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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 up for pre-order on Amazon


So now that you’re ready to move to a pre-paid plan, you’re going to need a shiny new device to bring along for the ride. As timing would have it, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the newest shining jewel in the Samsung crown, has just gone up for pre-order on Amazon from a few different vendors.

Now this is the unlocked GSM version, so ease up on that trigger finger if you’re a Verizon or Sprint customer. And no LTE for you, AT&T customers.

Both the Pebble Blue and Marble White are available and start at $789, but I would go ahead and pay the $20 or so more and stick with one of the sellers who has a thousand or more positive ratings under their belt.

Virtually all the sellers are sticking with a June 1 ship date, although they warn that it is subject to change.

I know we have some die hard Samsung fans out there so I’d love to know if any of you are going to take the plunge on this or if you’re content to wait for the carrier versions to come a bit later this summer.

Update: ericl5112 pointed out in comments that you can also pick up an SGS3 of your very own from Expansys-USA for $694.99.

Source: Amazon

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    Very tempting. I want to see what Google announces at Google IO next month and I want to see if the US carriers mess up the SGS3 when it comes stateside. If the price came down a $100 then I might pull the trigger.

    • Dave Clary

      That pretty much sums up my position. I need to wait a month or two before I absorb the VZW ETF, so that gives me time to see what happens.

  • B2L

    I really want to buy one, I just can’t justify selling my Note for it, yet.

    • acnaugh

      G18+ Smart Phone Android 2.3 OS 3G GPS WiFi 4.0 Inch Multi-touch Screen

    • Jorge Vieira

      Yeah i dont thinknits worth selling the note. Still think the note has more fuctinality for me. BUT im still looking to get it either way!

  • Adryan maldonado

    Sean im definitely waiting to see what comes about verizons galaxy s 3 variant and what becomes of this whole forcing customers into tiered data debacle. Im currently off contract and im the main line. So if they force me into tiered data if i try to upgrade to this bad boy(provided we dont have more confirmation on the possible 5 some of nexus devices) then i will probably save up some money and leave verizon and go prepaid as suggested and get this phone but again well see what happens with this nexus ordeal. Sigh technology the vicious cycle of waiting and waiting for the next best thing strikes again but i love it.

  • spazby

    curious how the pricing compares to the potential new devices that will be sold directly from google play store….

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Price of importing a unit from overseas is almost always higher than stateside pricing. The Gnex was going for $800 when it launched and it’s now down to $399 just a couple months later. You def pay for the chance to be an early adopter.

      • thel0nerang3r

        Verizon will gladly sell you a Gnex for $650. The prices that carriers sell off contract are inflated to make the on contract price seem so much better.

  • Trinhbo

    Wow, $800! I wish I had that kind of disposable income laying around.

    • Sean Riley

      It’s definitely more than most people are willing to shell out, although I did pay just shy of $700 after taxes for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus so I can probably see doing it.

    • Scottyb112

      haha I know, just imagine the computer you can get with that money. i cant justify spending that on a phone. Maybe if I was rich

  • Matt

    Sorry not enough to make me drop my awesome Note.

    • Dave Clary

      That’s a factor in my decision too. I’ve lusted for the Note for some time. Decisions, decisions!

      • thel0nerang3r

        I wish that Samsung announces the Note2, The internals of GS3 with the bigger screen.

  • ericl5112

    Or you could buy it for $100 less at expansys, a reputable store as well.

    • Sean Riley

      Nice find. I don’t have experience with them myself, but you can’t argue with the price.

      • dVyper

        I bought my last two phones and other accessories from their european equivalent and they have performed without fault.

  • brandon

    $789 is outrageous for an unlocked phone. I would like to see unlocked phones for $300-$500 at most.

    • SGB101

      This does seem high, the one x at launch was selling for $700 in the UK after exchange rate (£450), even tho this is £ 100 ($157) cheaper than last year’s offerings, but this surely has to be the new standard, or the beginning of the great smartphone price drop.

      With you guys getting the latest nexus $400 (£253), almost $800 for the s3 seems ridiculous .

      It’s all relative ………

      • SGB101

        update- uk price at ‘CarphoneWarehouse’ is £499 or $780, sim free.

        deals are-
        free from £28pm but only 100mns 100text and 100mb data. not a great deal, better to buy outright if your usage i that low

        if a high user the one to go for imho is; free upfront, £34pm- 2000mins, 5000text and unlimited data. UK tarrifs

        out of interest, how much on contract do you in the US have to pay and what allowance do u get?

  • Max.Steel

    …and that’s the reason why it’s hard for people to leave contracts. $800 for a phone is just ridiculous.

    • thel0nerang3r

      You do know that there are other phones, right? as people have pointed out, $400 for GNex directly from Google.

    • maaa3k

      Really dude? There *are* other phones. Also, just wait 2 months after release for price to drop. Also, buy used on Swappa. Also, get a clue.

  • dylantep

    waiting for u.s. version. can’t decide between SGS3 or waiting for one of the new nexuses (nexi?)

  • Paul Atreides

    Good lord that’s a lot of money! I can wait to see what version of the SIII carriers will offer in the near future. I like the SIII, but I won’t be throwing that kind of money around for it.

  • Aaron_301

    Hmm…tempting but my Galaxy Nexus is still going strong, plus it hurts my wallet just to look at the price.

    • Aaron_301

      And now Samsung has announced a SGS3 variation with 2 GB DDR2 RAM… God damn it Samsung we get it you like money! Now please stop over saturating the market with all these phones, one week after the other after the other.

  • Scottyb112

    I think its just crazy all that money for a phone, Geez!

  • Yonas

    Waiting for the announcement was such a tough time,and now i have another wait to come,and its for the price to drop…

    • Yonas

  • Nathan D.

    That price is just ridiculous for even a unlock phone of this caliber. That why I’m waiting a few months before I get a new phone.

  • CJ LaFleur

    The processor inside the US variant will decide this for me. If it has a snapdragon S4 I’ll definitely go with the Huawei ascend d quad xl considering it whoops the exynos in benchmarks. And yes I know benchmarks aren’t everything but this looks promising.

  • Laura

    When will there be a pre order for the u.s not uk?

  • Alex Belko

    It’s a pretty big sum for a phone which didn’t meet expectations

  • ed

    Well,… I have pre ordered the SGS3 2 weeks ago at Negri Electronics. They are amazing. Great Customer care…and quick shipping. I have a big question though. The author of the article states that the unlocked version is GSM so “all of you AT&T and Sprint and Verizon people wont be getting the LTE” I am wondering then, it probably will ONLY work with Tmobile for now right? I am with Tmobile. BUT the question that I have that NOBODY can answer is will it be compatible with Tmobiles 4G network and get the 42 Download speed (or even the 21) Just cant handle EDGE like on my iPhone… Anyone?….

  • Daniel

    Links at Amazon !!
    * Blue – $799.99

    * Marble – $799.99

  • Hassan Hammod

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    • Concerned

      Is this comment of a $400 S3 real .. ?

      • guest

        its Fake

  • Oye

    Is Expansys a safe and reliable retailer of phones? I am considering buying from them since they are the cheapest $694, but I don’t know how safe they are…

  • Jorge

    Wow It Cost Alot I Will Stay With My IPhone 4s For Now :)