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Nexus 7 full details outed early Update: Now official and available for pre-order


Apparently Google forgot to lock up the Nexus 7 area in the Google Play Store this morning and Modaco went ahead and let themselves in.

We’ve had some images and rumored details leaked already, but this is pretty much every last nugget of information you could be looking for regarding the Nexus 7. Hit the image at the bottom of the post for the full page image, but here are the highlights.

The Nexus 7 will come in 8 and 16 GB versions, no pricing is shown here so the assumption stands that it will be $199 and $249 respectively.

The Nexus 7 will come with a $25 credit for the Play store for a limited time only along with some content including the movie Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, the Bourne Dominion book and some magazines.

The full specs rundown is as follows:

  • 7-inch 1280×800 IPS display with Corning glass
  • 198.5x120x10.45mm
  • 12 ounces
  • 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • WiFi 802.11  b/g/n, Bluetooth
  • Tegra 3 quad-core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • microUSB port
  • 4325 mAh battery  for up to 9 hours of use
  • Android 4.1
  • Microphone, NFC, accelerometer, GPS, magnetometer, gyroscope

Full details on Nexus 7 tablet Nexus-7-ad-630 White Nexus 7 tablet Google_ASUS_covers Nexus-7-press-shot-630 nexus7-gallery-side nexus7-gallery-back nexus7-gallery-front

It’s an amazing list of specs for the price and assuming Google supports the Nexus 7 beyond just the hardware I think they have a definite hit on their hands.

Update: Official press images available in gallery above.

Update 2: The Nexus 7 is available in Google Play today and will be shipping in mid-July.

Via: The Verge

Source: Modaco

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  • YMS123

    AGREED, definite hit!

  • halo0

    YES! I want mine, nao.

  • jd

    Now comes the real headache the more I think about it…. I got an iPad 2 as a gift last holiday season…. Should I still get this?

    • Gabriel

      iPad are superior tablets to everything in the market. BUT, if you love the Google ecosystem i’d consider getting it. But for people who’s been waiting the famous “google affordable tablet” as first tablet, this is a God-send (or G-send ;) )

      • jd

        I certainly love the ecosystem and that would be the reason if I got the tablet. I’ve using an Android phone since G1….I guess I’ll save the money towards my next Nexus then.

  • nippiagg

    its too much in 1 day for me….i am gonna die…or throw up…probably former is a better option

  • Noven

    Specs are great for the price. Not sure what everyone’s problem is with the bezel. I think once it is in hand it won’t be too big of a deal.

    Any word on expandable memory yet?

  • Jason

    No Micro SD :( I don’t care what anybody says, this isn’t a phone and needs more space as a media device. With WIFI only it makes it difficult to carry the things you may want on a business trip. Not to mention the face that it is a NEXUS device primed for rooting. Too bad a lot of ROM’s take up over a gig of your available space. What a shame.

    • Gabriel

      Get a proper but MORE expensive tablet then. This is a cheap tablet with good stuff where matters (display, SOC). Every little thingie adds price. I believe SD is not an open standard, so there are licences to pay…

      • Sim

        The price OEMs pay for an embedded SD reader is so miniscule that you wouldn’t believe it. I believe this is a ploy to push all media to the cloud.

        • AmericanJedi001

          After watching the Android keynote speech, I’m inclined to agree with you! Between what was said (and left unsaid) about Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7, and the Nexus Q, it definitely seems like Google is betting big on cloud streaming.

          • Jake Gall

            Good thing this stuff isn’t available on wireless networks in the states because service provider’s are nickel and diming data, as it is and cloud services suck for those without unlimited data

    • AppleFUD

      That’s what the cloud and external HDD is for. . .

      Seriously, these days there is little reason to have much on your device other than pirated music and movies that you can’t put anywhere else.

  • stenzor

    I really want a high-end Google tablet


    I’m disappointed in no micro Sd support

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I have to agree there, I briefly had a Kindle Fire and 8GB is constrictive even for someone that streams and keeps almost everything in the cloud.

    • Mix

      This news saddens me a metric crap ton.

      Might just have to spend more on a ASUS Transformer then as 16gbs is not really that travel friendly movie wise.

  • rantmo

    Holy dammit Christmas, it is *everything* I wanted. Bravo Google!

    • rantmo

      Ok, not *everything* everything, since I misread the microUSB slot as microSD but you know what, screw it; this is a great device anyway and the cost of 16GB version works out pretty close to the cost of an microSD card.

  • Slith

    I’m in!

  • McLovin

    I just noticed that the Google Play store just dropped the Nexus to $349 from $399.

    • Jake Gall


  • Izzo

    I already bought mine!!!! Link is dead now but I got in before the locked it.


    • McLovin

      The link is working now.

  • Dave

    no micro sd, I’m not buying it.

  • uzunoff

    Addition of 9 hours of battery life, 199$ price tag and pure AWESOME

  • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

    So in all honesty…and I’m being serious here….Does the extra $50 justify the 16GB version. I currently have a Fire, not a huge ‘gamer’ (that’s to say I don’t have hefty memory hog Gameloft apps)…just the usual: Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Cut the Rope etc…

    SInce this doesn’t have the SD slot, shoudl I get the 16GB?

    Dumb question, but will this affect Bluetooth/GPS performance..taht is 8 vs 16?

    • Joe

      I thought Google was all about not imposing restrictions that Apple is known for, they seem to be going in that direction. You are already limited in storage and therefore have to make a decision on how much data you will want accessible now, rather then buying additional (cheap) flash storage as required.

    • McLovin

      No the 8 vs 16 will not affect performance. If I was going to buy this and there was absolutely no SD slot I would go for the 16 over the 8.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Based on what you say you use I think as long as you aren’t a big traveler you will be fine with the 8GB. The only time I ran into space problems on my Kindle Fire was when I knew I was going to be flying and traveling in areas w/out WiFi so my normal policy of “stream all the things” wasn’t going to work.

  • hopscotchjunkie

    Any word on if/when this will make it to the UK? I’m definitely getting myself one of these (I would have bought the Kindle Fire by now if it had ever been released over here, but given the choice I’d much rather have the stock Android experience out the box, even if I will end up up modding it after about a week).

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      It should be available now, I saw Paul from Modaco show his order details from the UK Play store.

      • hopscotchjunkie

        Good lord, you’re right. And I’ve just been paid as well. Hmmm…..

  • JH

    “Unavailable in your country”
    WHY??!! :’(

  • MarcosV

    No microSD slot. :-( If it had 32GB like my Galaxy Nexus, I could live with it. But, 16GB on a tablet that begs to be loaded with movies, images, music, and other content is too restrictive.

    Now I’m wondering how much more will I have to spend to get a microSD slot? At a minimum I just might go with a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for the same price and ignore Jelly Bean.

    I already own a Kindle Fire and saw the limitations of that.

  • Dan Jones

    Any idea if it’ll be possible to attach an external hard drive with that microUSB port?

    Also, it’s a shame that if you root it, those free movies you got won’t be playable on it. Google Play Videos doesn’t work on a rooted device.

    • nivekkev

      LOL, that was my idea or even a thumb drive…

    • RocketDroid

      Even better, you can get a Wi-Fi hard drive for it. Something like the Seagate go-flex.

  • nivekkev

    Totally missed the no SD slot, will have to see if this will still handle my needs, at this price was worth a shot. If not, my kids will love it, but I am not going to write it off just yet, there may be some work arounds to the storage thing. I have an idea…

  • VS

    Preordered the 16GB version. I am debating selling my Toshiba Thrive to a family member on the cheap or just keep it as a more robust, offline media device (full SD card support).

    I’m disappointed with the lack of microSD support, but I am just tired of waiting for OEMs to update their products and just want to start transitioning to the Nexus line and cut out the middle men. 7″ and light is what I’m looking for in an eReader with more robust features than what the Kindle Fire was offering. Chrome is what I want in a casual web browsing device and ability to check out TegraZone games with the Tegra3 offering.

    Mid July cant get here fast enough!

  • M3rc Nate

    Disappointed. I mean really? No SD slot? REALLY? This would have been a buy so hard i would have a pre-order in right now if it had a SD card slot. I am already planning on getting the TF700 Prime which comes out mid july, but was really interested in picking this up as well. But i’d get it the same week id get the Prime (that i’d be paying $500 for)? And $200 for a 8Gb no SD slot? I dont know, im 90% positive im passing on this.
    With getting that 700T Prime, the idea was the 7 inch Tablet (whether from ASUS or Google) was going to come Month(s) before it, so id get it to hold me over, and it would be a awesome little tablet, with expandable storage (a must), quad core etc. Then once i got the 700T i would use it long term load it to say my mom so she could have it. Now without a SD slot im stuck with 8Gb? Pass. Maybe on a phone i can get away with 8, but on a tablet? A media device you watch movies and have tons of music on and everything? No.

    Also im not a fan of how big the black trim is around the screen. Makes it look old. Overall i think this is a huge pass for me, which sucks cause 1 i would have loved it if done right and 2 they just lost out on $200 (if it had a SD slot) or $250 (if asus would have still put out the Memo 7 inch version).

    • Mix

      I would have snagged, in the very least, 2 of these bad boys had they included an expandable memory slot as the finance uses an “Acer Iconia A100″ with a 32gig card and this would have been a sweet upgrade.

  • kinderdm

    Well this sure makes my fire (at the same price) feel like a big pile of crap now in comparison. Dont get me wrong, I like my fire a lot but this has everything I always said I wish the fire had or felt like it was missing. Wish I could justify upgrading.

    • Dan Jones

      I felt the same way. This kills my KF. If I can find someone to buy my KF off of me at close to the original cost, I could afford to buy a Nexus 7.
      That’s not likely to happen.

  • mojomoney

    I placed a preorder for a 16Gb model. I guess I’ll see whether or not the lack of an SD slot is truly a problem in a few weeks.

    • nateysmith

      I also placed my order, but I am not sure the lack of SD slot will affect me. I have the GSM galaxy nexus and with all my docs, movies, and music in the cloud I have not been able to fill the 16GB. I think it will be the same with the tablet. I also love that updates will not be delayed on the table. I can’t wait for it to get here!

  • jenskristian

    I want one!


    I hope this makes it to best buy, any word?

  • duffguy123

    Had to move money around to pre-order this…I’m supposed to be saving up money for my wedding :S

  • Andrew

    Shut up and take my money!

  • loco

    Why is the ui in phone mode not in tablet mode?

    • nateysmith

      This is jelly bean and the UI has changed for it from what I understand. I could be wrong though.

  • MoSDeeb

    Pre-ordered the 16GB version and I cant wait. Although I’m not sure why the Tablet UI is not being used.

    • nateysmith

      I believe this is a change with the new OS.

  • Nathan D.

    The nexus 7 looks so awesome, wish I could see it for myself.

  • jamal adam

    I definitely agree that no micro-SD is a problem but I still want it. Hopefully, the make a high-end one as well and include it.

  • mkstvns

    I previously had zero interest in a new Android tablet, but at that price… suddenly very tempting.

    Still, I’m very unlikely to get one if Google doesn’t do something about the horrible dearth of compelling tablet-optimised apps.

  • sunrise

    Nexus 10? Anybody think they will come out with a 10 inch model anytime soon?

  • Ardrid

    I’m impressed by what I see thus far. It’s going to be very interesting to see if Google can shake up the Android tablet market and really wake up OEMs, much like Microsoft is aiming to do with Surface. Not sure if I’ll grab one yet, especially since I have so entrenched in Amazon’s ecosystem, but it’s definitely in my top 3: Surface, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7.

    • Dan Jones

      Being “entrenched” in Amazon is no reason not to get a good Android tablet. Every Amazon app is available for Android generally, except for Amazon Video. You can install the Android Appstore, Amazon Music, and the Kindle app on any Android tablet. Unless you use Amazon Video (which isn’t nearly as good as Netflix), there’s no reason to stick with a Kindle Fire just because you really like Amazon.

      • Ardrid

        I fail to see how it’s not. Amazon Prime + Amazon Video = Insane. No Android tablet can provide that experience, and I don’t see Amazon making it’s store available outside of the Kindle Fire anytime soon. I’ll take that over Netflix any day just for the simple fact that I have every single episode of Star Trek at my fingertips for free, to say nothing of the digital copies of my Blu-rays also stored via Amazon Video.

        To say entrenchment doesn’t matter is to be completely short-sighted about how important a brand’s ecosystem truly is.

  • get at me banana

    I so want this but I don’t want to wait lol. I wonder if bestbuy would sell this or I can only buy it from Google play store

  • unwrap

    does it come with hdmi out? or any kind of adapter for tv out?

  • dVyper

    It looks kinda bland to me aesthetically :(

  • Raine

    Are there parental controls? I know kindle fire didn’t gave them at first release and had to wait for an update.

  • n25philly

    Looks nice but the lack of micro SD is definitely a bummer. Not surprised though, Googles enjoyed screwing us on storage for years now.

  • MrMrMan

    The fact that this doesn’t have a micro sd port means it’s a no buy for me. That’s ridiculous.

  • ion orov

    Dear Asus,

    Please sell a Nexus-7 with a micro-SD slot and a stylus. Call it the Memo 370T and sell it for $299.

    You’ll make money.


  • seabass978

    Just pre ordered mine, always wanted a tablet but just couldn’t justify the $$ for all those other expensive ones. Too bad for the expandable memory, could of made more people happy.

  • Jaydude

    It is all about the Play Store now people. All they are trying to is to make more people use it, for both money and more expansion! I think that most folks will be happy with the 16Gb. I don’t think people are gonna have 20 movies on them, and there is also a cloud service for pretty much everything (G music, G drive etc.) It’s $250 people, give them some slack

  • Daniel

    Just got myself a little Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7″ wifi+3G. I was waiting for this release but I didn’t much like what has been released so I bought the Samsung.
    I am sure it is just a matter of time for Google to start selling 7″ tablets with two cameras and wifi+3G; they’re just doing what they did when they released the G1.

  • Chad

    To everyone whining about the sd card – there is a method behind Google’s madness..they want you to stream. It’s simple, it’s clear they are going to be losing some money on selling this tablet with very decent specs for a reasonable price, so they figure they can gain some of that $$$ back from the sales of their Play Store. I ordered the 8gb because I figured I won’t be using every app on my phone, on my tablet and I’ll stream…everything. All my music is on the cloud along with movies, tv, books and mags..there’s really no need for an sd card slot unless your trying to do some heavy duty things otherwise get a stronger tablet but for what this tablet is advertising to do the spec sheet is just right maybe even a little beyond what we could ask for.

    BTW I’m not sure if anyone noticed but when I preordered mine yesterday the expected ship date was still 2-3 weeks, as of this morning it’s been changed to 1-2 weeks….getting closer :)

    • Saroku12

      SD Card Storage is directly connectet to your device. You can quickly open files and acess them with no lag.
      Cloud Storage is far away from your device and you have to stream it everytime to your LOCAL STORAGE you want to use it.
      So I say, why ad the extra step of lagy streaming if you can have everything on your local storage without problems?
      I don’t want to delete my files from my device and put the far away from my tablet/phone just to download everything again when I want to use it. This sucks.