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Google’s Nexus Tablet headed to San Francisco for I/O unveiling

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With Google I/O right around a week away now, you’d have to figure that if the Google Nexus 7 were to make an appearance at the conference, it must have already gone into production, right? Maybe even already shipped out to San Francisco? If Digitimes is right, which is a big if indeed, then that just might be the case.

Digitimes is reporting today that Google’s 7-inch Nexus tablet, rumored to be called the Nexus 7, is already being shipped to San Francisco in preparation for Google I/O. Although Digitimes’ track record with rumors isn’t the greatest, since we’ve already seen sample pictures from the Nexus 7 surface online, we’re inclined to believe this one.

So what else does Digitimes have to say about the Nexus 7? They say it will be priced around $199 (we’ve definitely heard that before), will be missing a rear facing camera in order to keep the price down, come pre-loaded with Google Chrome as the default browser and rocking WiFi only.

Are you excited for the Google Nexus 7? We certainly are. Hopefully Google will break out some sort of special announcement to go along with their Nexus tablet that really makes it desirable. Something Majel related, perhaps?

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Source: Digitimes

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  • halo0

    I don’t see how it’s such big if. You said yourself if it’s going to be announced it has to be in production.

  • Noven

    I’ll be happy if the camera is missing from the back. I’ve never understood the rear-facing camera on the back.

    It seems like ever since the camera has been small enough to fit into phones and other gadgets everything I own has a camera.

    “Oh this is our latest can opener, equipped with a built-in camera!”

    • Noven

      *on the back of tablets.

      My bad!

    • Max.Steel

      Cameras on mobile devices serve a lot of functions besides taking mere pictures like scanning documents on the go, augmented reality, mobile blogging etc.

      • Noven

        I agree that is very useful. Again, I have several other devices that have those capabilities. If losing the camera on the back means the tablet will be more friendly on my wallet I will be happy. The camera would go unused, resources wasted and I would be out more money.

        For me it is a plus. I see how it would be a loss for others though.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      “I’ve never understood the rear-facing camera on the back.”

      Because putting it on the front would be silly.

      • Noven


        *face palm for redundancy*


    • kazahani

      I would totally buy a can-opener spy camera if the price were right!

  • Dirge

    So instead of coming out with a powerhouse tablet, they opt for something that feels like a budget device? I’m actually slightly disappointed. :/

    • rantmo

      They’ve built this with the Kindle Fire in their crosshairs, that’s what they’re trying to take down. They’re firing a shot at Amazon (and the Nook to a lesser extent) and staking a claim on this mid-range price point.

      • Dirge

        I know. That’s why I’m disappointed. If I wanted a mid-range android tablet, I’d get either a nook or fire. Personally, I think there should be two versions of the Nexus Tablet, like the new Surface tablet from Microsoft; a mid-range version and a “pro” version with all the bells and whistles.

        • rantmo

          Well, I’d argue that neither of those are *really* Android tablets; technically they are but they’re out of the main at best. Google doesn’t need or probably want to compete at the high-end because, one; that’s iPad territory and isn’t a fight worth picking, and two; there already are good, high-end Android tablets and why compete with yourself?

          • Chris Lewis

            Good point! That must mean Google doesn’t view Amazon as an android tablet, and they are willing to steal some of their thunder.

          • masterpfa

            @ Chris Lewis
            Amazon don’t see themselves as an Android Tablet, it is not marketed as one, but more of media tablet with their UI

          • kazahani

            Think about this though: Amazon made their own app market and their own ecosystem, and they’re selling a buttload of units. Google probably views them as a threat. Even though they’ve embraced Android, they are building a competing ecosystem.

          • perlowin

            I went to Best Buy to get my daughter (12 years old) a Kindle Fire, but ended up getting her the Galaxy Tab 2 7″. It was only $50 more and had a front facing camera that she can use with Skype (very important to a 12 year old girl).

            I was so impressed with the Tab I ended up getting one for myself! I was waiting for the next Transformer or the Samsung 11.6, but the 7″ format fits in one hand and is big enough to read my pdf reference books.

            Browsing is SO much faster on it then on my Galaxy SII. I just wish it had a Tegra 3 in it.

    • Bob Saget

      What were you expecting for less than $200? It might not be the most ballin tablet around but you can bet it will have good build quality (asus), top notch components (tegra 3?, 1gb ram, hd display), stock android (jellybean?), and updates straight from google. I don’t think you can be disappointed with all that for under $200.

      • masterpfa

        I agree totally, I’m tired of reading elsewhere “If it doesn’t have this top end or that top end feature, I won’t be buying it”. Wake up people $200 Nexus???????
        I’ll take one no problems

    • Max.Steel

      I/O will be a yawn unless they have something else besides this Nexus tablet.

      • inviolable

        I/O is every year, and they review everything Google & Android. Why all of a sudden would thisyr only be aboabout their tablet?

    • redraider133

      that’s because they are gunning to take back marketshare from the kindle fire.

    • epps720

      I’m just waiting for Asus to finally announce the Transformer Infinity. I’m thinking Google told them to be quiet on it until this Nexus is unveiled. I can smell the Infinity announcement coming soon…

    • Dustin Earley

      I wouldn’t mind seeing both. Baby steps, I suppose.

  • rantmo

    Ok, I don’t want to overstate my extreme excitement for this, so I’ll take a series of deep breaths and ask this question; based on previous Google launches can we make any estimates of when we might actually end up with these in our grubby mitts? Are we looking at early July or is there likely going to be a delay? I need to accurately calibrate my enthusiasm so I don’t pull a muscle or anything.

    • Jeremy

      My fingers are crossed that you can buy one on the play store right after the keynote is over.

    • Mix


      My birthday is in July and this is what I want climbing out of my cake, slowly….ever so slowly with solid eye contact as the anticipation builds!

      There I go again getting all excited and what not.

      • kazahani

        Cake or Nexus?

        • Roger


          err… I mean… jelly bean?

  • Ayumiin

    The lack of a rear-facing camera does make me a little disappointed. I have a 7in tablet with a front-facing camera only and it’s awkward using apps where you use a camera to take a picture of something other than your beautiful face (like a barcode). It won’t be a dealbreaker but as long as the specs are better than my $100 tablet that I’m in love with despite its flaws, it will be a day one purchase.

  • ben dover

    While jellybean would be awesome, part of me hopes android 4.1 is still ics because it means cm9 will be updated within a couple of days vs having to wait for cm10 to release :)

    • Dustin Earley

      I was just thinking about this the other day. I love what CM9 has to offer, but I’m sure 4.1 will come with some awesome new features.

  • Jonathan

    Maybe they’ll announce full-on tablet apps for all major Google services. Or is that too much to ask of Google more than a year into this little experiment? Most of all, I hope for a reason to care about Android tablets again.

  • sith-rapist is dumb

    There are uses for rear facing cameras besides taking pictures, Augmented Reality apps is just an example.

  • spazby

    It’s a good deal for $200… I prefer higher end devices though but many of my friends like $200 price point…

  • get at me banana

    No rear camera that sucks but I guess I gotta deal with it. I wanted a nexus for so long but I do wish it had a rear camera just to take a picture or sumthing like other android tablet. This remind me of a Acer iconia a200 where it doesn’t have a rear camera but only a front facing one. Maybe they will make one with both that would cost 250 or so.

    • mattcoz

      Do you really need another camera? What are the chances that you won’t have your phone with you?

      • ryan

        In that case, why have Google Wallet on this tablet?

  • jamal adam

    It makes perfect sense why Google would unveil the Nexus tablet at Google I/O. After Microsoft’s buzz with the Surface, I see Google doing it big and announcing the Nexus Tablet to the world and also (hopefully) showcasing Jelly Bean on the Nexus Tablet. That would be awesome.

  • Jorge Eslava

    If Chrome is the default browser I hope we still get the stock Android browser.

    • Jorge Eslava

      Unless they announce Chrome will support flash, but that’s unlikely.

      • NotRelevent

        Considering the fact that mobile flash is dead, I doubt we’ll see support for it. Besides its pointless anyway.

    • mattcoz

      Chrome is the new stock Android browser. If it’s Flash you’re worried about, there are plenty of other browsers that support it.

    • Roger

      I admit I’m completely lost on this, as I haven’t used Android as my main phone in a year or so, but what’s the big difference? I always thought the unbranded stock browser was pretty much Chrome without the name. They are both webkit, right? Isn’t this new Chrome browser just a next version of what was already on there, but with a more recognizable name? Or is there something majorly technically different with the new Chrome browser?

      I suppose I could just Google it…

      • Nicholas

        They’re not hugely different, but there are differences. Chrome integrates with desktop chrome more–if you register both with your gmail account, then it’ll let your phone see what tabs are open on your phone, for instance (and vice versa if you tweak the settings). It tends to use larger fonts by default, so that text is legible before you zoom in, which isn’t usually the case with the stock browser. It also does clever things with buffering while redrawing, so that it almost never blanks the screen and makes you wait while it thinks–on very large pages, like a Regretsy post with the comments open (they’re not paged on that site) or ThisIsCollosal.com–the stock browser does that so much it’s almost unusable. On the whole, I’d say Chrome is a big step forward. For me, the only problems are that it’s much slower, which is an issue because my phone is getting old and doesn’t have much RAM, and a weird thing it does on one site I visit often (RockPaperShotgun) where nested replies are rendered in smaller and smaller fonts the deeper they’re nested, which requires a lot of panning and zooming. On a faster device with a bigger screen than my phone, though, and the Nexus will qualify, I’d probably be happy with just chrome.

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t wait for Google I/O

  • Dave

    You forget to include that it’s said they cut the rear-facing camera to cut down on price, but it will have a front facing camera (supposedly). But yes, I have been WAITING! I was gonna get a tablet last holiday season, but my grandma (Yes of all people) told me to wait until after the 1st part of the year & something better will come, & when I did I heard about this, & I’m glad I’ve waited. Just want a great functioning Tablet, from Google, w/ their quick updates, & a front facing camera, & this seems to do all that, & for about $200, great!

  • mipd1980

    I WANT…..

  • dVyper

    Excited for the event and for the advances in software but not interested in any new tablet.

  • mattcoz

    Roy Batty is upset that he’s obsolete now.

  • nephroid

    Tablets do not need a camera on the both the back & front. They just need a good quality camera that can be used both ways via a hinge or maybe an accessory mirror attachment.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I can’t wait I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what they are going to be given out to all those who attends!

  • jta

    I know what people are going to get as their parting gift for attending I/O.

    • Dustin Earley


  • Erik

    Can’t wait for the launch. However I’m expecting the device would be released with much more powerful version that includes rear camera and larger memory storage (and ips panel perhaps). If chinese could produce tablet with high spec and low price, I don’t see reasons why google and their tablet vendor could do the same…

  • MoSDeeb

    I keep worrying this might be low-end hardware. I know not to expect bleeding edge, but I wouldn’t be thrilled about the Nexus Tablet using old hardware. Granted the Tegra 3 is not considered too old, but still…

  • JohnTab

    Too little reliable info. I think Google should’ve said something already. Selling not yet introduced products is nit their forte. Come on! I/O starts Wednesday and there’s not even a mention of a tablet in the event schedule. Mashable, endgaget and other tech sites have next to nothing about this. In the meantime I like many others DIE for the damn thing to be on sale…

  • JohnTab

    BTW chances are you have your smartphone with you all the time. No need at all for a rear camera on this device. I suppose they’ll all end w/o them.