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Rumor: Galaxy Note 10.1 to include S-Pen slot, bump to quad-core Exynos

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According to recent reports out of Android Next and Tablet Community, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is about to get some pretty significant spec bumps before its released later this year. Android Next reports that the Note 10.1 may have ditched the expected dual-core Exynos processor for the quad-core Exynos with Mali 604 GPU found in the Galaxy S III.

If true, the bump to a quad-core Exynos quickly makes the Note 10.1 one of the best tablets available on the market when its released later this year. The quad-core Exynos processor delivers exceptional performance, and should keep the Note 10.1 blazingly fast in both generic and heavy use situations. It has previously been reported that Samsung delayed the Note 10.1 to include the quad-core Exynos chip, but Samsung has denied those claims. We obviously hope Samsung is putting the quad-core Exynos chip into the Note 10.1.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1 at Mobile World Congress in February, many were taken aback by the fact that the tablet didn’t include a slot for the signature S-Pen found in the Note series. Tablet Community reports that Samsung has gone back to the drawing board to include an S-Pen slot, and has managed to actually make the tablet thinner at the same time. In order to fit the newly-granted slot, Samsung had to slim down the S-Pen a bit. To account for those who want a thicker pen, Samsung will be selling a casing for the S-Pen that adds some heft to the accessory.

Again, these are just rumors at this point, though ones we hope will become reality once the tablet hits retail outlets. We’ll hopefully learn more about the final design of the Note 10.1 soon, as we draw ever nearer to an expected launch date.

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Source: Phone Arena

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  • amgala

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Asus Transformer Prime HD? This is making my decision even harder…

    • spazby

      Screen quality is a big deal to me….

    • Louis A

      It shouldn’t be a hard of a decision if the galaxy note 10.1 spots this quad-core EXynos and the once rumored 2560 x 1600 resolution.

      • WlfHart

        I think I’ve found the perfect tablet if these rumours are true! 10.1 super resolution plus digitizer… I’d live without the keyboard dock for that combo.

        • Raptor

          Wow, what the progress! 3/4 of the people on this thread so far are not a morons

      • Jon Garrett

        Key word “Rumored” If the next 10.1 does NOT have a resolution higher than the iPad AND a micro SD slot I’m going to just stay with my old 10.1

        If the next 10.1 has a higher resolution, micro SD slot AND a quad core then Im sold !!

    • Raptor

      IBM PC AT circa 1985 had better PPI displays — their perceived PPI was 159 (on 12″ 1024×768) despite of VGA vs 149 for this crap

  • thaghost

    I like to see samsung go back to the drawing board. They did it with the galaxy tab 10.1. This shows their commitment to being the best, and they are the best android manufacturer.

  • jaxidian

    Wow, this is really going to be something to force me to consider it. Only thing that is (or maybe isn’t) missing is a dock ala the Transformer. Great move, Samsung! :-)

  • tagstar

    Maybe they’ll add a usb port to the dock, now that Toshiba has abandoned that idea.

    And holy cow did you buy a crappy case for your samsung galaxy tab like I did?

    Maybe they’ll make their own smart cover like the iPad has, because the knockoffs suck.

    • tagstar

      Making a cover that can charge the tablet when the cover is on, is a novel idea. I don’t mean the cover charges, but that you can plug in your microusb charger when the cover is on; open or closed.

      • Paul

        Why not have the cover charge the unit. Make the cover full of Solar panels ..
        Only hurdle would be the cost !!

        • kazahani

          Solar panels of that size would not be able to put out the voltage to charge the Li-ion battery.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    My next tab!

  • nportelli

    Can you use Samsung apps that use the pen on other tablets with a pen? Right now I’m doubting it, but it would be cool to see more tablets have digitizers and more apps that support them.

    • Steve Nutt

      Pretty sure that’s a no, due to the tech behind it (basically Wacom tech), at least that’s what I remember from looking into it when the Note came out.

  • Cy

    Without a doubt my next tablet.
    I would like 2Gb of RAM though.

  • lilmoe

    exynos 4 quad comes with a Mali 400 GPU, not a Mali t-604

  • Fulaman

    What lilmoe said, it is the Mali 400 GPU not the T604

  • n25philly

    2560 x 1600 resolution and I’ll buy. Otherwise I’ll stick with my rooted and overclocked Transformer

  • tranceformer978

    Call me picky, but I need a 4K resolution on my tablet.


    • Raptor

      You ARE the smartest guy on this site. PPI 436 almost like on pro 30″ displays which have 400ppi (implied of course). And anyone who think to buy this crap above are either too young or unrecoverable morons

  • skugern

    More moves like this and the laptop will be a thing of the past.

  • aranea

    Hmm I’m using my parents’ transformer prime right now and love it and was thinking about buying one for myself. But if these specs are true then I’d wait. I hope they aren’t just wishful thinking on our part.

  • vasra

    If it has the 1280×720 display, it is a sore disappointment.

    Then again, if it has the quad-res display with the Wacom digiziter, it will be my tablet dream come true!

  • profjoe

    Now why is that Acer aX10 (i.e. the a510 or a710) the only android tablet that claims to have a (simple) vga-out dongle? For this to replace my laptop, I need to be able to give presentations with it. The kludgy hdmi-vga converters that rarely work and/or require external power (since they involve d->a conversion) are *not* an answer … c’mon Sammy. Do this thing!

  • smeghead68

    this is going to make the decision between the samsung and asus alot more difficult.