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T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G Android 4.0 update now available


Android 4.0 for the T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G has arrived! To initiate the download, press Menu > Settings > About Phone > HTC Software Updates > Check and follow the instructions to download and install the new build. The HTC Amaze 4G’s Android 4.0 update can downloaded over T-Mobile’s 3G/HSPA+ network, but we’ll understand if you want to connect your phone over Wi-Fi to download the update just a little faster.

The HTC Amaze 4G’s Android 4.0 update is nearly identical to the HTC Sensation 4G update which T-Mobile started pushing out last week – including improvements to multi-tasking, face unlock, new browser capabilities, and access to Android 4.0 applications like Google’s Chrome browser. Full details of the HTC Amaze 4G’s Android 4.0 update can be found on the T-Mobile’s support site.

New Android 4.0 features

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Sense 3.6
  • System bar enhancements to easily view recent apps.
  • Re-sizeable widgets
  • Lock screen actions including pull down notifications and adjust volume while device is locked.
  • Data usage controls.
  • Face Unlock
  • Home screen folders
  • Improved battery life
  • Improved text input and spell checking
  • Improved menu structure

Before you start downloading the Android 4.0 update, make sure your handset has at least a 50% battery charge.  Let us know how the update process goes and how you like all the new features included in the Amaze 4G’s Ice Cream Sandwich update. We’re curious to know if the T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G will benefit from the same performance improvements we’ve seen on other HTC devices which have been updated to Android 4.0.

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  • xX Big Train Xx

    update went great .. love that we got ics. is like a new phone .. but what’s the difference between sense 3.6 and 4

  • watbetch

    T-Mobile’s updates for ICS have been snappy, on the HTC models. Samsung Galaxy S II plz!!!!!!!1

    • R.S

      Since the Amaze and the GS II were released around the same time, let’s hope Samsung’s update isn’t too far behind.

  • VS

    I’ve been using the leaked build for weeks. I can vouch for improved system resource improvement with hardware acceleration and reduced Sense footprint. RAM used to be choked down to > 100 MB free but now it resides 300 MB idle and I’ve never seen it drop below 200 MB multi-tasking.

    There are some audio/keyboard quirks that may have been fixed since the leaked build, but the update has dramatically improved my outlook on the Amaze. I was contemplately getting an One S or GSM GNex, but now I’m statisfied until next year, when the next gen of processors / chipsets hit the market =).

  • wyngo

    See Verizon, that’s how you do it. You choose a reasonable date, announce it and send the update. Now about my Rezound update?

  • rob

    I been try to update but its saying no update available for my phone what’s goin on

    • yardman

      mine says no updates available also…been trying all day! anyone else?

      • Alan

        Mine says the same but I guess that is because although my phone is a T Mobile Amaze its now running on another carrier!

        Any advice on how I get the update to ICS if I am not with T Mobile?

      • Kim

        same here. Driving me nuts. I am on Tmobile

  • Richard Yarrell

    T-mobile is bitch slapping Verizon in the update game. Verizon is at a sad state of affairs at this time. They are clearly the WORST CARRIER in the update game. Lokk at the Galaxy Nexus that launched on December 15th 2011 4.0.2 and is still the ONLY device with ice cream sandwich on the entire network. The problems with Verizon they talk up there network but in truth it’s totally OVERRATED at best plus they OVERCHARGE for all it’s devices. T-mobile fans should be extremely happy with the Galaxy Note 2 on the way as well as the Galaxy S3 and having the use of the Galaxy Nexus on it’s network they are sitting pretty good today. T-mobile I will be joing you soon. Verizon can take there network and sholve it where the sun doesn’t shine..

    • redraider133

      You hate verizon so much yet you jumped to their service and a little while back were saying how “the nexus would pimp slap/rule all the phones” and now you are saying it sucks. Hm you have nothing to say because you willingly left your old carrier to jump on board and grab a nexus. We all know you are taking your 2 lines and going to another carrier, you have been saying that for months now. You say you tried every other network and you think tmo will be any different? They all have pros and cons no matter what network you choose.

  • Jeremy

    Updated yesterday. Like a new phone! Runs so much better. And startup time is 1/3 of what it used to be. Every app runs better, down to Foursquare. And one of the new skins is purple! :D

  • rob

    I been try to update but still it says no update available for my phone I have tmoblie amaze

  • John

    Only complaints are the live wall paper named “nexus” was altered and the trace feature in texts msgs at times doesn’t work.

  • Bob

    I just updated mine but I have to reset all of my ringtones and message notifications. Now I lose some screen space because they added the shortcuts for e-mails – messages – apps & camera to the bottom. How do I delete the duplicate shortcuts. I used to hold it and drag it to the bottom of the screen but that does not seem to work.

  • Bob

    I just found out how to delete the duplicate shortcuts and it is just a rearrangement with the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen instead of taking more space. I was able to find the new owners manual for Amaze with Android 4.0 on the t-mobile site. I want to check it out before updating my wife’s phone.

  • Michelle

    How come my notifications don’t show up anymore when I’m browsing?

  • osman

    Why can’t I share an image from the web using mms? I press and hold on the image and it only says save image,view image and set image as background…. It does not give me the option of sharing it using mms…. Help me please.

  • osman

    Why can’t I share an image from the web using mms? I press and hold on the image and it only says save image,view image and set image as background…. It does not give me the option of sharing it using mms…. Help me please. Thanks

  • Hannah

    I downloaded and now I cannot access my text messages. Called tech service and they want me to replace phone. sucks.

  • flying whale

    Still no update for me :( this sucks so badly

  • Dilip kumar

    When will be the availability of android 4. On samsung galaxy s2

  • Dilip kumar

    Please notify me about the upgrade of android 4 on samsung galaxy s2

  • NEKA

    I luv the new update its like having a brand new phone!! Thanks tmobile!!!

  • Ray

    I did the new update for my htc amaze and new cant fine picture that were on my camera. Also it keeps rejecting my sd card. Any suggestions?

  • Raven

    The only thing I don’t like is the fact that I don’t have jo more folders anymore. The create a fold in homescreen is gone.

  • Nikea

    Where are the pictures that were stored on my SD card?!? I can not access them when I hit the cameral function on the home screen!?!

  • nic

    Mine is stuck on the Triangle/!/Android logo screen….Any suggestions?

  • alex herman

    I can’t get the update for some reason

  • erik ferguson

    Did the update on my htc amaze but it keeps saying software is corrupt so what do I do

  • zelder

    I tried updating my phone while d battry was more than half charged but the phone shows a caution sign after I cliqued on start update n it has been lime that for over 5 hours. please whT should I do?

  • Sharjeel

    Guys need help…whn i click to check for updates the message appears that “there are no updates available for your phone” why is this happening and what should i do for the update??

    Android Version is 2.3.4
    HTC sense # is 3
    Software number is 1.60.707.3

  • Baba shah

    Hey guys .. my fone is not update …how can I update my software

  • Ravishka

    guys i have the same problem hmm follow this link it mite help even i’m still working on it :/

  • z

    i bought this phone and my software is GB. when i click on software updates it says its already updated. i need to upgrade it to ICS. my phone is not a Tmobile

  • Heval

    I am not able to Update the Version.. Do any one have direct link to download the update ??

  • Arooj

    M unable to update to 4 android system. Got msg that ur system is updatd already. Bt its 2.1

  • veddhanraj

    Android 4. Upload

  • fasiha hafeez

    htc amaze 4G updates my phone

  • wonder

    when is the latest update coming for amaze 4g t mobile cos sumsong is far ahead!

  • farid

    Where is my update I can’t update by software update menu even I have 2.3.4 ver so please help me

  • Danyal

    I m.using amaze 4g & check for software updates but they always say that your phone is up to date no updates available

  • Abu

    Please there is no upgrade on my HTC amaze 4g it’s says phone is currently up to date please help me