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Official HTC Android 4.0 handset update list – May


Today, HTC has released a detailed list of devices that will be updated to Android 4.0. Very few specifics are given about each device, but HTC did provide a two-month release window for each update. While there are no real surprises on the list, it’s nice to finally have specific time frames to look forward to. HTC hopes to be done with its Android 4.0 updates by the end of August, but we know there are unexpected issues that could push updates into the fall.

The target timeline for announced devices is below. Because of partner and network testing, and approval processes for device updates, it can take up to 45 days for all carriers and countries to get the update after a rollout has begun.HTC

Is your HTC phone on the official Android 4.0 update list? Will you be waiting patiently for the update, or do you plan to upgrade to a new phone within the next month or two?

Latest Android 4.0 update news from HTC

Official HTC Android 4.0 handset update list

  • HTC Sensation — March-June
  • HTC Sensation XE — March-June
  • HTC Velocity - March-June
  • HTC Sensation XL  - April-June
  • HTC EVO 4G+ - May-June
  • HTC Rezound - June-July
  • HTC Vivid  – March-June
  • HTC Amaze 4G - May-June
  • HTC EVO 3D - June-July
  • HTC EVO Design 4G - June-July
  • HTC Desire S - June-July
  • HTC Incredible S - June-July
  • DROID Incredible 2 - TBD (by the end of August)
  • HTC Thunderbolt - July-August
  • HTC Rhyme  - June-July
  • HTC Desire HD - July-August

HTC handsets expected to receive the Android 4.0 update

  • HTC Desire Z
  • T-Mobile G2
  • myTouch 4G
  • myTouch 4G Slide
  • HTC Hero S
  • HTC Merge
  • HTC EVO Shift 4G
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  • Tech Analyzer

    Don’t tease us with an “expected” upgrade list.

    • thaghost

      I appreciate the communication. I remember the days when you were completely left in the dark. This is not perfect but it is a step in the right direction.

      • Taknarosh

        It’s easy to see why the HTC tablet won’t get upgraded even if they have the horsepower, there isn’t a Sense 3.6 or Sense 4.0 port for tablets.

        They will probably want to introduce that with a 4.0 Tablet, or maybe they’ve given up on Tablets all together.

  • uknowme

    Wow my 3D is still waiting. I’m dying for this update.

    • tmihai20

      Some time ago a XDA member wrote HTC asking about ICS update for the Evo 3D. They replied that it would get it at the end of June. This brings nothing new to the table.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    no htc chacha…. lol.

    • Lewis

      Because the ChaCha is, well…ChaCha?

  • Foamer

    So what was so much better about the DINC2 that it gets the upgrade but the DINC doesn’t?

    Serious question, btw.

    • Nick Gray

      Internal hardware of the original droid incredible was the same as the nexus one which is not getting the update. the droid incredible 2 is similar to the desire hd, thunderbolt and inspire 4g when it come to hardware.

    • steveanderson1357

      Schedule says TBD

  • Nirav

    Whats the HTC EVO 4G+?? Is that the same as the regular EVO 4G?

  • E1

    Dam u kidding me and I just got rid of my evo but o well I’m on the nexus now I do miss my evo but I appreciate how much smoother pure android is over skinned UI and the constant lag I experienced on my old evo hope they fixed it this time with ICS

  • Jesse

    umm … don’t know if you read the thing that HTC posted today but they explicitly stated that phones w/ 512mb of ram shouldn’t expect any Android 4.0 updates.

    this would exclude the G2/Desire Z, HTC Merge, and the HTC Evo Shift 4G that you have listed under the “expected to receive” category. i’d alter the story if you don’t want to spread hopes to those who shouldn’t be expecting updates.

    • Jimmy13

      Sadly I think he’s right… I wish he wasn’t and me G2 would get some ICS love from HTC but I just don’t see it coming. I’ll just have to wait patiently for CM9 or andromadus to work out the kinks first.

    • DROID Sam

      no so much. HTC’s statement reads “In general, devices with 512MB ROM or less will not be upgraded to Android 4.0. These devices include the HTC ChaCha, HTC Salsa, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Explorer, and others.”

      The listed devices are low-end, but the HTC Desire Z and G2 are on par with the HTC Desire HD which will be getting the update. The only difference is the amount of RAM. If HTC was not going to update phones with 512MB of RAM, they would have said “all devices” not “in general”.

  • alexanderharri3

    1) Hmm….one thing about the HTC ICS release cycle – T-Mobile knows where it’s at (or is a shorter carrier holdup and their top devices which HTC did first get pushed first?)

    2) As we get to July/Aug dates (like the Thunderbolt), I fully expect these to slip to Sep/Oct as per normal for phones, notably dealing with Verizon (updates or launches).

    It’s a good start, with a quicker timeline than Motorola has put out. It’s a major upgrade from Google, so this is taking quite some time to implement functionality and skinning for existing hardware. At least Google is off the twice per year Android updates for the sake of the manufacturers.

    • thel0nerang3r

      To be honest, if your top priority is to get quicker updates. Your best bet is an unlocked international phone… or an unlocked international Nexus. In the US, LTE and CDMA networks are out. LTE may be viable in the future. As long as you get a carrier branded phone, you are at their mercy.


    What is the Htc Evo+..If thats the regular 4G Evo, I thought they originally said ICS wouldnt fit inside its tiny storage capacity?

  • Hue Three of Five

    If you have the means to dump the carrier then do it. I dealt with Verizon’s BS for about 9 years because I was afraid my cell service would suck if I got rid of them. Well it doesnt. Switching to the unlocked Google Nexus from Google Play and putting it on ST Att is the best decision I have made this year.

    If Att or Tmo are good in your area might as well switch to pre paid off contract GSM.

  • bellken

    Rezound owner, and, I have given up waiting. I am running ICS (leaked updates),

    June-July isn’t too far away, and, at least we are getting a 2 month window, vs. some quarter in 2012. Judging from the quality of the last 2 leaks, it looks to be getting pretty close. I suspect adding World capabilities to the Rezound has caused a bit of the delay – and, was the reason for removing the hidden menu.

  • McLovin

    Hats off to a carrier that actually releases ANY updates.

    I guess it’s better late than never but pretty soon I won’t care for these babies because they will be sitting in a box collecting dust.

    T-Mobile G2
    myTouch 4G Slide

    • Pete Down Under

      Is it actually the carrier or HTC themselves that issue the update to our phones?

      I for instance here in Australia use TPG that rides off the back of the Optus network.

      Last upgrade my HTC Desire HD had I thought came direct from HTC.

  • Max.Steel

    The G2 getting ICS is a pipe dream.

  • ndarvishev

    Hahahahaaa… My phone is almost 3 years old HTC HD2. I flashed NexusHD2 ICS ROM with Cyanogen 9 mods. And it’s running pretty sleek!

  • Philippe

    J ‘ ai un HTC Amaze 4.0 et j’ai ete peser sur la fonction (mise a niveau :usine) maintenant ilest completement en langue chinoise.Comment le remettre en francais ou anglais. Est ce que unparticipant peux me depanner.
    Merci, Phil.

  • Philippe

    Hi, I am pressed the function ( return to shop setting ) on my HTC Amaze 4 Android 4.0 and now all is in Chinese language and I do not Know whow return in English or French .
    This suppose support manies languages.
    Tank you for help. Phil.

  • pravin

    hi how can i update my htc desire s android4

  • faizan

    How can I update my htc explorer to android 4.0

  • kuna behl

    When do I recive updates of my htc chacha

  • rajeev thakur

    Can HTC explorer upgraded to 4.0

  • shabaz syed

    please sent HTC salsa update

  • shobhith

    y no updates for htc explorer, e1 it is ur product knw…. pls do something

  • Anandam

    will htc explorer will get any type of android os update further from version 2.3.5 ???

  • naveen

    please send android 4 update for htc explorer…

  • mohammed

    is htc cha cha also going be added in this list for getting upgraded to icecreame sandwitch

  • farrukh lovely

    please send android 4 update for htc explorer…thanx

  • karthik

    please update htc explorer to 4.0

  • fady youssef

    no HTC explorer so unfair :(

  • vaibhav

    if sony tipo can have ics why not htc explorer?

  • abdulazeez sani

    This company is Good company HTC I like

  • pawan dhull

    Plz send HTC salsa update 4.0

  • abbakr

    pls send update for htc tmobile G2