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Verizon’s public beta test of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could be coming to an end soon


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone, but customers who purchased the Verizon version have not been too happy with the device because of a number of bugs. After nearly 5 months of waiting, it appears that Verizon could be close to releasing a software update that resolves many of the known issues that users have been complaining about.

Verizon customers with the Galaxy Nexus are still running Android 4.0.2 (unless they hacked their device), while most other Galaxy Nexus models have already moved on to Android 4.0.4. The latest update included over 100 changes and fixed many of the annoying bugs that people were complaining about.

This week several lucky Verizon subscribers started reporting that their device received an upgrade to Android 4.0.4 over the air. This latest software package included a build number, IMM76K, that was newer than the Android 4.0.4 build that Verizon was testing back in February.

Several persistent hackers were able to discover the download URL for the update package, but Google quickly pulled it down after it leaked out. There are instructions floating around all over the web if you want to try and manually flash it, but keep in mind this might not be the final version that goes out to all Verizon customers. I have decided not to hack my Galaxy Nexus because I want to share the voice of the average Verizon subscriber who has no clue what flashing is.

We recently reached out to Verizon to see if they could provide us a statement on the software upgrade for the Galaxy Nexus and we finally received something we could share.

All updates are a result of work with our hardware and software partners and have to be tested on our network just like our phones. When they are ready we push them to handsets but we don’t do that until we are absolutely certain they won’t harm either customers’ phones or our network.Company RepresentativeVerizon

Based on that statement it appears that Verizon might be testing a new update with a small group of devices. We don’t know when the broad rollout will begin, but Verizon has a good track record of letting the online media know when new software updates are available.

As we reported last week, a Google employee said they were “very glad that Google is back in the business of selling phones directly without any middlemen to interfere.”

It’s unfortunate that Verizon customers had to put up with a device that randomly reboots daily, has multitouch issues, drops call, and suffers from poor battery life, but at least help is on the way.

Going forward, Verizon and Sprint customers should get used to the fact that their Galaxy Nexus devices will likely lag behind the GSM version by at least a month when it comes to new updates.

It might not be that big of an issue after this Android 4.0.4 update is out and fixes most of the known bugs, but it could be annoying when your friends on AT&T and T-Mobile are enjoying Android 5.0, and you are stuck waiting on your carrier to approve the update.

Look for an update as soon as we hear the official update is going live.

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  • jaxidian

    I’m really looking forward to seeing if they fix the multi-touch bugs. Those are TERRIBLE! Most of the other bugs haven’t hit me hard or at all but that one keeps me from being able to play most games other than Angry Birds. :-/

    • Leo209

      It will fix the multitouch, I’m sure. I flashed 4.0.4 when it first leaked out in February or whenever it was and it already had the multitouch fix included. Once the official one is released, I’m going back to stock. I only rooted because of the multitouch issue, it was a real pain.

  • amgala

    Step 1: Unlock bootloader
    Step 2: Enable root
    Step 3: Back-up phone
    Step 4: Install custom ROM
    Step 5: Enjoy!

    I understand not everyone wants to or can do the above, but that’s what makes the Nexus such a great phone!

    • rfvgyhn

      Heck yeah. Pink unicorn (AOKP) is the way to go.

      • honourbound68

        My friend is on aokp while I’m on gummy. Between the pink unicorn and the rainbow crapping pop tart, I don’t know which is more annoying. Thank goodness We can turn off the boot animations because the ROMs are pretty sweet.

    • 4n1m4l

      I just unlocked so I can flash updates myself instead of waiting

    • clocinnorcal

      Step 1 is pure blasphemy for a Nexus device. Pssshh…. locked bootloader :-/

      • Bpear96

        All you have to do is type “fastboot oem unlock” in fastboot, and its easily relockale, and returned to stock for warranty related reasons.

  • triangle

    I agree with you, Taylor. I am eagerly waiting for this update.

    • Richard Yarrell

      This update will determine if Verizon gets to keep me and my 2 lines of service for the next 45 days. Bottomline here the GSM NEXUS is the device Google will update first to jellybean 5.0. Time to get rid of the overrated middle man and deal with google directly.

      • Division by Zero

        May already happening, albeit late. There are rumors all over the internet.
        You do know that you can just update it yourself, right? You do also realize that Verizon could care less if you moved your two lines elsewhere? You’re not even a drop in a bucket to a company that has well over 100,000,000 subscribers.

      • squiddy20

        Wooo! Verizon’s sooo afraid you’ll leave, they just offered you the yet-to-be-previewed Jellybean update on your NEW Galaxy Nexus! All you have to do is make a $350 payment to [email protected]!
        Please, Verizon couldn’t give to shits whether you go or stay. You’re the needle in their giant haystack of a subscriber base. You really think you’re so important that they’ll do anything to keep you? How incredibly ignorant and naive you are.
        As for “dealing with Google directly”, you could have that right now if you could/would just root your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus. But nooo, you’re the dumbass who told me on several occasions that rooting is for “2plus year old devices” and who is eternally “thinking about” rooting whatever your current phone is, starting with your “legendary” Evo 3D. What a joke.

  • spazby

    did somebody say android 5.0????

    • Division by Zero


  • fifthgear001

    I understand what VZW is saying. They want to test updates before they go out, but I wonder if they make Apple wait until they (Verizon) test iphone updates before they are released. If they do, this is perfectly fair to do to the Nexus. If they don’t test iphone update they shouldn’t test Nexus updates. Let Google handle the testing the same way Apple does.

    • Dags -

      They test iPhone updates too but the testing period is a matter of weeks rather than months. It would be interesting if carriers came clean about the reasoning behind the discrepancy. I think we all know it’s because Apple can apply more pressure because they have the most popular single device in the world but that doesn’t mean it’s fair on customers or that customers should be happy with the situation.

  • MagnaCartaHG

    Dear VZW: Next time I’m switching…

  • Skis03

    Verizon needs to get their a$$es in gear and take care of the flagships first. Google/Samsung need to hold them to if it they want exclusives!

  • MitchRapp81

    Solution #1 –> Verizon releases OTA update that completely removes all their junk
    Solution #2 –> People who have a Verizon account switch to another company

    Win Win!
    (I don’t personally care, I have a nice Gnex in Canada… no issues)

  • fletchtb

    I am looking forward to this update for my Nexus. It has been a long time coming (too long), but I haven’t been too plagued with any of the 4.0.2 bugs.

    Here’s hoping for even faster/smoother operation and better battery life!

  • ken

    I have a Verizon GNex and don’t have any of these major issues. Well yeah the battery sucks. It would be great if the new update significantly extended the battery life. Though I am not expecting it to get better. the screen is huge and 4G is quick. So the currently battery life is not a surprise to me.

  • swazedahustla

    Problem with that is people who don’t own a nexus now, aren’t gonna get one when there are phones out, coming out that crush the gnex. So there only option is to wait till christmas time and hope the new nexus is announced, and then people in the US will have to wait another 6 months for it to be released. So either way, they would still be behind the curve as far as hardware because by the time they got their phone in their hands, newer better spec’d phones would have just been released. lol


  • DroidSamurai

    >> but it could be annoying when your friends on AT&T and T-Mobile are enjoying Android 5.0

    I really want to know how well this statement can hold when AT&T and T-mobile becomes LTE-centric. As far as I know, the situation of LTE is not any better than CDMA.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The current unlocked Galaxy Nexus sold in the US runs on HSPA+ and not LTE. It will likely be one of the first devices upgraded to Jelly Bean (Android 4.x or 5.0).

  • Black Kristos

    I got my Gnex on day one and I haven’t had any bugs at all. It’s worked like a charm and wows all those who see it. And honestly, I knew going into it that the LTE version was going to be subject to Verizon updates, so I have no need to complain. It sucks that you and whoever else has had a shitty experiance. Mine has been awesome.

  • Oreo

    Yeah, I love my Nexus on T-mobile.

  • Jake Gall

    Well I’m glad I picked the Rezound over the Gnex, I haven’t had any of the issues the GNex customers on Verizons network have had.

    • Grwg

      Gnex absolutely destroys the rezound, you made a horrible mistake

      • Jake Gall

        Well it blows down to preference for me, I’ve always been an HTC device owner because I like sense.

  • Raptor

    “The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone”…

    hahaha. Really? It always reminds me anecdotal acronym
    FORD – Fix Or Repair Daily. :-).

    I’m not an English speaking originally to master myself something similar for Nexus. Because of

    -pentile crap
    -no microSD.
    -terrible battery life specifically on CDMA, Half of its users on extended batteries and it still sucks

    I’d save word “amazing” for something like

    -full day battery life
    -Windows8 Pro phone.

    not for a landfill candidate starting tomorrow.

    • snowbdr89

      Terrible battery life? I’m getting 21 + hours on above average usage ..

      • Grwg

        I get the same with 2.5 hours of screen on. It gets twice the battery life of the One X and not to mention my antutu scores are about 700 points higher than the One Stop, and I’m overclocked to 1.65Ghz. Everyone should root this phone, it’s easy and fun.. Plus I will have jellybean the same day it’s released!

        • Grwg

          That is One S dawned swiftkey!

  • Keoki619

    Will there ever be a time when I may purchase a phone from Google and use it on the Verizon network (or any other third party vendor) — without hacking or otherwise invalidating my Verizon account? I thought the recent LTE spectrum Verizon purchased had government stipulations that required being more open and inclusive of phones not purchased direct from them?

    • tbon

      Verizon like to control thongs too much.You get a great network but everything else sucks.

  • bolanrox


  • realmathbehindthatexpertsagreewithus

    i’ve had my Verizon galaxy nexus for awhile now.

    i don’t regret purchasing it, and will not.

    i was big into flashing custom roms, etc… with all my past android phones. i’ve left this one stock, had way less headaches, and with Android 4.0 it’s been the most enjoyable phone experience i’ve ever had. i haven’t even rooted it. (no need since there is a wireless tether app that doesn’t require root now).

    i don’t ever plan to buy a non-Google “nexus” phone. Who cares that your hardware may be better, I get the software updates faster than you which means a lot more to me than some extra CPU cycles. i’ve had way more bug issues with custom roms (very popular ones on mainstream phones mind you) and don’t miss them one bit. that’s just me though, if i had more time to kill i would probably tinker with it but i’ve got better things to do with my time. the most i’ve done is trick the market into letting me download google wallet (which is super easy and requires no hacks).

    And people who complain about Verizon… You have to take the good with the bad. I don’t agree with their decisions and I wish my updates came from Google; however, they have the absolute best voice coverage nationwide. In my particular area they service is the best and I get LTE everywhere I go in my city. Their LTE is way faster than any competitors here since no one else has LTE where I live, just HSPA+ or WIMAX… If I didn’t want this level of service i’d go pay way less for Sprint. I’ll enjoy my grandfathered in unlimited plan as long as Verizon is number 1 in my area.

  • Nathan D.

    Well the update should come in soon since it not like it a huge update but I know it not small either with all the bug fixes

  • Anjie Cai


  • Grwg

    Who are these people who buy a galaxy nexus but don’t root their phone?

    • Kate Joy

      Those of us who don’t know what the hell rooting a phone is!! I buy a phone from a cell phone company and I expect it to actually work!! I shouldn’t have to have a programming degree to hack and hack and hack to get it to work. My sons’s Nexus worked for 90 days until the 4.0.2 update arrived. Basically it turned into a brick. No help from Verizon, though I continue to try to deal with them. Finally broke down and bought him the iphone 4s because it works!! We are now a 3 iphone family with no issues with any feature. No dropped calls, no turning phone on and off just to send one text. No rooting around….the product just works! Samsung/Google suck.

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    Most Samsung Galaxy Nexus are on 4.0.4? That’s news to me. I like tons of others are still on 4.0.2 thanks to these ridiculous region versions. Yeah I know I could go the root route but honestly its not that big of a deal because I don’t have any issues with my phone. Samsung Galaxy Nexus user on T-Mobile.

    • UndergroundWire

      Most Galaxy Nexus users are on 4.0.4. Look at it this way. GSM is world-wide. The GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus has been on 4.04 for at least a good month now.

      Second, the Sprint version that came out was on 4.0.4.

      Third, Some Verizon users rooted their phones to get a 4.0.4 update on their phone.

      So you see, most Galaxy Nexus’ (Nexi?) are on 4.0.4.

  • Matt

    When it was announced that Verizon was gettting the Nexus did anyone really expect any different?

    It should not have even been called a Nexus because all this has done is tarnish the Nexus line..Hopefully google is smart enough next time not to release their Nexus phone on a lame as CDMA network..Let alone Verizon only.

  • Kate Joy

    August 2012 and problems still exist. Dumped this phone. Too bad I can’t dump Verizon.

  • elizabeth

    I want to switch my Verizon galaxy nexus I just got to another carrier. I don’t know anything about this but reading tween lines u have to root unlock and/or Flash. I can’t go to sprint or metro. Where do I learn about the options? Can I go to t mobile. I am obviously an idiot bit I don’t care.