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Another year, another epic showdown between HTC and Samsung. Last year Samsung and HTC went head-to-head with the Galaxy S II and the Sensation. Both phones featured amazing specs sheets, but Samsung ultimately came out on top.

This year, the story’s pretty much the same. The only things that have really changed are the names of the phones and a few key specifications. HTC has stepped up its game with the introduction of the One X, which went on sale across Europe in early April. HTC’s phone features a 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD2 display which wraps around the edges of the phone’s unibody polycarbonate shell. Powering the One X is a quad-core 1.5GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor paired with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

While the phone features incredible specs, the One X’s 8 megapixel camera with dedicated ImageChip and ImageSense technology is what HTC is using to really differentiate the phone from the competition. But things aren’t that simple.

The HTC One X may have the advantage of an early start, but Samsung’s plan to hold back the unveiling of the Galaxy S III gave them the opportunity to see HTC’s offering and make sure their flagship device was on par, or better. The Samsung Galaxy S III features a 4.8-inch pentile Super HD AMOLED display, Exynos 4 Quad processor and an 8 megapixel autofocus camera with zero shutter lag technology. The SGSIII is wrapped in a sleek 8.6mm polycarbonate shell with curved edges.

The spec comparison may be similar, but Samsung chose to equip its phone with a larger 2100 mAh battery and an expandable storage slot. Most consumers will gloss over these two features, but power users will certainly be drawn to them.

Each phone has its unique advantages, but we all know that it’s not always about having the best specifications. A manufacturer’s reputation plays a huge role in a consumer’s purchasing decisions. Picking the right Android phone is a daunting task and we don’t envy the uninformed masses who will need to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X.

I have not used the Samsung Galaxy S III yet, but that doesn’t really matter. Samsung has proven time and time again that they can deliver phones with incredible specifications, but the experience of owning a Samsung phone doesn’t even come close to what HTC has to offer. The HTC One X may not have a removable battery, but it doesn’t seem imperative to have more than a full day of battery life on a smartphone. When it comes to design, the HTC One X is light years ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S III which seems to take design cues from the Palm Pre which was released in 2009.

On the software side, HTC Sense is far better than any implementation of TouchWiz and then there’s always the question of getting software updates when new versions of Android are released. Samsung does a decent job of rolling out updates, but our research has shown that HTC has the best track record of updating its phones to the next version of Android.

Who do you think will be the winner in Android’s big summer showdown? Is the HTC One X good enough to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S III?  Let us know which features or specs have the most influence on your purchasing decisions and which phone you will be purchasing this summer.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • spazby

    as you said in the article, i am drawn to the battery and the extra storage option is a must for many people…

    • ajonrichards

      I don’t really believe that the average user cares about removable batteries and extra storage. I just asked the owner of a company with 100+ employees if he had a Droid X or X2 and he said “it runs my e-mail and fits in my pocket, I don’t care anything else about this phone.” These are the people driving the market, not early adopters and power users.

      • TWiT Commander

        I’m not an average user – I’m on my third Nexus device, and 6th Android device.

        16GB storage on the Galaxy Nexus in acceptable as long as I remember to weekly delete all the photos I take in a week (after backing up) and deleting podcasts and audiobooks after I finish listening to them. I have around 3GB free right now.

        Coming from this perspective, 32GB on the HTC One X is more than sufficient for my needs. Mind you, one thing I do not do is shoot videos regularly. I do may be 30 minutes in the whole year. I also don’t store videos on my Galaxy Nexus – all video handled by streaming, either over the ‘net, or by DLNA.

        I can’t care about removable batteries – I get 1.5 days of usage on a single charge with my Galaxy Nexus (stock) with no onerous power management headaches.

      • Tim

        True, however it may be the more technologically inclined that are selling them their phones. Also, the shiny bling might also be what would attract the everyday user to one phone over the other, like the really cool camera features of the one x or perhaps how the phone feels in the hand.

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      S3′s processor uses a smaller manufacturing process while tegra 3 has a power saver core.(which is less efficient than the S4 aSMP strategy). But, Tegra 3′s implementation should prove more efficient than S3′s.

  • Lightning7

    I am just more inclined towards the HTC One X. The ImageSense camera and Super LCD 2 screen are really the deciding factors. Also, the battery life has been tested on this site to even be better than the Galaxy Nexus with it’s 2100 mAh extended battery.

    • B2L

      The Galaxy Nexus has a Qualcomm processor though, so that isn’t exactly a fair comparison. I’m really interested in seeing a comparison between the Galaxy S III and One X in terms of battery life.

      “Exynos 4 Quad is built on Samsung’s 32nm HKMG process and consists of 4 ARM Cortex A9s running at up to 1.4 GHz. Samsung reports 20% lower power with Exynos 4 Quad over Exynos 4 Dual (4210), though it doesn’t say at what clocks or workload. In the past, Samsung has claimed 40% lower power on 32nm HKMG compared to their 4xnm process.”

      • Alex

        No, it doesn’t. It uses the Ti OMAP4460.

        • B2L

          You are correct, I shouldn’t have gone off memory. The same still applies with the OMAP 4460, it’s not a fair comparison.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Personally i applaud Samsung they will have a great year ahead. People need to realize it’s no longer about the Galaxy S line of devices. Samsung has MAJOR OBLIGATIONS to GOOGLE in the coming months and they saved their best for last. This Galaxy S3 trumps the Galaxy S2 hands down in every possible way design, screen, camera, and software. The Exynos quadcore 4412 steamrolls the dualcore Exynos 4410 in the Galaxy S2. Samsung accomplished their goal which was to BEST the Galaxy S2 mission accomplished. With the fact that google has selected them again for the NEXT NEXUS in Nov/Dec you can bet down that all the best things will be on the next Galaxy Nexus. You will see the Exynos quadcore 5250 clocked at 1.5ghz as well as the 4.8 to 5.0 1080p screen as well as a 8mp to 12mp camera backed by 2gb of ram. Plus stock jellybean which will be introduced to everyone at Google i/o later this year. Samsung must focus now on the 2 most important upcoming launches their next GALAXY NOTE 2 and the end of the year GALAXY NEXUS. Great job Samsung the Galaxy S3 has the best software out of any skinned android device. The best options to swap out batteries and great opportunity for 32 and 64 gb SD cards. What more can people actually ask for these options are totally enough. I don’t see Htc or any other manufacturer offering these things at all. Take a good look at the S3 as well as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus then look at the iphone and honestly as yourself who stopped innovating years ago. With the current Galaxy S3 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 and end of the year new Galaxy Nexus Samsung is really working hard to earn their spot as number one in the tech game.

  • triangle

    HTC looks to have won the battle of flagship devices in 2012. I think the One X is a much nicer phone from a design perspective and, while I haven’t seen the display yet, it has been universally regarded as having the superior display. From the standpoint of internals, I think it’s pretty much a wash as both are similar.

    More than anything, I think there’s a sense of disappointment from what maybe the most hyped Samsung device introduction ever. Maybe the software enhancements will prove to provide more value than they seem to on the surface, but I think HTC has the better device for 2012.

    • Joel

      I honestly cant see a winner until all the carrier variants are out. For instance – The Evo One has a kickstand which I gives it an edge up on the native version. I think this year we should turn attention to what US carriers are doing since the native versions of each phone are so close.

      • mercado79

        And don’t forget the dedicated camera button and micro sd card slot. Both are significant pluses. I’ve got an upgrade credit burning a hole in my pocket, but I’m hoping to hold the Evo LTE in my hand before making a decision between that and the Gnex. Then again, if Sprint announces availability of the SGS3 at CTIA, I may hold off until I get my hands on that one too. There are so many pluses and minuses to all three phones that, at least for me, the hands on experience will likely be the deciding factor.

        • yankeesusa

          I have an upgrade too that I have to use by end of december so hopefully by then there will be several phones to choose from and the evo lte will have gone through several reviews that gauge the battery life. Phones with removable batteries still are my favorite unless they have the same life of the razr maxx.

          • Dude

            I honestly believe that this is a battle between designs and not performance as they are generally the same with only negligeable difference on specs. They are both great. Its just a choice between styles. =)

    • Paulieg22

      I kinda surprised by the number of people claiming the HTC One X is a better phone cause it looks prettier? Seriously?… When I look at a technology device I care about it’s specs, features and how well it meets my requirements.. How good I look as I hold in in public is about the farthest thing on my mind.. (Probably explains why I own the apparently hideous Galaxy Note)..

      From the performance reviews I’ve seen, the Galaxy S3 once again stomps the HTC.. Geez, even the 8 month old Iphone 4s comprehensively beats the HTC in GPU performance.. That’s pretty sad?!! If your looking for a fashion accessory that makes you look, um, apparently cool, then get an Iphone? Isn’t that what their marketing strategy is all about?

      Sure, it’s nice when a manufacturer puts a decent effort into design and that warm and fuzzy stuff, but at the end of the day, all my phones live in their snug gel cases anyway, so I’d prefer they focus on making the device run slick, with a screen looks awesome, an intuitive user experience with plenty of storage for my tunes and movies and most critical, decent battery life.

      With battery life getting shorter with every GPU, CPU, Sensor technology leap plus larger and larger screens, why would HTC then go and underspec the battery and even worse, make it fixed into the case?!!! It makes no sense at all? (no pun intended) Battery technology is having a hard enough time keeping up with mobile devices already without poor design decisions like that.

      • nippi

        yeah thats what i am talking about
        ,i dont give a damn about looks,its all about how a device performa for me,it shud not hang when theres an emergency,it shud do things swiftly,it shud capture amazing photos,it shud have feature that really help not gimmicky things.
        and for me i seee sg3 as a comp package.its a complete device ..

      • lilmoe

        “When I look at a technology device I care about it’s specs, features and how well it meets my requirements”

        one of the best posts of the year. +1 for you big guy.

        that said, while “practical” and “useful” is what people should be looking for, most people haven’t been the best in doing that… they buy things because they “look good” or to “fit in” more than anything. that’s the sad part.

      • Rovex

        Nice for you, that doesnt work for everyone. I dont want a phone that makes me screw up my face in disgust every time i look at it. I want the thing to be desirable, the S3 isnt desirable. I would have thought that the success of Apple devices would have told you that people want desirable devices.
        Personally i think Apple gear is ugly and bland, but many love the aesthetic. There is nothing about the S3 to love, its just plain ugly.
        Lets get real here, white shiny phones are impractical, the glare off the case makes the screen harder to read in daylight. The Blue S3 is horrible, the back looks very very low end and the texture on the front is tacky. I supported the plastic S2 all the time, but the S3 i cannot defend, and yes i have actually held one, its just plain nasty.

        I agree its the best device as far as functionality is concerned, but the way it looks makes it undesirable. If you can see past the exterior then good for you, but many cant.

        • Thattechkid

          I can’t remember where, but I read an article called, “Why the Samsung Galaxy III is so ugly.” The article went on saying it was made by lawyers, saying the sides had angles that didn’t start in the middle. Also, the colors didn’t match the iPhone, the bezels on top and bottom were different sizes. Basically, it is legal proof in terms of hardware. Also, Touchwiz got rid of the square backgrounds and the dock isn’t always there in the launcher, etc… It explains a lot, but it makes me mad at apple for pushing legal this far do that other phones have to be designed ugly to avoid legal problems. (Also, they said that Samsung doesn’t want to piss Apple off since they make a lot of money of every iPhone sold due to them manufacturing parts for Apple.) It was an interesting read, if I find it I will reply a link.

        • Major Pita


      • Ankhael

        I have to agree with you on this.. so many people worry about the looks rather the features.. the HTC one x looks pretty but it doesn’t have good features most was expecting. It only brought a LCD HD screen, a quad core, and 4.0 ics camera enhancements to the table. The S3 has brought more than just a quad core. It has brought some useful features that most or even none of the android phones have. “Smart stay”, “smart alert”, “direct call”, “S voice”, “social tagging & buddy share” and a great 8 mg camera that surpassed the one x in feature experiences in socializing. You see people miss the point in having a android phone, it all about having an enhanced socialization.. and thats what so unique about the S3..

    • kazahani

      Let’s try and stay open minded at least a little bit here. We don’t have the GS3 yet. Maybe Sammy will surprise us with the new implementation of TouchWiz. Maybe if you put the 2 displays side by side, you won’t notice that much of a difference. Maybe those software enhancements are really going to be super useful.

      At least give it a chance to compete before you all just write it off. The phone isn’t even out yet.

  • oddball

    For me it will most likely be the gs3 as the HTC one doesn’t seem to be coming to Verizon. I use my phones camera almost exclusively unless the family is going somewhere that I know I will be taking a lot of pictures. That means the memory card is a must. Is the gs3 all I hoped it would be? No. Is it still a pretty impressive device that I would love to have? Yes. We all got so excited with all the rumors we forgot that Samsung doesn’t HAVE to push the bar too much. They are the biggest phone OEM on the planet now and they know it. Also the specs of the US edition haven’t been released yet. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will use the 5 dual chipset with the newer gpu.

    • Bluevoodo

      thunderbolt 2, lol.

      • Fulaman

        It’s actually going to be called the Droid Incredible 4G LTE.

        • kazahani

          That phone has already leaked. It’s made by HTC and it only has a 4 inch screen.

    • oreo

      They say T-Mobile may be the only one the the five core. Everybody else will be using Snapdradon chipset for there LTE.

      • kazahani

        Yeah, well they also said that elephants couldn’t fly, and anyone who’s seen Dumbo knows how that turned out…

  • Stan

    I’m going with whats available first. HTC One X.

  • Ray180

    I’m actually considering leaving Verizon and my unlimited data plan to get the One X on AT&T or, more likely, the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint. If only Sprint had decent data speeds, it would be a no brainer.


      AT&T’s not that bad… at least for me. try it out where you live. I have never had any of the issues that people on this site have had. but where you live, sprint might be better… but their data speeds usually can’t beat AT&T.

      • Ray180

        Oh, I agree. If data speed was the deciding factor, I’d definitely go with AT&T. I just think the EVO will be a better phone because of the micro sd slot, larger battery, camera button and kickstand… not to mention real Google Wallet and HD voice. Doesn’t hurt that Sprint is cheaper too.


          true. if those are deciding factors, then it looks like you’ll be getting the EVO :)

          for me, I couldn’t put up with those speeds ;)

          good luck in what you decide!

          • Ray180

            Thanks. I do love the while polycarbonate and backside docking pins of the One XL too, so it will come down to which one feels better in hand for me.

          • Ray180


    • Richard Yarrell

      Seems like leaving Verizon is on a lot of people’s mind especially on google plus and android central forums. I ran into a buddy who is district manager of a tmobile store here in Manhattan. He has his first galaxy nexus and it’s running on T mobile ‘s HSPA PLUS 21MB network and boy was it slick. It also had 4.0.4 ICS and i loved that word GOOGLE on the back of the devices. His Tmobile Galaxy Nexus blew away my Verizon Galaxy Nexus when comparing app and i was shocked. He also stated that tmobile will be announcing the Galaxy Note 2 with ice cream sandwich at CTIA next week. With the fact that the new Galaxy S3 will be arriving in the quadcore HSPA PLUS 42 network as well as the addition of the HSPA Galaxy Nexus and Note 2 very serious consideration has to be given to tmobile. Verizon is now over saturated with LTE devices and come this winter when the iphone 5 come aboard with LTE their network will be MUCH worse than it is today. Verizon’s best days are behind them time to look elsewhere.

      • redraider133

        Yet you were so eager to run and jump on to the verizon band wagon.

        • squiddy20

          Seriously. I mean a month ago he wouldn’t shut up about how Verizon was “pimp slapping”, “shitting/pissing on”, or more “BOSS” than the other carriers, and when he doesn’t get a *relatively* minor update on his Galaxy Nexus, he throws a fit like a stuck up child, blames it entirely on Verizon, and starts saying he’s going to leave Verizon if they don’t fix it “soon”. All the while, he doesn’t realize that Verizon couldn’t give two shits about him because he’s 1 tiny insignificant person amongst millions. What a hypocritical, moronic dope.

          • kazahani

            Seriously, squids, I’m worried about you. Don’t burst a blood vessel over Richard Yarrell.

            Just downvote and move on…

  • Manuel

    I agree with what has been said already, I think HTC One X won this year.
    The phone feels much more balanced and worthy of it price.

    • Ichigo

      From what I see, the one x looks better than the Galaxy S3. But I think the Galaxy S3 will be a better all around phone. Battery life on the one x ( tegra 3 version) is atrocious. That’s is a major concern for me. Also Phil at androidcentral said that after messing with both phones, he actually think the Galaxy S3 is slicker than the one x.

      • kazahani

        This is what I’ve been wanting: someone who has spent hands on time with both phones. Sure we can look at the desing elements and say that the HTC phone looks better and it has that cool polycarb nonsense, but I want to know which one gives the better user experience.

        Something tells me that the GS3 will fail to be blown away by the One X.

  • NasLAU

    It doesn’t matter. I’m getting a Galaxy Nexus.

    The One X wins the design battle hands-down vs the GS3. Samsung has some cool software features. But in the end I can get a Nexus phone. A capable phone for $200+ less with Google committed to faster updates after the Verizon debacle. And how Android specs get bumped every few months I can expect the next Nexus to beat them both later this year.

    If you need a phone now get a Galaxy Nexus. If you can wait get the next Nexus.

    The Galaxy Nexus IS the successor to the Nexus One!

  • thaghost

    The GSIII was very impressive. Although they had the advantage of time, they didnt do enough to sway many people from buying the One x. It seems that they are going for a “mainstream” type of phone with lots of software/new apps to enhance the average user’s experience. It seems that the One x suits the harcore android fans more, besides the lack of expandable storage and removable battery. The GSIII will sell more units but HTC has won this year’s battle.

    • cthonctic

      I’m not sure on this. Of the people I talked to about this most non-techies were hyped about the One X (and even more the S, in fact) because of it’s design and sleekness. They don’t care about external storage (as long as internal is sufficient for the usual stuff: music, pics, apps, some files) nor about exchanging the battery.

      On the other hand, the techies repeatedly stressed that missing SD card support and user replacable battery are a deal-breaker to powerusers and that they would definitely go with the SIII or another phone over the latest HTC devices.

      On top of that, Samsung’s unofficial support for devs really blows HTC’s out of the water so that’s another reason why I think hardcore Android fans (in the sense of users who mod, flash and tinker. not just the ones who want the “best phone” to show off to their friends) will actually be more happy with the SIII. YMMV ofc.

  • swazedahustla

    Im going with the best of the best and thats the One X on sprint AKA EVO 4G LTE. Everything that I want and need all packaged perfectly, with a kicstand.

    • kazahani

      Yeah, and I bet if the iphone 5 has a kickstand (it won’t) you will be drooling over that too, won’t you?

      You, sir, are a kickstand whore!

  • Rovex

    Unfortunately i have to agree that the One X wins this. The S3 is powerful and feature packed, but its just plain hideous. They have given it a very Asian aesthetic. To European eyes its tacky looking. If you like all white phones (which i dont) the white one is tolerable, if bland, but the blue one look really nasty, so so cheap and horrid. If it was black or even if the white one had a black face, i probably would have bought one.

  • Ralph

    This article is a joke. Samsung’s phones have always been better than HTC, so how can you say the HTC experience is better? Yeah the Thunderbolt and Rezound versus SGII and Gnex, lol. Have fun with your 12 hour battery life and non-removable battery. Let me know the first time you have to do a battery pull to get out of a lock-screen situation when even the power button won’t get you out of the lock…lol. And I am sure your dropbox storage is so much better than an SD card right? I get 22 hours with 2+ hours screen time on my Gnex. You will be lucky to get half that on the One X

    • ajonrichards

      The market isn’t driven by early adopters and power users. It’s driven by people who want to make sure that their phone just works. If the TouchWiz UI makes for an even more intuitive experience, then hats off to Samsung. My wife doesn’t know or care about the internal storage capacity of her phone. She just wants pandora and tunein radio to work when she clicks on the icon.

    • Hallo

      This post is silly.. do you really think HTC or any company will come out with an android product that you cant do a phone reset on??? So by your logic, if the HTC One X were to freeze (like all android phones do from time to time), you might as well throw it in the trash becuase you cant do a phone reset ??? is your friend… type in how to reset an HTC One X and be amazed at the result..

      The Sprint version will have an expandable SD card, and a kick stand. But lets see you take BURST pics on your Gnex phone… oh wait.. your phone cant do that.. it cant even prop itself.. L…O…L.

      • apo

        Now from a burst mode that I won’t always use and an OS that makes the whole thing, and that’ll you’ll receive way faster, what’s the most important?
        I guess that’s hard for you to guess?

    • redraider133

      That is iffy. HTC wins hands down in call quality and reception there are no doubts about it. Other than the screens which htc seems to be coming around with their slcd2 screens in the one x to compete with the super amoled screens of samsung.

    • Tariq

      Just in case you get into a pickle with a freeze or something and you need to remove the battery all you need to do is press the power button for 10 seconds and hay presto you get the same result as taking the battery out. If I hadn’t read this somewhere I was in big trouble today

      • SGB101

        That’s how easy it is, it’s actually easier than having to pull the battery

    • RiceKnight

      I’m sorry but I owned Galaxy Nexus and now have a One X. The One X battery life is far superior to the Nexus, even when I ran custom kernels on my Nexus is what no where near as long lasting as One X.

      There is a myth that 4 cores means bigger battery drain.. :/ Why am I even bothering to post though, the internet and forum/comment sections are just full either misinformed normal unintelligent people, or trolls.

  • cwjones4

    Tough choice, and really hard to make an informed decision since we don’t know the specifications of the GS3 in America yet. That said, I’m a big fan of the software enhancements samsung added, but I have a feeling that many of them will be added by devs to the market or at least on XDA before too long. With that in mind, unless the GS3 is released early or mid June on sprint, I’ll be going for the EVO LTE. If the at&t reviews are anything to go off of, it will be an absolute beast

  • screw

    screw both that now Google is selling Gnex for $399.99, get Gnex if you need a new phone and wait for Next Nexus…….Next Galaxy my ass….

    • Ichigo

      I’m selling my 3 weeks old white Galaxy Nexus for the Galaxy S3. :)

  • Jet

    As an previous owner of the Galaxy S for ATT, the Nexus S for ATT and currently the GSII for ATT I’d have to say HTC has won me over. The design is beautiful and the features such as the amazing camera and light Sense UI have surpassed what Samsung has delivered. I was in high anticipation for the GSIII, and even though it was not a complete let down it was not up to par with what I expected. I’m a little dissapointed by Samsung to be quite honest and that bluish brushed steel color is just not doing it for me at alllll. I have to hand it to HTC that they won over a die hard android fan from samsung. I know most will cry about the storage and irremovable battery but honestly with all the different cloud storage services and ability to run a full day on the ONE X’s battery is more than one can ask for! After all lets not forget the iphone has had these “obstacles” since the first iPhone yet everyone loves it…(besides me ;)

  • Derek

    Has the pentile matrix display been confirmed by Samsung? I read on a different android site a few minutes ago, that it has a HD S-AMOLED Plus display, and those are not pentile matrix.

  • thered

    I really, really WANT to love the One X. It’s an amazing phone, and I agree it probably slightly surpasses the GSIII in several areas. However, the non-removable battery is so close to being a deal-breaker for me that it may actually be one. Not for want of popping in a backup battery, or an extended battery, etc, but just for quick hard reboots or the occasional time when the phone will freeze and even the power button won’t work. Which, as someone who’s been an Android owner ever since pre-ordering the T-Mobile G1, I can say with almost certainty will happen. That, coupled with the GSIII’s card slot, may just push it over the edge for me.

    • ajonrichards

      Someone should do an informal poll on how often people have pulled the battery on their phone. My wager is that the average user doesn’t even know how to pull open their battery door.

      • thered

        ajonrichards brings up an interesting point, I’d never thought about non-techy people not knowing how to remove their battery. So, I called my sister, who is by far the least techy person I know, and asked her if she’s ever removed her phone’s battery. I figured she’d have no idea what I was talking about, but to my surprise she said she’s removed it several times, for various reasons. So, (even with that very un-scientific data collection) I bet more people like being able to remove their batteries than you may originally think.

    • Tariq

      Just press the power button for 10 seconds and it’s like taking the battery out

      • thered

        That’s never been the case with any Android phone I’ve owned, and it’s certainly not the case with the phones I own now running Cyanogenmod. It’s a good idea though, so a feature like that would basically be a necessity, in my opinion, if the phone doesn’t have a removable battery. Do you know if the One X has this feature (“feature” doesn’t feel like the right word, but I’m too tired to think of another word to describe it)?

        • Silentmelodies

          Fortunately, yes. The One X can be rebooted by pressing the power off + low volume combo. The command is hard coded into the phone itself, so it works as efficient as doing a hard reboot.

  • ajonrichards

    I’d be interested to see how Samsung’s software implementation works, but I hardly see that as a selling point for the handset itself. If Samsung see’s fit, they can implement the new TouchWiz software on the Galaxy Note.
    I worry that Samsung is going too far out on a limb with their software, only to have Google cannablize the best parts of it in the next iteration of the core OS. They’ve done it with many of CyanogenMod’s outstanding features. The only difference is that when it’s baked into the OS by the original software company, the integration is likely going to be outstanding, while avoiding compatibility conflicts.
    I’d rather see Google place stronger restrictions on modifying the Android OS, because everybody thingks they’re going to reinvent the wheel, but all they’re going to do is alienate someone who upgrades from an older phone, who is now finding that Android doesn’t work the way they were accustomed to.
    That being said, the build quality of the HTC phone is superior. It definitely looks like a more substantial, well-built phone, whereas the GS3 looks like it’s made of plastic.

  • halo0

    How exactly does the display on the One X “wrap around the edges of the phone’s shell?”

  • Sdotunome

    Did people forget that at&t version of the one x, lost the quad core processor? Galaxy s3 will certainly be the better of the two.

    • Hallo

      I think the S3 will also lose the quad core when its gets released in the USA because of LTE

  • skyflakes

    I’m looking forward to the improvements in the HTC One X’s (and One S’s) camera, sense 4.0 and the overall aesthetic, inside and out.

    SG3′s design screams cheap and when I saw images of the home screen, I was not pleased either. Sure, SG3 added a lot of new features but I doubt all of those will be relevant to the consumers. The hardware is impressive, but even so I’m not sure if most people will need such specs. The microSD option, removable battery and unnoticeably faster cpu are not enough.

    I say HTC focused on (and highlighted) the right things in their flagship phone. I think I’ll be more proud carrying the One X.

  • Nathan D.

    Well the winner is totally opinionated depending on the person preferences and situation, spec wise they are almost similar and you can’t go wrong if you get one or the other. I like both phones, the real question is if both are coming to T-Mobile or not.

  • jamal adam

    I think all around, the One X seems to be the winner because it balances everything into a cohesive and pleasing format and HTC has done a wonderful job of making this worthy of their flagship and perhaps I can go further and say that it is one of the best phones of 2012; the best phone in my opinion.
    From the impressions of a first hands-on, the Galaxy S III, has all the specs and other goodies but it just doesn’t give off the high end, beautiful and pleasing feeling that the One X does. This is only a first impression and could change but for now the One X is the king of the crop.

  • jamal adam

    The picture at the top of this page says it all for me. One look at the One X and you are mesmerized but one look at the Galaxy S III and you just think of it as another Android smartphone. You feel a connection with the One X that you don’t with the Galaxy S III. That’s just my opinion.

  • Rovex

    As far as lock-ups and a non removable battery are concerned most phones have a kill switch in the power button. Ive never had a device that you cant reboot or turn off by holding down the power button. The control mechanism is very lo level, well underneath Android itself, so what android does it irrelevant.

  • Raptor

    Count your time in front of monitors and cellphones. For me sitting 90% of the time on the net when in my deepdeep fox hole looking into multiple displays (and so even when outside), the winner eventually will be those who will make Windows 8 pro phones and retina display tablets.

    Realize, that if you use your cellphone much more for browsing/reading/mailing/playing then calling/just-lying-in-the-pockets then that kinds of screens that OneX and SGS3 have are not ideal. And it’s the SGNote which has almost perfect size screen which is not large at all. Some people even want larger. Unfortunately Samsung is stuck with its pentile scam which makes size increase useless. If they want to keep pencrap they MUST match at least red subpixels count with the green ones. No technological problems exist for that experts say, it’s the blue which causes concerns but luckily the blue deficiency is not really noticeable

    So meantime until Windows8 phones will appear and mature i will give my preferences to any phones with 5″+ high res HD ideally non-pentile displays and retina display tablets.

  • Steve

    Will the outer design matter at all if it’s inside an Otter case? Also, aren’t both phones polycarbonate? I care far more about what’s inside the phone anyway. My EVO 4G has been solid, but it does occasionally need the battery pulled for a hard reboot. I also travel and camp a lot, so being able to carry backup batteries is a huge plus, which is why I’ll probably lean towards the S3. I will probably also tether it to a 7″ tablet (Google/Asus?), which will surely drain the battery even if I use a cable.

    • Rovex

      I use a pouch, not a case, i like looking at the device and i dont like ruining the thinness with a big old gel case. Because of that i wont be getting an S3 to replace my S2. Its just so awkward and bland.

  • kse91holydiver

    I have Sprint so the Evo LTE will have a storage slot and a bigger battery. I love my E4GT but the GPS sucks and the radios suck and that makes me sadpanda. I’m definitely getting the Evo LTE because Samsung has been unreliable for me in the past and the Evo LTE is just way better industrially designed that another hunk of glossy plastic.

  • kwills88

    Think the One X wins the hardware battle while the SIII wins the Software Battle, what it really comes down to now is “do I want the best performance or the best looking phone for the buck”. I think the biggest Meh about the SIII is the back, chances are that the US versions will probably have the 3 home buttons like the ones the One X has, who knows, we can’t really judge the SIII yet until it hits the US when they usually are different from the Euro version.

  • Ardrid

    HTC One X, easily.

    1. Better screen tech & PPI
    2. Better industrial design
    3. Better UI/skin
    4. Better support

    • Ichigo

      HTC one x loses hands down:

      Exynos 4 quad > tegra 3
      S3 2100mah removable> one x ( tegra version)1800 Mah ( horrible battery life )
      S3 micro ad card> one x none
      Most likely no lag whatsoever S3 > one x lags like a MoFo.

      It’s so easy to do due get outta here.

      • Ardrid

        Spoken like someone who has never used the phone. It’s very easy to cherry pick as well. I was specifically talking about the AT&T HTC One X, which uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4, but if you want to play that game:

        Sprint HTC EVO LTE

        Snapdragon S4 >= Exynos 4412
        Super LCD2 > Super AMOLED HD
        MicroSD = MicroSD
        Sense 4.0 > TouchWiz 4.0
        One X design > SGS3 design
        One X optics > SGS3 optics

        See how easy that was? Anyone can cherry pick…

      • Vance

        “1800 Mah (horrible battery life)”… huh? You realize that the mAh has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with capacity, right? In other words, the size of the battery relative to the performance and power optimization of the device is all the matters. That’s like saying a semi truck is better than a civic because it holds 280 gallons of fuel and the civic only holds 12. A 2100 mAh battery does not always beat an 1800 mAh battery.

      • yankeesusa

        So do you currently own the x right now?
        Seems to me that there haven’t been too many people reporting horrible battery life on the x like you say.
        Also, what do you mean by lag? Out of the several reviews Ive read none of them mention any lag. I hope your saying all this because you have had hands on experience with the phone. Otherwise, I would do some research before speaking out like that.

  • DroidSamurai

    Spec-wise, I agreed with you, but if last year’s S2 is any indication, Samsung seems to be doing a better job when it comes to optimizing its customization on its hardware. So, may be Samsung’s customization isn’t as pretty as HTC, in real world usage, it just works more reliably.

    On top of that, I think HTC already lost the marketing war from last year by throwing out too many names around. See, they made a mistake, and they are going to pay for it. The One series is a step in the right direction, but it’s going to take A LOT more than just a phone to bring back the momentum.

  • Tal

    Pretty obvious that with the form factor, quality of materials and more the HTC wins this in points (rather than knockout). Heck for me even the Note is better than the S3.

  • h0ruza

    this year htc has really pulled it out of the bag.last year was the battle of power and samsung won out right with the samsung galaxy s2. The S2 is still a really fast phone a year later.
    this year I believe samsung will prove to still have more power but the difference will be in the all over finess of htc phones.

  • PaulieG

    It pays to look at the recent article on this blog regarding performance.. The HTC definitely gets the style points, but performance wise the Galaxy S3 is a better performing device, and over the coming months you’ll see this re-iterated time and time again. HTC have always been a better looking build than Samsung. But this historically hasn’t translated into them dipping into Samsung’s market share either, the simple facts are people are willing to compromise on design for performance. This considered, I think Samsung’s typical performance gap has decreased somewhat between these two flagship devices. One of them could have done well to take a leaf out of LG’s book and shipped the device with 2Gb RAM rather than 1Gb. That is straight up a massive spec gap without adding to much additional cost to manufacture. I also find it odd that neither have looked to implement Ubuntu for Android either? Apart from quad core and slightly better screen technologies, they don’t seem to trying to find that new innovation that really separates the devices..

  • jizzy6879

    the battery and the sd card slot is what makes the sg3 worth getting. have you ever seen a iphone freeze?? that shit sucks and htc wants to bring that to android. i love android and i know that damn os loves to freeze. so good luck htc. im done with you for now.

    • Tariq

      Some people have a habit of shooting first and asking questions later. Do you really think they didn’t think of that, all you have to do is hold the power button for 10 seconds and it shuts down, simple

    • Tariq

      hold the power button for 10 seconds and it shuts down, simple

  • Alex Belko

    HTC really succeeded this time, or samsung failed I guess, One X design is simply beautiful, while sgs3 is complete let-down for me, tegra3 is fast enough and will get great games. And why pentile samsung why?

  • cb2000a

    It’s a shame the S3 did not come with the new A15 cpu…

  • Burnd

    Until now I found the Super Amoled screens of Samsung very ugly. The white isn’t really white, but greenish/blueish I don’t know. It’s just not white. The Super LCD II screen on the HTC One X is the best screen I’ve seen so far. So I’m curious to see if this new HD version of Super Amoled will make a difference.

  • MarkF

    To be honest both phones have positive and negative issues, and as a user, you have to decide what is right for you.

    If you were an HTC fan, there is nothing better on the SIII to draw you away, and vice versa.

    Both good phones. Both going to sell shed loads. Buy the one that suits you.

    Me – I’m going to buy….. neither! The form factor is slightly too big. I’m an HTC fan so would choose the One X, but becuse of size am just waiting for MAO issues to be sorted on the One S and that will be my device for the next 2 years.

  • MrMrMan

    I’d purchase the One X if they ever made it available on T-Mobile.

  • Sere83

    Samsungs fail was truly epic on this occasion. Quite shocking actually.

    Such an ugly cheap looking phone and that siri clone….jesus wtf were they smoking? To say I was dissapointed with the s3 is a big understatement. One-X all the way,

  • Androidfan

    I have a Htc One X for two weeks now and im very pleased with it.

  • Sere83

    Super AMOLED is also pure hype, deeper blacks and power saving is all it has going for it. The colours are over saturated and unnatural, LCD’s look nicer and Transflective lcds are better in direct sunlight anyway.

    HTC should have put a memory clard slot and removable battery though.

    • yankeesusa

      Thats why you get the evo lte if you want a memory card. Although I am leaning more towards no memory card due to privacy and being able to delete and not giving access to my memory card to a stranger that steals my phone.

  • dVyper

    I held off from buying an X until I’d seen what Samsung had to offer. It instantly disliked the way the phone looked. And yes, looks are important to me – I’m going to have to look at the phone every day for the next 18 months: the phone needs to be aesthetically pleasing to me and the S3 just isn’t. But that’s only 1 reason I chose the HTC.

    The X may not be as powerful on specs but I’ll NEVER see the difference in the real world. I purchased the X yesterday from expansys. Should arrive on monday I can’t wait! :D

  • nerdshowandtell

    Sales will tell who wins this battle, and I’d give the WIN to Samsung for this one, just because of the marketing and software features of the S3, not to mention out of the gate its geared towards a broader audience, not so much SPEC watchers.. Galaxy S3 is already more known by the mainstream than the HTC One X – which has already been out for awhile.. Samsung pulled an Apple here w/ marketing hype, and thats going to show in sales.

  • nerdshowandtell

    Wait a sec.. Just read the rest of the article.. You haven’t even used the S3 yet and your already making these conclusions? gimmie a break.. fail.. link bait.. bs. worthless.

  • Ichigo

    HTC one x tegra 3 powered isn’t that great. The specs are good but it lags and has awful battery life. On the other hand the AT&T HTC one x ( S4 processor) is really a contender to the galaxy s3 as not only does it have way better battery life then the tegra one x, it’s also more fluid and supports LTE. I just preordered my galaxy s 3 :)

  • iSamsuck

    How come the Samung Galaxy S3 looks like the iPhone *sarcasm*
    And it should be the Samsung Galaxy S76 since its like one of the many phones Samsung releases.

  • Rovex

    No i have to go with the One X.

    Ive had HTCs before and liked them very much, i currently have an SGS2. Its awesome, but the S3 fails for me on so many levels.
    Whatever i get it will be rooted and custom ROMed ASAP so the sense/TW thing doesnt bother me (ill likely use Apex anyway).
    Custom ROMs will fix any issues with performance. Tegra 3 doesnt seem to be a broken CPU unlike T2, and if it is its fast enough to hide it.
    Ive actually found that i dont use the SD card slot on my S2 anyway. I would prefer a removable battery, but i could live without it.
    I like the colours of SAMOLED, but the pentile thing is a little disappointing.
    The One X is lovely looking, the S3 is horrible.

  • kusic

    I must say I am not very attracted to Samsung SIII. As a current SII owner I will skip SIII anyway. And I will keep an eye on One X to see real world reviews.

  • Rovex

    You know what i give up. Neither..

    My S2 is more than good enough and after a year of tweaking it runs perfectly, better thanb anything ive seen from either of these 2 so far. The HTC is beautiful, but im not impressed with the T3. The spec of the S3 is great, but its so ugly and low end looking i don’t want to have to look at it. BOTH fail.

  • fseedo

    I only had HTC phones since 2005. I love the HTC sense interface and feel but since HTC decided to lock its phones and not allow memory cards or battery swapping, i can see Galaxy S3 as a very attractive and flexible phone. Changing the battery is very important for me especially if i am using a power house phone. Also, i like to be able to swap the memory card and therefore, i think my next phone, if not S3, will surely not be an HTC one.

  • Jeremy

    Being on Sprint, the new EVO is looking good but I’m going to wait and see what hardware tweaks the GS3 gets when it comes to Sprint before making a decision.

  • Will

    Maybe include a poll in this discussion?

    S3 beats the One X. Why do you think Google went with Samsung again for their next Nexus?

  • yankeesusa

    Ive only used htc for the past 3 years. The last time i tried using samsung i almost threw the phone out of the window. Samsung for me has had late updates, bad design and shoddy workmanship. But in the last year samsung has stepped it up. Not only that but they say that their updates will come faster. If thats the case and this phone also has better battery life than the x then I will seriously think of samsung before purchasing my next phone. Only problem is that in the use the specs of the current gs3 will be different after sprint gets a hold of it. I guess we will see what happens in the coming months after the evo lte is released and the new sg3 is announced for sprint.

  • Anirudh

    HTC one X is better. Samsung SIII has a few features which are more of a pain if they fail

    • Joanne

      I see you’re sold on the htc. The only concern I have (brought up by many of the posts here) is that it has only 16gb storage? and the battery isn’t removeable? On the other hand it apparently takes better pictures but it doesn’t have fb integration? I’ve no clue which one to buy!!

  • Joanne

    Why can’t there just be a phone that has it all and does it all? Seriously!! I’m TRYING to pick a new phone (have had the soni ericsson xperia for 2+ years). I’ve dropped my xperia enough times now to warrant a new phone… that’s the first reason I need a new one. I use my phone mostly for texts (1), pictures (2), calls (3), data research and surfing (4), and fb (5). I’ve tried to choose between the HTC and the samsung but after reading all the comments I still don’t know which one to buy. I’m getting the impression the HTC takes better pictures but the storage ability is just 16gb? The Nexus has a faster camera but it’s a 5.0, not an 8.0 like the oneX? Help.

  • Ankhael

    The S3 definitely wins this one. It has better features, in which gives a more socialize experience. Smart stay, smart alert, direct call, social tag, and buddy photo share ans S voice,.

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  • lloydoliver

    Why will my phone choice be ? Read on. Experience has taught me a few things. 1. Sellers will never speak of the limitations of what they would have me buy. 2. Buyers are likely to be seduced by sellers and may not be smiling after the seduction. 3. Nothing is a certainty before it becomes a reality. 4. Never make a purchase (house, car, any daily use item) without knowing first… your needs then your wants. When I get what I want I usually end up later getting what I need or vice versa. Half my stuff is unnecessary 5. Design, esthetics, technology are not spelled differently without reason, they are different! 6. Every pretty thing I’ve had loses it’s luster, except my wife, in time but when it loses it’s functionality, is when it truly becomes ugly. 7. Someone will always have something better than me if I choose to believe it. 8. What I look like at 8am is, at times, quite different than I do at 8pm. I’m soooo glad to be judged by those I give a crap about on what’s internal. 9. Knowing something (different from knowledge) forbids me from learning new things…were everything a mathematical equation I would know more. 10. Return policies are in place because I want to return things I become disenchanted with. 11. Insurance is the business of screwing me before I’m really f^^^^d. 12. What is is what it is and is not something else.
    Now the answer for those who remember there was way, way back a question. I will do a hands on of the devices I’ve become aware of thanks to the many sites out here disseminating information be it fact, fiction or speculation. This I’ll do in one day. Hopefully, the next day one device will be the clear winner based upon what is important to me atm. If there is not a clear winner i will wait until there is such a device device. btw, I open a new line of service with the new device, return it within the allotted time closing that line, get the next device as my upgrade and decide which I want before time runs out for an exchange though this year I’m85-90% sure i’ll be buying an unlocked device. Whatever you buy know this, you will be replacing it…or you probably would not be here. Be happy with your choice and know you have a better device than I. IF I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT!

  • trev

    The screen on the HTC is way better than what Samsung has to offer. I was looking at phones in the store when I saw the One X sitting there. At first I thought the model on display was one of the dummy cases with a printed screen on it. When I picked it up I discovered it was a live device. The screen is absolutely incredible!!
    However the lack of an SD card for memory expansion is a deal killer for me so the S3 has been ordered.
    I was somewhat ready to move to Android last year when we all thought an iPhone 5 would have a bigger screen but that never happened. This year, the screen is going to be bigger but at “only” 4 inches its pretty sad. 5.3″ is WAY too big but 4.3 to 4.8″ is what I say about right for fancy smartphones these days. Can’t wait for my S3 preorder to come in!