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Qualcomm butter benchmark proves Snapdragon S4 is “coolest kid on the block”


It’s no secret that the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is the processor most sought-after by smartphone makers this year. Qualcomm has managed to cram some impressive performance numbers and LTE connectivity into the 28nm chip, making it one of the most efficient chips on the market.

One added benefit of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is the chip’s amazing heat efficiency. In order to show the difference between the heat expelled by the S4 chip and that of its competitors, Qualcomm could have simply taken thermal images of various devices while performing CPU intensive tasks. Instead, Qualcomm took a few sticks of butter and placed them on top of a few phones to see which device melts butter the slowest.

We’re not sure if Qualcomm is playing favorites in its butter benchmark test, but if you have a few spare phones running on different processors, you could easily run the butter benchmark on your own. All you need are at least two phones, a couple ziploc bags to keep your devices safe, and of course, some butter.

Check out the video below to see why “Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 is the coolest kid on the block — and we mean it literally.”

Source: HTC Source

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  • JayB95

    Best benchmark ever!

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      Finally, some technology that can make you french fries! This is exactly what I didn’t expect. Cool benchmark, though!

      • kazahani

        French fries soaked in butter???

        MIND. BLOWN.

        • Mix

          Arteries blown as well!

    • WlfHart

      Hahaha, certainly an entertaining way to benchmark. I hope they come up with some more equally creative tests for other aspects.

  • AsakuraZero

    benchmarked phones S2, Rarz and idk the Snapdragon phone is

    • kwills88

      think it might be the one S

    • akareem89

      The One S

    • Jake H

      I believe it. I have the s2 and it definitely gets hot! That’s one of my few complaints… Well that and that it’s already old tech. God damn, I just can’t keep up. Lol.

  • thaghost

    This is funny.

  • Nathan D.

    Lol, butter test will now be use for future heat comparisons, just watch.

  • uknowme

    I love the creativity of those guys. First the bug charger and now this.

  • James Jun

    Heat is definitely one area that I think phone and chipset makers should be aware of fully considering the heating problems on my Galaxy Nexus and former Samsung Fascinate. It’s awesome to know that these are keeping this at forefront.

  • glennw

    I’d like to see the butter challenge between the International and US versions of the HTC One X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S III. That way we’d know the only (applicable) difference in the phone specs are the CPUs.

  • Alex Belko

    well sgs2 always fry my fingers when playing some games longer than 30 mins

    • Matt

      im using galaxy s2 and i can confirm that, not “frying” its getting warm ather a heafy 3d session, no too hot like stock ROM

  • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

    Couldn’t the battery heat also be playing a big part in this?

    • Tony

      Did you see the heat maps? The heat wasn’t coming from where the battery i located on any of the three devices.

  • jonathan3579

    My HTC One S got blazing hot and I’ve seen other people posting on XDA about similar experiences. At any rate, it’s a cool video.

  • Adryan maldonado

    What is the purpose of buying a 600-800 phone if it cant make you toast? No but seriously kudos to qualcomm for this entertainting test

  • Nate B.

    I’m upset that the two other phones were not named or their processors. One of the phones was a SGS II for sure. That is an older piece of tech. What does it do compared to the SGS III. I think newer tech would make a more fair comparison. I don’t know what the third phone was. It almost looked like it might of been a Droid phone when shown in the inverted light and looking at the shape of the phone. No Droid phones have the specs or processors as the newer high end phones today. I think it was a good type of test but not fairly compared at all.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      The comparison is not about phones, it’s about processors. Plus stating the name of the other phones is a legal issue. That’s why names are rarely mentioned in commercials. Unless it’s Pepsi talking crap about Coke or T-Mobile taking crap about everyone. This isn’t about One S’s and Galaxy S II’s… it’s about JNvidia and Exynos…

      • Jimmy_Jo

        What’s JNvidia?!?!? I meant Nvidia. Sorry

    • Tony

      Exynos – TI OMAP – Qualcomm S4.

      There’s a reason Motorola is moving to the S4.

  • Division by Zero

    Awesome! I hope the Nexus 4 comes with a deep-fryer attachment.

    • Division by Zero

      Hmmm…or a deep-fryer attachment for the Nexus 7 Tab…they’re bigger, so…

  • bambang

    an Tasty Benchmark.. can wait to get One S, or maybe One X AT&T

  • inviolable

    Well this is…unique

  • A.Woodbury

    So when is the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter benchmark coming?

  • Pankaj

    Funny but… impressive… Shows the differences….

  • lpll

    Wow what a shocker 28nm runs cooler than 45nm
    i really can stand Qualcomm

  • johnnycsx

    All of you guys saying the GSII has heating issues need to specify which model. I’m guessing the Exynos builds have issues? My T989 has none, but it’s also a snapdragon.

  • Eric Rossman

    Neat way to demonstrate your technology :) I am from Missouri on this one though.

    So we don’t need to see evidence of the “CPU intensive app” actually running?

    A few bench-marking questions questions as well:
    1. What OS are the three devices running?
    2. How many cores does each device have?
    3. What radios are enabled on each device during the test?

    I could make this exact video with any three devices on the market; Depending on the App, OS, and number of radios + background tasks running, I could make any device look like the coolest.

    Call me a skeptic, but we have all been fooled many times by marketing hype and improper bench-marking. People who are not forthcoming with the testing criteria are just playing a “smoke-and-mirrors” trick to sell you something. I am not saying their advertised claim is not true, I just require some transparency in scientific method.

    -sorry to put a “bummer” tone of reality to this otherwise imaginative test method.

  • redraider133

    This is a great benchmark but qualcomm is going to make a killing this year with their processor sales. Look how many devices in the US are using the s4 and how many more upcoming devices are slated to be using the s4 chip also. Hope qualcomm can keep up.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    That phone on the left gets pretty… *sunglasses on*… TOASTY!

  • robinthoms2

    Congrats to Qualcomm to compare a new gen 2012 phone and SoC to two old gen 2011 phone and SoCs…

    I’m pretty sure Qualcomm have a very efficient SoC due to it’s brand new 28nm process and ARM optimizations but this test is nothing than pure marketing sparkles since the “competitors” are both 45nm SoCs…also check Galaxy S II makes an appearance in Qualcomm’s S4, Thermal Butter Benchmark here in detail http://www.careace.net/2012/06/18/galaxy-s-ii-makes-appearance-qualcomms-s4-thermal-butter-benchmark/

  • art malik

    This is amazing BS…. the problem is the area of the chip S4 is bigger than the competitors. Bigger area means less power dissipation per unit area and more power control features inside the die.

    Apple’s A5 is much bigger than any of the SOC’s but power is the least. it is a trade off which Apple did to reduce their power at the expense of area…. in all these bench mark …at actual circuits/die area is missed….

  • Rich H

    U r absolutely right! Very good points.