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Internal HTC sales sheet claims the One X bests the Samsung Galaxy S III


It’s no secret that HTC and Samsung have released the two most exciting Android phones this year. The HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III will be the most sought-after handsets this summer, but consumers are going to have a hard time deciding which one is the best for them. Fortunately, HTC has put together “special packs” for its sales team which compares the two devices. I’m sure you can guess which One came out on top.

HTC’s matchup between the two phones has a few solid points, but we can’t help but smile when HTC labels the design of the Samsung Galaxy S III as “disappointing” and that its display is “dull” or has a lower density than that of the One X.

Below are some of the highlights from HTC’s comparison of the One X and Galaxy S III

HTC One X Samsung Galaxy S III
Better Speed/Faster Quad-core 1.5Ghz Quad-core 1.4Ghz
Better Camera 70% better quality with f2.0Faster: 4fps/99 shotFaster startup: 0.7s Poor low light with f2.6Slower: 3fps/20shotsSlower startup: 0.99sec
Better Sound Beats Audio none
Better Screen Brighter & cleaner, higher density Dull Bluishlower density
Better Durability Polycarbonate Plastic
Better Design World acclaimed Disappointing

HTC’s sales sheet claims that despite being 0.3mm thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S III, the HTC One X is lighter and feels slimmer than its competitor. HTC counterpoint for the Galaxy S III’s removable battery is that the One X can last a full day on a single charge. they could have left it at that, but they go on to say that having a second battery is a huge hassle due to the need to have a separate battery charger “which is often impractical, especially when traveling.”

one-x-vs-galaxy-s3-by-htc-5 one-x-vs-galaxy-s3-by-htc-1 one-x-vs-galaxy-s3-by-htc-2 one-x-vs-galaxy-s3-by-htc-3 one-x-vs-galaxy-s3-by-htc-4

But the best counterpoint on the list is when HTC compares the Samsung galaxy S III’s microSD card slot to the 32GB of internal storage and 25GB of DropBox cloud storage available to One X owners. Apparently, someone at HTC didn’t get the memo that the Samsung Galaxy S III can be purchased with 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal storage in addition to 50GB of DropBox cloud storage while still giving consumers the option to add more with a microSD card at any time.

Personally, I agree with many of the points that HTC highlights in its sales sheet. On paper, it’s extremely hard to compare the two devices and pick a clear winner.

Do you argree with HTC? Is the HTC One X better than the Samsung Galaxy S III? Let us know which features or specs have the most influence on your purchasing decisions and which phone you will purchase this summer.

Source: Android Authority

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Skis03

    I probably would have gotten the HTC if it came to Verizon but I will have to get the GS3. Either way they are amazing phones.

    • AndroidJunkie

      I would’ve gotten the one x if it came to verizon also. Id still rather wait for the next HTC phone on verizon. If BGR is at all right about the fall, there might be a super htc phone coming. So I’m willing to wait til then :)

      • AndroidJunkie
        • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

          I suspect that HTC phone probably does exist, but that “roadmap” from BGR is a complete load of crap.

      • Gary

        That new HTC phone sounds awesome for verizon. I already pre-ordered sgs3 and I can’t wait for it to come out! I WOULD wait for the HTC phone, but I want to secure my grandfather unlimited 4g plan. Either way, there will always be some better phone that’s gonna come out whenever you wait.

    • Kuntlicka

      Klose will kill Ronaldo today, 8-2 for the champion!!!!!

  • ndarvishev

    The design criteria really killed! LOL!!! Samsung’s design is disappointing! I agree that SGS III design is less attractive than HTC One X (that’s my personal opinion) but the word “disappointing” was really cruel, guys!

  • MrMrMan

    If they made the One X available for T-Mobile instead of the One S I probably would’ve purchased it. Instead it’s looking like I’ll be picking up a Galaxy S III.

    • Alan Radtke

      I thought the same thing. Then my wife bought the one s and i feel in love with the camera on the phone. I can’t believe the picture quality that the phone produces! I told myself that I’m only buying nexus phones from now on but this phone (and the one x) are making me start to change my mind….

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Agreed; give me a T-Mobile One X!

      • stevew

        You can get them on Tmobile. I have one. (well in the uk atleast)

    • Da Android God

      Don’t Knock the HTC ONE S til you try it.

  • Bysus

    I’m in France and we already have the One X and Galaxy S III available. I’ve reviews both of these devices and Galaxy S3 has twice more battery life than One X.
    It’s also faster in menu and browsing, not only benchmarks…
    Galaxy S III review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J-lVsOuUCU
    Galaxy S III white vs blue : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoywvrVkEcc
    HTC One X patch 1.26 vs 1.28 : 1.28 doesn’t improve battery life : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ioqRAwbXAQ

    • swazedahustla

      I don’t know anything about the one X international version but here on the Evo Lte, im getting at least 17 hours on some serious usage, and well over 24 hours just moderately using the phone. I do know the LTE has a bigger battery but not sure why the One X battery is like that. Maybe its the T3 chipset.

    • yogesh

      Why r u so desperate to prove that s3 is better than one x. R u blind. Can’t u see sense is way better than touchviz, display also one x has better n design of one x has better also camera in one x has better. On the top of it price is low of one x. If s3 scored 100 extra in benchmark doesn’t make it better than one x. U must be rich person or mindless

    • Paul Grocock

      I have also reviewed both handsets, The screen is far superior on the One X It is on par with the Iphone 4S and is stunning, The battery is better on the GS3 and The Sense UI is slightly slower, however with Apex launcher the phone is unleashed and is 2 times faster than TW on the samsung. Using Apex on the SG3 they are equal. The build quality is better on The HTC, and the phone feels and looks smaller. Tegra 3 THD games look amazing on the HTC full HD IPS panel. HTC have just secured the first mobile play station rights to run the official Sony software. This is for all the One series. The X S and V. For a quick look at Apex on the One X check out the 4Dogstech youtube channel.

  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    What about the added software options like S Beam, S Voice, Smart Stay, [auto] dialer, and Pop-Up Play? Those should be considered too!

    • swazedahustla

      you mean the things that every other android phone can have on their device??? I don’t think that fits the criteria unless is strictly for that phone lol

      • Jimmy_Jo

        those things are strictly on that phone. They are SGIII exclusive.

        The One X and EVO 4G LTE share the same display. Does that mean it isn;’t worth comparing????

        • damon

          I have S voice on my htc sensation.. :D

        • swazedahustla

          I will +1 on your post for you even typing that. Surely you know that everyone with an android phone that was released the past year can have flipboard, S voice, pop and play and other things running on their phone. U can’t be that stupid.

    • omnom

      To be fair, SOME I repeat, SOME can be mimicked such Villingo ( which is what S-Voice is ), theres also Stick-It Player which is very similar to Pop-up Play but the ability to resize which is nice (: However, I will give Samsung Smart Stay which is extremely innovative.. but review say that it only works intermittently which is a shame :( maybe they’ll polish it up more later.. I never understood what the difference between S-Beam and Android Beam were.. could someone explain?

      • skycake

        Android Beam uses NFC to transfer small files, such as contact information. S-Beam uses Android Beam to initiate a Wi-Fi Direct connection to transfer larger files such as media.

        I believe Android Beam can be used with any NFC-capable ICS phone, while S-Beam is GSIII exclusive at the moment.

    • Fifth313ment

      I don’t want my phone looking at me from time to time (creepy) and s beam only works from Galaxy S3 to other Galaxy S3 phones and I don’t see all of my friends having the same phone. With the EVO LTE you can use WiFi direct which will work with all Ice Cream Sandwich Androids which makes a million times more sense. I don’t want the auto dialer as I can see the phone making calls by me just covering the sensor by mistake. I don’t want Siri and Google is working on their own version of which I won’t download as even iPhone users don’t like it. As with Google’s own voice service Siri and Google Voice are limited to connection speed, room noise level, user accents and technology. Voice recognition technology just isn’t feasible yet. Even in a quiet room, which is hard to come by, my EVO LTE can’t get all of my words correct. That is even when I speak clearly and I have no accent. I tried Siri on my friends phone in a quiet room and it makes the same mistakes my EVO LTE does on many words. I would rather type in my text myself rather then talk it and then spend time correcting it. So none of those features should be considered.

    • Alex

      It is really sad for being ignorant. S-Beam = Android beam + wifi direct. (people like you are tricked by Samsung’s tactical advertisement) S-Voice (slow and will disappear once Google Now is launched “Google Now > Siri > S-Voice”), Smart Stay (actually useful?), pop-up play (sure, if you find it useful)

  • Chaoz

    As they are both really good phones I guess it comes down to preference. Im really torn here, I feel that S3 is the better device but I like Htc one X better…gaah..

    • Andy P

      my advice is if you don’t care about the lack of storage and non replaceable battery then get the one x.
      Touch wiz is down right ugly! and I am having RAM issues on my s3, it never has more than 100mb free which seems to slow things down ever so slightly.

      • muhahaha

        haha lol I really like the complaint, due to the fact that my jailbroken iPod touch 3rd gen has exactly the same problem, apart from the fact that it boasts about 10-20mb xD

      • monika

        You do realize that ram does not work like it does on windows? The management of memory on Android is very good and Judy because the ram is filling up, doesn’t meant the phone works bad. To the contrary, it improves performance of the apps. But if you knew that, you would post such idiotic comments.

        • andy p

          @Monika you are being stupid here. I know exactly what I am talking about. I wont bother humouring you by uploading a video to demonstrate what I mean but What happens is that in its latent state with 100mb RAM free and i open my browser for example, RAM goes down to around 60 -75mb, the phone starts juddering like crazy for FAR TOO LONG , your magical android memory management is virtually non existent and nothing gets killed leading to prolonged periods of unnecessary judder.
          On my galaxy note, i usually have around 350-400mb free and experience no issues.
          This could be an Android 4.04 issue on my S3 but either way the phone starts to lag ang pause slightly which shouldnt happen. I have had android phones since July 2009 and I expect the best possible experience on my s3 and am not getting it currently. I have owned a HTC HERO, HTC DESIRE, HTC DESIRE HD, MOTOROLA ATRIX (AT&T), SAMSUNG SII, EVO 3D, HTC FLYER, ASUS TRANSFORMER, GALAXY NOTE AND SAMSUNG SIII.

      • Da Android God

        I Think that’s why the US Version is going to have 2GB of ram.

    • Glenbot3000

      Having played with an S3, but owning the One X, I can definitely attest to the latter. Whilst neighter are a bad choice (easily the two best phones on the market), the Tegra chip gains access to the Tegra Store and HTC recently announced a deal to port PlayStation games exclusively to the One range. That, and a better feel (obviously subjective), better screen and better camera make the phone a winner. The difference in speed is completely negligible, but if you like numbers then the S3 is quicker.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    HTC One X: No removable battery, no thanks. I will have no problem killing that thing in 4-6 hours of incredibly heavy use. At that point, I’m stuck to a power outlet for the next 4 hours. SGS3: I can kill the battery in 4-6 hours and then be inconvenienced for 2 minutes while I swap batteries and have freedom! (I do this regularly with my Galaxy Nexus – sometimes multiple times a week.)

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      You don’t need a second battery. Just get a portable battery pack.

      • zerosix

        You won’t ever need a charger if you get a portable nuclear battery pack.

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          I’ll trade you my charger for a cold fusion battery pack.

          • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

            I’ll give you all exactly what you asked for if I get a portable railgun to shoot the tires of cars that are driven by idiots!

            (In addition to being under the belief that they should require licenses to drive, I think they should also provide licenses to snipe the tires of idiots on the road.)

  • Josh

    The One X is a great phone, and to be fair I have not yet seen both side by side… but in my opinion the Galaxy S III wins due to the removable battery and SD card slot.

    • Peter

      I agree. Whilst the HTC has some gorgeous hardware and is evenly matched with the S3 Until they add a Micro SD card slot and a removable battery this phone will be instantly struck of my list of potential candidates for a future handset.

  • Hans

    I got the One S on Tmo because I was EXTREMELY disappointed with Samsung’s customer service and support for the original Galaxy phone. They absolutely dropped the ball on all accounts with the Vibrant so how can I expect them to be any different now?

    • Hans

      And why is a removable battery so important? If I need a recharge, I use an external battery charger (Anker 5400mA) which was cheaper than another battery and useful for all my devices!

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        FINALLY, someone else with common sense! Why buy a second battery for all your devices, when you can just buy one large battery pack that supports all your devices?

        • OOMatter

          How many devices do you carry around? I only have one, my phone and a spare battery easily fits in my pocket.

          • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

            Phone, tablet, and if I’m at a convention with friends, they utilize what I lovingly refer to as my “mobile power plant” too. Also, if I buy a new phone, I can reuse the same battery pack — I don’t have to incur the hidden costs of an extra battery with every phone upgrade (infrequent as they may be, but still).

        • Gary

          Because changing ur batteries take less than one minute vs time to charge?

          • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

            But you gain the interoperability between devices (whether they’re yours or others’). And of course, you don’t start charging when your battery is truly *dead* — just plug it in with a short USB cable when your device starts giving the low battery notification.

            I’ve gone to several conventions with that setup and it’s worked perfectly — and that’s with heavy phone usage (pictures, video, ongoing G+ Hangout for syncing between friends, email, texting, etc.).

    • MMcCraryNJ

      I had the Vibrant too, before canceling my contract 6 months early and picking up a Gnex on Verizon. Believe me, it wasn’t Samsung dropping the ball with the Vibrant, it was T-Mobile. The carriers have to initiate a request with the OEM for software updates, and then they work together to deliver them. T-Mobile had 0 interest in keeping the Vibrant up to date because they felt it would be a good idea to re-release the same exact phone, just with a ’4G’ radio, 6 months after the Vibrant’s release. If you notice, that particular model got official Gingerbread, while the Vibrant was left to rot on Froyo (and with major bugs that they did not care to fix). This is all too characteristic of T-Mobile…they never support their devices for too long. It’s been an issue with every smartphone I’ve ever owned on T-Mobile, going back to the WinMo days.

      • Da Android God

        I really can’t believe you want to be so naive with your comments. T-Mobile had nothing to do with it. It was Samsung. First you went to Verizon and got a Nexus guess what?? Google takes care of those Updates, not Samsung. So that right there makes you look like you don’t know what your talking about. It’s always vendors fault. Look how long it takes Samsung to get updates with their Galaxy line. Second it’s never done OTA. You must go to their website download Samsung SKies if that’s what its called, and do it manually. HTC gives it to you OTA. I’m going to tell you what i tell my friends. It’s not the phone it’s the user. WIth a windows mobile phone you needed to be a tech geek to run the phone smoothly and know your ways around it. Please don’t make comments with out references. Honestly some might not agree with me but it’s okay.

        • RobBull75

          You obviously have no frame of reference. Samsung delivered the Vibrant Froyo update back in October of 2010 for testing, but T-Mobile sat on it for several months and then didn’t even push it out OTA but via a watered down version of Kies. Samsung released GB for every other Galaxy S variant, including for the US Cellular (much smaller carrier) incantation. T-Mobile is unwilling to pay for another update for the G2x (the O2x will receive ICS), which is why the phone will never see ICS even though the hardware is more than capable of running the software. You are also incorrect in that the Verizon GNex receives software updates from Google instead of Verizon. That is why many don’t consider the Verizon GNex a true Nexus device – Verizon put their greasy fingers on it. Before you begin pontificating, get your facts straight and slowly step away from the crack pipe :P

          • Da Android God

            Dude come at me with facts. Which you do not have. I use to work for T-Mobile, and unlike all other employees I always talked to vendors. Vendors always keep me in the loop. Even til this day, when i dont work for T-Mobile. Point being Google always has their hands on their exclusive Nexus line. Verizon and Google work hand in hand. Benefit is for Verizon customer who pay top dollar for updates. Which is great for them. Vendor have a lot more to do with software updates than Wireless Companies. But this is off Topic. First off HTC did this comparison for their employees, Which is to explain to the Retail store the differences. Which is understanble, but we all know Sales Reps will push what they like to a customer. Either to get that device themselves from hitting a number of sales for that device. Seen from Experience. At the end of the day it doesnt matter what you think or I think of the Device. It’s up to the purchaser who buy the device. If they are happy with it that’s awesome if not they can take it to the store and switch to the other. It’s all about what you prefer. I prefer HTC. My final thing, People don’t listen to the comment. Don’t be a follower best thing you can do is play with both devices and decide of your own user experience.

  • redraider133

    Ha nice htc. I probably would have gotten this had it came to verizon but I opted for the sgs3 and am sure both are great devices and a step in the right direction for android.

  • alexanderharri3

    Extra swappable battery requires extra charger accessory? Charge, switch, charge – spare battery is good to go. It’s a great alternative to extended battery…which the One series can’t have either.

    While the internal batteries may be getting bigger (bigger, then there’s the bigger-than-extended-battery RAZR MAXX), the One X could still use more juice options….and less relying on the kill all the tasks that aren’t HTC owned to save battery and make the launcher faster strategy…

  • BigCiX

    Only thing that holds me back from the One X is the lack of removable storage & battery.

  • swazedahustla

    Well I wouldn’t even go as far as HTC did to use the words disappointing…but I think there is a point to it. Afterall the hype machine of the GS3 did build up to some absurd levels. 1080p HD screen, exynos 5250 quad core, etc…etc….etc….so on one hand when it was announed it was dissappointing because it didn’t live up to those rumors. But its still a great phone. On the other hand so is the One X/Evo LTE so I don’t know about either being best. But they are the top of the line thats out right now. Its really preference over which one you choose and which carrier you are on. But they both have their pro’s and con’s. I think its a big difference from last year when samsung clearly was ahead of everyone else, but it looks like HTC has covered major ground as far as what they brought to market this year.

    I think they pretty much are a wash, and I own the Evo Lte.

  • joseph

    Sorry htc but the galaxy s3 is not plastic is policarbonate and the processor is ver fast compared then tegra 3, the galaxy s3 is the best

    • Da Android God

      Must be a Samsung Troll

  • perlowin

    I thought the US version of the SIII was only going to be a dual-core, not a quad-core.

    • swazedahustla

      Thats correct, S4 processor dual core

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Dual-core A15 as opposed to quad-core A9, to be specific. US version has fewer cores, but superior core architecture.

      • Jimmy_Jo

        This is scientifically and technically true yet people are voting it down. SMH

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          Meh. Enough people have upvoted it now to offset it. Thanks upvoters. I appreciate it.

          The sad truth is that there are a lot of people out there who buy into the marketing gimmick of “bigger numbers are better!”. Dual-core A15 *is* technologically superior to a quad-core A9 for most use cases. In the real-world (at least in mobile benchmarks), they perform roughly equally.

          If it helps provide credibility to those who doubt that statement of superiority, I used to write software for embedded devices not too long ago — and they used ARM chips. They were low-end chipsets to be sure, but they didn’t need the power for their purpose. I’ve written assembly and low-level (e.g., pin-wiggling) for A7 architectures. I’m not an expert on ARM, but I know more than the average person.

        • Chris

          The thing is, it’s not true. They’re going to have Snapdragons, which are not A15 CPUs. They’re not strictly A9s either, but claiming they’re A15s is just wrong.

          • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

            Um, Snapdragon is the name of Qualcomm’s product line. A15 is the underlying ARM architecture. It’s a Snapdragon S4 SoC, which contains the dual-core A15 CPU.

            Please cite your source when declaring that S4 != A15, since everything else I’ve ever read states otherwise.

  • uknowme

    I picked up the Evo LTE and haven’t had any problems with the charge so far. I just can’t stand touchwiz. I like Samsung’s quality though. I almost grabbed the Galaxy Nexus.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    The “Better Durability” comparison is simply a lie. The S3 uses polycarbonate, too.

  • Andy P

    Agree that the s3 design is disappointing from a looks perspective. The One X looks so much better but isn’t as comfortable to hold.
    the screen on the one x looks visually stunning in terms of detail! can’t see any visible pixels etc whereas I agree that my s3 viewing angles are not as good, also there is a strong blue tilt when the phone is viewed from an angle. the one x viewing angles are virtually perfect from any angle!!!and I love how they have designed the screen too! it is a stunning design.

    BUT I think videos look crisper on the s3 and by quite a large margin, I played the same video on my s3 and wife’s one x and have to say the videos look better on the s3 but text looks terrible from up close!!
    overall the fact that the s3 has a better cpu and gpu and larger and replaceable battery, micro SD expansion was an easy decision for me.
    typing this comment on my s3 on a zoomed out screen and the font looks extremely pixellated!

    • swazedahustla

      SGS3 and One X (US version) have the same CPU.

  • Mark

    If the One X had a 2500+ mAH battery I would have been ok with the non-removable battery, 3000+ and I would have been more than happy about it. As it stands though I have no trust in that battery life. I’d rather have the option of getting an extended battery in addition to my normal (already bigger one) for trips and such. Same for storage, I would have been fine with no mSD slot if it came stock with 32+ gigs (I’m on AT&T) but without that its a deal breaker at 16.

    HTC had my business and then threw it away with stupid design decisions.

    • Simon Holland Flarup

      A 2500 or 3000+ battery would make the phone bigger, which wasn’t the idea, but i support that 2500 or at least 2000 mAh would have been great

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Sorry, HTC, removable battery and SD card slot wins me over to the SGS 3.

  • Anthony Myles

    Hey has anyone else got a system update for the US One S. Just got one 58mb but don’t know what it did.

  • h0ruza

    Well they would wouldn’t they

  • YMS123

    World Acclaimed vs Disappointing, priceless

  • Scott

    I went with the One X. With a couple of exceptions, I really liked the build of prior phone (Nexus One) and the One series hardware feels like an evolution of that design.

    Both companies get a little over-the-top when describing their build quality, but after I watched the GSIII announcement, I knew I wouldn’t regret choosing the One X. The GSIII does offer a lot more options (SD / more storage), but I never had a problem with the 16GB card I had in the N1.

    In the end, the design of the GSIII (and touchwiz) feels too much like the iPhone for me. Samsung even ended their announcement with a “one more thing”. If I wanted an iPhone, I’d buy one.

    • Chaz

      you’re kidding right? You really think Sense is any better than Touchwiz, they both are bloated to the very extreme, root your phone and throw some very nonsensical and pure AOSP or even better, AOKP. The only thing the “One” has on GSIII is that camera and I give them props for that. Also the whole LCD vs. AMOLED, I’ve always preferred color over pixel count, personally if i can’t see any from the 10 inches I keep my phone away from my face than that’s really all that matters. But its all preference.

  • Victor

    “Sound: None”. I guess the Wolfson WM1811 chip was broken in HTCs SIII…

    • SGB101

      Did u not here Samsung has dropped the speakers altogether :-P

  • aranea

    For me the replaceable battery is important for not changing it during the day but being able to purchase a replacement battery when the one it doesn’t hold charge as much or being able to add a larger battery if I need it.

  • TPaine

    - both phones in the is have the same chip = tie
    - both phone have 720p HD screen, (both have great screens) = tie
    - both have 8mp camera with zero shutter lag, reviews on quality have beeen mixed on both phones = tie

    - Samsung you can change the battery, not with htc = samsung win
    - samsung has expandable memory, not with the htc = samsung win
    - the US samsung will have 2gb tam, htc has 1gb = samsung win

    - HTC has better build quality, but samsung have never been great with this, but the sgs3 still looks like a very nice phone = win for HTC

    overall these two phones are power houses, although sacrifcing the exynos for the krait s4 is a bit of a bummer, but the s4 is still a geat processor.
    the 3 things that samsung win on is tipping the scale for me, I want a micro sd slot, and I want to be able to change my battery if needed, abd having the 2gb of ram will be a big boost in performance over the HTC

    It is the sgs3 for me

    I can’t wait to pick one of these bad boys up.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      S4 is a great processor and it’s been noted by everyone that’s used both phones that the SGIII is faster and more lag-free than the One Series

    • godnikeboy

      Sorry but the screen of htc is better than samsung, first time i saw the screen of one x, I was in awe, i didn’t even need to compare it side by side

      I think external battery is a great option because you can use it in many devices, and also if you upgrade your phone, don’t need to buy again a battery replacement

      HTC has 32gb while current S3 only offers 16gb. Not once i filled up my memory full. And also apps in sd card are slow and cant use widgets


    • Johnny

      Galaxy s3 using Amoled display, htc one x using Slcd2 display, but Amoled lifetime of around 14000 hours, Slcd currently rated about 40,000 hours.

  • magnus100

    HTC is full of it, the Galaxy SIII is obviously superior to the HTC One in most ways.
    1. Longer battery life yet battery still removable
    2. Feels better in the hand that HTC One.
    3. Faster processor in every way (borne out by real life operation and benchmarks)
    4. Better camera quality (the HTC might be slightly sharper in low light, but overall the SGSIII is noticeably better)
    4. More functional features in the SGSIII – smart stay, S beam, gestures, etc (Not counting S Voice which is a POS – Google voice commands/engine is much better and functional)
    5. The Samsung is thinner.
    6. The Samsung offers larger on board memory and still has an SD card slot and still overs more drop box space.

    Not saying the HTC One series is bad, no, Great phone and the very second best phone in the world right after SGSIII.

    Anyways whichever phone you choose to get you would have yourself either the very best or second best phone in the world, but HTC needs to knock off the nonsense. They could have easily produced an offering that better matches Samsung’s by applying common sense and including a better camera, more on board storage with micro SD and and better bigger battery that’s also removable.

    • Da Android God

      That’s our opinion. Not mine HTC in my opinion is better. I dont care for a sd card slot I got google cloud, and drop box.

      • Rovex

        Yeah and with the S3 you get 50 GB of dropbox as well. Of course as you will soon find out Google drive and dropbox are useless if you have no decent or fast connection, and they eat battery power.

      • geronimo8

        For persons like me, probably, who doesn’t use/have the internet unless connected to wifi at home and who also don’t want to pay for online storage, an extra 64GB of memory is very useful.

    • Simon Holland Flarup

      I own a HTC One X (International version) and prefer HTC Sence over Touchwiz, but you are right with the part that HTC One X is the SECOND Best phone in the World after SG3, but in the end the difference isn’t that big

  • tim

    I have evo 4lte the battery life I get from a days charge is 17hrs real usage that being said I was kinda worried about battery life as well but it doesn’t disappoint I’m not a big fan of Samsung phones build quality isn’t that great my opinion but the evo 4 lte has a bigger battery and a sd slot u can’t,go wrong with this phone

    • carlo

      I am happy to hear that you are getting great battery life on the EVO lte but my concern is that once lte lights up, the battery life will reduce dramatically. I really want to pick up the evo over the sg3 but I am afraid I am going to kill the battery in 4 to 5 hours. I am going to wait to see the reviews on the battery life one the EVO once it receives a lte signal. if it is not good, I will be going with the sg3.

      • Kevin tee

        However it can be compared to the one x on AT&T which has let and is similar

  • Joel

    Hm…Just as how I wouldnt read a Samsung article debasing a rival, I cant honestly in good conscience read this and give it any credit, its from HTC for goodness sake. Samsung could easily release an article making the One X look like poo as HTC did.

    In either case, the S3 is disappointing, from a design standpoint, but they did pretty good on the inside. HTC’s design is pretty much king so far this year though. (Sigh I was hoping the carriers would spice up the S3 a little, but uniformity is prob more important right now.)

  • ford9050

    I have always used htc phones and they work great for about 6 months. I have an evo 3d and make sure it’s locked. It still calls people or takes pictures in my pocket. Sometimes, I press on an app and a different one opens up and it locks up. It’s not rooted or anything. The metal casing is warped and no it’s never been dropped. I also had htc hero. need I say more? I am not impressed with htc build quality and I heard also on the new lte phones have issues with colors at the corners on the phones. I am going to G3 this time to see if maybe it’s google and not the phones

    • ford9050

      speaker has also been replaced and i always use headset or bluetooth so go figure

  • Skapheles

    My take is this – As a previous owner of the Behold 2 and Galaxy S, I was tired of Samsung NOT issuing Android updates. Their idea of an upgrade is you buying a new phone. The One S was available first, and I love the camera, have 1 day + on battery life as long as I get rid of silly widgets from my desktops. I know HTC releases more Android updates faster, and with cloud services – Box, Dropbox, CX, Drive, I don’t feel the need for a micro SD anymore.

    • Da Android God

      I Agree

      • Rovex

        I dont, cloud services are only any good if you have a fast connection, which many many people DONT have. Local storage is ALWAYS better and uses less power than any internet storage option. With the S3 you get 50GB of Dropbox, so you get more cloud space than the One X AND more local storage options., Its clearly the winner on that front.

  • ford9050

    I believe this time galaxy 2 is getting ics before evo 3d

  • shadow

    Been looking at s3 for ages and had it pre ordered for two plus weeks. 32g blue. Ha. Whole world will have s3 before uk gets what’s promised. Gonna stick with s3 cos let’s face it removable battery/expandable memory and up to 64 gig internal. S3 rocks. Mate with one x is envious. Iphone six may struggle never mind iphone 5.

  • spazby

    both great phones

  • Taylor

    Umm… Last I checked (I just did double-checked, BTW), polycarbonate IS A PLASTIC.

    I do think the design of the One X is superior, but that is a matter of taste. And their comments about lacking a MicroSD slot and a removable battery are laughable.

    • robin

      Not only that… but the plastic on the sgs3 is poly carbonate as well

  • Orion78

    Being that I’m in the U.S., its EVO LTE > Galaxy S 3 anyday. Infact I would pick the Galaxy Nexus over the GS3. Touchwiz is just yuck.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Umm… Are we forgetting a simple root and flash to stock ICS. Really? Galaxy Nexus over GSIII. The GSII is better than the Galaxy Nexus…

      • Orion78

        Umm yes really. Not everyone roots, that’s what you’re forgetting. You don’t have to agree with what I say. It’s called an opinion. Again, I would pick the GN over the GS3. :)

  • dVyper

    Only in looks and in the camera software is the One X better than the GS3. In all other things, on paper the GS3 is superior. Still, I have a One X and would never buy a GS3.

  • mike

    galaxy s 3 is better..and not talking about the piece of shit dualcore American versions
    talking about the REAL quadecore GS3

  • Rovex

    I have both, the S3 KILLS the One X stone dead. I agree the One X looks better, but that is the only advantage it has. Once you actually touch them both its clear the S3 is better. I have a white S3, and it looks like enameled metal, not just white plastic. Its very rigid, which the One X really isnt, it flexes like mad.
    In general use the S3 is much smoother and the smart stay really works well. TW seems much lighter and smoother than Sense, its just more responsive and faster.

  • bob

    Sounds like HTC is really desperate, The company is on the verge of bankruptcy so they put out BS like this. How about NO MULTI-TASKING, BLOATED CRAPPY SENSE, NO REMOVABLE BATTERY, SLOWER/LOWER BENCHMARKS

    • sammys

      ^^^^THIS +1 million

      No multitasking on an Android phone from 2012???!? I feel sorry for anyone who bought the One X. You can tell by the posts from the HTC fanboys that they wish they waited. LMAO!!!

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        Not sure where you guys are getting the “no multitasking” line from. The phone may be more aggressively in closing unused apps than other Android phones, but it still multitasks better than most.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      On the Verge of bankruptcy? Not sure where you got that. HTC has has a few rough quarters, but it’s never posted a loss and has more than $6.454 billion in assets.

      Yes, HTC sales are down from what they were last year, but they are not bleeding money like Motorola and a few other OEMs.

  • RocketDroid

    It’s a tough choice but I really prefer having a removable battery and a microSD slot.

  • heetskore

    Inconvenient to change a battery? Remove the cover, switch out the battery, replace cover? How will I ever get those 20 seconds of my life back?

  • jbstiles1942

    US HTC One X vs US Galaxy S III -> HTC One X is the Winner
    International HTC One X vs International Galaxy S III -> Galaxy S III is the Winner

    Since the US HTC One X and US Galaxy S III have identical innards, the camera and build quality takes presidence and the Galaxy S III can’t even compete. If the US Galaxy S III had the Exynos, it would be the GSIII by a landslide

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      The US HTC One X has 1 GB of RAM, the US Galaxy S III has 2 GB of RAM, it also has a Micro SD slot, and removable battery. Based on those 3 differences, I would say the US GS3 is better than the US One X.

      • swazedahustla

        LOL, i can only laugh at this nonsense.

        • Orion78

          I know right! I think at least the EVO LTE and the GS3 are in a even level. Though I would pick the EVO over it due to better screen and touchwiz is crap. It’s really getting pathetic. There’s this growing trend of Samsung fanboys. I swear they are reaching isheep levels.

  • Guest

    > Dull Bluishlower density

    What is “Bluishlower” and all the other typos in this article????

  • HelenH

    Did you REALLY expect HTC to say their phone is awful, and the Samsung is far better???

    Is this a surprise to anyone? (Anyone other than androidandme staff)

  • Galen20K

    Look, everybody here is Nitpicking here. BOTH phones are INCREDIBLY capable and I would be proud to own either one, Seriously. I have mostly always owned htc phones but this time I’m going with the GS3 instead of the One X… but that doesn’t mean that the One X isn’t just as a fantastic phone I just prefer the New Galaxy. You really can’t go wrong with either. Stop splitting hairs, choose one, and really Enjoy it! – D

    • Arthur

      I agree for the most part that both phones are the cream of the crop of the current Android phones and will be for at least the next few months. Most of the differences pointed out by most are personal preferences and not necessarily hardware capability differences between the two.

      I personally would love the One X body with a removable battery and with complete stock ICS like the GSM GN. I absolutely love the One X’s body, can’t say the same for the SIII nor the GN but I’ve owned a HTC device in the past and a Nexus device in the past and loved getting timely Android updates on my Nexus S, can’t say One X owners will get those same timely updates.

  • Willer

    basically I dun like HTC product cus having bad experience with my old HTC touch 2,

    but I end up not to get S3 cus the design is totally “fail” as my friend said it copy Iphone3 design. I personally dun likes the curve, and it actually looks thicker at the centre (design for human? maybe I am not human) while one x having consistence and slim fit. 2nd point,

    I am not hardcore phone gamer. when I compare side by side one x and s3 the performance based on real user experience, it having no difference, both smooth and fast.

    for screen, some how, SII (older) is better LOL…

    So far having no regret buying one X, I just dun want a phone that having the feel like old Iphone3. at least my friend wont said “you bought a copycat phone”.

    wait for Galaxy note 2 is better then getting s3, I having both one x and note
    Ps* the One X volcano shape camera is sucks! just my opinion :)

  • Bob

    It is truly sad what HTC is doing. Reminds me off what AMD used to do to deal with Intel’s domination and some would say supremacy. Very wrong way to ‘deal’ with your opponent. It basically says how desperate they are because they KNOW very well what is going to happen.

  • KC

    I like the design of the HTC One X better. It’s really well built. There is something weird about the S3 – its corners are too round, and there are a lot of plastic empty space on the S3. Ugh…

  • sammy

    htc is using many same component borrowed form samsung

    • Orion78

      And you’re using many components borrowed from isheep.

  • Chris

    The same thing was leaked in Thailand by HTC’s PR company around mid-May. http://www.kafaak.com/2012/05/16/what-did-we-learn-from-pr-htc/

  • Gir

    Some of those facts are a bit exaggerated IMO. Both are pretty, it all comes to your preference, and its android buy a phone that suits your needs, and wants.

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t go wrong with either if you have both on your carrier super you got a choice to make but if you only have one of the two still get it because chances are it might be better then you think

  • Derek

    HTC is full of *it. I’d rather have f2.6 than f2.0 any day of the week, that gives a little bit more depth of field to the photo. HTC’s One X photos are extremely terrible for focus. Only the focal point is in focus the rest of the photo is blurry as hell. In a group photo only one person’s face is in focus the rest are blurry, its worthless.

    Also, the Exynos quad core at 1.4GHz is faster than the Tegra3 at 1.5GHz.

  • Dandiccf

    comming from an iPhone 4 I have now both, the intern. HTC One X and the Galaxy S III:
    My observations:

    - Launcher on HOX laggs quite a bit when filling up the screens with folders and Icons. Launcher on Galaxy S3 stays lag-free.

    - Display of HOX is much brighter which is very important if you use your phone outside a lot. With my Galaxy it is sometimes hard to see anything on screen if the sun shines. Display of HOX is as bright as the iPhone 4s and perfekt for outdoor usage.

    - I can’t see any noticeable pixelation on the Galaxy S3. Both displays look perfekt (indoors)

    - Video recording on the HOX is IMHO terrible, very laggy and stuttering – not usable. Galaxy S3 records fluidly.

    - Customization on HOX is better and offers much more options whether you use it as a business phone or just as a fun tool. Samsung S3 is not that rich on customization (out of the box)

    - HOX gets very warm (almost hot) if you play games, Galaxy S3 stays quite cool.

    - I like Smart Stay (it works) but S Voice is totally crapy and worthless (at least in the german version which I am using) :(

    My personal conclusion:
    Both handsets are great phones. I am doing hard to decide which phone I should keep, but it will probably be the Samsung S III, although the display on my HTC ONE X is much better. Smart Stay, great camera (especially video) and the speedy launcher let me tend to the Galaxy S3

    • RobBull75

      Thank you for the objective assessment. It really seems like you can’t go wrong with either device. As far as S Voice goes, it is built on Vlingo Labs, so you can simply get the Vlingo Labs Beta from the market on the One X if you really want that feature. To be perfectly honest, I prefer the regular Vlingo app to Vlingo Labs. I speak perfect English and Labs has a difficult time understanding me whereas the regular app has no problems.

    • thaghost

      Good info, thanks. There is also a comprehensive comparison between the two devices on gsmarena.com. Anyone wanting a detailed comparison should check it out. It changed my opinion on which phone i thought was better.


  • kwills88

    I think this is a perfect example of people choosing looks over personality, no matter how great a phone looks, if it doesn’t got the software to back it up, then there beauty is just a show off gimmick, the SG3 software is a wow factor for me, and no sd card plus htc send eating up your memory always rubs me the wrong way, you download a couple games here and suddenly you’ll notice how important having a SD is, you’ll end up having to play the which app can I delete to make space game, Sammy went went the right way and focused more on software than anything else and I can’t make design put off from from that, a phone that will surely pain your hands when holding it for too long because of other edges on the one x, or ora smooth fitting phone with rounded comfortable edges on the s

  • Prem

    I have written a review on HTC One X. .http://pickadvice.com/htc-onex-mobile-phone-review/
    Here is my google profile : https://plus.google.com/113713423654956180126

  • Ray

    All of these manufacturers can include a larger battery very much similar to the RAZR MAXX, yet they choose not to. All of these phones and their features are a gimmick. Android talks bad about iPhone, but they’re no different from that closed platform iOS that Apple sells.

    I think if people stop throwing money at these phones, which have shitty specs, the manufacturers will realize that the customer does not want a crappy device and maybe include a better battery, better processor, and a decent camera.

    Until then, the “sheeple” will receive what they are given.

    • redraider133

      Shitty specs? What processor currently available that works with lte is better than the s4? None which is why until they get quad core working with US lte the dual core s4 will be fine. Plus until you use one of these phones don’t think just because maxx has larger battery it automatically is better. S4 with 28nm and integrated chip can/may give the maxx a run for its money in battery department.

  • NU

    Usual corporate propoganda. Politicians are much worse. Especially in the U.S.

  • Jayshmay

    HTC’s. desperate!!!!!
    First of all the S3 has only been out for a 1wk!!! Secondly the S3 hasn’t even launched yet in the U.S. Plus the S3 will be on 200+ carriers worldwide!!! In a short period of time the S3 will blow past the One X and it’s stupid internal battery.

    The One X will actually push more people away from it and towards the S3 because of it’s internal battery!!!

    • tj

      Yup. A is like T-mo touting how many iPhones they have running on their network, BUT can’t officially get the iPhone. -_- It should not be bragged about. I have bought HTC phones for a long time, but they are about to loose me. That limited memory and the embedded battery were the last straw.

      The S3 looks like it competes software and spec wise to a slight win or draw. I hate Sense AND Touchwiz so go launcher or apex would be in my immediate future any way. The screen edge goes to the One X, but the camera, battery and expandable memory, right now, give the S3 the edge for me. I will wait to see it up close later this month. Shame on HTC for this bogus attention whoring.

  • rj5555

    After having played side by side during a few hours I found the sgs3 a slightly better device

    - stock .. the sgs3 feels faster . Custom launcher about the same
    - loading (boot up, loading apps ) sgs3 faster
    - camera in good lighting… sgs3 better, in low light the hox wins
    - touch screen, sgs3
    - screen (in my eyes) the sgs3 is better . I can’t see the sgs3′s pentile… but I CAN see the better blacks on amoled
    - design, I don’t have much preference of either…. these are phones, no lust objects
    - material.. both are poly carbonate… advantage of the sgs3 is that a scratched back is replaced in seconds

  • zippyioa

    I get so bored with phones that I buy a new one every year.

    I’ve always loved HTC and as I’ve never had a Samsung before I was fairly set on getting a One X when I went out to buy a new phone on Monday.

    After playing with the One X and the S3 in Carphone Warehouse I paid my money and left with a little white box complete with Samsung branding.

    For me the S3 felt better in the hand. The rounded edges also gave it a more modern look and feel so it looked nicer in the flesh.

    I spent a fair amount of time playing on each phone and the S3 seemed to be smoother running overall. The extra software features like staying awake whilst you look at the screen, dialling the contact shown on the screen when you lift the phone to your ear and the nifty pan/zoom features when you move the phone whilst viewing pics and web…. let’s just say it impressed me so much more than the One X!!

    On top of all this Samsung have already released the operating system so devs can hack it (a real thumbs up to them for that!)

    The final clincher was the removable battery and option for the micro SD card in the S3. The lack of these in the One X were the last nail in its coffin for me….. sorry HTC, the S3 is definitely the best smartphone available so far!!

  • nick

    Well ..I would say that HTC has a long way to go. I use the HTC for 2 months..it was ok at first until I started too put it too the real test by opening many apps n mailing at same time..my HTC started to crash on me many times..4 to 6 times in a mont ..and on top of that it gets very hot at the back too..now..with my new sgs 3..no such thing ! I’m multitasking many things at the same time..like..opening apps..downloading apps ..chatting n watching 2 vd .ar the same time..and it dose not crash ! And the phone dose not get hot too..the battery of HTC dose not last as long too the sgs 3..all I can is , sgs 3 is the phone to use now..cus it is the best amount all other in the market..tq

  • Nek

    I got HTC’s Nexus 1 two and a half years ago. My friend got Galaxy 1 about a year after me. My Nexus worked and still works great, the design and the feel is still solid and pleasant. My friend experienced multiple problems with his Galaxy over the time, the feel of his phone is cheap plastic, at some point he had to reset the phone twice a day to be able to receive calls.
    So it doesn’t matter specs or memory of the phone, it is more important how long you phone will last and what it will be like when using it. After seeing what Galaxy does, and after I personally had Samsung phone before (not a smartphone), I found it difficult to trust them in any way.
    So yes, it is HTC for me, although One X is not my perfect phone.

    • rj5555

      I had a HTC Nexus One and currently using a SGS2

      My Nexus One had to be repaired twice in the 13 months of service; one time for a stuck trackball and the other for a non functioning power button (a VERY common problem with the N1)
      The SGS2 on the other hand have worked fine in the past 12 months.

      As you can see, we have different experiences with these brands

  • NeoJesus

    Went to an outdoor event on dirt grounds and dust got underneath the screen on my HTC Evo 3D phone. However, my GF’s Samsung phone got no dust whatsoever. The Galaxy Nexus is sealed air-tight. Guess which phone I won’t be buying again?

  • Jake

    HTC should just release a hack tool for users to gain total control over the device. Then more ppl would be “shut-up-and-take-my-money” :)

  • ricky0702

    These are all matter of personal opinion, however giving the opportunity
    and the MEANS to any of the two phones I will go for Samsung GSIII since it has a removable battery and expandable memory.the Galaxy S III camera is definitely the superior camera.I heard that Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S used the same 8M pixel image senor from Sony.read another briefed comparison of the One X and Galaxy S III here http://www.careace.net/2012/05/16/superphone-showdown-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-vs-htc-one-x/

  • Keionyan

    This is a very misleading article, saying that the HTC one X bests the Samsung Galaxy S3. Look even the one who made the article is a HTC fanboy. That alone says alot about this faux article.

  • HayJay

    Not sure I get what all the “HTC is deperate” stuff means. i have the HTC One X and LOVE IT. I use AT&T’s 4G LTE and it rocks. I’m in Austin; AT&T’s been there awhile though I might have been on HSPA+ for most of the time.

  • Sahil Kumar

    but obvious…one will go for HTC
    copying has become habbit of samsung…they just copied the specs of One X and made S III.
    still they are not able to make it least similar to One X.
    and pioneer will always remain pioneer.
    Son can’t be bigger than Dad anyways…

  • jonny

    Totally agree with most what htc said except ofcourse the micro SD slot part. I tried both phones before settling on the One X, while they are both really top of the notch phones and definitely the best on market right now, even with the iPhone 5 announcement today, I have to say the OneX, IMO, edges up a little. The screen first is really better, u can feel a difference, may be not much but I wouldn’t give up my Droid RAZR for the S3 screen, but I did for the One X screen!
    The screen is definitely what u stare at most of the time, so it is THE most important factor for me here, also a second really useful thing that I personally use almost on a daily basis which is the camera, while the difference isn’t that much, I still like the One X’s more.
    The last point that sold me the phone was the battery which is definitely better than my RAZR and a bit better than the S3′s.
    Add all that to a personal preference and perception about Samsung’s phones, I mean don’t get me wrong I like a lot of Samsung’s other product, I love their TVs, but when it comes to phones they feel cheap to me, and the plastic housing doesn’t help changing the idea a lot, the One X looked a but better and more stylish than the S3.