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Galaxy Nexus banned in the U.S. following preliminary injunction in Apple patent case


You read that right, sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. have been temporarily banned after the court granted Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus in their ongoing patent lawsuit.

As soon as Apple posts a bond of approximately $96 million (the estimated costs for Samsung should the court decide this injunction was wrongly applied) the ban will go into effect. Samsung can of course appeal this ruling and that could happen as early as next week, which could potentially bring this to a very abrupt end. If Samsung is unable to convince the court to reverse this decision the ban will remain in effect until the trial is concluded.

There are four total patents at issue in this case. The first is the same one that proved problematic for HTC that allows the device to identify text or numbers to pull up a relevant menu or action. The second is basically word prediction for a touchscreen keyboard. The third is the ever popular slide-to-unlock patent and rounding out the quartet is a patent for a single search interface that allows the device to search a variety of sources both on and off the device.

Now those are very simplistic descriptions of these patents, but I am nevertheless baffled as always that not only were these patents granted in the first place, but that a judge finds them to be compelling. And to be clear this does not bode well for Samsung in the trial as the standards for granting a preliminary injunction are fairly high, requiring that the judge believed that the patents were likely valid and that Samsung had indeed infringed upon them and is causing Apple irreparable harm by having the Galaxy Nexus on sale.

There has been no official comment from Samsung as of this posting, but we’ll keep you updated as any new information becomes available.

Update: Samsung has submit their appeal as expected. The main focus of their appeal was that Apple can not prove substantial market share losses directly attributable to the features found in the applicable patents.

Via: The Verge

Source: Dan Levine on Twitter

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  • CTown

    Has a preliminary injuction ever worked against Samsung? They all have seemed temporary so far (and hopefully it stays that way).

    • NoPatentYet

      Generally speaking, an injunction is usually temporary. It only applies till a work-around is created, and that’s the joke. If a work-around is possible then there is NO legitimate reason for an injunction.

      • kroneage

        That’s right, but in this case the work around is in Google Android Jelly Bean Update. But this judge refused to hear Samsung’s new evidence before granting this injunction request by Apple. So Samsung immediately went over her head and requested a review of her decision on the grounds she refused to accept evidence that would have made this Ban worthless.

        Consequently the Judge’s followup decree was noticeably missing and even with Apple posting the required bond, this ban is already dead in the water with Jelly Bean Update already slated for the day Nexus 7 gets shipped!!! lol…..

    • Doodledoctor

      A preliminary injunction is a temporary injunction. Once a preliminary injunction is granted by a court, it is in effect until it is reversed. It can be reversed on appeal or at trial, when the court determines if it should change temporary injunction into a permanent injunction.

      In all honesty, It is absurd to give Apple an injunction. Injunctions are the exception and should not be granted unless there is “no adequate remedy at law.” In an extremely abbreviated sense, this means that money is not enough to compensate Apple (such as it is hard to calculate exactly how much money should be given to Apple). I am unsure exactly what relief is sought by Apple (we at least know for sure injunctive relief is one), but there should be away to calculate a monetary sum.

      • Doodledoctor

        More likely, as NoPatentYet says, Google/Samsung will just create a workaround.

    • Terrormaster

      The biggest problem is these are all software related patents. The Galaxy Nexus is pure Google experience device. Any software feature in it is part of the Android ICS core not a creation of Samsung. This is a shot directly against Google this time, not necessarily Samsung.

      • Raptor

        hahaha….Sick of these moronic words “Google experience, Google experience”. I only see reflection of Apple in that “experience” like in a mirror. In ideal world those “experiences” should be banned long ago, instead we’ve got the sites like this full of brainwashed kids.

        • Herb

          I think you’re lost, bro.

        • zerosix

          >brainwashed kids
          Great joke!

        • Max.Steel

          What an idiot you are.

        • Raptor

          Look how brainshifted GoogleExperienced moronery exploded in anger ! LOLOL

          • iamXiV92a

            Ha! “Moronery” isn’t even a word, but moronity is. Way to go champ.

        • dVyper


        • Alex

          I only see a reflection of Palm in Apple’s experience. Every single patent war Apple has started with Google is based on previous patents created by Palm and other companies of the early-2000 era. Clearly you’re the brainwashed iMinion.

          • RAPTORofdumbosicks

            lol MAO. .. glad to rattle this swamp of planet of suicidal schisoapes like u. hahaha. .. I never touched a single Apple device in my 30+ years computer carrier u unicellular mommysonnies.

            Dumbos, the question is to curb copycats from stealing and copying in day light. Does former Palm owners or current its patents holders or ANYONE ELSE suing or blaming Apple besides u morons on such forums and the crooks which took $60million for mistake in the “iPad” name parenting? If yes Apple usually pay no question asked. And it wants others to do just that.

        • road kill


  • http://www.polarpattern.com Bryan

    Has Google ever went after Apple for pull down notifications?

    • NoPatentYet

      Google’s patent for it hasn’t been approved yet. . . :D

      • http://www.polarpattern.com Bryan

        Of course… thanks!

    • A.Woodbury

      Brilliant! The US should temporarily ban iPhone sales until Apple finally realizes that lawsuits are pointless. Let the boys play!

  • Nate B.

    I really hope Apple falls to the ground before this year is over

    • LuisEAP21-24

      Remember, Apple is about to wake up the giant…

      • redraider133

        Keep poking the sleeping giant and soon enough it will wake up. I hope when google gets the notification patent they hammer apple. I hate litigation but sometimes you have to push back against the bully before they leave you alone.

        • LuisEAP21-24

          The best way to defend yourself is a well done attack.

        • LuisEAP21-24

          The best defense is a good offense…

          • manu

            Like when Motorola won the case against CRapple in Germany.

  • AppleFUD

    This patent will be invalidated. . . just read it – it’s like they patent things ten years after the fact. Shows how weak apple’s patents are. . .

    Nonetheless, enough of apple. . .I’m so done with them that I will no longer even use the name ‘apple’ in my handle even as a joke = ‘AppleFUD’ is dead :)

  • ryan

    so lets say apple wins where does that leave google support/update for the gnex

    • NoPatentYet

      IF, and that’s a big IF. . . Google will just invent a work-around. Patents are VERY specific especially patents that are “on top of” other patents.

      • ryan

        right…cuz after watching the keynotes i decided it was time to buy one..been holding onto my g2x for 2 long.. then i saw this…just dont want to drop the cash if they r gonna drop the phone..

        • Christopher Wueste

          As a former G2X owner myself, I applaud you in your ability to keep using what was quite possibly the buggiest and most frustrating device I’ve ever used. Mad props…

        • NoPatentYet

          Even if Google/Samsung should stop production of the gNexus due to this BS for whatever reasons. . . and remember this is JUST THE US, so that’s very doubtful. . . they WILL still support the device with software updates.

      • LuisEAP21-24

        My question is: Could this work-around be comfortable to clients?

        • ryan

          might be as simple as a small update to remove the “patented” material with a new option.. so i wouldnt imagine it would be to difficult.

          • LuisEAP21-24

            So if I root my phone, I can get those patents back to my phone?

          • ¥€$

            why do you think that? If anything i think the work around IS THAT DIFFICULT because why else would Google/Android MFGR allow this butt rape to continue to take place.

            I think…and please God I hope I am wrong…but this could be the end of android


        • Herb

          Once there’s a workaround in place you won’t even notice the difference.

      • redraider133

        Just like htc did with their one series devices they made certain work arounds for the US models so that they did not infringe on what apple was trying to say they did.

        • LuisEAP21-24

          And how about that patent where you have to choose between youtube or the browsers to see videos. What was the work-around that HTC made about it?

  • mikepaige2

    Apple sucks ass! The patent game is so lame! Google/ Android is moving so fast this is the only way Apple can try to keep up! Google shouldn’t support iOS at all.

    • Will

      Funny how you say that because Google makes more money in iOS than Android. Lol. Apple is the one trying to stay away from Google… starting with Maps. Bottom line is Google crossed Apple when it decided to copy iOS even if the original Android was aiming at Blackberry.

      • Ardrid

        How about you provide some proof to that effect instead of mindless conjecture? Oracle claims Google ripped off Java to create Android and Apple claims that Google ripped off IOS to create Android. So, who’s right? Answer: neither. Java was an open source language at the time and the concept of a mobile, touch based operating system isn’t protected under the law.

        Spare us the trolling unless you’ve got some real proof that Android is even remotely a copy of iOS at the code level, because the fact that they both use square shaped icons to represent application shortcuts ain’t gonna cut it.

      • NoPatentYet

        ONE thing we all KNOW is that apple steals IP all the time. . .
        GUI – Xerox PARC (paid only for a demo)
        iPOD – original patent holder
        iphone – Palm, RIM, Nokia. . . hell it looks near identical to old Palm PDA’s
        ipad – MS Courier project & Knight Rider tablet
        Keynote – Sun Microsystems: http://jonathanischwartz.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/good-artists-copy-great-artists-steal/
        And a butt ton from Android into iOS. . . .

        As I like to ask apple fans. . . can you please provide us with one *invention* that apple created that is in use today – not an innovation, or something they created form other people’s IP, but something they invented that is totally original? Just one!!!

        Bet you can’t!

      • road kill

        Last time I checked. Andy Rubin had Android up and running before iOS was released.

  • redraider133

    This is ridiculous. Honestly at least for me it makes me want to buy and support android that much more with all the BS apple is pulling. I was hesitant on buying the nexus 7 but now am going to order one because who knows you might not be able to in a few months with how apple wants all android products off the market. A major reform is needed and need more judges like the one who threw out the moto v apple suit.

    • Gir

      No kidding, I’m so glad I bought my G-Nex back in December. Jelly bean rocks and Apple can’t stop the train from moving. I pre ordered my Nexus 7 first day it became available, now I just have to wait ><

    • NoPatentYet

      I know. . . I wasn’t going to buy a N7 – played with enough tablets and don’t really use them much and also have a gNexus. . . . BUT NOW. . . . :)

      Sure, Asus might be the OEM for the N7 but it’s something that will piss the fruity douche bag company off cause, it goes after their sacred cow….. ipd

  • CJ LaFleur

    F*** ing patent trolls! If you wanna be the best then make a better product! Don’t try to win with cheap shots or dirty underhanded tactics! Fight fair Apple!

  • halo0

    Just pulled the trigger on another one from the Play store. They’re still available. Hopefully it ships. :/

    • CongressBeta

      Same here. I bought one yesterday from Google Play. Can’t wait!

      But about Apple, they suck. I’m throwing away all of my iPods and I’m going to buy Android phones now on instead of my 4S. They have been doing this and it gets on my nerves. They are only provoking Google to come and whip its behind back to the stone ages where it belongs!

    • halo0

      It shipped. :)

  • LuisEAP21-24

    We want to protect innovation and we are tired of this senseless lawsuits. We have to stop patents and patent trolls. Please sign the petition to stop software patents!

    • Will

      You can’t stop patents. It is there to protect ideas. Apple is just protecting theirs and the judge agree. Google/Samsung should have known better in the first place

      • Matt

        nope appples patents is to protect their sales by saling a crappy hardware with a half assed outdated and very limited software.

        apple philosohpy: “if you cant compete ban them so there is no one to compete with”

        im really sick of their act, and all the fanboys act, even if i own an apple product myself, apple IF you want me to buy your product make it BETTER than anyone else.otherwise you can eat dirt and Die.

      • masterpfa

        You’re right every company has a right to protect their patented ideas.

        But do have a look at the wording of some of these patents and how vaguely they are worded, remember some of the patents filed were not for ideas that A**le invented, but for ideas that already existed, Crapple just patented them.

        As the OP stated..

        “Now those are very simplistic descriptions of these patents, but I am nevertheless baffled as always that not only were these patents granted in the first place, but that a judge finds them to be compelling.”

        • cthonctic

          The EFF initiative isn’t against all patents in general but specifically software patents. In EU (and probably other places outside the US) those don’t even exist and they also should be invalidated and stopped from being granted in the US as well.

          Software patents are inherently nonsensical because either you patent a specific implementation which is worthless because there are dozens of ways you can implement the same principle; or you patent the “idea” behind the principle which is not at all what patents are there for in the first place.

  • snowbdr89

    So If I bought a black car can I sue anyone who buys a black car or get them banned in the u.s.?

  • virexed

    Apple can suck it.

    • ElvisonD


      • kazahani


  • Will

    People here are not making any sense. Apple files for a patent and it was approved since no once else filed for the same idea. Apple created a product. Google decided to copy portion of it and now its hardware maker getting sued.

    It is not Apple fault that they want to protect their ideas and it seems that the law agrees with them. Google should have check if there is a patent existing before they decided to use it.


    • Ardrid

      That argument would be valid if we had a patent system that actually worked. Unfortunately, the PTO frequently grants patents for things that have vast amounts of prior art associated with them. Apple, incidentally, takes advantage of this flawed system.

      So, yes, it is Apple’s fault. They’re not protecting their ideas; they’re protecting ideas that they’ve largely stolen and patented after the fact. A judge granting a preliminary junction doesn’t change the fact that Apple’s only means of competition at this stage is litigation.

    • Gir

      You are such a troll just leave our site LOL go choke on your Apple products

  • necro

    Patents should intentionally be violated out of principle. You cant own an idea.

    • Willie

      *Software patents. Some patents (i.e. in medicine) exist in order to benefit the industry. Without them, pharmaceutical companies would be forced to hold back on potential cures to diseases in order to protect themselves.

  • pokeflute

    This stuff is getting out of control I just hate apple how apple handle things and just ban things for a certain time frame to gain more cash. I just hope this just fail and everything goes back. And why does it take this long for the patent to approve Google pull down notification bar they know the g1 used it first and u don’t see Google banning the Iphone 4 and 4s for using it.

  • necro

    Will, you are dumb. Why should Apple have a monopoly on a concept? This is anti-competitive. Google simply does a better job, and apple cant keep up with it.

  • Nathan D.

    Wow, these patents are weak and I don’t know why it even consider in court that it cause some type of harm since those patent are in almost ever smartphone to date and basically part of software in smartphone now a days.

  • Ardrid

    Can Google just stomp them out and be done with it? Happiest day in the world will be when Google embarrasses Apple like they did Oracle.

    • kazahani

      Easier said than done. Apple has more money in the bank than any other company out there. Google included.

      So much hipster money. Where does it all come from? I mean seriously, ever tried to bum a cigarrette off a hipster? They claim to be so poor…

      • Willie

        They spent it all on apple products, duh.

  • themost

    Seriously Apple?Just when I crack the screen on my GNex…. Fucking.fantastic

  • manu

    Then people dont understand why do I hate Apple with all my soul. Apple, do you really think that if you kill android i’ll go stupidly to buy a product from you? I prefer to do t have a phone than own some of your f***** products. DIE APPLE DIE

    • Matt

      you sir are right, ill encourage all my friend to buy dumbphone or anthing outside that crappy company, i hope they die with their outdated io6

  • maksymilian

    irreparable harm. if this refers to sales figures then I don’t think so. most galaxy nexus uses would never have bought an IPhone anyway, just gone and got a different Android phone.

  • Alex Belko

    Apple strategy – steal features, accuse everyone of stealing their features

  • xfiitj

    Samsung deploys new firmware in 3..2..1..

  • Raptor

    They’d be banned long ago. But literally all US companies also are damn braindead copycats who want a piece of apple pie. Worst of them is a “copy-everything” one, backed by the big money, with that very looooooooooong name everyone here loves so much. They tactics is simple – monopolize most profitable markets …and of course big money eventually buy everything.

  • LuisEAP24-21

    Do you remember this advertisement?
    Little by little, it could become real.

    And I am talking about people with the white dress.

    • LuisEAP24-21

      *about the people in white.

  • kazahani

    This is the legacy of Steve Jobs:

    That he was a innovator, that he improved on a product (smartphones), and then that he turned his back on innovation itself by ruthlessly litigating anyone who further innovated. His company is carrying on his vision of stifling any further progress in the touchscreen smart device industry.

    He must have died a bitter, frustrated man.

    • yankeesusa

      I agree. He probably died from being to grumpy and getting too mad at other people from making other great things.

  • alexleonard

    I think it’s important to point out that whilst the patent covering “actionable linking” is not the main patent in question.

    My understanding of the case is that the patent covering “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system” is the main patent in question and could cause a lot more trouble than the other three patented items.

    Please note I am not defending Apple, but I think it would be a good idea to highlight the main patent in question.

    When I first read this article I came away with the impression that the “actionable linking” was the main reason the Galaxy Nexus was banned, which really got my goat up.

    My goat is still up, but this universal search patent is a lot more dangerous (in my mind).

    I’ve written a full rant about it all over on my own blog if you’re interested:


    • NoPatentYet

      You are correct. The linking issue has been dealt with. HTC invented-around it and so can all of Android now that they know the particulars, thus the joke that any infringement on any of these patents is worth an injunction when a work-around is so easy.

      The patent judge Koh is focuses on hast to do with “mult-search” as it has been phrased and is what you suggest. It’s from 2004 and ONTOP of many other patents. Just think about that for a second.

      Can you think of anyone pre 2004 doing some type of “computer search” form a single interface that searches multiple items/areas? Hmmmm.. . .. wouldn’t yahoo and all search engines be doing something very similar? Therefore, this patent must be very specific or be completely invalid. If it is specific then I’m sure an easy work around will be created if Android does indeed infringe. . . if the former, bye. Either way, no injunction is warranted. This judge is off her rocker, providing injunctive relief for a SINGLE SOFTWARE patent.

  • Griffen

    I had just almost saved enough money to replace my iPhone with the Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully I can get the last 50 buck before this ban. I am so angry with Apple right now. I’ve been looking at this phone for months, and now what happened? This is wrong.

  • ElvisonD

    Apple keeps on pushin and messin with Samsung and Android…Keep it up, Apple is about to get a rude awakening…Apple is always bitching about shit, when anything that Apple has came out for the past 2 years, Android already has had…so hop off already

  • yankeesusa

    This is unbelievable. If apple ends up winning this patent case that will suck. I understand samsung has copied apple in many things but these things they are talking about now are so vague. I can’t wait till google can go after apple for the notification bar, maybe it will keep things from getting out of hand.

  • Dee

    Shit just got real. If they actually ban the Gnex I assure Google will be ruthless. I don’t doubt it for one Second. Part of me actually wants them to get the ban so it can force Google to be much more visceral in the smartphone space. They need to know that you can’t just passively sit back and let carriers do what they want, apple sue and litigate your partners, and allow others to blatantly steal your ideas and then try to sue you for it. Google needs to play hardball and I think this is the perfect time for them to be forced to.

    • alexanderharri3

      For a stock experience device, Samsung may be able to get out of things by saying, “Hey, this OS is Google’s – take this up with them, not us. These are Google’s features. Oh, and by the way, they have more patents then us. Have fun!”

  • Mars

    help fight the war against apple by signing this petition to defend innovation https://defendinnovation.org/, Pass the link along, ty

  • praveena

    really informative blog thanks..keep posting

    Apple patent case: Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned in US

  • jmon

    I found a petition online to impeach Judge Koh from the Apple vs Android case. Please show your support, http://www.change.org/petitions/voters-impeach-us-district-judge-lucy-koh

  • AndroidLover

    Apple is very stupid for attacking multiple android devices because the issue lies within the OS, not the smartphone… Apple should not patent a simple idea that a 5 year old could come up with. While I don’t agree with the lawsuit, if apple would have sued anyone, they should have sued android itself. I believe that apple’s only goal was to halt the sales of the phones of it’s top competetor.

    • Raptor

      They would sue Android. And their competitors are not a competitors, they are highway robbers.

      As we know Jobs’ was legitimately furious and his intention as i understand was to smash copycats Android and Samsung and HTC like a fly on the wall but Google protected itself with thousands of patents of Motorola it bought. Bought, not invented. Repeating: BOUGHT.

      Understand finally the tactics of all monopolistic companies of current era: predating, destroying and swallowing new prospective businesses using piles of money in their pockets. If you a monopoly you can twist the hands of smaller companies the way you want. Why do you think Android is free and Google gives you “better” search results? Your twisted wrong way brain is also a result of appropriate “treatment”. YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT APPLE if you are American even if you have Android phone in your pocket.

  • Raptor

    SGN…the #1 worst crapphone of 2011. Similar #1 crown of 2010 belongs to HTC EVO 4G.

    Did anyone succeed to make it last till the EOD? Everyone i know are on extended batteries.

  • NeoJesus

    Google Desktop had unified search way before Siri!

    Same with Windows Vista!

  • Raptor

    Apple should use the weapon of their dumbo copycats! After Apple Maps next is starting Apppppppple search !

    Will see in a year how they will afford free OS and searches without ad.

  • izzo

    apple ftw

  • Raptor

    Meantime the US trade deficit with Korea tripled lately. The braindead kids of salespeople will never even know what is that.

  • mike hill

    Apple SUCKS. This is why Steve Jobs got the caner.

    what good does patent trolling do for the consumer? NOTHING.


  • alexanderharri3

    Just wait until/if Google gets the slide down notification patent….Apple (unless Cali judges are as Apple biased as many non techies) will have to face that patent head on for copying Android the Android notification system.

  • Brandon

    All of this means that Apple saw the need to hinder the sales of one of the best Android phones, which also means that they are scared of what Android has become and what it is capable of.

    Get ready Android lovers, we’re winning.

  • ak

    Samsung decided not to release Nexus in India so that it will not hamper S3 sells. Glad Nexus got banned in US. Maybe they will divert supplies to SE Asia and I can buy a phone that is free of Samsung crap-ware like TouchWiz :-)

  • Smee

    Sigh, glad I don’t live in the U.S. (Nothin’ against you ‘mericans…just your patent system)

    I also get the feeling that a lot of the angst against Google is based in “Apple is an American company!!, Google is Korean!!” (Yes I am aware that Google is Californian…K, C what’s the difference anyway? Wait, where is Apple? Down the block? what? when?)

    #1 Google is as American as Apple Pie…whoops…don’t sue.
    #2 Google actually makes product in the U.S.
    #3 All these patents have prior Art, are vaguely worded and end up being used in a position outside their original scope…Why are they judges going for this exactly?

  • DuncanBishop

    Apple : I know this is just your way to slow Google/Android/Samsung’s growth..But dam…Alot…And I mean Alot of people love,like want,use there products and this lawsuit stuff will in some shape or form backlash back at Apple. Steve Jobs wanted to murder android and it looks like Apple will do its best to keep that train rolling. But watch what you guys do..alot of us are your customers too!

  • Ben

    I was am an Apple fan, I own iPhone iPod iPad. But more and more more becoming an android fan. My next phone will be android. I’m over apple.

  • Jesse

    What would be nice, if this backfires against the Judge and she gets kicked off the bench.