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PlayStation Suite is now PlayStation Mobile with HTC as the first non-Sony partner


Sony took the stage at E3 tonight and while they mostly stuck to all things PS3 (seriously, more Move content?), they did manage to slip in a little bit of Android news.

The PlayStation Suite was first announced in January of last year and aimed to bring PlayStation level gaming to additional manufacturers.

The SDK for the PlayStation Suite was just released in April, and Sony hopes that developers will use it to deliver original quality content for PlayStation Certified devices. They claim that response to it has been “nothing short of phenomenal”; we’ll see what that amounts to in terms of available titles soon enough.

Sony announced that the PlayStation Suite program is being renamed PlayStation Mobile in order to better reflect the mobility of PlayStation and that HTC is going to be the first non-Sony partner to bring the PlayStation experience to their hardware. This was rumored back in February to come at Mobile World Congress, but apparently Sony saw fit to hold off on it until now.

What exactly the partnership means isn’t clear; the example hardware used in their slides was the HTC One X, but no timeline for PlayStation Mobile to roll out on HTC handsets was given.

Sony promised that they will have many more PlayStation Certified phones this year, so we should hear plenty more about this going forward. Hopefully other manufacturers are coming on board, as well.

Despite a fair amount of hype leading up to its announcement, the PlayStation phone and subsequent PlayStation Suite efforts have not exactly lived up to the expectations of fans. I used an Xperia Play for a couple weeks and was completely underwhelmed by the hardware and the games that were available at that time. With that said, I hope Sony has taken the early criticism to heart. It’s encouraging to hear that other manufacturers are signing on to the program.

Do you think Sony can turn the newly christened PlayStation Mobile program around and leverage it to deliver compelling content for Android?

Update: Sony sent out a brief press release after this posted. The only new information is that the HTC devices that are initially joining the list of PlayStation Certified devices are the “HTC One series of smartphones, HTC One X, HTC One S, and HTC One V.”

Show Press Release

Sony Computer Entertainment Announces HTC As Part Of The PlayStationâ„¢Certified License Program


Further Proliferate The PlayStation® Experience Across Mobile Devices

TOKYO, June 4, 2012

TOKYO, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced HTC Corporation (HTC) will join the PlayStationâ„¢Certified license program(*1).  By collaborating with HTC, a global designer of smartphones and the world’s first company to launch Android-powered devices, SCE aims to deliver the PlayStation® experience to even more users around the world.

“HTC is focused on delivering innovative mobile experiences for people everywhere and SCE’s immersive world of gaming will bring compelling entertainment to HTC One customers across the globe,” said Kouji Kodera, Chief Product Officer, HTC Corporation.

In addition to third party developers and publishers as well as a wide range of content developers who have agreed to develop content for PlayStation®Suite, SCE Worldwide Studios is developing attractive games.  SCE is positioned to proliferate the world of PlayStation across mobile devices with the progress of content development and the expansion of PlayStation Certified devices. In conjunction with this development, SCE will rename PlayStation Suite to PlayStation®Mobile, and position it as a new platform.

SCE will further accelerate the expansion of PlayStation Certified devices and continue to collaborate with content developers to drive the delivery of compelling entertainment experiences through PlayStation Mobile.

Via: The Verge

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  • kwills88

    Come on Sony, let us have ps2 games, little big planet for android. This would give xbox and windows phone a window to look through with envy.

    • Adryan maldonado

      Ok i have to agree with you 1000%. Some kingdom hearts or FF X on my tablet with a bluetooth controller equals gaming/nostalgia heaven

    • Bpear96

      They took PS2 Playback away from PS3 users, I doubt they will bring it to android, sadly..

      • CrCross

        But they did it only so they could make the hardware cheaper, oh and so they could sell you the same games again but in digital format. Cause if I’m not mistaken you can buy PS2 titles from the store, so there is still a chance if they think that there is profit to be made.

        • Bpear96

          No you cant buy them from the store, if you could that would mean that the console was capable of playing them. So there would be no reason not to allow disc-play. You can but PSX games from the PSN store, and of original disc. But really i think that if sony wanted to they could develop a fully working emulator, for consoles with out the emotion chip (allows native ps2 playback).

  • Adryan maldonado

    PLEASE PLEASSSEEE SONY spread it out to all phones asap. Share the love man.

  • Jorge Eslava

    I wonder if custom ROMs could add support for this, does any one know?

    • lxgeorge

      I would guess that a few people over at at xda would be sufficiently awesome to pull it off, however I feel that they would steer away from it given the amount of software lawsuits that are thrown around these days.

      • lxgeorge

        Although I’m totally with you; I want some PS2 on my G2 and its keyboard

  • uknowme

    Sweet! I’m hoping that means I’ll be able to some oldies.

  • redraider133

    Hopefully they will get more hardware partners on board and go head to head with tegra zone.

  • richardboss78

    Sony announced a partnership with HTC to continue making PS certified handsets. Also PS Suite is getting renamed to PS Mobile. Sony has sent out a press release, but it doesn’t really say much beyond what was revealed during the press conference. Still, we’ve embedded past the break in case you’re curious.HTC is a very visible manufacturer, and has quality devices that should do well with the PlayStation branding.

  • androidfan

    Yuck! Microsoft C# only, ugh! Can’t game devs just code in Renderscript or regular C to the normal Android SDK?

  • jrizk07


    I got excited at first seeing as how there’s an Incredible 2 in the picture above…. then I read the article.

  • MoSDeeb

    Thinking about playing Metal Gear Solid on my tablet with a proper controller will be nice. I’m not a fan of the current emulators.

  • spazby

    so many great games i can think that would be awesome on a tablet…

  • Mike

    I just hope they have something on the Sprint network.