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Reminder: Samsung unpacks the Galaxy S III in a few hours


Today is the big day. In less than 5 hours, Samsung will unpack the next Galaxy device (or maybe two). If you want to join the fun and tune in live, Samsung will be broadcasting the entire event online. Read on for the full details.

Don’t forget you can also watch the event live from your Android device. Just be sure to grab the official Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 app from the download link below. If you were having trouble with the app you might want to try it again, as Samsung just updated it within the last 24 hours.


Like many of you, we will be watching the event live. We also have a man on the ground who will be sharing his hands on report later today. Check out the teaser trailer one last time as you wait for the event to kick off.

Will Samsung live up to the hype?


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    • kzlife

      +1 ;)

    • Lilla Stubben

      Androids roads are open and free…

    • LittleGreenDude

      Taylor! You guys have got to fix the voting system, trolls are starting to taking over!

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Sorry it’s a known issue that popped up in the last 24 hrs. We are looking into it right now.

        • LittleGreenDude

          Ok. Thanks. This is site is the best!

          • Mix

            I love this place for the simple fact that is seems people:

            *GASP* an opinion from a different perspective than mine or a comment that isn’t what I agree with 100% on a product I love?

            Imma down vote it right meow.

    • B2L

      Imaginary +100

  • Lilla Stubben

    For openess and freedom:) Love it!

  • kzlife

    Hope it won’t have an über-big screen (4.5″ +), and I hope it will have physical buttons too, not like the gnex..

    • Fulaman

      Darn wish I could downvote

    • WlfHart


    • dommafia

      I’m the total opposite. I really get great use out of the large screen of the sgs2, I hope the sgs3 keeps the same size. It is great for my business. 4.6 even :)

      • kzlife

        For all the haters: It’s just my opinion, everyone can say what they like.. Does feel like an open community here..

        @Dommafia – I’m with you, I own the sgs2 and I hope it will have the same size or something similar. A bigger screen than the gnex is too big for some and then we could just buy a galaxy note.

        A screen similar to the sgs2 with better battery would be great for me =) (With other better specs like processor etc too)

  • spazby

    can’t wait

  • fletchtb

    I’m ready. Bring it on!

  • Fahad Ayaz

    The UK is currently in BST (British Summer Time) and not GMT. So, 7pm BST is 8pm GMT at the moment.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m just taking what the official Samsung app said. “19:00 GMT, 3rd May, 2012″

  • Nathan D.

    Can wait to see it at 2pm EDT =)

  • ElvisonD

    I Can’t Wait I Can’t Wait I Can’t Wait I Can’t Wait!!!!

  • swazedahustla

    Im hoping people aren’t severely disappointed with the news today. I have a feeling that alot of people will be though. Especially those in the US.

  • pekosROB

    How on earth could any of us forget that today’s THE DAY?? :-)

    And did anyone mention why upvotes and downvotes are not enabled?

  • Jorge Vieira

    An hour and a half away!!!

  • Joel

    Powers That Would Come In Handy Right Now:

    1. Teleportation – I wanna be there live!
    2. Time Travel – Speed it up to the event start time, slow it down for the unveiling, speed it back up to US launch date.
    3. Invisibility – Bound to be hot chicks at the event…right?

    • SimonSays

      You need invisibility to take a peak at the hot babes?


      • Joel

        That just doesn’t make sense now does it? Nah I was thinking a bit more R-rated >_<

  • halo0

    Anybody else notice the countdown in the app is an hour slow?

    • kzlife

      Was just wondering about that too..

  • Simon

    I would’ve expected this event to be stickied at the top.