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Google+ lands official tablet app and events with Google calendar support


Did you really think we’d get through a Google event without seeing what’s new with Google+? Google is always touting the numbers and services behind its social network whenever they get the chance, and today at I/O is no different.

It seems like the network was just launching yesterday, but tomorrow, Google+ will be one year old. So how has it fared over the past year? According to Google, not too bad. Here’s how the numbers break down:

  • So far, 250 million people have signed up for Google+.
  • Of those 250 million, 150 million sign on at least once a month.
  • Of those 150 million, 75 sign in at least once a day.

Those numbers are poised to go up, thanks to a little help from the new Google+ tablet app.

Available on Android today, the Google+ tablet app looks great. It’s fast, it’s fluid and it puts content from your stream front and center. For those of you not using an Android tablet, an iPad version of the app is coming out soon.

Also announced today, Google+ will be adding support for events that integrate with your Google calendar. By using a before, during and after mode, Google+ events will help keep photos and information organized surrounding the event. For example, during the event time, Google+ will ask if you’d like to share any photos taken to the event page. And afterwards, you’ll be reminded to share and tag pictures.

Google+ events will be available to the public sometime in the near future.

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  • alexanderharri3

    First social network news of the day: Facebook unique visitors down, starts changing your settings for you

    Second: Google + gets better.

    Let’s continue this trend, shall we? More people to share to on G+

  • AvatarZ

    I’ve come to think that Google+ is a better product than Facebook, but my feed remains empty despite technically having hundreds of “friends.” I wish people would mass migrate, but I think Facebook has this locked down … and this point Google’s only hope is for a slow item by item migration.

  • oddball

    Google + keeps getting better keep it up Google

  • R

    Where is the tablet app? cant find it…

  • Slith

    They are on the right track. With all the Facebook settings news, this is perfect timing.

  • Andrew

    You mean to tell me only 75 people sign in to google+ every day?

    • Jorge Eslava

      I’m sure they meant 75 million people.

      • Dustin Earley

        That is correct. lol

  • spazby

    it will take time but i think google+ will get better as far as usage is concerned

    • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

      Agreed. People will start seeing the slick mobile app being used around town, the Events features and the Instant Upload and say ‘Hey whazzat??’. And then they’ll join in on the fun.

  • mkstvns

    Aaaaaaand Google+ takes one very overdue step closer to being properly useful.

    Still waiting for news of an API that might finally let third-party apps integrate with the service, though. Endomondo, Foursquare, all these sorts of things. They’re far from vital, but a lot of people would appreciate the connectivity, including me.

  • sota767

    “Of those 150 million, 75 sign in at least once a day.”

    Fantastic typo ;)

  • leeyiksheng

    It also syncs with Google Maps for directions and other geographical info. The UI and outlook for Google+ on tablet follow after Google Currents (which received a new icon but no update yet).

  • jenskristian

    I love the new app on my tablet. They did this one right! On my phone however it’s an improvement, but still a little big cluttered.