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Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE now available for preorder


Though we’ve known this date was coming for quite some time now, Sprint has officially announced that the HTC EVO 4G LTE is now up for preorder, and will run $199.99 with a new 2 year agreement. Customers looking to get their hands on the latest in the EVO line can head over to Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE landing page to reserve your device.

Of course, you may want to wait until a bit later this week to get your preorder on, as Sprint should be unveiling more information on their LTE rollout at the CTIA conference kicking off today in New Orleans. As you probably are aware, Sprint has the slowest 3G network of the major US carriers, and you probably won’t want to be stuck with 3G service if their speedy LTE network isn’t making its way to your town until next year.

The EVO 4G LTE is widely believed to be available on May 18th, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the EVO after preordering the device.

As a reminder, specs for the EVO 4G LTE include:

  • 4.7″ 720P HD display
  • Dual-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 8 megapixel rear camera with an f2.0 lens BSI sensor, dedicated imaging chip and HTC’s new Image Sense technology
  • 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • NFC
  • LTE
  • 2,000 mAh battery
  • HD Voice for crystal-clear audio calls

Source: Sprint

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  • jaxidian

    Doesn’t sound like a bad device at all. It does sound like a bad situation though if you’re not getting LTE very soon with VERY thorough coverage!

  • glennw

    Placed my pre-order this morning. I rarely use 4G WiMAX when I’m out, even though it’s been available in most areas where I am, due to the severe amount of battery drain that encompasses, so even if Sprint LTE doesn’t become available in my area soon (although reports are saying it should be), it probably won’t matter too much for me.

  • victor

    Come on people, internet speed? what are you doing with a phone? dont you have a life a job and sleep time? Sprint have the best plan and *unlimited, 4G wimax is trash due to battery drain, 3G is ok,

  • Jimmy_Jo

    Until HTC allows unlocked bootloaders and a proper S-OFF, I can’t see myself wasting my money on their hardware. And by the way, part of the agreement for 4G LTE specifies that all phones using that bandwidth cannot be locked. That was ruled by the FCC.

    • ranman

      Rooting an HTC phone has never been an issue, they have great dev community support. HTC does provide a unlock bootloader tool for the sensation and the Evo 3d, so I am sure they will be providing one for the One X. If it doesn’t provide S-OFF, the community will.

  • spazby

    Curious about 4g lte update from sprint, can’t wait.

  • phor11

    Does anyone actually like the shiny poly-carbonate top of this phone?
    The specs are pretty fantastic (especially after finding out the GalaxyS3 has a pentile display with worse ppi than the Gnexus) but I just can’t get over how terrible cover at the top of the device looks and feels.

    • swazedahustla

      Curious on how you would know how the top feels if you never touched the device??

      • phor11

        Because HTC has released plenty of other phones with shiny plastic backings and they never get good reviews for feel and are absolute fingerprint magnets.

    • redraider133

      this has worse ppi than the nexus also…..

      • phor11

        Technically yes, but it’s RBG on the Evo not pentile so there’s actually a lot more sub-pixels.
        The ppi number on a pentile display is only useful when comparing it to another pentile display.

  • sdesocio

    Ive got the original evo, and Im in a wimax area but honestly it is such a battery killer that I never keep it on. I find Sprints 3g fine for all the stuff I need to do with it.

  • Nate B.

    I guess I’m fortunate for having good service where I live as a Sprint customer. Both Wimax & 3G. I don’t have LTE in my area as one of the opening places they’ll be talking about but I’m mostly on wifi wherever I go. I’m also a moderate user on the go so I don’t need 4G for everything I do. Km not a heavy media up loader or downloader.

    I do things like that when I’m home and comfortable . That’s rooting time :-). And home is Wifi :-)

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, I stream a lot of music and video, so 3G just doesn’t cut it. Especially when I’m getting 0.15/0.05 mbps down/up in areas where I get 10/1.5 mbps down/up on WiMax.

  • John Brown

    The phone sounds splendid, even with the dual core chip, but I’m a bit conflicted about plunking down my hard earned income without being able to partake in some LTE goodness. I think it’ll be running here in the DFW by the launch date, but if not I’ll be returning my phone to Best Buy ASAP. I’m just pre-ordering for my place in line once they make the announcement at CTIA if it comes. I hear what people are saying about wifi, but when I need high speeds I want them available. I don’t use WiMax daily, but I do use it. If Sprint doesn’t get this LTE humming by July 1 I’m heading to ATT or Verizon.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Whatever you do don’t waste your hard earned money on big red. They overcharge on smartphones and are the worst out of any carrier in the update game. Plus their LTE network has sadly slowed down drastically since Dec 2011. Remain on Sprint or go over to either Tmobile or At&t if you must change carriers. The Htc Evo 4g Lte looks great and should be real nice when sprint gets that network up and running. Big red is simply a disaster poor updates for all devices, the worst bloatware on devices in the industry, and the most overprices for all their devices. Stay away from big red.

      • squiddy20

        Here you go again saying whatever crap you *think* is true without any sources/citations. All of this is merely your pitiful opinion of a company based off of your *6 month* service with them. Yeah, you definitely know a lot about Verizon from being with them ONLY 6 months. For instance, where’s your proof that Verizon is “the worst out of any in the carrier update game”? Sure, most of their phones don’t have ICS, but when you’ve got at least 20 Android phones, ranging from low-cost to high cost, and from 1 year old to just released, do you really expect ALL of them to be updated? Ha. You really have no clue how the “real world” works.
        “the worst bloatware on devices in the industry” I really don’t know where you pulled this little “fact” from, but it’s definitely wrong. Verizon has about the same amount of bloatware on their phones as any other carrier. AT&T, T-Mobile, even Sprint, all have tons of bloatware on pretty much all of their phones. Nothing new here. The only change has been the fact that Sprint has slowly started to allow users to uninstall *some* of the preinstalled apps. Notice I said “some” and not “all”, because I can remember dozens of instances when you had your “legendary” Evo 3D that you actually stated “all preinstalled apps can be removed”, which was never true. I never even owned the damn phone and I new that. Sad.
        I also find it hilariously funny that you go around bragging about how you have the money to afford ONLY “2 lines” with Verizon and how you “have spent more in devices in three years than [I] have spent in [my] entire life” or how you “will get whatever [you] want on any network at anytime”, and yet you complain about Verizon. Seems to me, a “man” who has enough money to “buy” 5 devices in 2 or so years shouldn’t be complaining about a slightly higher priced data/voice plan on Verizon. Or are you really that hard-up for cash that YOU “need a loan”? I’d be happy to give it to you. Stupid hypocrite.

      • redraider133

        So you switched from sprint to verizon because sprint was so bad( according to you) and how you used to bad mouth verizon yet you switched to verizon and now are bitching about them to? What are you going to do next since you said before that you had at&t and according to your terms they sucked as well. What are you going to do go with t-mo and then bitch when you can’t get service with them either or they do something you don’t like? You sound like a little child who feels they should always be the first in line for something and what they have is the best. What happened to htc rules samsung sucks, yet you lined up to get the galaxy nexus and are bitching it won’t get updates? Do you ever think before you make a decision or do you just run out and do whatever comes to mind?

  • uknowme

    Unfortunately I have to wait til July or August for my upgrade. So we will see how things pan out. I have had the OG Evo and the 3D so I will probably end up with this one too.

    • RV

      You do not have to wait if you really want the new Evo. They have 2 options, the free one will cut about 2 weeks off your wait so if your upgrade date is July 1, you can get your new Evo on June 18th. Then you can pay $45 then Sprint will allow you to upgrade instantly and get the new Evo on the release date. These are 2 options if you can’t absolutlely wait.

  • Ed

    I pre-ordered today also. I think I was the first customer to do so in the Hilton Head, Sc area at Best Buy( after 10:30am). If the top shiny part of the phone looks goofy I will paint it myself. Everyone I know puts a case on their phone, so It’s not really a issue anyway.

  • Immaculance

    I REALLY want this phone, even though I hate the back design – NOT CUTE, NOT HOT, and just wish they would’ve not over-complicated it with the gloss top & matte-like bottom… Not cute. Also, not having LTE in the near future, or even when I get the phone, is a deal-breaker for me, and they’re losing my $ b/c of that. I get that they have to transition, but I won’t be on-board while that’s happening. I’m a customer, I have the old EVO 4G. I have fully functional 4G WiMax & coverage in my area… So, I’m paying for a better device, only to pay the same for my plan, and not be able to take advantage of a 4G service that I’m already getting: not a good situation to be putting customers in, because there are those like me that will say ‘no thanks’ on a potential sales opportunity. I mean, they just rolled-out their 4G WiMax not too long ago, and they’re network architecture always seems to be in-limbo… I get it’s a part of evolution, how many times do they expect customers to endure widespread network architecture changes that negatively impact their established standard of service? It just doesn’t lend to me as the customer being confident that they’re with a carrier that knows how to make the right decisions.