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Why I bought a Galaxy Nexus from Google Play


The Nexus name has come under some serious fire lately; and I can’t deny playing my part in that. Thanks to botched updates, carrier control and an absolutely horrendous initial rollout, Google’s Nexus line just ain’t what it used to be. So why then, did I just recently purchase a Galaxy Nexus as my next personal device? In a nutshell: everyone deserves a second chance.

When the Galaxy Nexus was announced, before the device was actually released, was when the problems first started. We knew the device would launch on Verizon here in the US, but it ended up taking much longer than initially expected. As for those of us not on Verizon, despite a GSM version of the device, compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile HSPA, being detailed alongside the Verizon LTE version, there was no news of that version of the Galaxy Nexus coming to the US at all. In fact, even a Sprint version of the Nexus was detailed before a US GSM variant was.

After that, between the release of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon in December and this April, a lot of crazy stuff went on. The CDMA version of the Nexus was labeled “fake” since Verizon practically has complete control of it, different versions of the international GSM Nexus were facing update problems as it was discovered carriers and Samsung also had control of those devices. And that’s just the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus S is still facing update issues, and the Nexus One has been left for dead. But there was still hope for the Nexus name, and it came in the form of the Google Play store.

When Google first announced they’d be selling the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus direct to consumers out of the Google Play store, I was ecstatic. The “Pure Google. No Contract. No Commitment.” slogan on the banner for the Nexus’ sale page had me excited. The software information page for the Play version of the Galaxy Nexus is what had me sold.

“A Galaxy Nexus purchased on Google Play is a Pure Google device and is among the first to receive the latest software updates from Google. We are pushing out updates to Nexus devices as quickly as possible and we will continue to provide the latest updates to these devices going forward. For devices purchased on Google Play, you can expect software updates to come directly from Google, rather than your mobile service provider.”

Could this finally be it? The Nexus I’ve been waiting for? It certainly seems like it. I know Google has messed up in the past, and I know it still has a huge PenTile display (which is what originally deterred me from wanting the Galaxy Nexus). But if Google were to, say, announce and release Jelly Bean at I/O this year, this would have to be the device to get it first. Seeing a new version of Android being released and not being able to use it right away is some strange from of torture I wouldn’t wish on even the most obnoxious of Android enthusiasts.

And to top it all off, a totally unlocked PentaBand device that is guaranteed to get updates directly from Google surely must cost at least $600. Right? The fact that Google is able to get the Galaxy Nexus directly to consumers for just $400 is nothing short of a miracle. Even with tax and shipping, I only paid $435. That is incredibly cheap in terms of brand new unlocked phones. Plus I was able to pass my Nexus S down to a budding Android enthusiast at a steep discount to knock some money off that $435 as well.

Looking past the price and updates, more than anything, I want the Nexus name to succeed. Not in the way that analysts and carrier CEOs do. In the way the developers and die-hard fans do. I know I’ve badmouthed the Nexus name recently, but it’s only because I felt personally betrayed. Not many companies can do that to me, which really says something about the place Google holds in my life.

So I ordered a Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play store. And I’m really hoping for the best. Google, please don’t let me down again.

Dustin Earley: Tech enthusiast; avid gamer; all around jolly guy.

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  • skugern

    The more people that do this, the better. It’s a message that says consumers are sick of bloatware and poor carrier support of Android. Kudos to you, Dustin.

    • Homncruse

      Agreed; I would have purchased the Galaxy Nexus when the Google Play store re-opened, except that I just don’t like Samsung phones. I know Samsung is the largest manufacturer right now, but I also know I’m not the only one who simply just doesn’t. Like. Their. Phones. I’m really hoping the next Nexus device will be made by someone other than Samsung (despite what the rumors have said), because three Nexus devices in a row by the same manufacturer seems a little bit much, and it deters customers like me who would love a Nexus device, but made by someone else.

      • jioqjsd

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      • NasLAU

        I’m ok with Samsung but an HTC Nexus would be more appealing to me as well. Even LG hardware feels better to me judging by the G2X.

        • mapin

          The G2x was an awful phone. I would never buy an LG nexus device.

          • NasLAU

            The software was super buggy but the hardware felt good and solid.


        You’d be surprised by the Galaxy Nexus. I know there’s a lot of heat on Samsung devices for having poor radios, poor GPS etc, but the Galaxy Nexus is actually a pretty slick device. The only issue I have with it is battery when LTE is on. I guess that’s a big issue, but still it’s manageable if you don’t mind charging every once in awhile..

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    • NasLAU

      That is definitely one of the reasons I just bought one myself. Verizon almost ruined the Nexus name.

      The price, no bloatware, timely updates without the need to root. That’s the phone all consumers deserve.

  • lagnis

    The US variant on build TAKJU will receive updates from Google just like the pure YAKJU build will. If you aren’t convinced you can flash TAKJU onto your YAKJU.

    • NT_

      I’m totally working that second sentence into every conversation possible for the next three days.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I agree 100%. google should sell the next jelly bean nexus on the play store. the carriers should get one and have control over it, but the play store nexus will be the pure google experience.

    • Nicholas Vettese

      If the carriers get it, then they should not be allowed to call it a Nexus.

    • Chad

      I def agree with you! I always thought this way.. for any android phone period – Google should put out on the Play Store with a pure Google experience and carriers can get their own version of that phone and do whatever they want with it. If the Play Store sold like not only a pure Galaxy Nexus but vanilla versions of popular android phones like Samsung Galaxy Note, Razr Maxx, and HTC One X..that’d be awesome and carriers would sell the skinned versions.

    • John G

      Agree. AND make it available to all countries, for goodness sake!

    • wickets

      “should sell the next jelly bean nexus on the play store. the carriers should get one and have control over it, but the play store nexus will be the pure google experience.”

      I guess google read your comments and went full tilt with them!!!

  • boro09

    I wish they did this at the time they launched it – I would have definitely bought it instead of my GS2, just as I did with my Nexus One

  • Ardrid

    It’s funny to see this article being posted because I’ve been contemplating buying a Galaxy Nexus from Google recently, in light of all the problems users are reporting with the HTC One X. Having a pure Google experience is something I’ve been longing for and now I’m really just stuck debating whether I should buy the Galaxy Nexus or wait for its successor in 4-5 months.

    • AmericanJedi001

      If you can be patient, wait and see what gets announced at Google I/O (June 27-29, 2012).

    • parker

      I’m in the same boat, but I’m not leaving ATT any time soon and the HTC One X is $150 at Is the pure google experience worth $250 to you? (honest question)

      • bdbplatano

        I say YES. But I’m very Bias towards “the google experience” so I’m not the best person to ask.

      • Sapphire3g

        I say,no, it’s not worth it. It is worth $435.

        I wish this would have happened when it first launched. I would have stayed with T-Mobile and saved myself about $100. Instead I went with big red to get their GNex to be disappointed by Google,just as Dustin has been.

        • Sapphire3g

          *Saved myself $100/month.

        • Scott

          I almost did that same exact thing, but I ended up convincing myself it would be cheaper to buy the GSM version from the UK and stay on T-Mobile, so I did ;) and I’m so happy I made that decision.

          • jd

            At $100 extra/mo, did you look at buying the international version and using it on T-Mobile. Would have been $300 more than the Google Play version is now, but $300 is a mere 3 months out of the however-long-you-signed contract.

        • Greg

          I also left T-Mobile to get the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. But more importantly, I left my $10/month data plan behind. That is what I really regret, as I see no way to ever get it back. I managed to get unlimited 4G data with Verizon, but looking at the big picture, it really was not worth it.

      • Ardrid

        Given the problems that seem to continually crop up with manufacturer/carrier devices, I’m inclined to say yes (it would be $200 in my case because purchasing through Amazon kills my grandfathered data/SMS plan). It seems that, for all the good some carrier skins can bring to the experience, they almost inevitably cause any number of problems that can take a decent amount of time to correct. With a pure Google experience, you know that any bugs are going to be fixed in a reasonably timely manner and, more importantly, won’t be slowed by manufacturer/carrier QA.

      • gp

        More than worth it. I have both the att one x and the hspa Google play galaxy nexus. The pure Google experience is just so much better/cleaner/more enjoyable over HTC sense and the various modifications and limitations att makes to their phones. Well worth it for such an incremental price difference.

      • Msgnus100

        Yes it certainly is!

      • mapin

        The One X price is on a 2 year contract you silly man. You’re comparing apples and oranges. How much a month are you paying AT&T ? Factor that in. I paid $400 for the GNex and I pay T-M a mere $30 a month without being on contract for 100 min/ unlimited SMS/ 5GB data. The savings are huge.

        • killabee44

          What are the fees if you go over 5gb in data? Thanks.

          • killabee44

            Oh, and if they throttle you after 5gb, how slow do they make the connection? Im in South Florida and am thinking of leaving Sprint.

          • jj

            Im told its Edge but no fee. ive contemplated sprint but the terrible reviews abt their network scared me off

          • Baller

            No fees. If you go over your limit you get throttled to 2G data speeds though. Still better than ATT and Verizon on overages and their 3G speeds are faster than Sprint’s 4G speeds. I still think T-Mo, bring-your-own-phone, is the best deal out there. Actually you can do some deal through WalMart with T-Mo too, not sure of the ins and outs of that one though.

        • jj

          I thought that plan was only for new activations..and was told by Tmo you had to buy phone at WM. But then again my exp with prepaid cust service has been so bad I may use my savings to switch to iphone

        • Parker

          very good point, im with ATT because my work pays for most of my bill, but I may be leaving my job within 2 years, so even then it’s about even. I didnt know you could get a TMob plan that cheap. I’ll check with them.

      • jj

        Maybe if I can use Tmo prepaid, change my plan month to month & not have to pay fees&taxes which used to add 20% to my bill. Wouldnt have to pay $20 for unlimited texting or $60 for unlimited calling. A 2gb plan is 60 & 5 gb 70..(again no mystery fees)…& for those who need less data or like me are on wifi a lot you can pay even less..oh and no overages…Depending on your needs, you can save that in 6-9 mos.

    • thaghost

      If you need a phone badly, you can buy it now and resell it when its successor comes out. Selling phones are very easy.

    • skyflakes

      Me too. A month ago I was almost decided to buy the One X but when the GNex’s price was cut, I just couldn’t ignore how big the price difference was.

      Now I’m at 50% GNex, 30% One X and 20% Wait for the next one (which hopefully HTC will make).

      • jd

        I’d stick with Nexus (either this one or the next one.) Because really, even with Google’s screw-ups, what other line of phones is getting updates quicker than the Nexus line?

  • AmericanJedi001

    If only they sold a variant that was CDMA & LTE compatible!

    • Homncruse

      They can’t. The CDMA versions require proprietary carrier crap. That’s why Verizon has such supreme reign over all their phones – they refuse to open up their architecture to the people who would need it to release a CDMA-equivalent phone.

      • Dave

        I think Google still screwed all us Verizon GN owners, so now they market the Google Experience from the Google Play Store. They sold that on the Verizon GN, how many times does Google get to fix the GN story.

        I for one am starting to NOT trust Google anymore. I was their biggest supporter. I feel ripped off.

    • Dave

      I agree totally I would love to buy a nexus from google play but I have to have CDMA/LTE… come on google don’t leave us out in the cold!

      • Usman Ansari

        Even IF Google released a cdma device on their store, Verizon WOULD NOT let you guys activate on their network. This is just rehashing what happened with the N1. If you guys want a pure Google device, free of carrier garbage, go with GSM or stop whining.

        • elarella

          Couldn’t agree with you more. Verizon had some an influence on the Galaxy Nexus, that it wasn’t a Nexus anymore. Google pushes out the source codes, but it is up to the discretion of the carrier on whether or not they want to push it to their locked phones. That is where the delay happens. I thought about leaving T-Mo for Verizon to get the Galaxy Nexus, but I remembered how locked down their phones are and was certain that was going to happen to the Galaxy Nexus. I am glad I stayed with T-Mo! Go Google Play Store!

  • JoAnn

    What carrier did you put it on and how is the voice/data service?

    • Dustin Earley

      T-Mobile. It’s great so far. Better than my Nexus S here in mid-Michigan.

      • NasLAU

        I don’t understand for the life of me why so many people are hell bent on wasting money on Verizon and AT&T IF they live on a good T-Mobile coverage area. The speed difference is not worth the price premium, specially when compared to AT&T. T-Mobile has cheaper plans on contract and off and HSPA+ 21/42 is very very good.

        • NasLAU

          Type your address in here to check for coverage:

        • jd

          I had pretty good coverage when I lived in Annapolis and Bowie, but YMMV. If you live in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) though, T-Mobile is flat out awful. Luckily I don’t live there anymore.

      • Jeffrey

        There is no wifi calling but you can you groove ip and use your google voice number to make calls.I do it and it works great. I transferred my number to google voice.

        • cb2000a

          That kills it for me. I really like the wifi calling.

    • Alan

      Bought the gnexus from the Google party store. have it on TMobile and sold my htc sensation. Have not had a single dropped call, calls are clear as day, and get almost 3x the speed of the sensation for internet (ranges from 3 to 9mb/sec). i live in Los Angeles and my sensation NEVER hit 3mb/sec. Best decision i ever made… Love this phone!

      • Archit Patel

        I did the exact same thing. Sold my LG Optimus and bought Gnex from Play store. I am in Boston, and this works the best for me. Saving money yet getting the best thing out there.
        Love Google Nexus and T-mobile!

    • mapin

      T-Mobile 4G Prepaid: $30 for 100 min/unlimited SMS/5GB data/no contract..

      • Dave

        & you can even add T-Mobile’s (no contract needed) Unlimited Any mobile calling feature. You get unlimited incoming & outgoing calling to any mobile number from any carrier. I just decreased my plan from a unlimited minute to a regular minute plan, added this & saved $20 a month.

  • Jorge Branco

    Serious question, not trolling. How heavily did the fact you’re locking yourself out of 4g weigh in your decision making. Because I’m facing this exact dilemma. Cheap nexus or wait till Australia’s 4g carrier announces a compatible version of one x or gs3

    • Dustin Earley

      It honestly wasn’t really even a factor. I’m always on WiFi at home, which is also where I work, and every place I frequent has WiFi as well. On my Nexus S, I was getting around 3-4M down around the town. All my tests so far show the Galaxy Nexus getting around 8M down. So it’s twice as fast, when my Nexus S felt plenty fast enough.

      Everything I use my phone for outside of the house works just fine. Twitter, Google Music, etc. If I had to, I could even tether at these speeds and deal with it.

    • NasLAU

      We don’t have 4G in the US so it doesn’t matter lol. Either that or all the carriers have 4G since the ITU gave all the carriers a pass.. And yes that includes HSPA+ since the speed increases over 3G is significant with all technologies.

  • Peter B

    The Galaxy Nexus saved T-mobile’s hide in my opinion. T-mobile has never carried a top contending smartphone until now.

    I have had my Galaxy Nexus for two weeks now and I am utterly delighted! No bloat-ware! No lagging! The Pure Google experience is very satisfying. If I broke of lost this phone, I would buy another immediately.

    Can’t wait to see the Nexus Tablet.

    • Homncruse

      They’ve never carried a top contending smartphone? That may be true of recent days, but “never” is hardly the word I would use for the carrier who had the G1 and received the Nexus One long before anyone else.

    • Dymaxion

      The HTC Amaze was the most powerful smartphone on the market at release, they carried the Galaxy II and the Sensation 4G as well. All very high end.

      The Amaze gets missed, but mine has been trouble free and it was as good or better than most everything out there when it was new. Still is better than most IMHO.

      • Scotter

        The Amaze Camera is also superior to the Galaxy Nexus Camera. After all the shenanigans the author mentioned about the Galaxy Nexus, why give more money to Samsung? I’m not recommending the Amaze. If I were looking for a phone right now, I would actually get either the HTC One (S or X) or wait for this Summer’s crop of new phones. I’m actually pretty disappointed in all the MFGRS right now, including HTC. My Amaze has worked well (once I rooted and got rid of Sense) but these incremental updates have me pissed off. Like the One X with no memory slot or removable battery!?

        Oh and do you really think you will be the first to get Jelly Bean? Seems to me the track record is to give the new OS to the new Nexus and then make the current Nexus owners wait about 3 months so they can sell more of the new Nexus. Bastards. That’s why I stopped buying into the Nexus bullshit. Well, also because my Nexus One rocked so I had high hopes and when the second one, by Samsung, came out, and it wasn’t pushing the envelope and then Google gave the contract to Samsung yet again, I called foul.

    • mapin

      what in god’s name are your talking about? The G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy, Galaxy SII, HTC Sensation, and now Galaxy Nexus. T-Mobile has been the leader in high end Android phones since the G1.

      • Peter

        At the time all of those phones were in service, the competitors had far better stock in which to choose from.

        I had the G1 and the Galaxy (Vibrant, I presume). That thing (vibrant) was a lagging piece of crap with a non-functioning GPS.

        T-mobile gets the HTC One S and everyone else gets the HTC One X. This is how it has always been. It has been the primary beef with T-mobile.

  • thaghost

    I just bought one from expansys for $409.99 to avoid taxes and shipping charges. I wanted the One X for tmobile but couldnt afford $620. I cant express how happy i am with this phone. To be comletely free of bloatware is pricesless, along withe the ability to disable apps. Within 30 minutes i received 3 updates so now im on 4.0.4, and i llove it. Unlocked, non-carrier branded phones are the best way to go!!

  • Jesse Moreno

    I love this article. The torture comment = nail+head.

    And I’m glad you had your say about the “fake Nexus”. I think journalism should be unabashed, unadulterated and unbiased — purists be damned. And who knows? Your article may have even caught the attention of the right execs?

  • Mix

    Can’t bring up the Google Play store in “My Country” ;_;

    Stupid Canada.

    • dman

      Get the expansys version its yakju. The only difference from the US version is Google wallet.
      If you want that, just flash the takju firmware as soon as you get it.

      • Mix

        I had no idea about that site, looks decent! I will be checking it out for sure as no contact sounds like an amazing thing!

    • HackNet

      Canada? That’s a country?

      I thought it was an unwanted limb that was cut off from the US and throw northwards :)

    • Dustin Earley

      Google is working on expanding, hopefully it won’t be long.

  • Dylan

    bought my nexus one directly from google, and recently replaced it with a galaxy nexus directly from google!

  • bdbplatano

    After reading your article I HAD to comment. I created a Androidandme account just so that I can comment (as well as hit the contact us link on their page and recommended that they incorporate Disqus into their forums). Anyway here I go:

    My first Android was the OG Droid, only I was in Germany at the time and I bought it locally so it was actually the EU version of the phone, the Milestone. I loved it… except that as soon as the Nexus One came out I bought it thinking it was going to completely change the way that phones were sold and bought. A phone straight from Google with no strings attached and updates came straight from The Big G? I was sold.

    After that I bought the Nexus S and enjoyed that too until the Galaxy Nexus came out. I bought the Gnex, the day it came out in Germany which just happend to be the day I left Germany for good after living there for six years. I was completely blown away by the Gnex, the screen, the built but most importantly Android 4.0. I was blown away until I got back to the states and found out that for some reason my “variation” of the phone did not receive updates from Google. I instantly blamed T-Mobile, but it was not them. The updates came from Samsung EU, and because of that I wasn’t able to download the latest Google Apps (Maps, G+, YouTube, Music and a few others) because the signatures were different. Not an issue, I just unlocked the bootloader, rooted, and flashed the ROM directly from Google. What’s the point of getting a nexus if I wasn’t going to do this, right?

    For some reason I decided to get the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus (VNex). Bigger battery, 4G speeds and more memory, who wouldn’t? All I can tell you is that switching was the biggest mistake ever. Besides not being too happy with CDMA; conference calling, managing multiple calls at once and simultaneous voice and data), I can tell you that the Verizon version of the phone was not as good as the GSM version. Even with the LTE off, the battery was atrocious, no Google Wallet support and the updates coming from Verizon instead of Google was a deal breaker for me. I ended up paying the ETF and going back to my Gnex, this time on AT&T. and I am completely happy. I’m running AOKP and it is beautiful.

    The moral of this story is: In my opinion, Google botched the US launch of the third Nexus. You can’t even call the thing a Nexus. I mean, for what? You compromised the Nexus brand, just so that you can release the phone on Verizon? After Sprint and T-Mobile have been there for you (think G1 on T-Mo and Google Voice for Sprint).

    What they are doing now with is how it should of been from the beginning. I’m not too sure how I feel about Samsung making the next Nexus (rumored). Personally, I think another manufacturer should have a crack at it. I like the built of the Gnex but hope that the launch and sale of next year’s Nexus resembles that of the Nexus One; Google-sold. I definitely believe in second chances and I think that Google is finally doing it right. Let’s just hope they get their act together by the time the Nexus 4 comes out.

    ***Side note, I wouldn’t be mad if they went back to the original Boot animation that came with the Nexii (before Ice Cream Sandwich) the rainbow tiles gotta go***

    • Dustin Earley

      If they don’t screw this up, they’ll have me as a Google Play customer for quite some time. Launching it on Verizon had a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, Google has used the experience as a learning tool.

    • Scotter

      I’m with you 100%. IMHO Samsung has been screwing customers since the first Galaxy. That’s why I stuck with my Nexus One for two years instead of jumping on the Nexus s. I wanted it to be awesome but it was “current tech” when it came out and I just didn’t trust Samsung. Still don’t. And what’s up with Google continuing to give Nexus contracts to Samsung? That really pisses me off.

      • bdbplatano

        Yea, I’m on the fence about Sammy and the Next Nexus but if Google handles the situation better and Samsung solely “manufactures” the phone, I will be ok with it. Plus, if the GSIII is any indication the N4 should be pretty good. We shall see

    • Bruce

      Well, about the boot animation, you should be on the awesome pink unicorn since you are on aokp, right? ;)

      • bdbplatano

        I used Aniboot and changes it to the stock color tiles but in blue. Look ok..

      • bdbplatano

        *looks ok.

        AOKP called me a jerk when I changed the Animations

  • bdbplatano

    Dam! I just realized how long my comment was… MY BADD haha

  • Follower

    First to get Jelly Bean, Are you sure ?
    There will be a new nexus shipped with Jelly Bean, and you need to wait months to get it!

    • bdbplatano

      One of the firsts. Along side the Nexus 4? [fingers crossed] !!

  • Alankrut Patel

    Nice choice. I too bought mine from the Play Store.
    And as you said, $435 is a steal for a no contract and awesome device.

    I do not regret my decision at all, im glad i didnt wait for the Galaxy s3.

    Can’t wait for JellyBean.

    Hope they sell the next Nexus on the play store for the same price, and decrease the price of this one.

  • Mark T

    For me, the lack of LTE is also not an issue. I am an ATT Nexus One owner, one of the lucky few that got one in the 6 weeks that it was available. In reviewing my data usage, I found that LTE is not really needed for me. I have a few apps that are synced – Email, News Reader, Calendar. I don’t see a tremendous need for LTE given my usage. I am contemplating getting the Play version, rather than a replacement phone from the carrier for the following reasons:
    1). No Carrier Bloatware, just Google bloatware.
    2). Android apps are getting much bigger, my poor stock N1 is having memory issues with the updates that are coming out.
    3). I do not want to be in a contract with any who cripples all of their phones in some manner. This phone gives me the option to switch carriers.
    4). Since I travel internationally, I will be able to use this GSM phone on any GSM, and I can pick up a local SIM. ATT Locks their phones and plays dumb when you ask for the unlock code.

    • jd

      I upgraded from an N1 to a Galaxy Nexus. The difference is tremendous. I had to send my GNex in for a repair recently (and I got mine from the UK, so it’s a big ordeal.) I ended up using my old N1 during that time. It was quite painful. The N1 device is mostly fine (some dust under the screen), but Gingerbread just feels awful after using ICS for so many months. Also, the transfer speeds with both WiFi and 3G/4G are so much faster. It ended up being a much larger upgrade than I anticipated.

  • jamal adam

    This article reminds me of a talk I had with my History professor about what Android smartphone he wanted to get. He wanted one that could work international and so I told him about the HTC One X and the Galaxy Nexus, which at the time were the two best phones I could think of, this was like 3-4 weeks ago. I told him all the good and bad about each phone and then I started to tell him that the Galaxy Nexus would be able to get the latest updates faster than the One X. Having previously researched about different Android phones before coming to me, he knew of the Galaxy Nexus and how it was supposed to get updates on time. I convinced him to get the Galaxy Nexus and he bought it from Google Play as well. So yesterday, he let me play with it for a bit and I was able to show him all the things it could do and the apps he should get and stuff like that. I have to say, the Galaxy Nexus is pretty dope and sexy.

    • Raptor

      its sexy if u had dumbphone before.

      hahaha You’d have a problem with me if you’d be my student, Jamal. Also clearly your history professor is a braindead technical illiterate like all humanitarian usually are. Like you probably are too. To buy obsolete outdated piece of garbage losing all the benchmarks by the factor of 5, crap at the end of its life span, pentile – nonsense. And pay more for what – for a month or two earlier and less tested and more buggy updates?

      And also…hahaha… a Professor- Updater…

      When people with common sense will revolt and kick all mentally sick Updaters out of this site?

  • mmalakai10

    i hate the face i left t-mobile to verizon for this phone becuz i so desperately wanted pure google experience on a better network. i am so mad i made that move to verizon for just to find out later down the line that the google experience i was looking for has been taken away from me. i feel like i have been betrayed by either google or verizon i joined the nexus line to be free from carrier bloatware and slow updates carriers take they sweet time to deliver to there customers. if i can backout of this contract and return to t-mobile now without any penalties from the carrier i would leave. well its going to be a long year and 6 months. sign prey for me fellow nexus line users i will need it under this carriers control. as soon as its up i will flea like the incredible HULK getting angry awakening after a deep sleep. until then…

    • Richard Yarrell

      Truthfully WE only have US to blame for the choices and moves we have made. A lot of people on Verizon today feel the same as we do who have the Galaxy Nexus check out Verizons google plus page and facebook pages they are being blitzed left and right.Dustin has made some great points that we all need to pay more attention to. Better days are ahead for future nexus devices that will be sold through the play store. I have a funny feeling the next nexus will be much better organized with google and samsung. Verizon got what they never had and what they have always wanted their OWN galaxy nexus we just didn’t understand what that meant now we know. They won’t see another nexus device now that they plan on the galaxy s3. Either way regardless of what’s coming on verizon down the road i am gone. I am committed to the nexus brand and stock android only that choice was made in Nov 2011. I am happy with samsung and google and that says alot after seeing the evo 4g lte device the other day. Get out when you can because i am doing the same no carrier will ever be bigger than the nexus or google.

      • squiddy20

        “Get out when you can because i am doing the same no carrier will ever be bigger than the nexus or google.” How many times do I have to tell you Richard? Google, Android, and the iPhone are not “carriers”. Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile, etc are all carriers while Android is an OS (operating system, since you don’t know) and Google is a company that is mainly focused on the internet search and ad business. For a person who continually insults me about needing a better education, seems to me you need to look in a mirror while saying that and brush up on some of those vocab words.
        “Truthfully WE only have US to blame for the choices and moves we have made” Say it ain’t so! We are accountable for our own actions?! Since when?! /sarcasm
        Yet again Richard, your blinding intelligence and insight astounds me. How will we ever survive without your virtuous knowledge? /even more sarcasm

        @Dr. Carpy, yes, I see your post below, but just to spite you, I won’t respond to that comment or Richard’s there, but I will respond to this one. What Richard (and apparently you as well) don’t seem to understand is that, by writing a comment such as that, pretty much means I won’t do as you say, simply to prove you wrong. Just like here: How sad that neither of you realize this.

        • Usman Ansari

          He’s talking about Verizon when he says carriers, you dolt. I don’t see the problem with his posf.. The carriers do have too much power in the US.

          • squiddy20

            “no carrier will ever be bigger than the nexus or google.” Wanna try again?

        • jonathan3579

          Squiddy, I gotta say that I love reading your rebuttals to the inept Richard.

  • YNWA

    Considering Boost Mobile is going to be selling last years clunky Evo 3D (sans the 3D) for $300, I would say the Galaxy Nexus for $400 is a great deal! T-Mobile is obviously more than Boost, but it is a smaller price gap than Verizon or AT&T.

  • pekosROB

    I just wish I could buy an unlocked version for Verizon for that much. Aren’t they like $649 MSRP off contract? That’s the boat my wife and I are in. But when the SGS3 comes out, that will be around that price too I imagine.

    Sigh, if only Verizon had phones unlocked sold for them… but I understand why Google does for GSM providers, they definitely outnumber CDMA.

    • Usman Ansari

      You’re missing the point.. Cdma networks have inherently more power poweramd control than GSM carriers . You HAVE to have Verizon’s permission to activate a device on their network. Not the case with GSM. Verizon will never allow a nonbranded “carrier free” device to be used, under the guise of network compatibility or some such nonsense, in an effort to control the entire value chain. It’s the age old question.. Why does a dog lick its balls? Because it can.

      • pekosROB

        No, you’re missing MY point. The point I was making was simple – I wish I could buy a phone, unlocked or not, off contract, for the same price as the same version (albeit an unlocked variant) for another carrier.

        I’m not saying Verizon should or shouldn’t, I just wish they had off contract prices closer to what others pay for a phone that’s even better (unlocked, quicker updates) than what the off contract phone is for that carrier.

  • hue three of five

    Anyone using this with straight talk on at&t network?

    • wex

      Straight talk told me they only provide 3g data not tmo 4g

  • Richard Yarrell

    I must say GREAT article Dustin you are the man. I am very much happy for you. I ran into a person who i have not seen since our WTC days of working together. He had a Galaxy Nexus on T-mobile and boy what a difference in overall performance i was simply shocked. Myself in my haste for my first nexus google experience device i jumped the gun thinking Verizon was the answer. Verizon and all the pomp and circumstance talking up it’s LTE network as well as November’s double the data promotion hooked me. Oh well lesson learned here on my end very soon this Verizon ride will be over just too deep into it now. Yeah i could blame google and say this version of the galaxy nexus should’ve been sold through the play store from day one but we all know that already. I will play it smart now and wait to make my move i have 2 lines i will be bringing with me. I want my next move to be T-mobile and i will wait till i see what is discussed at google i/o before making my next move. The Galaxy Nexus placed on tmobile and sold through the google play store proves how much of a disgrace the Verizon galaxy nexus really is. I need info on jellybean and it’s release to make my choice and that won’t happen till google i/o. So i wait well into june maybe even August if need be.

    • Dr.Carpy

      Now watch Squiddy20 have something negative to say about this…

    • pekosROB

      Good God man, do you not know how to use the return/enter key? Quit writing these ridiculously long sentences (since it’s obvious you’re going to continue to write comments that get down ranked).

      At least make it easier for those who take the time to read your comment.

      • pekosROB

        And by sentences I actually meant paragraphs! I really wish there was an edit button…

  • RonD

    Good Luck with your Nexii, I bought one from the play store and I couldn’t use it as a hotspot because it kept dropping the connection, wifi seemed weak, and the GPS wasn’t so great either. If they do a Nexus by someone other than Samsung I would be interested.

    • Scotter

      I’m with you. Samsung + Verizon = suck

  • cthonctic

    I would like to see Google extending this kind of direct offer to EU countries.

    Now, while buying phones unlocked, unbranded and contract-free isn’t exactly revolutionary to us non-UnitedStatesians, if this offer was available over here I’d probably buy directly from Google rather than Amazon.

  • Matthew

    Next nexus phone should be made by htc and named ” Nexus One x”

    see what i did there? hahaha.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Honestly that would be awesome. HTC makes good hardware even if their software blows!


    google did the right thing here.. they need to rebuild some confidence with its most loyal followers.

  • donger

    My favorite Nexus device would be the Nexus One, I say that because I own each and everyone of the nexus devices. The Nexus One was always getting Android updates within weeks of release. The hardware was very good at the time, it beat other competitors’ phones on the market. Purchasing it and popping in your sim card was a breeze, I am happy to see Google sell the Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store. I think the next Nexus needs to be made by another company and NOT Samsung, preferably HTC or Sony. They’re not gonna let it out-shine their own Galaxy flagship phone, if it did the Galaxy Nexus would be selling like hotcakes right now.

    • Scotter

      I’m with you. I had the Nexus One and loved it. It was ahead of the other tech at the time. Not the case with the Samsung Nexii when they came out. I do not agree about Sony. They keep putting out phones that are *way* obsolete as soon as they hit market. HTC is the only one I trust at this point and heck even they are making some decisions I don’t agree with, like non-removable battery and no SD card slot. I see why they do this. I don’t like it, though. Nor do I like Sense. Glad I rooted my Amaze. Wishing a hot new competitor would get in on the scene and push these old fogies to give us more than incremental updates. And even if I liked or trusted Samsung, I wouldn’t buy the “all Google” Nexus 6 months after it was introduced. Is there anything about it superior to the HTC One X? And consider the One X’s camera, which is what the best camera in any phone right now?

      • Jimmy_Jo

        Samsung may make decent phones… I don’t know as I don’t own one and you know there’s a difference between playing with one and owning one. But it’s pretty sad that the Galaxy Nexus was equal or LESS than the GSII in so many ways. And the Galaxy S III blows the GNex out of the water completely. The reason why I’m stating this is because they seem to be much more committed to making sure their Galaxy phones are ahead of even the Nexus which seems to go against the principles of the Nexus line.

        I feel the Nexus should be a top notch technological device with full developer support and obviously root friendly. They gave you 2 out of 3 with nearly outdated processors, poor radios, and a camera that’s bested by year old devices let alone the new ones.

        The Nexus line needs to be revamped… like yesterday!

        • donger

          Since Google makes the Android OS, they should be able to tell whoever what kind of hardware the device should have and should always use the latest technology that shouldn’t be outdated within months.

  • Donnieace

    Let’s hope the next version of the Nexus will immediately be ready for sale by Google. Would rather go through them than a carrier or Best Buy.

  • Jorge Eslava

    I don’t want to be “that guy” but you made a small mistake on “strange from of torture” =)

  • Dr.Carpy

    @Dr. Carpy, yes, I see your post below, but just to spite you, I won’t respond to that comment or Richard’s there, but I will respond to this one.

    Yeah, but you still responded? So you proved me right anyways. Yay! You’re going to college! I WENT to college, an matriculated twice (graduated from a trade and computer science.) I am now working towards a Project Management designation. Since you’re so smart, why do you need to bicker with Richard? I’ll tell you why, because in your real life you’re insignificant. Real intelligence would be spent reading, with friends or family. You constantly waste timme on a man who finds you irrelevant. True maturity stems from realizing you can’t control anyone here. You can however choose to participate in android based discussions rather than try to be right in some silly infantile way. I know guys who speak slang, and are far more successful than you. I speak in slang, and I don’t feel like you’re better than me. Perfect english doesn’t mean a thing. I have a friend Dmitri who makes english mistakes all the time. He’s currently a programmer on Windows 8 project. So, keep pumping up your own tires. It only proves my point.

    • Mist

      “Dr. Carpy, yes, I see your post below, but just to spite you, I won’t respond to that comment or Richard’s there, but I will respond to this one.” For a person who is supposedly educated, and holds a doctoral degree, you aren’t very good at interpreting the information in front of you. He specifically said, ” I see your post below, but just to spite you, I won’t respond to that comment or Richard’s there, but I will respond to this one.” He did exactly what he said he was going to do, thus proving nothing.
      “Since you’re so smart, why do you need to bicker with Richard? I’ll tell you why, because in your real life you’re insignificant.” Hmm…yet here you are picking a fight with Squiddy. Perhaps there is so much irony in your post that you couldn’t see it for the same reason that you can’t see New York from Central Park.
      “Perfect english doesn’t mean a thing.” It does if you want anyone with three-digits in their IQ to take you seriously.
      Respond if it helps you sleep at night, but I’m not coming back to this thread to read the lies and nonsense about your education and imaginary friends. Good Day to you.

      • BAHAHA

        Dam, Mist put you in your place.

  • Raptor

    Updates updates updates..

    Updaters – I’m sick to hear about your updates. Get another site for you morons.

    Even “” were not that stupid.

    • Usman Ansari

      Go away and stop wasting bandwidth. I’ve seen nothing but trolling posts from you.

      • Raptor

        nice to hear from dumbofriends of dumbodick

    • Max.Steel

      You’re an idiot.

      • Raptor

        MaxSteel wrote: “I have a G2 and still stuck on Gingerbread. I do have root and have flashed ICS but it was just to buggy that I went back to GB.”

        jahaha… junior loser-updater is also here

  • Harry Ward

    When the nexus one was released it was released it was a combination of the best hardware with the newest software. Made and sold by Google. A nexus device hasn’t been like this since! Despite this I own a galaxy nexus. Why? Because I’ve tried htc sense and touchwiz ect on friends phones and I can’t stand them.

  • thetrystero

    One word. Root.

    The nexus is an enthusiast’s phone and needn’t be mentioned in the same line as ‘carrier update’

  • lokesh chauhan

    i can see the quality of the post is very good.. and i have really enjoyed while i was reading it..

    You can also get posts for rooting your phones on my web blog.

  • golfpedaler

    I have a real simple reason why…because I couldn’t resist. I had the Nexus One and loved it…Great Phone!!! Thanks Google!!!

  • nippi

    great article

  • Jhass

    Got mine and I’m loving it. Hopefully this Google Play model continues when the next nexus is released, only I hope it is available on launch, not 6 months later

  • Nathan D.

    hopefully Google will keep the store open for a longer period of time this time around. Nice article

  • Yonas

    They should cover as much regions as possible,then i’m sure it will be a great market.

  • petrus

    My Nexus S is locked! How get a new password?

  • Scott

    Come on, the pentile excuse, really?

  • Robert

    Just got my Galaxy Nexus yesterday from Google. Two day shipping turned into overnight delivery. :) So far I’m pretty happy with the phone except I wish the in call volume was a little higher. Anyone know of a Volume app that works great on the GNex?

  • Steven Alvarez

    I’ve already purchased 3 of them. The first two from and the third from the play store. My first gnex was stolen ,second was for my wife she fell in love with mines and the third , was my replacement purchased from the Google play store. This phone IMHO is the best phone out right now. ICS is so perfect, its literally a computer alternative for me and my everday usage. If android would’ve been introduced with ics iOS be considered aging and old school.

  • Dave Nullstein

    Sucker. That’s what they said about the Nexus S.

    Good luck though.

  • mipd1980

    I’m the owner of a NS4G on Sprint. and while I was a little mad about the ICS Update not coming fast enough for me…..I’m even madder at how much Sprint and I’m sure other carriers have control over us the costumers than again we do sign the contract. My Contract is over next year and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with an Unlocked GSM Phone next just because of the overall price and savings when you do this. I would kill for a 30 dollar monthly bill on my phone right now even if I had to purchase the phone upfront for 400 dollars. Android is the way to go…

  • Ruben Alvarez

    Literally have nothing to add. Dustin read my mind word for word. I bought one of these knowing I was gonna buy a SGS3. I want this Google Play Store for Devices to work in the worst way and felt the only way to help that happen is to support Google with my dollars. The consumer ultimatly has the power to change the way cell carriers ( and cable companies btw ) do business, money talks, and we need to be loud. I will also be first in line for the Nexus Tab or whatever they decide to name it. Google, FTW.

    • Ruben Alvarez

      Ultimately, fourth line, first word. I absolutely hate spelling mistakes and there is no edit.

  • tjay


    I am also planning to buy GNex from play store. Can you please do a review of your unit so that i can decide. I am particularly concerned with the cellphone signal issues that plagued other variant of the phone.

    • Dustin Earley

      I could probably do something in the threads. Keep an eye out for it.

  • T

    I bought a Verizon Galaxy Nexus… I knew from the beginning it wasn’t a true Nexus when it had the Verizon name on the back instead of “google” (i was getting a seidio case anyways). and it had Verizon bloatware (easily disabled and hidden through your phone settings) and no google wallet. (although you can easily install it from the market without any hacks, if you follow a quick guide online). hell there is now a wireless tether app that is free and works without root). I was just happy to have the newest Android OS with no overlay.I was used to rooting, flashing, hacking, with any android phone because almost every manufacturer loads their crap overlay on top or are very slow at updating.

    i am thoroughly disappointed. by choice, stuck on 4.0.2… even though i have no issues, i would love for the faster screen flips and all the improvements that come with the bug fixes. i have chosen not to root this phone. i have chosen not to load any custom roms on it… for now.

    but i really do hope to get the update soon. i would love for any improvement and for any future bugs i may run into, to be removed. this has been my best android experience i’ve had (only used verizon since having a smartphone). i’ve had the least bugs of any phone even with popular customer roms, including cyanogen. i haven’t had to mess with it and tinker with it to do what i want. i have the newest android OS and no overlay. i am very happy.

    but all in all, the galaxy nexus is no perfect phone. i think it was either rushed to market or they had to make some engineering sacrifices. for example the speakers volume does not go up very high at all and when you turn it all the way up it makes it harder to hear people through the ear speaker because it distorts the audio in a bad way. also even with speakerphone on or playing music the audio is not very loud. i also hate how on this and pretty much every phone they make the camera stick out. it also didn’t come out with any crazy specs… didn’t have the best screen (however pentile to me looks beautiful, and i’m told it gives you better battery life and the screen lasts longer?), it didn’t have the fastest processor, it had a mediocre camera, but it did come with a barometer. i still think the galaxy nexus is the best phone on the market, even with the galaxy s iii coming out… it’s all about the closets to stock experience for me and timely updates. so if verizon ever waits on a big update, i’m going back to hacking, flashing, and rooting. i’m grandfathered in on unlimited LTE. verizon also has the best voice coverage and signals in my area. i get LTE almost anywhere i go. i couldn’t imagine myself having any other phone (except for maybe Apple, haven’t been impressed so far, but they don’t let the carrier dictate shit (however, with tim cook who knows now).

  • withoutcontract

    I look at things differently than most, I have been out of contract since 2002 and have not looked back.

    Ever since my phone died on the way to the airport in 2002 and I was forced to buy a new phone in Switzerland before my return trip home, I have not worried about contracts, it has been unlocked, unbranded for me. Yes, I do loose out on the subsidy, but I rarely loose tons of money on my upgrades.

    First, I research the phone I want and then after acquiring it, I sell my current phone for generally about $100 less than my new phone costs, which is about what most people pay their carrier for an upgrade after signing a 2yr agreement.

    The big advantage is that at&t has no say in the function of my phone and I am able to cancel my service tomorrow if I choose without any Early Termination Fee.

    I am very happy with my Google Galaxy Nexus (which I bought directly from the Google Play Store and wish/hope that Google continues to d2c (direct to consumer) all their new Nexi handsets in the future.

  • Dave

    I bought the Galaxy Nexus myself because I mean hey, it was one sale for $399 (didn’t think about tax & shipping, I just knew that was a hell of a deal), from $650. I am impressed & completely satisfied, I don’t think a lot of people commented on this. But it’s INCREDIBLY THIN, that’s not necessarily a plus, but it’s definitely something you notice. For some reason I thought it would be heavy & slightly thick. This thing is thin & very light, it’s sexy. The camera shoots extremely face, it’s just efficient, it’s everything. I always wanted a Nexus, & I think I chose the best time to pick it up. It has 1080p recording, a 1.3 front facing camera, nice clear speakerphone. For some reason my keyboard I had purchase before on the market (now known as Google Play) seems much more epic. Now, I just love to go to my Handcent SMS to type a message to my friends to look at & use the keyboard. I think this will be one of the few phones/smartphones I actually keep for a year without upgrading.

  • Raptor Reporting From Nexus Asylum

    Interesting to observe how some croocky salespeople brainwashed a lot of youngsters with just single word “Nexus” put on totally mediocre phone which is specifically clear after new phones came out recently.

    The whole thread starting with OP is pure insanity.

    Will you participate in your psychology testing if i contact psychology department of university in Northern California where i have some follow professor?

  • From Frys with Love to all mentally sicks Updaters

    “I bought the Galaxy Nexus myself because I mean hey, it was one sale for $399 (didn’t think about tax & shipping, I just knew that was a hell of a deal), from $650″

    Frys price today $139 with the contract.
    $300 cheaper.if you keep!
    $100 cheaper if you drop the contract


  • Andrew

    Just happily ate the early termination fee on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus due the the numerous bugs (especially with tethering which was what I bought it for) and bought one from Google Play and it is much better. It does not have the internet speed that the Verizon version has but the bugs are gone and the battery life is amazing.

  • Maximus

    Bought the GNex the 2nd day it was available on Google’s Play Store

    Coming from the Nexus S it was the easy choice

    The Device is Incredibly Thin and Sleek looking

    Phone doesnt feel plastic at all has a decent weight to it which makes it feel like a quality product

    cant wait for the Next Nexus

  • JessSayin

    4 months from now the title of the article will read, “Why I sold the Galaxy Nexus I bought from Google Play”..
    Low volume,
    Horrible calendar app,
    Terrible reception,
    And the 2 biggest reasons,
    “Lost Connection, Retry”
    “Message Cannot Be Sent”

    • Scotter

      More for your list:
      - Mediocre (but fast) camera
      - Made by Samsung so you know it won’t get Jelly Bean until they have sold enough of the “next best incrementally updated phone”
      - No expandable memory

  • dirtfiend

    I moved from Verizon to T-Mobile for the HTC One S for a few reasons. 1. T-Mobile is a tad bit more humble than Verizon, less bloat on the phone, etc. 2. Tired of the Droid (TM) line that Verizon milked to death, which is also 80% Motorola/Blur/SuperLockDown. 3. No CDMA BS. 4. LTE radios and chipsets still aren’t very mature (battery life, handoffs, etc). 5. I don’t need constant 40mbps LTE speeds yet, and HPSA+ 42 is good enough for me. 6. T-Mobile has WiFi-Calling, just in case.

    The unlocked Galaxy Nexus is really great choice on T-Mobile’s network. I would have been up for it, but I really wanted the really great camera that was on the One series. My wife just got a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, so we’ll see how it goes for her. ;-)

  • Scotter

    If I were looking for a phone right now, I would actually get either the HTC One (S or X) or wait for this Summer’s crop of new phones. I’m actually pretty disappointed in all the MFGRS right now, including HTC. My Amaze has worked well (once I rooted and got rid of Sense) but these incremental updates (hardware not software) have me pissed off. Like the One X with no memory slot or removable battery!? The One S is basically a slightly thinner Amaze with less memory, non-removable battery, no SD slot, and *slightly* better camera. WTF HTC?

    Oh and do you really think you (with Galaxy Nexus) will be the first to get Jelly Bean? Seems to me the track record is to give the new OS to the new Nexus and then make the current Nexus owners wait about 3 months so they can sell more of the new Nexus first. Bastards. That’s why I stopped buying into the Nexus bullshit. Well, also because my Nexus One rocked so I had high hopes and when the second one, by Samsung, came out, and it wasn’t pushing the envelope and then Google gave the contract to Samsung yet again, I called foul.

    And why buy a phone that came out 6 months ago and has had so many reported issues? If you believe what you say about “voting with your money” then why reward Samsung for their suck and why reward Google with their choice to keep giving Samsung the Nexus contract?

  • PGrGr

    I bought a Galaxy Nexus on contract here in the UK as soon as it was released. I have received updates pretty promptly. I think it’s less of an issue in the UK. When I first received the phone it was quite buggy, but the stability seems to have improved with updates, and the bugs have gone. I’m completely happy with it.

    What prompted me to write this comment though, was your slightly snobbish sideswipe at the pentile display. I have to tell you, in day to day use, there’s nothing wrong with the pentile arrangement at all. When the new ipad was released recently, I was itching to see one, to find out what this amazing display it has was like. I was smugly satisfied to find out that its actually no better in use than my SGN.

    Let me put it another way. If you zoom away from a web to shrink the text, the limiting factor on readability is not the screen resolution. Its your eyesight. And only the fussiest of geeks is going to notice even the slightest colour tinge when viewing from an angle. And in any case, who ever looks at a mobile phone screen from an angle?

  • Orion78

    Google should have done this a long time ago. Unfortunately, I may have to skip this phone. I’ll just wait for the next Nexus. Until then, I’m getting the new EVO LTE. Hopefully Google uses this method for now on.

  • Brandon

    I wasn’t even in the market for a phone, but when I saw the Galaxy nexus was going to be on the google play store, unlocked, and for 399, I was sold. I have been totally happy about it ever since. I bought it the first day they were available on the Play store and there is a weird sort of joy that comes from know you will be first to get the latest from google.

    I have had some ups and downs with android phones. First the abysmal debacle that was the Motorola CLIQ, delayed firmware update (nearly a year), bloated buggy motoblur skin, the works. I went from that to the T-Mobile G2, a phone that despite not being as spec heavy as its contemporaries, ran better than all of them, a smooth dream of an experience. Then I had the T-Mobile G2X and that was a nightmare for the most part. Faulty hardware, that ran into reboot and overheating issues, but those got ironed out with gingerbread. So I have had some experience with “stock” android, but I wanted things to be finally straight from the horses mouth, and now I have it.

    Even months after its release, the GNEX is still touting features that other manufactures have avoided putting in their phones. TO THIS DAY, it is still the only phone running ICS with Software buttons, Its also one of the few phones with a barometer. I feel like I am ahead of the pack for once, and not in the backwash behind it.

  • autonomousgerm

    I hate to tell you, but you will be disappointed. You should know this as a Nexus S owner, and if you were a Nexus One owner before that. Expect Google to completely botch Jelly Bean rollout for the Galaxy Nexus (like they did with ICS and Nexus S), and for it to not receive official Android 6.0, (just like for the scarcely 2 year old Nexus One).

  • McLovin

    I’m glad to see Google getting back into the direct marketing of the Nexus business. The price is awesome. And maybe this will finally bring some timely updates.

    I believe all the carriers think our phones are one shot sales that don’t deserve updates once the sale is made. They have made their buck and have moved on.

    I can’t accept the Nexus no-sd card slot thing but besides that it looks like a great deal.

  • pinoyplaya

    I just purchased Google’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus directly from Google Play and I’m extremely excited. I’ve been using my unlocked iPhone from March 2008 and can’t wait to switch! I’m also switching from ATT to T-Mobile and use the Galaxy Nexus with T-Mobile’s Monthly4G plan.

    I’ve heard great things about the phone and its performance under T-Mobile’s HDSPA network. My iPhone is still working and in almost perfect condition, I hope I can say the same for my new Nexus 4 years from the time I receive it. Definitely going to buy some cover for it.

  • rutgers2k

    In Europe, everyone buys a phone direct because they can freely move between carriers. In US we do not have this freedom so the carriers lock us in with subsidized phones. We need a data only device with 4g or wifi with VOIP capability.

  • hater on the rocks

    How would u actually Buy a unlocked a galaxy nexus from Google play store?

  • knickerbakken

    Thanks for the article. Attributing to such, I finally got the impetus to order a GNEX from Google Play and straight talk tmo card and am anxiously awaiting both after more than a year of watching the “Loading” circle spin on my 1st smartphone, the LG OV on Virgin. As an “Ill-annoy” resident, I get to give my pols an additional $13.40 in taxes than what Justin payed, 1 state over. Michigan is doomed without that extra tax money….(poorly veiled sarcasm).

    Just in case any fence sitters care, I’m an all Apple person, have been my whole life, grew up with and learned to type on the IIe (that means I’m old). I wrote off ATT decades ago and as a scorpio, I hold grudges against which I rarely stray so did not follow my Apple guidance into the smartphone age. Finally bit the bullet last year and went with Virgin Mobile on the OV and was pleasantly surprised with Android, but increasingly frustrated with Sprint and the now-outed Android manufacturer/carrier debacle. (For those of you thinking that Sprint is the holy grail with “unlimited’, know that nothing good comes for free. On the best of days, I can get 4xxKbs down but in the last few months, my speeds have literally been averaging less than 100k, although I do live in Chicago which has its share of iphone users) .

    If things continue in the same vein, I don’t see Android surviving more than another few years, but the GNEX will hopefully either fill that void until Apple officially monopolizes mobile, or will serve as a milestone where Android got its act together and solidified its place on the podium alongside Apple and Microsoft.

  • ebinrock

    This is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for the consumer, except for two things:

    - Unlocked version of Nexus not LTE (AT&T, for example, now has several markets turned on with LTE).

    - Google Play does not offer zero interest financing, to further soften the blow of the cost for many people.

  • Saleh Sobhan

    I really wanted to is will samsung galaxy nexus bought from google play work on all gsm networks? I live in Bangladesh. My sister lives in US. if she buys it for me and sends it over here, will i be able to use it? Your response will be highly appreciated.

  • NC107

    I have been contemplating purchasing the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play for a while. My question for you all is regarding which no contract carrier is better. I was deciding between the Tmobile $70 monthly 4g plan because the $50 plan is a joke or Simple Mobile $60 unlimited everything. I know Simple mobile uses T-mobile’s towers but I don’t know how “unlimited” they really are. I am currently with T-mobile paying about $70/month for a non smartphone because it was an old contract I was a part of on a family plan. I am not as well-versed as many of you, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • lindsey

    I absolutely hate this phone! I had a droid before the galaxy nexus and loved it, but was convinced that when it was time to get a new phone, this phone out weighed the droid by A LOT. So i agreed and got this phone. I am now on my 4th phone, just bought it in April, and now I have to have the charger laying a certain way in order for it to charge. It’s a very annoying. I have tried 3 different charges, all of which worked perfectly fine. Not to mention the battery life SUCKS! Unfortunately, I am stuck with this POS for another 1.5 years! Not a very happy person.

  • Nonong

    I got a Galaxy Nexus from Mobilicity. It was already unlocked. Comes with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. I flashed it with Yakju build then update it to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean from GOOGLE and now it’s running so smooth. I love this phone.