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Samsung Galaxy S III gets reprieve from potential US ban


Apple must have been looking for a repeat performance of the somewhat botched HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE US launch. The company asked that the Galaxy S III be added to an existing request for a ban on the sale of a number of Samsung Galaxy devices due to proclaimed patent violations.

One of the patents in question is the very same that caused the ITC to grant the ban on the HTC devices, namely the recognition of a numeric sequence or string of text that brings up an appropriate menu in response to a tap. The other is directed at S Voice and its similarities to Siri.

Well, all you Galaxy S III hopefuls can thank an overbooked US legal system for preventing a longer wait to get your hands on this shiny new toy. Judge Lucy Koh has indicated that to entertain such a request now would delay the actual trial, currently scheduled to start July 30, which Apple doesn’t want to see happen.

As you all are no doubt aware, the Galaxy S III will  launch across all the major carriers sometime between June 21 and July 9, so everyone should have a chance to pick one up.

To be clear, the fact that the ban wasn’t issued doesn’t indicate that the Judge is siding with Samsung. So come early August, if Apple emerges triumphant, we could still see certain Samsung devices facing a ban in the US.

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Source: Reuters

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  • redraider133

    Now if only Verizon would announce a release date and ship the preorders.

    • Ron

      It has been announced for July 9th

      • redraider133

        uum no it hasn’t been announced. Verizon never gave a date when it will be available in store and the preorders say will ship by July 9th…

        • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

          And they are now stating “by July 10th…” I do hate being a Verizon customer sometimes. Stupid awesome network.

          • redraider133

            That is the ship by date and makes sense since some were reporting Verizon sold out of their preorders and that only the first batch would ship by the 9th and those who ordered later would ship a day or so later. Just wish Verizon would say something.

    • zerosix

      Extremly useful comment.

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        Sorry @zerosix, I killed the spam comment that you replied to which apparently booted your response to the bottom. Thanks for drawing my attention to it though.

  • Ivan

    What about the similarities of vlingo and Siri? Vlingo came first, in SII.

    • JPB

      Ivan, VLingo is owned by the same people behind Siri’s tech, Nuance. I would think Apple already has the rights to all that tech.

      • mercado79

        On the contrary, Nuance has several products in the market. Just because Apple uses their services for Siri’s backend doesn’t mean they have rights to any similar apps on the market that also use Nuance technology.

        It seems to me that Apple doesn’t have a leg to stand on, thankfully.

  • halo0

    Google should sue Apple for duplicating Google Voice Actions with Siri!

    • JPB

      As I stated earlier, VLingo, which preceded Google Voice, is owned by Nuance, which also happens to be the company behind the tech in Siri. My guess is that Apple licensed the heck out of Nuance’s patent library. So I doubt Google would have a leg to stand on in that case.

    • BigCiX

      Better yet the notification bar they are using.

      • Jon Garrett

        Even better, the Call Reject Messaging.

        • Derek

          Exactly right! I watched the WWDC keynote and when I saw the call reject messaging, I was floored. Another blatant ripoff from Google. Between that and the notification direct copying, Apple has no room to talk. But has google tried to patent the notification bar and the call reject messaging? I’m not sure they have. If they havent then its free game.

        • zerosix

          Google now owns Motorola, and, if I’m not mistaken, Motorola invented cell phone… Hmm… Is Apple producing any cell phones?

          • spazby


      • thel0nerang3r

        It was still pending as of Feb of this year, per http://androidandme.com/2012/02/news/googles-notification-bar-patent-could-spell-trouble-for-apple/
        Once Google receives it, then they can go after Apple.

  • Droidfan

    IF….Apple is successful. Judges who are tech patent savvy….just may bring this lunacy under control. Judge Posner made the first blow against Apple. Basically saying that the patented action was so small, as to not have a value that would meet the threshold for damages. He further alluded to that fact that the patented process seemed to be pretty close to being prior art, or the equivalent of prior art.

    • AppleFUD

      Posner really made a blow against *all* companies that are attempting to use the courts for anti-competitive means and/or negotiation leverage, it just hits apple the hardest because they are currently the biggest patent troll on the planet – finally an intelligent Judge that sees there is NO real damages taking place if someone copies such a minimal feature as the ‘rubber band effect’. . . as people don’t buy a smartphone for some deep hidden feature and no user would pay to get such a feature thus there can be no value placed on such a patent. In other words, sorry Apple, you have a bunch of worthless patents that don’t mean squat! —Posner

  • adrisval

    I love how Apple’s always trying to ban Android while they keep adding and taking features from it (Android) like the notifications through a pulldown window, a major Android feature. Sore loser.

  • sknoslo

    It would be really sweet if Apple put this much time and money into innovation, instead of trying to win back market share by getting all other devices banned. Scumbags.

    • AppleFUD

      Yes, iOS6 is reflecting their focus. There isn’t anything worthwhile in that upgrade to justify a year’s worth of work – clearly their focus is not on giving users a better experience, only to use the courts to prevent competition.

  • TPaine

    Apple need to stop trying to take over the world, they could not do it on the desktop platform so not they are trying it in the mobile market.

    Don’t you get it Apple, when someone improves on your technology try to come back with something better instead of trying to bankrupt every company that competes against you. There are people that do not like apple and there are people that do, if you want to convert the “other” users out there to buy apple products acting like a monopoly is not the way to do it.

    If you really want to take over the world let Dell and HP support the Mac OS platform, an let samsung and htc support the IOS platform, then you will see success

    I have my sgs3 on order, glad the Judge made this decision.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    Vlingo (actually the company that makes Vlingo) also makes Siri and also made S Voice. Vlingo and Voice Actions came first on Android before Siri. This shouldn’t be a lawsuit. This crap pisses me off so much. Truth be told, Apple makes good products. Whether you personally want to use them or not is irrelevant. They do make good products. But their manner of doing business is deplorable!!!

    • AppleFUD

      Yes, it is because of this deplorable behavior that I no longer recognize their products as a choice for myself. And most likely won’t trust them in the future – they have clearly demonstrated that if given power they will abuse it at will. . . far beyond the average company.

  • Mix

    These lawsuits over who patented what is getting ridiculous.

    I imagine in less than 100 years every idea will have been patented and progress will come to an abrupt halt as everyone just sits on their patents rubbing their greedy hands together as they wait for their next victim.

    • Steve Barry

      I’m assuming you’re joking. I believe the commish of the patent office said something similar to that just over 100 years ago.

      • Mix

        I posted with my serious fingers on.

        Googling past jargon of the patent office is not something I would have looked into but still, is that not what companies are doing more and more? Quick to point the finger of blame at other companies is a daily norm now.

  • Paul Atreides

    Good news, bad news is Sprint doesn’t have anymore 32GB models now. I should of gambled.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Apple will have their day in court, but not before I have my SGS III! Well played, Apple, you’re continuous trolling never ceases to amuse me.

  • ondore

    I already have mine SGS3 at home and it is really good, believe you guys in US will be as happy as I am ;-)

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Glad to hear it, I wasn’t going to switch off my Galaxy Nexus, but that camera is a huge step up.

  • CJ LaFleur

    Those patent trolling sons of b***** s can’t win in a fair fight by making the best product so they try to eliminate the competition! The courts will put those dirty underhanded losers in their places!

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    How is Apple going to prosecute on the grounds of Siri copying when Samsung had this exact functionality *before* the pathetic Apple attempt?

    Hmm… Well, fudge Apple, but I’ve just bought Apple stock, so screw it, let’em win, let the world lose, and I’ll get to do nothing.

  • Raptor

    Such issues which hurt US IP should be expedited. But lawyers care only about their fees, our computer industry leaders keep mum and the government is busy with its own electron business.

    This year US will lose one more NASA budget to foreign super-copiers. Given the fact that the US GDP per capita is $48K that’s equivalent to losing 500 000 jobs.

  • Cheap Toms

    Well, all you Galaxy S III hopefuls can thank an overbooked US legal system for preventing a longer wait to get your hands on this shiny new toy. Judge Lucy Koh has indicated that to entertain such a request now would delay the actual trial, currently scheduled to start July 30, which Apple doesn’t want to see happen.

  • cb2000a

    Good for the courts! Apple is obviously trying to compete by locking the competition out.

  • pandoraf

    Bad public relation. Good news for lawyers around the world.

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s great to see apple lose again in it’s need to prevent android from growing even further. I can’t help but laugh at all attempts made by apple to cripple android. Guess it’s not working now is it. Time to find another hobby apple. Meanwhile by the time September or October rolls around iphone 5 won’t matter much to anyone. They will already be locked into new contracts and trust me people with current iphones will be purchasing Galaxy S3′s

    • snowbdr89

      Stfu dick

      • Richard Yarrell


        • squiddy20

          Oooo! Good comeback! That’ll surely teach him! /s

        • Mist

          Barf? I think the other guy was wrong. You are definitely retarded, but I’d put your mental age around three or four. Both a troll and a retard. Go back to the jungle, spearchucker. You’re not smart enough for modern civilisation, besides, there are other monkeys like yourself that you can push up quick like on in the jungles of Africa.

          • really?

            Whoa!!!! What’s up with the racist comments. Chill dude.

          • snowbdr89

            I’m pretty sure dick isn’t a monkey since monkeys do have intelligence.

    • Ban Richard for the love of God, PLEASE

      I can’t stand Richard either, but nyc37 has a point. I’ve watched this thread for a few days and watched people use multiple devices to vote up and down. Richard is annoying as hell, but chasing retarded people around AAM, Disqus, and everything else on the android blogosphere to correct them is pathetic and just adds to the spaz-fest. He literally is retarded. The best thing AaM could do is ban him, this would stop him from posting here, and his following of flamers, Richard haters, correctors, etc. This is getting old, and starting to turn into what Phandroid was right before banning his dopey ass; threads with Richard posting his retarded -literally- rants, and the people who feel the need to follow him around and turn a thread about something else into a cluster f**k of “corrections” and insults. Personally, I’d like to read comments about the subject of the blog, and not some tired same old-same old Richard posts, and the people who make it worse by entertaining the retard. Yes, he infects every blogsite with his childish nonsense, but feeding the trolls, even the trolls with the mind of a five year old, just makes it worse, and as long as Richard is allowed to post here, there are only going to be more and more people who are all too happy to entertain him because they’re too stupid themselves to realize that they’re doing exactly what he wants them to do.
      By all means, downvote me, bust my comment,I don’t care, I’m not coming back, so I’ll never see it anyway. I’ll check back in six months to see if they got rid of him, or still feel sorry for him.
      Good luck, kids.

  • bk11222

    I’m hoping that apple’s pending litigation encourages more people to purchase the s3 (out of fear it might not be availible later) and smash existing sales records for smart phones

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Ha, that would be a nice backfire. It already had the pre-order record locked up. I’ll be really interested to see if Samsung releases any numbers on their 30 day total at the end of June.

  • Bluestacks

    wow! this is great attractive samsung Galaxy

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    Tom for PC

  • snowbdr89

    It would be cool if apple could include the moron dick Farrell in its ban!!

  • Nathan D.

    Well a delay is still better then no delay right?

  • cyberkeeper01

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  • alik kasep

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