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Scalado shares their vision of the mobile imaging industry beyond 2012


Scalado, developers behind the magical Rewind and Remove camera apps, just shared a video that shows their vision for the future of mobile imaging. I think you will agree it’s pretty rad. Would you like to have this in your mobile device?

Via: Scalado

Source: YouTube

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  • Nathan D.

    This kinda like or is augmented reality glasses of ghost recon games but on your camera =)

  • Samar

    Darn…It rocks..atleast the video

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    This looks amazing. If someone could pull this off, they’d be set for life ($$).

    • professandobey

      The only thing really holding them back is a lack of a large database of photos for their cloud. I’m sure they’re working at getting that filled up, but they’re going to run into roadblocks with privacy concerns and content rights. If they solve that all they need to do is iron out any bugs with 1st Gen software.

  • thekaz

    They seem to be taking a lot of existing technologies out there, envisioning the improves that will be made to them, and packaging it up in a very nice interface. Can’t wait to see how soon they can get there.

  • androidindia

    they should work with layar :D

  • Donald Williams

    WOW. Showed the wife and I get NO WAY. I say way and bring it on. Im tired of all the camera apps that she buys when the one can replace about 5!

    • leaponover

      I’m going to have to agree with your wife. Sure make this happen and i’m a fan for life but I just don’t see this as a possibility anytime soon…

      When it does happen though it will be amazing!!!

  • Leo Young

    Hmm. In order to work, you need to interact with the cloud. If your picture is the only one in a particular spot, I imagine it will not be very useful.

    Interesting idea but I think I will skip it.

  • Homncruse

    ohai future!