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MightyText lets you view and respond to texts from any computer


Two ex-Googlers have announced today the release of an application that will allow Android users to view and send SMS or MMS messages without needing to be near their Android smartphone. Previously in beta testing as a Chrome extension, MightyText has now added a web application that allows you to connect virtually any browser up to the MightyText application on your Android smartphone to sync your text messages for easy web management.

The setup process is dead simple; download the application linked at the end of this post to your Android phone, grant the necessary permissions, then head over to MightyText’s website to log in and sync your messages. Then, sync to your Google Contacts to have name information added to the MightyText web app. Once you’ve completed those simple steps, you should be good to text the night away from your browser.

I can think of a multitude of uses for such an application, most notably for those times where I’m in a meeting at work and it’d be rude to pull out my smartphone. Since I always have my work-issued laptop on me at meetings, I can simply pull up the website if I want to send or view an important message.

After spending a little time with the application, I can verify that everything works as advertised. Assuming you can get over the idea of having your messages synced to the cloud, I highly encourage you to give MightyText a try. If you decide to do so, let us know what you think of the service by dropping a comment below.


Via: TechCrunch

Source: MightyText

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  • Shay D. Life

    I used this for awhile some months ago. While it’s a cool app, I didn’t find myself missing it once it was uninstalled.

    • Segetasgama

      Like your sharing, and as for me, sometimes i also use iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager which also has the function of viewing and texting from computer to phone!

  • sfaf

    google voice

    • rmcsc

      Some of us don’t have e access to Google Voice, you know. Some of us don’t live in the United States.

  • oddball

    Interesting. This may become my software moving forward. I wonder about deleting and saving messages though. Oh well off to check it out.

  • Steven Brady

    I used it for some time, but it really does take a toll on the battery life. I now use SMS Control Center, which allows me to turn it off when I’m not at my PC. Definitely get much better battery life nowadays.

  • Joe Simpson

    DeskSMS has been out for nearly a year and it works well and looks good.

  • dextroz

    How is this of any advantage if I use my Google Voice number for everything and if I have the GV Chrome extension?

    • mipd1980

      This is what I use all the time….No need to go to any website.

    • Ingemar Smith

      For those of that use GV this offers no advantage and only more fragmentation to our communications.

  • Wayne Schulz

    In testing I found that if you turned your Android phone off — or went out of range — MightyText took a nap…

    Also I’m growing tired of apps that prompt me to upload my entire contact list.

    There are just too many steps to this app and decent alternatives like Google Voice make more sense and don’t require you to leave your phone on or in service in order to work.

  • John

    Well, the advantage to using this app I would think would be viewing MMS’s on your PC. Does any other app do that yet? If not, this app is definitely for me!

  • NamelessTed

    Does this service/app off any benefit over Google Voice?

    It just seems absurdly useless to use a non-Google service that doesn’t do anything beyond what Google already offers themselves.

    • Dan

      Yes–you don’t need to change your phone number to use it.

  • Steve Barry

    With regards to Google Voice, what about using a different sms client for messaging? Example, I use GOSMS Pro, and while all my sent/received messages are synced when using it, if I send a message from the GV site, it doesn’t appear in my GOSMS app. That is the one issue I have with GV…that and no MMS.

    • mipd1980

      I use the Native Android Messaging app and all of my Texts get synced to G-Voice… I don’t remember exactly how I set it up but there is a way you can sync both way at least with the Native Messaging app I don’t know about GoSMS Pro or others

  • johnnycsx

    I actually really like this app. Very useful and no syncing issues like I was expecting

  • Sean

    With everyone going “well why not use google voice” well name a country that is not the US that can use google voice

  • skyflakes

    Can be useful, but I don’t see the need for it for now.

  • Hardeep Singh

    I much rather use phonedeck. Works better (mightytext is shoddy with display my texts on computer, at best), has a better overall design, and a lot of nice useful extra features.

  • Brian Campbell

    I love this app! I have been using it for about a month now. I use it at work, and at home when I’m on my Chromebook. I pretty much use it all day. lol

  • Usman

    Airdroid does this and much more…and it’s free.

  • roiji

    i currently use DeskSMS. Which doesn’t always display all of my message.
    I’m gonna try this out.

    • roiji

      MightyText could use an UI overhaul… so far so good…

  • Justin

    I have been using Mighty Text since the early stages of its Beta – such a fantastic service, I highly recommend users get on board and start using it. The point about not having to reach for the phone is spot on – typing away on the laptop, even in a meeting, has become perfectly acceptable. Taking the phone out and seemingly breaking your attention? Not so much so. Thank you, Mighty Text, for the solution.

  • kmm

    how about Airdroid

  • Mike

    Airdroid already does this and is 10x more useful.

  • DingleBerry

    AirDroid snatches.

  • lala

    Can’t seem to find an app for Mightytext for the android tablet. Is there one? Works great on the windows based laptop, but you’d think that there’s an android app for this. Where to find one.

  • vishwa

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  • Kartik Mishra

    I’m not sure if it was completely because of the app, but I’ve been using this app everyday for the whole month and my data went over by 200 mb. I’m using hte app constantly between 9 – 5 (work hours) and its the only time im not tethered to wifi. I wonder how much data is used everytime a message is sent / received…

    • Vimal

      a well deserved concern.. I second this..

  • Yap Gris Som

    I love this application. It is very simple to setup and use. It help a lot especially you have to type a long and lengthy SMS. Give it a try and you will never regret.

  • Doug

    I love it! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! I have the iPad3 and the only people I can text from the Apple text app are only those with an apple product. That is most unfortunate because I only know 2 people with iPhones. They need to get it together. EVERYBODY DOES NOT OWN AN APPLE DIVICE!!!!!!!! OK!? With Mightytext, I can text Apple as well as non-Apple people. Great job Mightytext! A+ A+ A+A+. Thank you!!!!!!!!