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Verizon unveils Share Everything plans, available June 28th

Verizon store

Shared data plans will soon be a reality, if you happen to be a Verizon Wireless customer. Verizon has finally officially unveiled their shared data plans, set for a June 28th availability date. Verizon’s new Share Everything plans will give each plan an unlimited amount of data and texts, with fees increasing with the amount of data you need to get through the month. When pricing a data plan, customers will be presented with the following two-step process:

Step 1: Select 1 smartphone and up to 9 other devices

  • Smartphone: $40 per month
  • Basic/Feature phone: $30 per month
  • Jetpacks/Notebooks/Netbooks/USB hotspots: $20 per month
  • Tablets: $10 per month

Step 2: Select the amount of data you need

  • 1GB: $50 per month
  • 2GB: $60 per month
  • 4GB: $70 per month
  • 6GB: $80 per month
  • 8GB: $90 per month
  • 10GB: $100 per month

Once you’ve made selections, simply add your fees together to come up with your monthly bill. For example, a two smartphone plus one tablet plan at 4GB of monthly data would be $160 per month ($40 for each smartphone, $10 for the tablet, and $70 for 4GB of shared data). All smartphones and tablets on the plan will feature the hotspot functionality at no additional charge, so long as you stay below your allotted data threshold.

The resulting prices are generally less than they would be under the current plan structure, generally falling around $10-20 per month cheaper, though the savings are potentially much greater on the high end. A plan with 5 smartphones would be about $340 per month in the old world, and comes in at around $300 for 10GB of data, or a bit less if you need less data.

I for one am looking forward to shared data plans, as they have the potential to save customers lots of money on their monthly bills. With AT&T and other carriers rumored to be working on plans of their own, shared data is likely here to stay.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • redraider133

    These plans are outrageous. I figured Verizon would screw everyone but $40 per phone? Come on Verizon

    • amgala

      Agreed, that’s insane. I’ll be keeping my unlimited plan indefinitely, thank you very much!

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        Not everyone is on unlimited, man. If you are already on the 2Gb data plan, the comparison is different.

        However, the plan only makes sense for heavy voice minute user. If you are on the 700 min plan, you will end up paying $10 or more on an equivalent plan. This, I think, is exactly what Verizon’s evil plan is. Say someone is on a 2Gb plan and uses over 600 minutes of voice every month and have to struggle to cut down their voice usage each month, the plan will be very attractive to them, but moving to the new plan will immediately increase their monthly fee by $10 or so.

        • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

          You hit the nail on the head. This is good for people who talk a lot and use little data. But that is simply NOT the majority of people. There are stats somewhere that say that – I don’t have the link.

      • Hue Three of Five

        The best decision I made this year was to drop Verizon and go off contract with the Nexus and StraightTalkAtt. There is no reason to sign a 2 year contract to get bent over by Verizon.

      • AndroidJunkie

        Unfortunately you mean you’ll be keeping your “unlimited”(ASTERISK) plan until it’s no longer an option.

        Even if they honor this for some time, it’s not really a better choice.. You’ll be paying another $400-500 on top of subsidized payments for a new phone, an average of $15-20 more a month (over 2 years) just for labeling your data plan as “unlimited”*. While they could start throttling everyone left with unlimited at any time, and at any data point they want.

    • Gir

      Good thing I have unlimited the G-nex will be my phone for the next two years haha.

    • kretz

      That includes unlimited text/talk so it’s really not that bad. $50/mo for 1GB of data is much worse.

      • Adam Marcionek

        Yes, but I don’t want either of those.

  • redraider133

    Sad these plans take effect right before the sgs3 is rumored to be available in store

    • Benjamin Han

      Pre order it!! My mom was able to keep my grandfathered plan by pre ordering (I’ve since went the unlocked Gnex route and couldn’t be happier)

      • redraider133

        I did and paid full price but it is just funny these new plans come right before the sgs3 will launch.

        • epps720

          Coincidence??!!! Obviously NOT!!!!

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    And this is one of many reasons why my Verizon account closes here in about 2 weeks. Thank God I already had an exit strategy planned!

  • YellowDucati
  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I just realized something. The focus here is all on the shared data with the minutes/texts being de-emphasized. However, what’s really going on here is that Verizon is now forcing unlimited text/talk on everybody, hence why each line costs $30 (feature phone) to $40 (smartphone). So everybody is talking about the data, and they sure are screwing you here, but they’re also screwing you if you don’t talk a lot by forcing unlimited minutes (and the cost thereof) on you whether you want it or not!


    • dukenilnil

      Agreed! I pay $50 a month for 500 shared minutes with my wife. We never use anywhere close to that with the free nights/weekends and mobile minutes. “Unlimited” minutes and text is just making us pay for something we don’t and can’t possibly use.

    • Thomas Biard

      I agree, it is not cost effective for most, but for people who actually do rely on unlimited minutes, like a home business, it will save money. We will save 10 bucks eventually (once the grandfathered unlimited data goes away). So I don’t think it is really that bad, especially since many of the people complaining don’t have to move over to it.

      In addition, this is for families with 2 or more phones. A 1 person plan wouldn’t make sense at this cost. More phones, more savings (assuming there are members of the family that don’t suck data).

      Just my 2 cents

    • epps720

      EXACTLY!! Verizon is trying to take advantage of the fact that the large majority of people do not use their minutes or texts! Regardless of how good their service is this is definitely going to move people away from Verizon. Just hope AT&T’s plan will be more realistic.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Their service is no longer the top-notch service that it used to be. They usually have major LTE outages at least once a month, sometimes for many hours (to a day) at a time. A couple months ago, I had an issue I was trying to resolve. It took me nearly 2 weeks because I kept getting disconnected with VZW’s phone support while calling from my VZW phone in a good reception area (the issue was never resolved).

        If they provide me that kind of service, it is simply not worth any premium. It used to be but no longer is. I’ll take my money where it makes sense and Verizon simply no longer makes sense.

      • Angry Bob

        Since most out you with negative comments seem to be on a single line plan, take into consideration my family plan. Four lines/1400 min, unlimited txt, 2 smartphones with unlimited data and a 5 GB jet pack. Looking at my last 3 months of data usage, i’m using less than 2 GB between my jet pack, Razr, and fascinate (that my in-laws insist they’re are burning up the internet and must keep the unlimited). For the same price, I can add in the tablet I’ve been eyeing and split 4 gigs or pay another ten dollars and split 6 gigs. So far, three of my coworkers will be doing the same thing and welcome the change. Do the math and check your real data usage before you go bashing changes. Can’t wait for the 28th.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    BTW, a new MVNO that I’ve discovered with some really great pricing models is Ting. They’re on Sprint’s network (so be aware of that if you’re in a bad Sprint area) but the price is right and the model is perfect!


  • bill

    With three smart phones and one basic phone, and data at 8 gigs it wasn’t any cheaper, in fact it is more expensive. The additional offers such as hotspots, aren’t that attractive when it just leads to more data use.

    • Mike

      Exactly! They are trying to make it sound like they are helping you and giving you free stuff. The hotspots just make it easier to eat up your data, forcing you to add more, thus paying more. People don’t understand how easy it is to eat up data.

  • dukenilnil

    So….currently I have 1 smartphone and 1 feature phone between myself and Mrs. Dukenilnil. We’ve been a long time customer, so we are on the “loyalty” minutes plan and we don’t text much at all on Verizon (Google Talk is free, ya know), and we have unlimited on the smartphone and no data charges on the feature phone as we are grandfathered in on that one too. So, right now our current bill is:

    $50/month for voice for 500 minutes (unlimited mobile so we never go over)

    $10/month ($5/line for 200 texts to cover incoming texts which we never go over)

    $30/month for unlimited data (discounted to $23)


    $90 a month for ALL of the Voice, Text, and Data we need for 2 phones. We have more of each than we use, so “unlimited” talk and text is no benefit to us as its just paying for something we don’t use

    Now, if we signed a new contract with Verizon, our charges would be (for tiered data!)

    $40 for the smartphone

    $30 for the featurephone

    $70 for 4gb of data (we usually use over 2gb but under 4 per month although we have gone near 10 when watching a lot of movies on the road)



    Thus, for less service, we would get the benefit of paying over 50% more than we currently pay. Awesome!

    • Angry Bob

      You forgot to add in your discount. Just chill and wait. If you don’t like it, don’t change.

  • bill

    Now the question of the hour is, how long will they continue the current unlimited data plans.

  • Dave Clary

    Unless I’m missing it, this doesn’t seem to address post-pay iPad plans. I’m trying to decide right now between VZW and ATT for a new iPad, and that’s something I need to put into the decision equation.

    • Jake

      From what I’ve heard, if you get the VZW iPad, you’ll still be able to put an AT&T sim card in it, but if you set an AT&T iPad, a Verizon sim won’t work.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Yeah I don’t know how they “save money ” cause they don’t unless you don’t use that much data. For me i pay 200 for 2 smartphones /2 basic phones and about 200$ with taxes and my line is unlimited and my mom gets 4gigs. On the new plan we would only be able to get 1gig between the two of us to keep the price the same. 1gig WILL NOT SUFFICE AT ALL AND IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! I would need atleast the 6gig so yeah no thanks.

  • alexanderharri3

    All this hype about a tiered data plan….but we’re loosing the most important aspect of shared plans….Family share plan: ~40 for first TWO lines (700 mins, unlimited text), then 10 per line after that. Note add the 30/month data for lines 3,4,5, you get 40/month for lines 3, 4, 5 that includes unlimited text AND 2-4GB data (promotion dependent). Lines 1 and 2 would need to pay for data if they want it, let’s say $60. Now, compare to the $100 for 10GB….That’s $40 MORE than 10-20GB (promotion dependent) than the current rates for Verizon…..for the same or less data…Difference: More minutes.

    Truth: We are all getting unlimited calling and text costs rammed down our throats in a day where these services are diminishing.

    • epps720

      Exactly I think this Verizon is aware that they are losing money on the talk and text side due to apps that allow us to side step this. Instead they are trying to salvage their profits by forcing it down our throats. What I don’t understand is how they could honestly do so by charging us MORE???

      # Hate Verizon

      • redraider133

        They make a killing on texts that cost them nearly nothing and they charge you $20+ a month

  • halo0

    This really puts the cherry on top of my “Never Again, Verizon” sundae. What an unbelievable scam.

  • RedBen

    Looks like they’re finding a way to end up charging those who don’t use a lot of data, minutes, or texts more money. I think Virgin Mobile has a better deal. You do have to pay full price for the phone, but you get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and “unlimited” data (throttled after 2.5 or 3.5 gig depending) for $35. No thanks Verizon (or AT&T since they’ll probably follow Verizon).

    • Derek

      Virgin mobile plans are great, but they’re on sprint, so not so great coverage or data rates. they’re 3G is pathetically slow.

      A better option is to go for the straight talk on ATT network. unlimited everything for $45 and its att HSPA+, so the data rates are very fast.

      • Adam Marcionek

        Is it even on Sprint? I just looked at the their coverage map and it looks awful if you don’t live within 20 miles of an expressway or major city!

  • Max.Steel

    Lol. 4GB for $70 a month. I currently use T-Mobile $30 a month and get 5GB.

  • bellken

    Ouch, thank goodness, I am locked in until next November.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    As long as these prices are for multiple lines only and they have something more reasonable for individual plans, I can’t argue with it. But if this is the price for EVERYONE, then it totally sucks balls that you have to pay $90 for 1 GB of data…

    But yeah, you benefit more if you have a lot of devices on your plan and don’t tear through data.

    • Derek

      It is for everyone, it’s for anyone that has at least one smartphone. so even people like me that have just one smartphone will be forced over to these new plans. When my contract is up, I’m out. See ya verizon!!1

  • AvatarZ

    A ridiculous rip off – would cost me $40 more than I currently pay for less service. “thanks” verizon

  • AvatarZ

    Actually a more important question is – can we still get the old family share plans or are we stuck with this if we want data?

    • oddball

      You can keep your plan if you upgrade before the changeover date or pay full retail for your phones going forward. I am just glad ordered new phones for both lines yesterday. If I was to order under this plan I would pay an extra $50 a month to lose unlimited data (we use just over 2gb a month as a group) and get unlimited talk which we don’t need at all when we only use 500 minutes a month. Wow not sure how that is a deal except for Verizon.

  • redraider133

    I wish they would have an option for those who don’t want unlimited minutes. My 4 lines never come close to using the 700 minutes. Give people what they want. More data!

  • Jake

    If we switched to these new shared plans our monthly bill would go from $119/month to $160. I don’t know how much it would be if we went to individual plans, but I now if would be more than what we’re paying now, as we did those calculations when we last renewed our family plan.

    • Max.Steel

      How many lines are in your family plan? $160 is a heck of a lot of money.

      • alexanderharri3

        With 2 smartphones, 40*2 = 80 + 6GB for 80 = 160
        3 smartphones, 40*3 = 120 +….well that’s over 160
        2 smartphones, 1 feature phone = 40+40+30 = 110 + 50 for 1GB = 160…

        That’s very little for a “heck of a lot” of money.


  • Paul Puri

    We have one smartphone, two tablets, and two feature phones. We have the highest minutes plan right now. We pay about $225 per month. Under the new plan, we could shave off about $30 per month based on our data usage. My type of family is what these plans were made for. Multiple devices who use the phone as both an actual phone and a smart phone. Our bill would go up by only $10 if we added a smartphone. This is a big deal to us.

    • Max.Steel

      Wow, can you send some cash my way. You seem to have an awful lot to dispense. $225 a month? Wow.

  • kazahani

    So if you want feature phones and you don’t need data, its $30 per month for unlimited?

    Sign me up for that. I’ll just get a Nexus 7 for my other pocket and roll with a flip phone.

    • alexanderharri3

      In theory, with no data plan for a flip phone (unless contractually required by Verizon to have data for subsidy – currently they allow pay-as-you-go data), those with just feature phones will be primed to save some money. 30/month per phone for all you can eat messaging and calls.

  • Fahad Rahman

    I think Verizon has gone full retard… you never go full retard… I pay for family plan with 5 people, 3 with 5gb of data and 2 without data, unlimited text and talk, and I only pay 180 on tmobile…

  • yankeesusa

    this is a crazy plan. Who in their right mind would choose this over paying full price for a phone and keeping unlimited. I guess for some people this will work but for almost every other person its about a $20 increase on top of verizons high prices already. This lte better stay amazing or verizon is going to take a hit if sprint manages to keep their network vision promise alive, heck even att has a big chance of taking some customers if they don’t switch to family plans like this.

    • Angela

      Who in their right mind would pay full price for a phone while continuing to pay for a monthly plan that is priced to include a phone subsidy?

  • Nathan D.

    This share everything plan doesn’t seem so bad looks reasonably.

  • Lewis

    I’m on a line with four other family members (wife, sister, mom and dad), and this will cost us about the same as we pay now, but it caps our data. That’s not something I have the money to pay for right now. Boo Verizon.

    • Lewis

      Should say it will cost us more. Like $10 a head more. We didn’t budget for that.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I hope Verizon can answer this question:

    If I bought a smartphone but I didn’t want voice and text, and I bought it at full price (hell, I bought it from eBay and it’s cheaper than buying it from VZW direct), could I treat it as a tablet and thus, pay only $10 a month.

    How can Verizon shamelessly charge me $40 if data is just DATA and I don’t want voice and text on my device?

  • Jerred

    With our 15% corporate discount current bill before taxes is $98.87 with the 700 min plan (1 dumb phone, 1 smartphone with unlimited data & $10 for texts)

    With this new plan before taxes our bill would be $112.00 with 15% discount and 1gb of data.

    How is that better for us?

  • David

    I did their test on their site to see what plan they think is right for me and it seems that I would be paying at least $40 more to get what i already get now. Ummmm no thanks.

    • Derek

      Same here. Just did the shareeverythingcalculator and it told me to pay $120+taxes for what I currently pay $86inc taxes. EFF you verizon!!

  • Skis03

    As an article on Reddit said today, “In Less Than 1 Year Verizon Data Goes from $30/Unlimited to $50/1GB!” That my friends is unacceptable!

  • gary

    This new plan looks like it was made by a bunch of 5th graders for their school project…

    • DC

      Except 5th graders probably use more than 1GB of data/month! LOL

  • snowbdr89

    vzw customer –> ( O ) o===8 <— verizon, me telling vzw to kiss my a** : D

    • Richard Yarrell

      Oh… Verizon not so great after all…. I don’t see anyone tooting big red horn now…

      • squiddy20

        Not even 2 months ago, you were “tooting big red’s horn”. Every post you made stated how your Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was “shitting on” all other phones and carriers. And about 8 months before that you were saying how “piss poor” Verizon was with their “shitty LTE” and “overpriced, underspeced devices”, and yet you signed up with them to get what you call a “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus.

  • tagstar

    It better be $50 for unlimited data or I’m not switching from my unlimited data plan.

  • Lights

    I called Verizon just to make my voice heard. Will it help, who knows, but outcry got them to cancel the $2 fee. Outcry got BOFA to cancel their debit card fee. Outcry got Family Guy back on the air. Outcry got us more upcoming Arrested Development. Call them, and be thoughtful and stern that this new structure is beyond absurd! I have been with Verizon since they started, I told them i have stood by Verizon and praised them, but this is too much. This is highway robbery. Take the 100% increase in 2GB alone. Verizon will loose many many many customers because of this.

  • sunrise

    The data prices are outrageous. 4GB shared for 70 dollars? For two smartphones that is effectively $35 per line, where as before Verizon was running a 4GB promotion on 4G phones for $30. That would be 4GB per line, NOT SHARED, effectively 8GB for $60.

    I don’t understand how these family shared data plans are better. Basically it seems this is nothing more than a price hike secretly packaged as family shared data.

    • Derek

      “Basically it seems this is nothing more than a price hike secretly packaged as family shared data.”

      That, sir, is 1000% correct!!! This is just a way for them to jam higher prices down our throats!!

      $70 for 4GB of data?!? Insane. I have the $30 plan now and get 4GB, it was 2GB but got the double data promotion.

    • Angry Bob

      4 GB for $30 was a 4g short term promo. If you got it, good for you. Not everyone did and they’re paying 30 for 2 GB. Keep in mind that you are now SHARING data. This is like when voice share plans came out. Customers begged for them to become available but then whined about the overage rates going up IF they ever went over. Keep up with your usage to allotment ratio and offload to wifi where available and you’ll be ok. IPhone users had to get used to it a long time ago with att. I think we can handle it.

  • Cowboyup351

    Ridiculous! I have five lines and a modem, unlimited data on all lines and pay $340/month. Sounds like a lot, but it’s only $56 per line. I have movies or music streaming continuously all day and I have a WiFi hot spot on my phone. I use 25 – 30 Gb of data every month, and that’s just on my phone (yes that’s data from my phone with hot spot included)… My charges would be outrageous! I’d have to cancel my lines. No more purchasing new phones via Verizon, eBay here I come. I can’t imagine why a company would take away the contracts from people who are grandfathered in. I love my Droid Bionic and 4G. For me, eBay or even full price makes more sense than changing my contract and getting hit from behind by overage charges. I may be a data hog, but it helps me make it through my day.

  • classic_hero

    I dont understand why the post says “unlimited” data and texts, when you actually have a set limit on data based on what you buy. Even at 10GB your still limited to that amount. A bit misleading at first glance.

    • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

      I think they meant to say Unlimited Calling and Text, not data.

    • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

      I think the one place this makes sense for is families that all use iPads, or other tablets.

      Meaning that instead of paying $30 per month per tablet, the get to attached them to the family plan for only $10.

      If you are an ‘Apple family’ : 5 people all with iPhone and iPads this is a great deal.

      Old Apple Family: $440
      Family plan base = $70
      Unlimited texts = $30
      4 additional users 4 x $10=$40
      Data for 5 phones 5x $30 = $150
      Data for 5 iPads = 5 $30 = $150

      New Apple Family: $350
      5 Phones x $40 = $200
      5 Tablets x $10 = $50
      + Data <= $50

      So the Apple family base goes down to something like $350 instead of $440. This seems like a way to get more people to get data on their iPads instead of just using Wi-Fi.

    • Schatzy62

      “Unlimited Data” was a plan from a few years ago. I am NOT capped at 10gb and regularly use in the range of 25-30GB every month. Verizon did away with the “Unlimited Data” plans back in September of 2010 i believe. But as long as you were on that plan it is grandfathered in.

  • mike

    so all i see here is a bunch of people whining about having to change your plan after the 28th. truth is you can keep your existing plan but your unlimited data is no longer available with a new contract. so, you have the option of choosing from a tiered data plan or going with a share everything plan for the account. this share everything plan is not for everybody but there are a lot of people who will benefit and save from it. if you’re that worried about your unlimited data which more than 90% of people never go over 2GB then just pay full retail for your phones. i have 5 smartphones on my account all with unlimited data 1400 minutes and unlimited text. i pay $300 a month before taxes and my account averages around 5 GB a month. under this new plan i’ll be paying $280, $40 per phone and $80 for 6GB so i’ll actually be saving money. i’m actually waiting for this change to happen. also what people don’t realize is now people can have up to 10 phones on one plan where as before you could only have 5. Everybody is just worried about losing the unlimited part of your plan and nobody realizes within the next couple years wifi is gonna be offered just about everywhere . try connecting to wifi every once in a while and see what your data usage looks like then. try to read all the facts before you start crying to everybody about losing something that you don’t even use.

    • John

      Did any here here push the ‘Ask a douchebag for his opinion’ button?

  • SGB101

    Not bad compared to the UK prices, and we have 3 smartphones and cost me $$225 pm under this plan above it would cost $180 pm.

  • Christopher

    Verizon just lost me! 4 years loyal to this company with 4 lines all Smartphones with Unlimited Data. This company can literally suck it. It’s time for me to move AT&T and hope they don’t bend me over and f me without lube like Verizon wants to do.

    Like seriously $50 for 1GB? Are they freaking high? I’m out…. I can’t wait till Google creates their low cost mobile phones that are unlocked

  • John

    The concept is interesting but the data teirs are a NO-GO. 70 dollars for 4GB is completely over the top. Should be 40.00 MAYBE 50.00 for 4GB. PLUS it fails to mention all the ridiculous gouges in the for of taxes, surcharges etc which will probably add another 15 bucks or so depending on your local. I totally agree with other posters that the Google/Samsung Nexus on GSM and prepaid unlimited is the way to go. Especially if you consider the last announcement from VZW regarding paying full price for your new phone to keep unlimited data. I wish VZW would allow data-only plans, I’d be perfectly happy using VOIP for voice.

  • Donny

    It’s gonna save my family about 60-65 dollars a month! My wife hardly ever uses more than one gig, my sister in law uses about 2gigs and I use about 2 gigs on average. So, 120 for three smartphones + 10 gb (100$) = 220 – (20% discount through work) so, 220-44= 176$ a month! compared to 239$/month!!!

    Unless i’m doing the math wrong, which is quite possible, this seems like a heck of a deal to me…and that’s with 10 gb to share between all of us, when we really only need 6gb!

    • Derek

      Work or corporate discounts do not apply to data or texts, only minutes.

  • DC

    I’ve been a Sprint customer for 9 years and have 5 phones on my plan (4 smart and 1 dumb). Have been flirting with switching to Verizon because of slow 3G speeds and lack of 4G in Indy area on Sprint….I was even willing to pay more for better service, but after this new plan rollout…no way! I’ll ride Sprint out for now…they can only get better from here! Though I’m sure they’ll eventually get rid of unlimited data, they’ll likely still be the cheapest of the big 4….

    Anyway, I can get a corporate discount though only on the voice portion of Verizon. Does anyone know how this will work with the new plan? Does that mean it will only give me the 17% discount on the $40 for the first smartphone or will I get discount on the additional phones (which would be $190 for 4 smart and one dumb)?

    Regardless, on the old Verizon plans my total with discount would be $238 for all 5 phones (though still higher than Sprint’s current $230 for which I get a 27% corp. discount so it is only $203). The new Verizon plan would either cost me $273 or $248, depending on how the discount works. Either way it costs more for the same as old plan (and still capped data compared to Sprint!)

    I noticed that the overage went from $10/GB to $15/GB too….nice hidden extra fee there Verizon!

  • Derek

    These new plans are cheaper for families that share but ridiculously much more expensive for single people Right now I pay $86 per month after taxes for a 450 minutes, unlimited text, and 4GB of data. under the new pricing it would be $110 plus taxes and fees, so probably $120 per month for one smartphone. Asinine. I will leave verizon in a heartbeat over that!

  • Adam Marcionek

    What’s hilarious about the Share Everything Calculator is that 2 out of the 3 questions they ask you how many minutes and text messages you send a month and yet all the Share Everything plans are unlimited.


  • gary

    I really want to know the logic on how they went from the current $30/2gb SOLO to $50/1gb SHARED

  • finndogg

    They are crazy with these prices, man $50 bucks for 1gig of data…. BLAHAHA, sorry if your a member of Verizon but you are getting SCREWED big time.

  • TheTruthSquad

    These plans are a royal screwing if you are single, like me. My current charge is $94 a month. I use about 100 minutes a month of phone calls, 10 text messages and 2 to 5 gb of data. My new bill will be $120 a month plus about $15 in taxes for a total of $135 a month. Over a two year contract, it would cost me $960 extra. Looks to me like I will just pay the full price for the phone and save about $500 over a two year contract.

  • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

    I think the one place this makes sense for is families that all use iPads, or other tablets.

    Meaning that instead of paying $30 per month per tablet, the get to attached them to the family plan for only $10.

    If you are an ‘Apple family’ : 5 people all with iPhone and iPads this is a great deal.

    Old Apple Family: $440
    Family plan base = $70
    Unlimited texts = $30
    4 additional users 4 x $10=$40
    Data for 5 phones 5x $30 = $150
    Data for 5 iPads = 5 $30 = $150

    New Apple Family: $350
    5 Phones x $40 = $200
    5 Tablets x $10 = $50
    + Data <= $50

    So the Apple family base goes down to something like $350 instead of $440. This seems like a way to get more people to get data on their iPads instead of just using Wi-Fi.

  • HackNet

    WOW!!! Look at those prices…Who the HELL would pay $50 for 1GB of data? You have to be kidding me.

    You watch a few Netflix shows at the beach and your 1GB data plan is up. I cannot believe this Nazi company would do this to their customers.

    Only an IDIOT(uninformed customer) would pay $50 for 1GB of data.

    Someone needs to fkin protest the sht out of this ridiculously outrages data plan.

  • HackNet


  • redraider133

    I hope that once sprint and tmo roll out their lte network they will keep unlimited and i will switch. Especially with a GSM carrier like tmo I can get unlocked phones and not deal with carrier BS.

  • toninho

    ok after checking with different companies i foud that once verizon does the switch to this plans everything is gonna be the same as att. I checked att, and they have a family plan with 2 smart phones with 3 GB of data each line plus unlimited text and insurance for $173 plus tax and Verizon is going to be $80 for two smart phones plus $80 for 6GB between the two lines wich is $160 plus insurance and you end up same as att so what up all the drama, i will lose my unlimited data its gonna hurt me, but at least my pocket is not gonna hurt as much.

  • j

    The first line on the 80 dollar plan and up the to 100 dollar plan the first line should be free just the idea I had Verizon hope your take a look at it because I love but do this I would want the 100 dollar plan and I’m sure that other people would to and the 80 dollar plan and 90 dollar plan to for real for real

  • GDA

    Verizonwireless just gave its customers a swift kick between their customers legs. You’ll save if you have unlimited talk, unlimited texts, unlimited data. I don’t know anyone who has unlimited talk, text & data & I don’t know anyone who will save with this new pricing plan… Unless you happen to be a family of 5. No unlimited data means there is no reason to stick with verizonwireless anymore.

  • gry

    Most people pay more on the new plan structure and it eliminates the add a line benefit for the small cost of 10$ current customers have. While still charging less for data but alot more for unlimited calls outside vzw which is a feature few need on the nations largest wireless network