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Samsung Galaxy S III defeats iPhone 4S in GPU benchmarks


We knew the Exynos 4 Quad chip inside the Samsung Galaxy S III was fast, and now we have the benchmarks to back it up. Brian Klug from Anandtech ran a series of performance benchmarks on the Galaxy S III and found it had the fastest graphics performance of any mobile device he had tested.

These results are impressive, but keep in mind the US version of the Galaxy S III with LTE will likely have a different processor. Most insiders believe it could feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor, as seen in the AT&T HTC One X, but we are still waiting on the official specs from Samsung.

Make sure you hit up the source link for additional performance results.

Source: AnandTech

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  • Max.Steel

    Wow. Nexus is quite low.

    • Raptor

      because Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone

    • DroidSamurai

      So? Keep in mind that the Nexus was released almost 6 months ago! Frankly, the number of the S3 is troubling — it’s faster than the i*hone 4S for sure, but again, that’s a phone released almost half year ago. The S3 may not beat the i*hone 5.

      • Rodaz220

        Yh but by the time the iPhone 5 is released the S3 would be about half a year old

      • Derek

        Yea, but the 4S was released 6 months ago as well.

        • Deli

          but from a previous post’s reasoning, it’s OK for Nexus to lose to S3 *because it’s 6 months old*…….go figure.

        • dcds

          Yes, you can compare. They are both available right now for consumers to buy, both cost an immense amount of money… The iPhone costs even more than those…

          Remember… Benchmarks originally were thought to help consumers find out what is best. However, people like us degenerated them into some sort of beauty contest :-) , when we make all sorts of excuses to remove a direct competitor (albeit old) just for the fear of your preferred model losing said contest.

          It’s to inform, hence not only three 4S, but you also see “rarities” like the SII and the Nexus.

          • rauelius

            Yeah the Nexus gets spanked, but it was also destroyed in benchmarks by my G2x running at 1.4Ghz and running ICS. But when it comes to day to day use, the Nexus blows it out of the water. Sure some games have lower framerates, but not that much lower and in general use it’s snappy and quick. I messed with a US HTC One X and it is beautiful, even after being molested by Sense.

            On a sidenote, if this comes to the US without the Quad-Core, I will tell everyone I know to avoid this phone like the plague and just go with the One X, One S, Evo 4G LTE or Incredible LTE. Those phones will likely be cheaper by the time the Galaxy SIII is released and since they all will probably use the identical Snapdragon S4 SoC should perform Identically. The better build quality of HTC Phones (Had a Nexus One before the Galaxy Nexus and it still feels like a better built phone) will make me lean towards that. Replacing the Tegra3 with the S4 was annoying, but I could deal with it, because that Hybrid A15/A9 Dual-Core holds its own against the Tegra3, but the Exynos Quad-Core is a beast and it would be an insult to the American SmartPhone customer to take that away.

            I could see this phone be a fall flat on it’s face failure in the US if they strip it down. Think about it this way. If you walked into At&t and saw the Galaxy SIII for $250 and an HTC One X for $99 (on contract for both of course) and they have pretty much identical specs but the HTC has higher build quality, which would you go for?

  • Apo

    Hahahaha I’ve been waiting for this day so badly.
    Now lets go dear apple friends, let’s see what they have to say!

    • iFan

      ummm quad vs dual. Not even comparable. That’s like saying wow look at this v8 just killed the 4cyl. REALLY….. 4s vs SG2 is comparable.

      • Boding

        Ummm time frame. Both phones are currently available. When a quad-core iPhone comes out and it beats an older quad-core Android phone, you’ll be saying the same thing.

        So yes it is comparable.

        • Olvidoinsomne

          dude… I am not going to compare a 4-core phone to a 2-core phone and EVER expect the performance to be anywhere close to the same. I am a hardcore android user but I am not about to say that Apple makes and inferior product. In all actuality their product is superior but is perceived inferior by geeks due to the inability to modify their phone and make it theirs.

          THe iPhone 4S came out in october of 2011 and the changes from the iPhone 4:
          The 800MHz processor went from single core to dual core
          The level 2 cache went from 640kb to 1MB
          The 512MB of SDRAM was changed from DDR to LPDDR2
          The GPU was increased slightly from the SGX535 to the SGX543MP2
          Audio playback changed from 16 bit to 24 bit
          Support for HSPA+
          Bluetooth upgraded from 2.1 to 4.0
          Primary camra upgraded from 5MP to 8MP

          I know I mentioned alot but that honestly is hardly any change at all. Essentially you a comparing a phone that’s release date is a month in the future to a slightly upgraded version of a 2 year old phone. This is the problem in the android community. People do not understand that Apple makes amazing products. They also forget that without Apple paving the way there would more likely than not not be android.

          I’m sorry to take this out on you but seriously this is just going too far dude. if you want to compare it to anything even remotely in the same ballpark… wait for a solid aosp build to come out for the HTC one X.

          • Bluevoodo

            youre going to get crusified! People here dont really live in the real world, I choose android but Apple does make amazing devices.

          • Vance

            You make some really good points, but on this specific question, Boding is right and you are wrong. It’s about time frame. The iPhone 4S is the newest iPhone and thus the only iPhone that an Android phone, new or old, should be measured against. The initial post, comparing phones to engines in a car, is also flawed. Of course it doesn’t make sense to compare a 4 cyl to a V8 on power alone, because people opt for the 4 cyl in exchange for gas mileage and other benefits they gain by purchasing a vehicle with less power, but the iPhone is not a car manufacturer with multiple, NEW, models with varying specs and features from which to choose. It is a top tier smart phone being sold in cell phone stores across the globe, and as of TODAY their best offering is the iPhone 4S. This graphic shows how that offering stacks up against it’s competitors TODAY. It’s certainly relevant information for someone in the market for a new device and wants to compare all of his/her options.

          • Malcmilli

            Your argument about never comparing quad core to a dual core is a little off. New Generation dual cores are easily comparable to old generation quad cores. Just look at the One X att vs International version.

            Same can be true for cars. dual vs quad is closer to v6 vs v8 than 4cyl vs v8. And there are plenty v6 powered machines that whipe the floor with v8 machines… see v6 porches and gtrs vs v8 mustangs.

          • Drew

            You just posted single handedly the best explanation of comparing apple with android. I am an iPhone user and have also used android in the past. I enjoy the user experience on an iPhone and don’t believe in the spec race. If it works for you then buy it.

          • rauelius

            I have an iPhone4 and an iPhone4s and the graphics chips are not comparable at all. The SGX535 (and the SGX540 in my Galaxy Nexus) is annihilated by the SGX543MP2. The almost doubling in cache is helps with making the whole experience a lot smoother. The support for Faux-G(HSPA+) really saw my speeds increase (I get 5-8mbps Down compared to .67-2mbps down on the old iPhone4, tho both are slower than my Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile which gets 12MBPS down). Not a big camera guy, so I can’t tell the diff…I will say the 5mp camera on my iPad3 really takes nice picture with the right lighting, I guess i could only tell because of it’s GIANT screen. Best camera I’ve had is a tie between the one on the iPhone 4s and the one on my Transformer Prime…damn the Prime has a fine camera…and a flash to boot!

            But the GPU isn’t the end all be all. NBAJam runs WAAAAYYY better on my Galaxy Nexus than my iPhone4s, I don’t know why, but may have to do with the better CPU in the Galaxy Nexus. Then in other games like Modern Combat 3 run stupendously on the iPhone 4s and meh on the Galaxy Nexus. But I will say despite looking the same the iPhone 4s was a definite step up from the iPhone 4.

          • Brian Tapia

            Well said. Sent from my iPhone 4S.

        • rauelius

          The next iPhone will likely use the A5x from the iPad running at 1Ghz, still have 512MB of Ram and a 1080p 4″ screen. To get an idea how the GSIII is going to compare to the next iPhone then compare it to the iPad3. It worked when trying to get an idea about the iPhone 4s performance level.

          On a sidenote, the iPod dies this year and will be replaced by the iTab, basically a 6″ iPad with iPhone 4s guts.

          Enjoy the show and act surprised.

      • Apo

        I can wait for the iPhone 5 you know, just like the S2 resisted to the 4S, and even dominated it in some areas ( except for GPU).
        S3 most likely will blow it away :)

      • Bpear96

        The cpu is quad core, and this is a graphics benchmark, dual vs quad core cpu doesnt make much a difference in a graphics test. I wonder how many cores mali 400 has vs iphone 4s gpu?

        • Bpear96

          The iphone 4s has a PowerVR sgxmp2 gpu, and the galaxy s iii has a Mali-400 MP4, so actually it is 2 vs 4 gpu cores as well.. whoops :D

          • rovex

            Doesnt matter, they are different designs. ATI/AMD have more cores than Nvidia, but they work differently so you cant compare the performance on a core for core basis. Its the same here.

          • Bpear96

            Your right :), just like the tegra 3 has “12″ gpu cores lol

      • Joel Bird

        Remember, more cores doesn’t translate to more computing power. You’ve seen that recently with the One X tegra 3 vs qualcom S4.

        • bob

          The One X destroyed the One S

          • Malcmilli

            no it didnt.

      • anywh

        I dont know what you compare but I compare phones (and gaming), not processors or GPU…:

    • Kevin

      Well I would a product that comes out 6 months later would be able to be better. Let’s wait till this fall so we can reverse this.

      • thel0nerang3r

        Then we can wait another 6 months and the result are back to this? no sure where you were going with your statement.

    • Kevin

      Well I would hope a product that comes out 6 months later would be able to be better. Let’s wait till this fall so we can reverse this.

    • Serurot

      You’ve waited for almost a year for samsung’s GPU to outperform the GPU of and iphone released almost a year ago. Don’t you realize how stupid you sound

  • pekosROB

    The One X scored below the 4S? I’m kinda surprised!

    Naturally I would expect the SGS3 to crush the 4S.

    • Burnd

      It’s because it has more Mpixels to display.

      • Bpear96

        That chart is a “offscreen” test which means the benchmark is rendered at the same res on all devices, no matter the actual res of the screen

      • Bpear96

        No need to be such a jerk about, it. He may have not known, you learn something new everyday. Am I clear or do i have to repeat again?

      • RedditQuery

        well actually… i have an international S3. The Exynos and Mali are optimized for 720p because that is its native resolution. The only point of having a 720p offscreen frame rate test is because on screen tests limit the frame rate to 60. Still, that doesnt take away anything from the test because it basically just means its been built to be better when run on the specifications used by the benchmark; which in turn is dictated by what is considered optimal for users.

    • Olvidoinsomne

      it’s because the one x stock is horrendous in it’s performance. once a stable AOSP build with decent governing comes out then we can talk

      • Deli

        that reasoning can be applied to S3 with its ‘supposedly’ crippling Touchwiz slapped on top. TW has come a LONG way since 3.0.

    • Joel Bird

      I think the biggest issue we have isn’t the power under the hood but rather getting actual support from developers to utilise this power. At present, the Android gaming scene is minuscule at best compared to the Apple camp. All the devs are on the iPhone side – Android needs to get developers and publishers over who are making the big games. Android is capable but support is needed.

      • thel0nerang3r

        Perhaps I’m not keeping up with gaming as much as you do. Which demanding games do you see on IOS that are not in Android? I think Gameloft makes pretty looking games. I’ve played a few of their games. NOVA being one of them. Which hardware demanding games do you see in IOS? Last I heard, on the top of the popular charts are games like Angry Birds, which is hardly taxing of most phones now a days. It’s my understanding hat casual games are the most popular, which by their nature tend to not be very demanding on hardware. If I’m wrong here, please point me to the games you are referring to, because I’ve been missing out.

        • krazyfrog

          If you play Asphalt 6, for example, on the iPhone and on Android, you will notice that the iPhone version is much better. I’m not talking about the performance but the actual game itself. The iPhone version comes with effects like snow, fog, smoke, etc. that are simply not available on Android. This is the kind of stuff that the developers can do when they know the kind of hardware they will be developing for and if the hardware itself is powerful. Android phones are powerful, no doubt, but there are a lot of them that aren’t, and those are the ones that drag down the entire ecosystem.

          • Brian Tapia

            The reason why games on iOS are better is because most of the iphone base is always updated to the latest iOS. Where on android there are so many new android phones that are just released with an old version of android and will never be updated to the newest android os.

  • filipe

    comparing a iphone 4s dual core and a samsung quadcore its obvious quadcore win.
    when apple came up with a quadcore we will talk

    • PaulieG

      Yeah I agree.. Even tho I’m a self confessed Android fanboi, I don’t see the point in comparing 2 technologies that are 8-12 months apart… Like when Apple will release their device in 6 months and I bet their fanboi’s will tout how much better it performs… Yeah, well done.. You just beat a 6 month old technology? What’s the point… I people really so naive not to see through this crap? The more interesting stat here is the comparison between the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X, the recently released phones with comparable specs. I don’t mind seeing the Iphone 4s on the list just for interests sake, but it certainly aint headline material.. It’s like, “Gee, thanks for the news Captain Obvious….”

      • sabo

        I completely agree. I’m both an fan of apple and Android. Both os’s have their pros and cons. We’ll have to wait and see apples newest iPhone to compare these great devices, this is a battle of best performance of 2012 phones, not 2011 vs 2012, newer phones will more then likely beat old phones (except for the Samsung gs2 which seems to be holding it’s own weight) you guys have to stop crapping on other devices and truly embrace this amazing technology we’re on. Competition will only advance us further, talking crap about another company isn’t going to do anything for us.

    • salomog

      I would like to point out to you that GPU != CPU, the amount of Application cores has almost nothing to do with GPU benchmarks. I say almost nothing because with effective programming you can offload some GPU tasks onto the Applicaiton Cores (CPU) and vice versa. Depending on how you use OpenGL and OpenCL and your standard language, you can effectively make a game work significantly better on any device.

    • Jon

      Well since the iPhone and iPads all have Samsung chips inside it, I doubt Samsung really loses. Yes the next iPhone and iPads will have more Samsung chips inside them as well.

      • thel0nerang3r

        The chips are manufactured by Samsung. However, they are Apple’s own design. They are not used anywhere else. So, I wouldn’t call them “Samsung chips” any more then I would call Tegra3 chips “TSMC chips”.

    • iFan

      HERE HERE. Just to funny.

    • chris

      it`s not about quad or dual moron, it`s abour price and performance, samsung prove it with apple, it much more better than iphone 4s whereas 4s and s3 at the same price…
      u know how much iphone with quadcore?? u know how expensive iphone with dualcore?? onyl crazy people and apple fanboy want to buy it… i more prefer wp than ios

  • h0ruza

    now what I find interesting is the results for the galaxy s2. lookin it in comparison to the galaxy nexus. What an amazing phone!

    • kwills88

      I feel the same that the fact that the SII is well over a year old and the one x barely beats it, rather impressive

  • Krazihanz

    And Sony starts…. People lets not forget this is Sammy’s phone with new processors etc. going against the iPhone 4s with last years specs.

    For a even comparison, compare it to the iPhone 5 whenever that gets released.

    Also I’m not a apple fan boy! I’m more a android fan boy. But I get tired of these comparison articles and/or videos when their unfair.

  • YMS123

    Does that screen say Asphalt 7 ?!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Nice find. Gameloft is a partner for Samsung’s Game Hub. My guess is they get an exclusive launch.

      • iFan

        That’s awesome. The main reason I prefer iOS over Android is limitation to apps and games. Well the buginess too. But I play a lot of games and like a crap full of apps. and Gameloft would make it more possible.

      • Kuken

        Oh, great with fragmentation! I’ll be pissed if it’s an exclusive.

  • mustybooks

    This isn’t going to go down well…

  • Ps3y3Ops

    If Apple had announced a new iPhone today, there would be benchmark tests to show how amazing it is, so don’t come down on Sammy or anyone else for doing it.

  • AngelArs

    Pretty meaningless since the new iPhone coming out after the 4S will most likely beat the SIII, and then the S4 will beat that, and so on and so forth. At some point you just have to say that what you have is already more than enough, and find another reason to buy one phone or the other….

    Krazihanz (above) stated it very well….

  • userx

    So wait a minute.. were celebrating a phone that BARELY beats a 6 month old phone… and this “great” phone were celebrating.. wont even be available in the US until. the “other” guys new phone comes out, and will squash this SGS3? Sounds like a fucking retarted move on Samsungs part. Really, really retarted.

    How bout releasing a phone in the US, on Time, for 1. Then 2, make it not “out-dateable” by a 6 month margin please.

    Fucking japs.

    [Oh, and I own an SGS2 and am an Android fanboy. But if they want the truth, and want to make real money, and not just "chomp at the heals" of the competitor, STEP THE FUCK UP SAMSUNG]

    • Richard Yarrell

      Personally i applaud Samsung they will have a great year ahead. People need to realize it’s no longer about the Galaxy S line of devices. Samsung has MAJOR OBLIGATIONS to GOOGLE in the coming months and they saved their best for last. This Galaxy S3 trumps the Galaxy S2 hands down in every possible way design, screen, camera, and software. The Exynos quadcore 4412 steamrolls the dualcore Exynos 4410 in the Galaxy S2. Samsung accomplished their goal which was to BEST the Galaxy S2 mission accomplished. With the fact that google has selected them again for the NEXT NEXUS in Nov/Dec you can bet down that all the best things will be on the next Galaxy Nexus. You will see the Exynos quadcore 5250 clocked at 1.5ghz as well as the 4.8 to 5.0 1080p screen as well as a 8mp to 12mp camera backed by 2gb of ram. Plus stock jellybean which will be introduced to everyone at Google i/o later this year. Samsung must focus now on the 2 most important upcoming launches their next GALAXY NOTE 2 and the end of the year GALAXY NEXUS. Great job Samsung the Galaxy S3 has the best software out of any skinned android device. The best options to swap out batteries and great opportunity for 32 and 64 gb SD cards. What more can people actually ask for these options are totally enough. I don’t see Htc or any other manufacturer offering these things at all. Take a good look at the S3 as well as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus then look at the iphone and honestly as yourself who stopped innovating years ago. With the current Galaxy S3 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 and end of the year new Galaxy Nexus Samsung is really working hard to earn their spot as number one in the tech game.

      • squiddy20

        “People need to realize it’s no longer about the Galaxy S line of devices.” Clearly you’re wrong as usual since this was probably THE most hyped up and anticipated event of the past year, just like in previous years. You really have no clue what you’re talking about.
        “This Galaxy S3 trumps the Galaxy S2 hands down” Noooo, say it ain’t so! A successor being better than the predecessor? Absolutely unheard of! When did you finally catch on this “brilliant” insight, hmmm?
        You’re a moron. The Note (1) was released to the first market (Germany) in November and it arrived here in the States in February. Most successors to phones (GS, GS2, GS3; Evo 4G, Evo 3D, Evo LTE; etc) are released roughly on a yearly basis. So even if you go by the initial launch date, you’ve still got at least 4 months before it’s even *announced*, and it’ll be several more months after that before you can get it in your grubby, fat hands. So, you’re basically looking at a few months shy of *year* before you even get to see it in person. Did God replace your brain with a peanut or something?

    • dumbazz

      Moron Samsung is not a Japanese company. Typical inbred redneck and their low education level.

  • Fulaman

    A better comparison would have been between Galaxy S III and the new iPad.

    • siang

      Samsung is a Korean company, not japs.

      • Fulaman

        huh? what does that have to do with what I said?

        • userx

          We were both wrong.
          My SGS2 has “MADE IN CHINA” right on the back.

          I could care less if the company is Korean. The fact that the reason our phones are barely better than the last model released is that companies are fighting tooth and nail to barely beat the last product & use cheaper to make/buy parts. Instead of just releasing something worth buying, for a worthy price.

          Hey ,Samsung, Your not going to get every iPhone user OVER NIGHT, that shit takes time. So take your time, do this shit right, the first time, and people like me wont bitch about buying your brand new, out dated before released-to-public phones.

          -8 votes? Suck it, the truth hurts, especially when its not from an Apple fanboy.

          • Fulaman

            100% agree with you that’s why even though I use the first Galaxy S from 2010 I won’t be getting the Galaxy S 3. They should have made it worthwhile and used an Exynos 5250. There is no reason to get a Galaxy S 3, Touchwiz is pretty much the same as before.

      • krazyfrog

        You replied to the wrong comment.

  • Fulaman

    Tegra 3 is a woeful processor

  • Tuan

    Gyus think about it the screen resolution is higher too so not only does it beat the iphone it also beats it while using a higher res. Think computer graphics cards on the performance lost when going from 1 resolution to the next.

  • JirafaBo

    YAY! A phone that isn’t even released yet beats a phone that was released last year. YAY! Beat our chest, Beat our chest!
    I’m as anti-Iphone as they come, but this kind of comparison is sad. Compare phones that come out in the same quarter only please.

  • Leo Young

    I think the biggest deal about the four core processors is not the speed but the power reduction. The S2 was only at the 45 per centile compared to the other android phones. With four cores, the power will be reduced. With a 2200mAhr battery, this should perform much better.

  • Nathan D.

    Who said you can’t teach an old processor new tricks

  • Rovex

    Never have i seen such retarded comments! (OK maybe not never, i have seen ifanbois post before)..

    Look, the GPU is like a third faster than anything else out there now, how is that bad? It will play all games (that arent GPU exclusives) for at least 2 years, perfectly well. What more do you need exactly? What the iPhone does or doesnt have is irrelevant, the iPhone cant be compared, its not an Android. The platform means more than the GPU.

    Mali has fantastic video abilities, better than Tegra or the PowerVR in the iPhones (mainly because the iPhone has software restrictions). It has free 4xMSAA and in its slower form in the S2 has proven its more than a match for anything else in the real world.

  • karthics4

    Looking at the benchmark, it is very fast but is the touch wiz interface better than HTC Sense. I have use HTC Sense for over 2 years

  • Karan O

    WoW Forget About Benchmarks Guys That’s Asphalt 7 WOW!
    I Can Play That FOr 26 Hours ReallY!!
    And About Benchmarks As We Expected The S3 Blow Others But Still I Will Buy A One X Or XL
    And Did U Benchmark Xperia S ?!?! Cause I Want To See How That Perform!!!

    Asphalt 7 WOW!!

    • deli

      The Xperia S uses Snapdragon S3. Check out HTC Sensation type of phones and you’ll get a good idea.

      • Karan O

        I Know that But They Customize That A little and it’s accessiories are Awesome and it’s a bit prettier and it’s SONY!

  • Mally

    So if this chart is accurate.. the old SGS II actually beats the new HTC One S and One X. Surely not.

    • Rovex

      Dont see why not the Mali is an underestimated and awesome GPU (assuming it was an Exynos powered S2).

  • Derek

    Just ran this test on my S3 Rezound and it scored 34 FPS. Pretty low compared to the “super” phones.

    • deli

      the SnapDragon S3 with the Adreno 220 is comparatively weak compared to Exynos 4212 and Tegra 2 with GPU performance. No surprises here. S4 has been a welcome surprise on the CPU front tho.

  • Eric Rossman

    Who cares how Android phones compare to the iPhone anything? Even if the iOS gadget did 3X better in an iFan website’s benchmarks; who cares? We are not going to toss our investment in Android to go stand in line like our iOS friends are we? I personally am only really interested in how the different Android devices match up. I would care how iOS devices rank if I was actually considering buying one, so maybe

    Only the perceived customer experience can be compared when benchmarking similar applications across both very different hardware and OS’s as they execute instructions very differently. So until an iPhone can run Android “optimized” for the iphone hardware, or vice versa; I will always scoff at anyone’s benchmark numbers when they cross OS platform divide.

    No hate from me, just stating my opinion. The worst part for me is that I respect Anand and his staff, with the outstanding hardware reviews they do provide. I am stunned to see them push dis-crediting “cross OS” benchmarks. They should and do know better..

  • Preston

    This graph are the results from GPU’s. Not CPU’s. The S3 is the fastest due to its overclocked mali 400. not because of the quad core exynos.

  • amit

    what a shit is this samsung s3 is no near to iphone 4s . To prove my point play temple run 2 at the same time in those 2 devices and then compare s3 lags more than iphone 4s in that game . So, how come a device which lags scores more than other devices play to see for urself .

  • NekoTipcat iPhone 4S 1199 Samsung Galaxy S3 814
    That’s using the same Benchmark
    I’d say that beats The S3