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Samsung’s first TV commercial for Galaxy S III goes live

Samsung Galaxy S III

Did you miss Samsung’s first TV spot for the new Galaxy S III? No worries, because they just posted it on YouTube. Check out the video clip below and let us know what you think. Is Samsung going to sell a boat-load of phones?

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  • Ben

    For a product commercial, that was pretty poor. Not enough product use/shots in it. Just a lot of scenes with people and some dramatic music. Nice appeal to the emotional side of our love and use of a smartphone, but c’mon. We’re not iPhaggots.

    • Jonathan Rung

      Really? I don’t mean to be the PC police, but really?

      • Lee Swanson

        I agree. As a “not straight” Android fan (I won’t use the term in my “Awaiting Moderation” comment), your slam to iPhone fans doesn’t exactly make me feel welcome.

        • ben

          Being offensive in that comment wasn’t my intent, but it’s also not my concern. I’m not sure why it is that people like to express their displeasure at things that offends them when many of us don’t care. I’m not TRYING to be offensive (it just comes naturally because I’ma jerk) but no one has a right to NOT be offended. Get over it. The term iPhaggot is not intended as a reference toward sexual orientation, but rather at the religious devotion their fans show to their devices which often defies logic. Now that you’ve expressed your displeasure at my use of that term, it’s been noted and I still don’t’ care. Next…

          • Lee Swanson

            My only response would be a suggestion to Google “Louis CK Poker scene from episode 2″ and watch the YouTube video. Probably the best thing I’ve seen regarding the “f” word.

            Louis C.K. is genius.

    • Lee Swanson

      So are you saying iPhone fans are a good alternative fuel source?

      • ben

        Indeed. That was some funny stuff.

        • Lee Swanson

          Thanks…that means a lot coming from aPhaggot like you. :-)

          • ben

            * sniff sniff…* stop… you’re hurting my feelings. :-p At least when I argue/debate with my “non-specific sexual preference iPhone loving” friends (I know it’s surprising that I even HAVE friends) then at least I can give solid reasons for my love of Android. Truely, I hate all things Apple for many reasons.

      • ben

        When you said “f” word, I thought you meant this.

        • Lee Swanson

          Lol…love South Park. Equal opportunity offenders. The other “f” word gets my comments in “awaiting moderation” mode.

          • Jonathan Rung

            I wholeheartedly support the references to Louis CK and South Park! I’m also glad that there was such an amicable exchange, and would like to take credit for all of it.

          • Lee Swanson

            Thank Jonathan! I figured the Louis CK was probably the only way some people might get it. Sometimes a little humor is the best way to approach thing. Plus, I kinda have a crush on Louis CK.

  • oddball

    Meh I don’t like their style of commercials. Showcase the phone and it’s features.

  • Jesse Moreno

    Average consumers won’t get the nod to the eye-tracking technology at the end.

  • madcow49

    Beautiful spot – they are going to sell a lot of them.

    I consider bying one, too.

  • David

    This commercial is a perfect demonstration of how horrible Android manufacturers are at marketing. From this commercial, the average consumer can deduce: 1) You can touch the phone and make a pretty ripple effect, 2) You can hold your phone up against glass for no reason, 3) You can take a picture of people jumping, 4) You can look at the internet while cuddling, 5) You can read a bedtime story on it, 6) It comes in two colors. It’s mind-boggling.

    It also seems like during the marketing meeting someone said “I heard that people are pseudo-environmentally conscious nowadays. Let’s throw in a bunch of obscure references to nature that make absolutely no sense. People will love that.”

    • mkstvns

      Hahah, you got it in one. Well said!

      • David

        On top of all that nonsense, I found the entire event today bizarre.

        • Division by Zero


  • mkstvns

    A fairly underwhelming ad for us enthusiasts, but it might be appealing to the target demo (average folk). Tough to say.

  • Division by Zero

    Am I the only one who noticed that the guy had his hands on her boobs @ 0:07, then was suddenly on the other side of the glass? I am guessing there is supposed to be some kind of artistic statement there that I missed (maybe that guys like smartphones and boobs?). That commercial was…strange.
    I’m inclined to agree with mkstvns; maybe it’s appealing to their target demographic (people who like nature, boobs, and cuddling? I’m still lost on that one.), but I, for one, was underwhelmed, and a little confused at just what the hell was going on, exactly.
    I wonder if the same ad agency did this as the original Motorola Xoom commercial. O_o

    • Ian S.

      I think his hand was on her “heart”, but yeah. I thought that too haha

    • kazahani

      I like both smartphones and boobs! I need the Samsung Galaxy S 3! It was made for people who like smartphones and boobs and I LIKE BOTH OF THOSE THINGS!

  • jamal adam

    Does this mean that previous iterations were designed for extraterrestrials?

  • JIW

    I actually laughed out loud when they held the phone up to the glass and then nothing happened. That ad made no sense at all.

  • Arnold

    Why does Samsung need to show a black man with a white woman ?
    What is the link with a smartphone ?

    • Ironzey Lewis

      I liked that part. They didn’t go with the safe homogeneous couple. They were really pulling at heartstrings and seeing a couple like that makes me imagine their back story. Pretty centimental stuff just like the rest of the commercial.

      • ben

        You’re right. It is sentimental stuff, but how does imagining “their back story” demonstrate the phone’s capabilities? Are we supposed to spend a couple of hundred $$ on a device because their commercials make us feel good? One company already does that. It’s called Apple. Lets go Samsung, you’re better than that!

        • JIW

          Actually, Apple does a really nice job of connecting the sentiment with a relevant feature/s on their device. This ad is just plane bad. I really hope they don’t embarrass themselves by launching a campaign based on that drivel.

  • LukeT32

    When I click play it says “This Video is Private.”

  • arie

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