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Nexus 7 makes an appearance in Picasa Web Albums


In case any of you curmudgeons were still doubting the existence of a 7″ Nexus Tablet, more evidence is mounting for the soon to be announced slate. A picture of a ceiling was taken from inside Google’s Building 44, and EXIF data suggests the pictures were taken from a device named Nexus 7. While EXIF data are easy to manipulate, The Verge suggests the pictures are likely legitimate when you consider that the photographer’s Google+ account has several other Google employees in his circles.

The Nexus 7 should be making an appearance at Google I/O later this month, with a widespread release slated for July. With the Nexus 7, Google is hoping to get more users to adopt Android tablets by offering high-range components with a $150-200 pricetag. We’ll be bringing you all the news, Nexus 7 and otherwise, from Google I/O, set for June 27th in San Francisco.

Via: HD Blog

Source: Picasa Web

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  • Ryan

    Definitely looking forward to an announcement and hoping the rumors of price hold true. I would totally throw my Xoom on eBay.

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      From what I’ve read of the zoom I’m surprised you haven’t thrown it at something already

      • redraider133

        the wifi version gets updates quicker, no waiting for the carrier approval and hold up. The wifi only xoom had ICS months before the verizon version did.

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      From what I’ve read of the zoom I’m surprised you haven’t thrown it (at something) already

  • spazby

    can’t wait for the final specs and price


    I have been buying 20 dollar best buy cards for the past month.. Im up to 80 bucks toward this Device.. It will be MINES day 1!

    • mipd1980

      Awesome I have two 25 dollar ones I got one for my Birthday and one for fathers day….So I’m almost there too.

  • h0ruza

    Roll on next Wednesday :)

  • AppleFUD

    Google. . . please get integrated VOIP into these things! You purchased Gizmo5 for a reason?!?!? I’m going to mention this on all Nexus articles from now on till Google goes it :)

    • kazahani

      Good idea. I bet they will totally listen to you…

  • jonathan3579

    Considering I don’t have a tablet… this is a very long waiting game, lol.

  • rantmo

    The wait for this damn thing is driving me batty.

  • david

    I’m buying this for my kids and me.

  • Max.Steel

    Until Google gets more content partners on board, this will just be “another tablet”.

    • dVyper

      Indeed. How can they improved what they already have? I’m yawnin already.

  • Droidberg

    NEXUS 4LIFE!!! .. i literally can’t freaking wait for this to come out.. i will have mula for it midnight launch.. wooooohooooooo!!!

  • A.Woodbury

    Finally a budget tablet worth talking about! This is excitint news.

  • txbluesman

    I am still patiently waiting, but please hurry!

  • DanielM

    Just sold my htc flyer so it better have been worth it. I wonder how the price was kept so low though. Expandable memory is one thing probably. I would be shocked to see more than 4gb. That being said, it will probably be expandable. One thing that I’ll be interested in is if it will have a metal body