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Rumor: Nexus 10 may already be in the works


What with the Nexus 7 being days old already it must be time for the speculation regarding the next Nexus device, right? (Oh and before you yell at me, yes that is just an image of the Nexus 7.)

The oft-maligned Digitimes is reporting today that Google has placed an order for 10-inch touch panels with Wintek. Wintek has already supplied Google with 500,000 touch panels for the Nexus 7 and considering the positive first impressions we are seeing on the Nexus 7 it would make sense that they would want to keep the team together.

There are no further details to speak of at the moment and as with all things that we specifically call out as a rumor you shouldn’t be betting the farm on this information. With that said it is certainly plausible that Google would want a device to actually go toe to toe with the iPad just as the Nexus 7 is clearly designed to take on the Fire and Nook.

I hope that Google does have a Nexus 10 in the works as while the 7-inch form factor is compelling for a number of use cases I still think there is a place for 10-inch tablets and that will only become more true as Chrome OS and Android continue to grow together.

Let’s assume the rumor is true. What would you like to see out of a 10-inch Nexus tablet in terms of both specs and pricing?

Source: Digitimes

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  • droilfade

    O boy O boy O boy!!!!! O BOY O BOY BOY!!!!!

  • Pavel

    MicroSD support
    Back Camera… I know, i know, I’d like to use it to scan documents.

    • Art

      You all should stop asking for expandable storage. It will never happen on Google devices from now on. CLOUD, DRIVE.

      • rpras

        Okay, then give me a great dock with expanded battery and ports including an SDXC one. I will only buy the 7 if they came out with a dock with these capabilities.

      • Steve P

        I love google, but some of us have terrible capped internet and don’t prefer to have everything on the cloud when we could store it locally! (I’m looking at you, Nexus Q)

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Nexus 7 hardware + keyboard dock + SD card + 1080p screen + Ubuntu for Android for $400-450.

    Without Ubuntu for Android or a keyboard dock, a 10″ tablet won’t be all that popular, I predict.

    • triangle

      +1 on the SD card slot, 1080p screen and keyboard dock, along with the price

    • Noven

      YES! Someone else wants Ubuntu for Android!

      Everything you listed is exactly what I would want from a Nexus 10 device. I hope we see it.

    • uknowme


    • aranea

      At least nexus 7 hardware maybe better cpu, keyboard dock that’s not crazy expensive, microsdcard slot, 1080p screen, monitor out, can be through micro usb or hdmi with a converter, if possible self stand. $400-500 with accessories.

  • Meister_Li

    Sounds quite promising, and if it’s being made by Asus, it could have the same awesome Keyboard-Connectivity the Transformer series offers, but I kinda want an SD Card slot on my Tablet. I do love my Galaxy Nexus, but the lack of expandable story really goes on my nerves. My Music alone fills that thing to the brim. :/

    • DDP

      How about using Google Music…? And just pinning your favorites to your device? This is what I do and love it. I’m in love with the convenience of having me entire music library anywhere I go.

      • Meister_Li

        I would do that if Google Music was available in Ireland or my Data plan would actually allow me to use it effectively. Both are not the case.

        • benjclyde

          Use tunnel bear to log in to google music, you only need it once. Then upload your library. Also get three.I e’s pay as you go sim. €20 top up each month gives unlimited internet access. Rocking that setup on my G-Nex

      • dreamdoggy22

        But don’t you have to then “stream” the music? If so, with unlimited data going away this could be an issue……Right?

        • joe Young

          you dont “need” to stream it if you put it in a playlist and then make the playlist “available offline” just remember that the only music youll have access to when your offline is whats available offline. I do this with my Droid X and Moto Xoom and it works great. I was considering selling my xoom and getting a nexus but I think Ill wait until this nexus 10 details surface. O yeah and speaking of surface, the microsoft surface is gonna be another zune flop. Hail to Google, I hope this stuff will shut up all the Apple talk ASAP I cant stand it any longer.

  • txbluesman

    I hope they get a 10″ model, but I like the 7″, 16 gb for me. I will put it with my 16 gb wifi external storage and I am good to go. $30 for 16 gb external storage is a great deal.

  • Sid

    Hell to the yeah! But I just hope Google starts encouraging tablet friendly app development before or during the launch.

  • seabass978

    Dam, I just pre order my nexus 7, now this rumor appears? Just can’t keep up with tech with low income .

    • Pratap Shinde

      Thats a good decision you took, its a great tablet.
      10 inch is just a rumour, who know when it will be real……till that time enjoy your 7inch.

  • Adryan maldonado

    I would like to see your standard 10inch tablet specs with full usb/sd card slot/ and if possible a higher res screen like that of the infinity for the low low price of 350 for the 32 Gb model and 300 for the 16 gb model and 275 for a 8 gb model if they make that many iterations.

  • Ross Winn

    Of course it is, as is a 13 inch in all probability. All of the manufacturers have all three sizes in development. This isn’t news, this is just filler.

    • kazahani

      Not sure where you came from, but ’round these parts, new Nexus devices are definitely news.

  • Will

    I think they need to make more tablets that are between the 7″ and 10″ models say a 8.5″ would be perfect size for me!

    • kazahani

      ^ This.

      I like 8 – 9 inches, and I wish there were more choices.

      • Droidberg

        ^^ that’s what she said ;)-

  • Jeff

    10″ is nice – that was my minimum acceptable size for a tablet as I read PDF e-mags and any smaller than that is a hassle to try and read a whole page at a time.

    Now if they price it at… $299… with the same basic specs as the 7″ model, they’ll wipe the rest of the market out.

    • Logan Edwards

      I’m in the same boat. Been waiting for the right price/performance/size ratio and the Nexus 10 at $300 or even $400 would be gold. 1080/1200p screen with the innard from the Nexus 7 with USB and HDMI would be great.

  • fletchtb

    What’s the right price for a 10-inch Nexus Tablet? Someone above mentioned $400-$450 range, but you can get a quad-core Asus for less than that now.

    I am thinking these would need to start at $300 to make a dent in the market.

    I can live without the back camera, but I think a MicroSD card slot needs to be added to these devices. I am interested to see how restricted I am going to feel with using the 8GB Nexus 7 I ordered on Wednesday.

  • rashad360

    I would be fine with identical specs in the Nexus 10. Even screen resolution. I only hope that they include micro sd expandable storage, then I will definitely buy it.

  • spazby

    awesome, will gladly gift ipad to relatives for that

  • chris

    8.9″ Please! 7″ is too small, 10″ is too heavy.

  • Prince

    Look, I could care less if a 10 inch came out. I am planning on getting the Nexus 7 and enjoying it as much as I can. I only need one and this will suit me fine. If later on down the line I see that I may want a bigger tablet I will look into it, but right now the Nexus 7 is just fine for me and what I plan on using it for. I was about to go get a Kindle Fire until I heard about this, so now that it is true then I for sure going to purchase one, I will preorder mine next week.

  • Slith

    1080p. SD. HDMI out.

  • cwjones4

    Man…..really wish google would have announced these 2 tablets together to allow us to make a choice. i’m so close to picking up a Nexus 7, i think if it was able to connect to a keyboard doc and had an SD card it would have been an instant buy. still might get it though, but a 10″ with keyboard doc is exactly what I need right now. I may just wait and see when the transformers get their upgrades to jellybean (you would hope very quickly since ASUS has a great track record)

  • Jack Coleman

    A 10″ google tablet for 300$ would be killer. i can;t really do a 7″ tablet, its not big enough to merit tablet use for me, and too bug to be a phone.

  • Taylor

    MicroSD, with SDXC certification. I like to keep movies available to suit my many moods, and data is just too darn limited and expensive to stream everything.

  • Jmo

    Me thinks they’ll take the Transformer T300 and re-purpose it as a Nexus Tablet maybe throw in the Infinity’s resolution?? For…..$350??

  • Aaron Ratner

    The idea of a tablet without expandable storage is absurd. Yes, the cloud is great. But what happens when my WiFi only tablet had no connection? I’ve had a tablet for a long time and without the almost 64 GB of storage I’d be lost. 16GB would make it all but useless.

  • Alex

    ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity is it.

  • MoSDeeb

    Odd timing for this rumor as the Nexus 7 has just been announced and now I might have to backoff my pre-order for the nexus 7.

    • Tarwin

      It’s a rumor. Also consider what you need the tablet for and what you want to spend. The 7 will undoubtedly be cheaper no matter what happens. I don’t think Google would want to make the 10 even more entry-level than the 7. They also fit different uses, which is why some people prefer 10 inchers, some 7 inchers, a few the inbetweeners, and then there are those who prefer the phablets… What do you need it for, how soon do you need it, and are you really willing to wait based on a rumor?

      There’s always something bigger/smaller/slimmer/faster coming around the corner. And Ten times more rumors about potential products products to come.

  • UMA Fan

    I think it’s wrong to say Google’s motive is trying to sell more than the Kindle Fire. It’s more about getting the Android OS to as many people as possible so as many people as possible USE android. Since THAT is primarily how Google makes money.

    • Tarwin

      Remember that though the Kinde Fire uses an Android base it is completely reworked for/by Amazon. It uses Amazon’s services and its own market. I don’t think Google is any money off of Kindle Fires except through google search…

  • Tarwin

    Things I would like it to have (which I think could happen)…

    1) A quad-core Cortex A15 class processor (be it S4 with Krait or the Exynos with A15). This would obviously mean the next gen GPUs (Adreno 320 or Mali 6xx series). The current gen GPUs just aren’t all that fit for a Full HD display which brings me to…

    2) Full HD display. If they are using an HD display for the Nexus 7 they should definitely use a FullHD display in the 10 (after all, the nexus devices are supposed to set a standard for other Android devices in the same class).

    3) Pen input. I know many people don’t care about it but it’s the reason I bought the Flyer and the reason I am considering the Galaxy Note 10.1 You also have to remembere that Android natively supports pen input so it’d be interesting what Google does with it.

    4) Expandable storage. The cloud is great for backups and accessing things from wherevere. But not for accessing EVERYTHING from wherever. There are people who have external hard drives exceeding 2TB. Backing all of that to the cloud…does any free cloud service even offer that much? Now I am not talking about 2TB on the tablet, but expandable storage gives great versatility. Preferably SD. From what I understand it is cheaper for device manufacturers and since space isn’t as critical as on a phone it should be okay (SD cards are cheaper and easier to get in higher capacities when talking about SDXC). Plus you can always leave in an SD to microSD adapter in the slot if you primarily use microSD. Plus, if they’re full sized SD cards, people who use cameras with SD cards could immediately look at their shots on the tablet to see how they turned out. Oh, and a concrete example of a situation where storage capacity matters: Let’s say you have kids and are on a trip. You want to load up the tablet with movies (HD to take advantage of the HD screen) and games. Just a few movies can take up a truckload of space.

    5) 2GB RAM. Phones are starting to use 2GB RAM and I think it’s time tablets started to do it too. We are more likely to multi-task on a tablet, especially with the current gen of processors (and those nearly here) so I think 2GB of RAM is reasonable.

    Things I would like but are either not probable or that important:

    1) Ubuntu on Android. I don’t think this is going to happen. It distracts from Android and says that Android isn’t enough for everything you might need. We know there are things Android can’t do and which you might need (Linux too) but I doubt that the creators of Android are going to draw attention to it in such an obvious way as including another OS on it.

    2) Back camera. As mentioned before it would be great for scanning documents and things like that, rather than take a pic with the phone and then sending that to the tablet.

    3) A free USB port. By free I mean that you can use it while doing other things. MHL is great, but if you want to use USB OTG and there’s only one port it’s a no-go. Same thing if you’re charging via the only microUSB port. Full-sized would be great but I would be willing to use an adapter and microUSB.

    4) A keyboard dock. The reason I include it in this section is that I don’t know how likely it would be due to proprietary ports. A HW manufacturer always gets the honor of collaborating on a Nexus device, but even so I get the impression that Nexus devices are manufacturer agnostic. If they had a keyboard doc it would most likely use a proprietary connector like those on the transformers. Though maybe they could use the pogo connectors like those found on the Nexus7 (I honestly don’t know how versatile those connectors are).

    Even greater added bonuses would be water-proofing and wireless charging (though both would drive up the price and waterproofing would be complicated by any port on the device).

  • NamelessTed

    I think for a Nexus 10 to make any sense it would have to sell for $300-350.

    Once you hit the $400 mark you can get the ASUS TF300. That has the same Tegra 3 CPU/GPU, front and back cameras, a docking station, expandable storage, and a majority of all the other features that people above have said they would want in a 10″ tablet. If Google adds all those features to a Nexus 10 then they would basically just be making the tablet that ASUS already makes.

    10″ 1080×800
    Same spec as Nexus 7

    10″ 1920×1200
    Same specs as Nexus 7

    I think the only way they could justify $400 is if they put that money into making a stunning display. That way they are competing more with the iPad but at a better price point.

  • HM

    Sorry Goog, no SD I no buy.

    Two reasons I’ll take Android over iOS any day: SD slot and Flash. Flash support will soon go bye bye…

    And with all due respect to the cloud, until the day carriers don’t count my mileage and I can stream all I like( And I get actual reception everywhere) I’ll be using my cheap hot swappable SD cards to take all my media everywhere I go.

  • magnum80

    Nexus 7
    + 10 inch FULL HD screen (that’s good enough for me)
    + back camera
    + 32GB as minimum config (I have a 32GB Xoom and was shocked how quickly 16GB get filled up)
    + magnets plus touch cover/type cover a la Surface
    + build-in kick-stand a la Surface
    = Nexus 10

    Price point 399-499 (wishful thining?) :)

    • magnum80

      + FULL USB on the go (USB storage!)
      + MHL support (missing on Nexus 7, so chance to hook it up to your TV)

      I guess we need to invest in GTV boxes or the over-priced Nexus Q to circumvent that shortcoming. Or just plugin a Galaxy Nexus via MHL to your TV ;).

  • izzo

    hopefully they dont forget microSd this time

  • dj

    All I see with this talk of the “Cloud” replacing the need for sd-card storage are some big corporations dreaming up some new additional and unnecessary bill to charge people for.

  • some internet dude

    Come on Google, micro SD and rear camera on this one please.

  • klcow92

    if only there was microsd and rear camera for this baby