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T-Mobile wants to pay you $100 to ‘buy’ the HTC Sensation 4G


While most of us are concerned with getting the best phone money can buy, there are some who are always on the lookout for the best deals from places like Amazon Wireless and the big four service providers. There are always offers for free phones, but it’s not often that you get paid $100 to “buy” a dual-core powered Android phone.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer (or have been waiting for a good excuse to switch to T-Mobile), you can now purchase the HTC Sensation 4G for free when signing up for a new two year contract. On top of that, you can take advantage of T-Mobile’s latest Magenta Deal Days offer and get an extra $100 back when you trade-in a qualifying smartphone.

The HTC Sensation 4G may not be as good as the HTC One S, but it is still a great device and will be updated to Android 4.0 sometime soon. The Magenta Deal Days offer lasts until May 7, but the free web-only HTC Sensation 4G deal ends on May 3.

Are any of you willing to get paid $100 to “buy” the HTC Sensation 4G?

Via: HTC Source

Source: T-Mobile

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  • spazby

    tough to argue for getting paid on top of getting a free phone….

  • Laurel laurel25

    It ends May 3rd – to sucker people in before the Galaxy S3 is available and to get rid of Sensations they have in stock!

    • david

      Still a pretty nice deal… Competition is giving us money now. Android is great.

      But you’re right!

  • Jeff Pan

    I want to get rid of mu Sensation and get a Galaxy S3

    • Mina

      send it to me please :D !

  • HildyJ

    I suppose it’s a deal but it’s still not a bargain. Even T-Mobile’s bargain plan (500 minutes and 2GB of data) runs $70 per month or $1680 for over the two year contract. I just got a Google Nexus and set it up on T-Mobile’s $30 plan (100 minutes – who calls people anymore – and 5GB of data). It will cost me only $1120 over two years. Now that’s not only a deal, it’s a bargain (and a great phone).

    • Nick Gray

      Do you happen to have a link to these $30/month plans? The cheapest I’ve been able to find on T-Mobile with 2GB of data is $45 per month.

    • Freshly_Snipes

      Ummmm We’re contract users over here..So your prepaid plans don’t apply to most.

      • kazahani

        He said he bought the Nexus. Currently $399.99 on the Play Store. Yhrn you can sign ip for whatever plan you want. I wad on Tmobile prepaid for a while with my GalaxyS 4g.

        • kazahani

          Sorry bout that… my keyboard derped I think.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Aww man! I just put mine up for sale. I geuss I’m stuck with this phone.
    Anyone want a sensation for $200?

  • comandantecee

    Man you couldn’t pay me $300 to buy that piece of shit!
    I got it replaced 4x because of the of dust in the screen issue.
    I gave it away and got me a GSM GNex, best device I ever purchased.

  • seabass978

    Any body wants an amaze 4g?

  • tmoore4075

    Don’t do it. The software was beyond buggy. Even turned off Sense after rooting and I had the phone restart a lot. Hardware is fantastic but doesn’t matter if the software sucks. Maybe sign up, get your $100 and then use that to get a Galaxy Nexus right from Google. I got a Nexus the other day and it’s been fantastic.

  • Buddy_G

    Not sure why everyone is hating on the Sensation 4G this much. I’ve had the phone since launch and have had zero issues. this thing is fast and can handle all the 3D games I’ve played on it over the past year.

    The only thing I don’t like is battery life, but I got a free car charger from T-Mobile when I cmplained about the issue.

  • MrMrMan

    Whether T-Mobile stays a viable contender depends on what happens tomorrow. If they don’t get the SGSIII there is no reason for Android or Apple fans to stay with them.

    • Badger

      Unless you have more than 2 brain cells and know that it’s not only Sammy that make Android phones.

  • Cris H

    Actually… this offer is for ANY 4G phone. Including Samsung SII and HTC One. Check it out:

  • Cris H

    Actually… this offer is for ANY 4G phone. Including Samsung SII and HTC One. Check it out: -

  • Christopher Wueste

    It’s pretty tough to argue against this even with the One S already out and the GSIII on the way. I own a Sensation and it truly is a great device. It is still one of the better offerings at TMOUS and HTC just seems to build a quality phone. It takes great pictures and if rooted, will be running ICS before you can say Ice Cream Sandwich. Great phone and for paying you $100, really cannot be beat.

  • Christopher Wueste

    On second thought…this just got posted a little while ago on Android Police. Apparently, ICS my be officially coming to the Sensation even earlier than we though making this an even better deal. Hope this helps you guys.

  • Rising33

    Listen people Ive had the Sensation several times and now my wife has one and I just recently rooted and placed an ics rom 4.0.4 on it running smoothly. Definitely brought life to the phone. And i can talk man cause Im a tech addict, computers and phonewise. Dont give up on the Sensation Just yet…

  • Nathan D.

    Not a bad offer but the phone is already old to most of us here, so this is mostly targeted to the general public who want a good phone for nothing.

  • Brian Merrill

    “when you trade-in a qualifying smartphone.”

    how are they paying you if you have to trade in a smart phone? I can get the phone free then sell my phone for more than $100

    Am I missing something?

  • nick

    ha just got rid of my sensation for 210 and picked up a ntt docomo branded gnex for 300 a few weeks ago