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Confirmed: ASUS Nexus 7 tablet coming at the end of June


In case you were still skeptical about the Nexus Tablet making its appearance at Google I/O this month, yet another rumored ASUS source has confirmed the imminent launch of the oft-fabled tablet. An ASUS rep at Computex told Android Authority will indeed make its debut appearance at Google I/O at the end of the month.

Our own sources told us back in March that ASUS was selected as the manufacturing partner for the Nexus Tablet, and that the tablet would include the powerful Tegra 3 processor. We also learned from sources that the target pricing for the Nexus Tablet was $149-$199, with Google aiming to bring the Nexus Tablet into as many pockets as possible. With production rumored at about 600,000 tablets produced by the end of June, it became fairly obvious that Google’s I/O developer conference was going to be showcasing the device.

Rejoice, Android fans, Google’s Nexus Tablet is real, will be made by ASUS, and will be unveiled at the end of June at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Via: Android Authority

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  • halo0

    Yes!!! Day one purchase.

    • dommafia

      if the rumored pricing is correct I will get this no matter what!

    • Jorge Eslava

      I’m getting this the second it’s released, it will make a great late father’s day present.

    • http://www.bossyman15.com Adam Clark

      If the rumored price and specs are correct then I’ll buy it no matter what!

    • Alex Longdon

      Of course this would come out after i plunked down $500 for the 32gig Transformer prime… -_-

  • amgala

    Perfect! I’ll be able to buy one just in time for my anniversary trip!

    • YMS123


      • amgala

        Thank you!

    • Dimitri

      Congrats. Hmm… Now I need an excuse to get one too.

    • sdny8

      Oh I can hear the joy in your wife’s voice already.

  • YMS123

    This is gonna hurt those kindle fire sales…. And perhaps some put some pressure other tablet as well

    • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

      The most popular Android tablets at the moment are running heavily modified Android software and are being marketed as e-readers. It’s good to see Google legitimately putting their weight behind the tablet market.

      • aranea

        True! It’ll increase Google’s and Android’s share of the market. Especially if it comes with GPS given that apple is going for its own maps. But I still would love to see a high-end 10+ inch nexus tablet from google. Personally for me, the 7 inch tablet is not much bigger than my phone. I need a 10-inch one to fill up the space between my phone and computer. Now I’m waiting for a new galaxy tab or else it’s going to be transformer prime for me.

  • htowngtr

    Will be ordering that baby day 1 like many others, I assume. I wonder if there will be a mad rush as 600k isn’t very much.

    • redraider133

      I think 600k to start will be a good number to gauge interest and should at least be enough for the first batch. Hopefully they won’t get far behind demand

  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    Availability will be the issue. I really hope that we, Europeans, will be able to buy it at the same price. I will even pay for transportation (it would be cheaper anyway than to buy it from my country or UK).

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Inexpensive, Google-supported Nexus tablet with competitive specs? Yes, please. Look for the dev community to support the hell out of this one, also! Watch the amount of tablet supporting apps skyrocket in the coming months!

  • kazahani

    Google is aiming to put these things in people’s pockets?!?!? My pockets are far too small!

    • Ps3y3Ops

      Buy oversized clothes :p

      • mipd1980

        Good thing that I kept a few of my big pants after I lost 40 pounds….lol

  • redraider133

    I will definitely be buying one of these. Can’t wait to see Google unveil it and hopefully keep the rumored 149-199 price.

  • fletchtb

    I will be another of the Day 1 purchasers. I am looking forward to Google owning this lower price point market. This kind of competition is great for the market!

  • Darkseider

    At $149 – $199 that there is a day one purchase. Especially if it is packing a Tegra 3 and Jelly Bean.

    • bellken

      yes, and, I can’t wait to see all of the spec’s.

  • Nathan D.

    Yes, a nexus tablet that isn’t tainted by it manufacturer.

  • jordanfritzsche

    Happy birthday to me, I will be buying this as my present for sure!

  • McLovin

    Any chance it will have removable SD memory, since it’s labeled a Nexus? I hope it has bluetooth and at least a physical on/off button hopefully physical volume buttons. Front/back camera would be nice too.

    • MTown

      I could see them ommiting the back camera. Let’s be honest, how often would any of us use it? I know I wouldn’t. Even if it was DSLR quality I would still rather pull out my phone.

      I’m hoping that they omitted the back camera and as a result either lowered the price, thickness, and/or weight

      • McLovin

        I totally agree.

        It’s the front facing camera for Skype that I want. The back facing camera for me is more useful for scanning or augmented reality apps like Google Sky star maps etc.

  • Slith

    Perfect timing!

  • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

    This will be a nice compliment to my refurbed Fire, but even though it’s launching with Tegra 3, I’m still curious to the rest of the specs?

    Pictures and dates are nice, but with only 3+ weeks left, it be nice to get some concrete specs.

  • skyflakes

    Yey, Nexus Tablet! Interesting what Jellybean will be bringing to tablets (and phones later on).
    Yey, 7″! This size is perfect for me.
    Yey, Asus! The transformer series is great but I do hope Asus gives us something new despite the pricetag.

  • JayB95

    I need MOAR specs! Lol jk. But yeah this tab will go good with my GNex.

  • iamXiV92a

    This will probably become my first tablet purchase :)

    • http://www.bossyman15.com Adam Clark

      Same here!

    • nivekkev

      Me too

    • ndarvishev

      This will be my second tablet purchase. First one was a Chinese ePad with Android 2.1. Reportedly it featured 1Ghz processor and 512Mb RAM. But it was so slow. Also there was a screen backlight defect. You had to squeeze one of the corners to keep the backlight.
      I gave it to my nephews. I don’t know what they did to it but I don’t see it anymore.))))

  • rantmo

    Now comes the most difficult decision of all; do I drink myself into a stupor or enter into some manner of light coma until orders open?

  • Jimmy_Jo

    This should be pretty awesome! The Google Tablet market is boxed into skinned UI’s right now. You’re either on a Nook or a Kindle. The Transformer is interesting but I’ve never even seen one in person. This should be a shot in the arm that GTabs need.

  • Mix

    This will be in my hands for sure!

    Time to toss some water on the Kindle Fire….or something else just as witty!

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    Adios HP Touchpad. Hello Nexus Tablet.

  • dandroid4g

    Asus and Google are awesome! :D

  • tiRo

    Can’t wait!

  • uknowme

    Sweet! Wonder when it will actually launch.

  • Andrew

    Yeea yaaah im cant effin wait for that sh*t!

  • nivekkev

    Think they will have a keyboard dock for this?

    • Brendan

      same here. planning on using this for school next year as just a light web browser, agenda, and google drive

  • DocJ8404

    A tablet of this quality, at such an attractive price-point, is long overdue. Hopefully we’ll see different sized Nexus branded tablets (7.5 – 9in) in the near future, to cater to those who need a little more screen real estate in a tablet. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful start.

  • hi im Patrick

    I want more features like front facing camera, rear camera etc. I’m looking forward to buy this tablet

  • inviolable

    If they can price a Tegra 3 tablet that cheap, then a 10 inch shouldn’t be too expensive either. I’ll wait for that. Mostly looking forward to the next version of Android and/or the rumored Nexus phone lineup at Google I/O.

  • Sheila

    I will even buy one at $250!!!

  • Ichigo

    Very very smart, it’s the only way to beat the iPad, make it stock with awesome specs while being very affordable. Can’t wait!

  • guyb99

    Only getting it with a front facing camera

  • Division by Zero

    I’ve been looking forward to a lower-priced tablet ($800 just isn’t worth it to me, tablets are cool, but they’re simply not powerful enough for me to be anything but a toy – the programs I use for work would never fubnction on even a highly-specced tab). $149-$199 is great! Even if I’m disappointed for some reason (which i don’t think I will be, especially at that price point), it’s only 200 bucks, and I’m sure I’d have no problem selling it.
    I’m interested in this tablet for a lot of reasons, not least of which is to see what Android 4.1 has to offer (if it is indeed launching with 4.1), how much dev-community support and custom ROMs will be out, etc.
    I wonder how much of a loss Google and/or Asus is taking per unit. Video game console manufacturers almost always take a loss on each console sold initially (until production costs go down, etc.), but they do this knowing that they’ll make their money back on games. If the rumored specs are true, I don’t see these being produced for $150-$200 each in any country.
    I already told my son that this is what I want for a late Father’s Day gift. I’m looking forward to it!

  • JaRoesl

    I can buy one for each person in my family! Still less than one iPad!

  • awundrin

    Yeah! It’s about time – it’s on my ‘to buy’ list! woo hoo! Love ASUS.

  • bambang

    GREAT, what it will be then… Tegra 3 right, surely will buy online.. can’t wait :)

  • dVyper

    Yawn. Not interested in a tablet at the moment.

    • Dave

      So lets go comment on a news post about tablets? :)

  • mipd1980

    Oh man…..I’m getting this thing and root the Asus out of it (Nothing Wrong with Stock) but I’m sure AOKP and CM9 and Gummy will have Roms for this thing. Come to daddy Nexus Tablet, Come to daddy.

  • ndarvishev

    Oh, God, I have exactly $250 reserved for this one. The problem is will I be able to buy it the first day or in the first batch. I’m expecting 600 000 to be sold out quickly.

  • txbluesman

    I am like a kid getting excited for his birthday or something.

  • leaponover

    I’m a note owner, and this is quite a conundrum…. I think I am going to have to just bite the bullet on a 10in, 7 in is only 2 inches more than what I have and I just don’t think I can rationalize buying a device just for 2 more inches, lol.

  • Kim

    Anyone know where/how we can get our hands on one when the become available?

  • Prince77

    I was never going to get a tablet, but looking at this has changed my mind.

  • christ

    Day 1 Purchase if under $250.01

    If $200 then.. YEAHH BUDDYY!! Rollin’ Like A Big Shot!

    “I’ll be a buyer and I’ll be ditchin’ my fire!” :)

  • Pallen

    Man the weeks are dragging, I’ve been waiting on this tablet since CES 2012. Oh, please have the 370T specs we’ve been waiting for. Plus a front camera.

  • amonlb

    Worldwide… please please please fingers crossed. It gets to be annoying that europe have to wait longer for googles stuff (and other comp. too)