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Rumor: Nexus 7 tablet pictured in press images

Google-Nexus-tablet-Asus (1) Image via: Phone Arena

Phone Arena was just sent alleged press images of the upcoming ASUS-Google Nexus 7 tablet. If the images are real, the Nexus 7 will be a three-toned tablet, with a white front to the tablet and a two-toned black and gray backplate. I’m not quite sold on the three-tone look, so here’s hoping the Nexus 7 will come in two color schemes (white and black/gray) similar to other Android tablets. Sources for Phone Arena confirmed that the device will in fact feature a Tegra 3 processor, and that the tablet would launch with Android 4.1, commonly believed to be the launch version number for Jelly Bean.

From the press shots, we noticed that the Nexus Tablet features a speaker on the front of the device, a common placement for speakers on phones as opposed to tablets, where speakers are normally located on tablets. This speaker location leads us to believe that the Nexus Tablet will likely be able to make phone calls using Google Voice or other VOIP services. If not, having a speaker on the front of the device still makes sense to us, as it tends to result in better sound output.

We should be learning more about the Nexus Tablet at Google I/O at the end of this month, with a widespread launch slated for July. The Nexus Tablet is expected to retail in the $150-$250 range to take on the Kindle Fire and a rumored 7″ iPad that could be launching later this year. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Phone Arena

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  • Anibal69

    Ugly Fake.

  • Dirge

    Looks like a Galaxy Note.

    • JayB95

      That was the first thing I thought when I looked at it.

    • AppleFUD

      First thing I thought of was that it looked like a lot of the fake iP5 rumors. . .heck, slap a home button on that thing and you are looking at a Galaxy S ___

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Yep, and it looks like an HTC Legend on the back.

    • Aksus

      That’s because it’s a photoshoped Galaxy Note.

    • LukeT32

      Still want it, making the leap into tablet land..

    • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

      Which it is.

      It’s so painfully obvious judging by the scale of cameras and speaker that this is not a 7+ inch device.

      Which then goes to show that the Android news channel is either populated by journalistic idiocy or blatant, unethical and disrespectful opportunism. I’m hoping for the former but leaning towards the latter.

  • spazby

    i don’t mind 3 toned tablet…

  • Ironzey Lewis

    It’s going to be a long wait till Google I/O….

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    I don’t think I would buy a Nexus Tablet, and it doesn’t look out of this world. Too common looking like every other tablet…

    Galaxy S III will satisfy me in every way.

    • Y314K

      I know right…. A rectangle.. “Come on! Son!…”

      Mix in a hexagon or octagon… And have the octamom advertise it…. / Sarc

  • uknowme

    The looks don’t bother me. As long as all the rumors are true, or at least 75% true. She will be mine.

    • awundrin

      Come on already and release the thing – seems like we’ve been waiting forever. The suspense is kilin’ me and I don’t care what the color of the tablet is as that’s it’s looks are not important.

  • anon12345

    I don’t believe it is 3 tone but rather 2 tone, black and white only. The white on the back appears gray due to poor image color and shadows because the tablet is sloped toward you (top being closer).

  • eng618

    Looks pretty awesome…I’m not a huge fan of white products, but this looks pretty awesome!

    I would take one in a heart beat

  • redraider133

    Looks like a bigger note. Not to bad if its the real design

  • shadhussain

    looks like the samsung galaxy s2 and the iphone 4s had a giant baby.

    • Nikijs

      someone needs glasses. I dont see where there are something from 4s. :D you live in very tiny world if everything looks like iphone for you.

      • shadhussain

        well hello there. nice meeting you. no, not everything in my world looks like an iphone. in fact very few do, like my htc nexus one, asus transformer prime, my buddies’ samsung nexus s and sony xperia s … the list goes on.

        and frankly calling something similar to the iphone shouldn’t be a big deal either. most android tech enthusiasts just want the best android experience on the sleekest hardware possible. how an OEM comes up with it, I could care less.

  • rantmo

    Fake or not, the suspense of waiting for this is driving me bonkers.

  • fletchtb

    Me want!

  • virexed

    As long as the price is right, I’m sold.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    I call fake, The front look identical to the Galaxy Note http://media.t3.com/img/resized/sa/xl_Samsung_GalaxyNoteWhite_624.jpg

    • kazahani

      Yep. Why does a tablet need a proximity sensor on the front?

  • Lightning7

    If I had seen that device and had not looked at the title of this article, I would believe that it was Samsung made.

  • amgala

    Why would it have an earpiece speaker if it were a tablet?

    • ddp

      Did you even attempt to read the article accompanying the picture above?

  • bellken

    It does look like a giant phone. The ability to use Google Voice will be pretty cool, though, I am sure, I might look funny holding that next to my ear.

  • Tangent

    A speaker on the front makes perfect sense to me since most of the time when I’m watching a video on a tablet that’s the side that’ll be facing me… I never got the logic behind facing the speaker away from the listener.

    “… as opposed to tablets, where speakers are normally located on tablets.” Perhaps a correction to “…normally located on ” is in order? :-P

  • autonomousgerm

    Looks like an iPhone.

  • Yonas

    I was expecting Samsung on the back cover rather than ASUS,when i saw the front of the device.

    • shadhussain

      agreed. doesn’t look very asus-y to me. also slightly odd that these 7″ android tablets are being marketed in a default portrait mode. 1280×800 resolution, ICS and related widgets seem better configured in landscape modes. doesn’t the portrait mode squish the UI too much?

  • NotRelevant

    If stare hard enough it looks like the top one says “front panel proposal” and the bottom one says “back panel proposal” so its possible, that these aren’t actually real.

    • überRegenbogen

      But why do you have to squint. Yes, it’s certainly reasonable to expect mockups based upon photos of other models. But what puzzles me is why the captions are severely pixelised. It’s as if someone was trying to give the photos a certain look–which suggests bullcrap to me.

      • nivekkev

        Yeah but I am thinking the whole thing was put together to make it appear as if these renders were “proposals”. A lot of times any text is just blacked out, where in this case the text is pixalated and just to the point where it is still possible to make out what it says.. I am not buying this one at this time.

  • Ardrid

    Well, cue the Apple lawsuits if this design is legit. Their legal team is probably salivating right now.

    • Ardrid

      Not sure why I got rated down for that comment. We all know it’s true despite the fact that the underlying allegations/complaint are patently false. Case in point: Apple just filed for a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy S3.

      We should all accept that Apple will never stop. I can guarantee you they’ll file suit against the Nexus Tablet simply because it’s a rectangular shaped device that resembles an iPad/iPhone.

      • eallan

        That injunction had nothing to do with hardware, but rather the software of the device.

  • ndarvishev

    It does really look like the Samsung Galaxy Note. Maybe, this is the early render. HTC One X looked really ugly in the early renders back when it was called Endeavour.
    But my other question is the price. With such a low price it directly competes with flagman smartphones which are $600-800 at least. For browsing and reading books tablet is really superior to those flagmans.
    Should we expect some kinds of reductions in such Tablets? No 3G? Only WiFi? Small battery? or what?

  • brandon

    This thing is sexy and its probably smaller to hold due to the small bezel. And for $200 who won’t buy one!!

  • Mix

    All I know is I want one!

  • Abhi Kurve

    Obvious Fake.
    Noticed the extremely thin bezel?
    No tablet would come with THAT naarow bezel,only phones are supposed to have that thin ones.

  • dandroid4g

    Looks samsung-made.

  • bambang

    will it be available for worldwide?? waiting for it

  • Bluestacks

    wow! this is great tablet

    Also try this : A new app to play games on PC Talking Tom for PC

  • rauelius

    What this is really going to hurt are the cheap Chinese tablets.

  • rauelius

    What if Nexus 7 is just the public-code name? It would be great if Google/Asus calls this the Nexus Optimus or Optimus Nexus. Would go great with my Transformer Prime.

    • rauelius

      O-P-T-I-M-U-S, 7 letters for a 7 Inch Screen, would be a great name! The Asus Optimus Nexus.

  • Jorge Eslava

    I hope it doesn’t have a 40 pin connector, the one for my transformer isn’t working anymore after only 6 months, Asus won’t answer my emails so I’m sure they won’t RMA it. Now I have to go through the trouble of buying a new one online since I can’t use a micro USB cable to charge my tablet.

  • some internet dude

    Cant wait picking up two. One as a GPS for the car and the other as a every day carry.

  • Shawn

    Yep that’s definitely the note