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Qualcomm and Samsung join forces to form Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP)


What happens when some of the world’s leading electronics companies get together to promote a wireless power standard? So far, not much. Over 100 companies joined up to form the Wireless Power Consortium and promote a universal standard called Qi, but it has failed to take off.

A handful of Verizon phones actually support the Qi standard, but customers still have to purchase the extra battery covers and you won’t find the “Qi” branding on any of them. Over the last couple years I actually attended several meetings of the Wireless Power Consortium at industry trade shows, and I argued that the standard was not embraced by consumer because of the confusing “Qi” name that doesn’t describe what the technology does.

Enter WiPower.

Next week at CTIA Wireless in New Orleans, Qualcomm and Samsung will be announcing the launch of a newly forumed industry group called the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). This group will promote a new standard that Qualcomm developed, which is called WiPower.

Qualcomm was never a member of the original Wireless Power Consortium, which could be another reason it never took off. Now that Qualcomm will lead an industry group and they have Samsung on board, this could be a different story. Plus, they have the name “WiPower”, which does a much better job of explaining wireless power.

Hopefully this new Alliance for Wireless Power will be able to persuade handset makers to bundle in the WiPower technology on more devices. Qualcomm could integrate it into their next Snapdragon chip or Samsung could enable it in all their phones.

The upcoming Galaxy S III was rumored to have wireless charging, so maybe this new industry group is a hint that could be true.

Check out Qualcomm’s video on WiPower to get an idea of their vision for the future of wireless charging. Maybe this will actually be the year that it finally takes off and becomes a part of all new mobile devices.

Source: Alliance for Wireless Power

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  • LittleGreenDude

    I like this, I like it a lot :)

  • redman618

    I as well love it. As other people have asked how efficient is it? How long to charge an item, and finally what would the cost be to retro this in an object that does not have it. Gotta make it cost effective for anyone else other than us to buy it!

  • WlfHart

    I wish them luck!

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Lol, ok so this new name WiPower sounds just a bit racist. What would happen if someone held up this phone and yelled out “WiPower!” I would suggest a name change.

    • dantman

      Riiiiiggghhht… that’s why no-one calls 802.11 by the name “Wi-Fi”.

      • skitchbeatz


  • mikemick

    I am so delighted that this wasn’t another inductive charging solution calling itself wireless. This seems to be true wireless.

  • Billy

    I love it.

    If we can get to an industry standard on wireless charging then maybe we can get rid of the usb ports … someday. Sweet!

  • Jorge Vieira

    I hope this takes off. This is the only thing missing i feel like. This will also be a godsend for all the horrible battery life we have now. And then HTC can keep making this phones for all of us.

  • Nathan D.

    This would be super cool to have =)

  • Mix

    I had to argue with my friends over that stupid “wireless” charging pad and how you have to buy a special cover for your phone and that it needed to make physical contact with the pad, effectively negating the term “wireless”. They didn’t believe me until I showed them online but I won that round and am pumped for this technology to, hopefully, catch on.

  • Laurel laurel25

    I hope this takes off. It would be great to not have to plug your phone in all the time and to have a standard across all phones/devices.

  • dheeraj

    Health effects?

    • pouahd

      Eum … seriously … you say that but I guess you stay in front of your microwave when you make popcorn …

  • Futureboy

    Just get this shit into devices and I will retrofit EVERYTHING (my office, my house, my car, my pants) to make my devices charge wirelessly!