just Google approved hardware, software, and updates. Sounds like a good plan to me, as long as they keep it just as open as it has always been and don’t go all Apple on us and force us to conform.

  • jamal adam

    Dreams do exist!! This is AWESOME news!!

    • jamal adam

      “Dreams do come true”, is more appropriate.

  • Orion78

    This is what you call a game changing moment for Google. I’m still planning to get my new EVO. But I will start saving my pennies for the next Nexus of my choosing. Hey a guy can have two phones right?

  • Dr.Carpy

    I am glad that I called for this along time ago on this very site:

    Who doesn’t seemingly want to right? Just glad that Google is realizing that The Nexus needs to be in hands of more than one manufacturer so that the Nexus insures a level of quality, competition, innovation, but also remains free of “preferential” treatment by awarding one manufacturer the Nexus mantle too often.

  • Samar

    If made, it would be one of the best decisions for Play Store till date. Only if they could push out updates on a first priority basis.

  • Vance

    This could be a shift into a model we’ve long needed in the states. I remember when I lived in China, going to the market and buying the phone I wanted, then going to the wireless office and buying the phone number I wanted. It was awesome (other than having a ten thousand yuan price swing in phone numbers based purely on the “good fortune” specific combinations of numbers can provide :) but that’s what we need, buy the phone you want, then a subsidized plan, not the other way around.

    • Derek

      It’s only a viable model if the carrier’s will allow that phone on their network (Verizon and Sprint absolutely will not) and if the carriers will then give you cheaper service since you’re not buying a subsidized phone, and which they will not. Thus, this model will never succeed. Why would someone be willing to buy a $599 Nexus phone and pay the same high rate for service, when they can buy a subsidized phone for $199 and still pay the same for service??

  • mustybooks

    HELL YEAH… The way it should be!

  • RachE

    Typical android…buy a phone..then get frustrated an hour later when a better phone comes out

  • DroidSamurai

    I hope this is real. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for over 6 months. In fact, before the Verizon Galaxy Nexus hit the US, I expressed such wish right here at Android and Me:

    Now, only if the Nexus (plural) all coming out at the same time with Jelly Bean, on all carriers. Imagine all top-tier OEMs coming out with their Nexus showcasing Jelly Bean on stage? Yea, I know it’s pure fantasy, but hey, I want to believe!

  • jenskristian

    Best news I’ve heard in a while. Might just put the thought of buying the SGS3 to rest and wait for a Nexus. The SGS2 will do just fine for another 6 months.

  • Derek

    I would love this, except for one small problem. If I go out and spend $600 for a Nexus phone from google and take it to a carrier they’re not going to give me a price break on my service. T-mo used to do that but I think they quit didnt they? If I’m going to spend the same for cell service, I might as well get something out of them in the form of a cheaper, subsidized phone. Its not worth $400 ($599-$199) just to have a pure nexus phone. Afterall, I can root and unlock my subsidized phone and then load what I want on to it.

    • Vance

      You repeated this same flawed argument above. A) T-mobile does still offer subsidized plans for customers who have their own hardware. B) (and more importantly) do you really think carriers enjoy dipping into their cash reserves to buy you a phone, while they wait to recoup their interest free loan until you’ve paid your bill every month for a year? If I were a service provider, and I had the option to either buy a phone, and resell it for a loss, then jack up my service fees to recoup said losses, or keep my cash position strong buy directing you to the closest mobile hardware distributor where you can pay for your own damn phone, and reduce the amount I charge for service accordingly, I would choose the latter all day every day.

  • skyflakes

    It will be a hell of a dogfight of which OEM can produce the best Jellybean phone! Exciting! :)

    At least HTC and Samsung should be included. Sony, Moto and LG can join in as underdogs.

  • pekosROB

    This is what we’ve been needing. This is just what we needed to make contract phones have something else to be more worth while than saving a couple hundred bucks but being tied to a long term contract, as well as bring down the ridiculous MSRP of phones these days.

    I know there is a lot of technology in phones, but $649 worth? I mean tablets have the same guts (except maybe a 3G/4G antenna, but of course some do) but they’re $400-600.

    I am interested to see all the vanilla Android devices. I hope this rumor is true!!!!

  • drone3

    Sony are the ones too watch, they should be the leader of the pack for android, looking forward to the sony nexus.

  • fletchtb

    A nexus in every home by Thanksgiving? Sounds like the American Dream to me ;)

  • shadhussain

    If this turns out to be true, I wonder what the naming convention of nexus devices will be. They started off well with Nexus One, curiously changing to Nexus S for Samsung to match their Galaxy S line and then went Galaxy Nexus. Doesn’t give you much hope in terms of consistency. Hope they come up with some standard nomenclature across the board and stick to it for different generational releases, i.e., “OEM Name” Nexus “Android Release Version/Letter”. I’m sure there are way better options than what I just came up with.

  • txbluesman

    This sounds like it could be the next best thing since the stand alone graphics card……….stay tuned.

  • rauelius

    I can’t wait for the HTC Nexus One X. Capability to run on Any GSM HSPA+ network, using the Tegra3, and with an Micro-SD card slot. Price it at $549.99 and you’ll see my order with in minutes of it being available.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Android = Choice. This move makes awesome sense, which is rare from the mobile industry.

  • SirSid

    Im personally planning on buying a nexus phone sometime next year along with t-mobiles 30 buck 5 gig plan. I cant wait to ditch ATT. I figure I can get sip calling to work and use google voice for texts. Ill probably never even use the 100 minutes except in emergencies (aka dataless pits of doom)

  • Neetu

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  • nrorm

    I nexus made by hTc?! that would be lovely

  • nrorm

    a nexus made by hTc?! that would be lovely

  • Moosa Mahsoom

    Great idea…..HTC’s design and imagechip, Samsung’s processor and display(or htc’s slcd2), Sony’s audio. that will be great.

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