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Sprint confirms that EVO 4G LTE launch has been delayed, can’t provide timing for release


Yesterday HTC told us the EVO 4G LTE launch was delayed and now Sprint is confirming the device will not be in stores on May 18th. A post on the Sprint Community Forums says that HTC is working to resolve this issue and they can’t provide specific timing for product availability at this time.

Sprint goes on to say that you can cancel your pre-order, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The EVO 4G LTE offers a nearly identical experience to the HTC One X that we loved, and it will be the best smartphone available on Sprint for the next couple of months.

Hopefully HTC can resolve the issues with US customs and get this awesome device into Sprint customers’ hands soon enough. We have a demo unit in house, so be on the lookout for our full review coming in the coming days.

Source: Sprint Community Forums

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  • cwjones4

    F U apple. seriously. F U

  • spazby


  • Orion78

    Apple is truly the scum of the earth.

  • Techrocket9

    How much do you want for the demo unit? :p

  • g18inc

    I agree, I can see the use of patents in business and this is not one of them. I have an Imac, Ipad and my wife uses a Iphone. I just don’t like apple phones so I prefer Android. The sad thing is I wont stop buying apple just cause of this, but its just more of the same from Apple. It seems like their business model is a dictatorship plan. I like feeling like a company I buy from values me and cares. But every time I buy from Apple I feel like they can’t wait to get back in my pocket with, tether fees, DRM, Apple Care, and all the other extra fees you get for going with apple. it just sad.

  • mlynch01

    The Verge shows that the issue has been addressed by HTC in these phones. Lets hope ITC doesn’t require them to do more. Hope its not a prob to post the link.

  • mharriz

    Smh.. apple truly has superior power.. just hopes the delay doesn’t turn out like Verizon and the galaxy nexus did..