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Sony gives fans control over the next Xperia announcement


It might not have the build up of a major press announcement like the Galaxy S III, but Sony is giving something new a go over on their Facebook page by letting fans “fast forward” to the announcement of the next Xperia smartphone.

This started yesterday morning and the announcement was originally scheduled for June 22nd, but every time a user clicks the big orange button the clock jumps ahead (just one turn per day). They’ve had a pretty solid response so far as a little over 24,000 people have clicked the button and thus brought the announcement up to the afternoon of June 13th as it stands right now.

Now I’m guessing that Sony isn’t probably unveiling anything revolutionary here, but they do still owe us one Xperia Ion for AT&T by the end of June. Despite the fans on their Facebook page doing some minor rioting in favor of an Xperia Play 2 I’m pretty sure they would have brought that out at E3 last week if it were that far along.

In case I’m right about this being the Ion, I’ll give a quick refresher, as I was pretty impressed with it at CES. The highlights were the 4.65-inch 1280×720 Reality Display which was one of the best looking displays I’ve seen in terms of contrast and color reproduction. The other big feature was the 12 MP Exmor-R camera which was able to fire off a shot from standby in under 2 seconds. On the downside it was slated to launch with Gingerbread, though we’re hoping Sony’s wised up and puts Android 4 on this bad boy.

Hit the source link below to do your part to speed up the countdown, if you have a Facebook account that is, and there’s also at least one contest for a free Xperia phone that you can get in on while you are at it.

The Ion is just my theory, any other Xperia phones that you’ve been waiting for?

Update: So much for my prognostications. The phone they revealed was the Xperia Miro which is a decidedly low end device with a 3.5-inch screen at 320×480, an 800 MHz processor, 5MP camera, but hey at least it’s running Ice Cream Sandwich.

While it wasn’t this specific announcement Sony did let slip that a version of the Xperia Ion will be available sans LTE internationally, so maybe that’s what had my spider sense tingling.

Via: Xperia blog

Source: Sony Xperia Facebook Hub

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  • Droidberg

    iv’e been wanting to own a sony phone since day one they introduced them into the android World.. but,now that iv’e experienced the Nexus effect ,it’s EXTREMELY hard to go anywhere else..
    but i’m hoping that they will have MUCH better marketing of their phones in the US and actually bring them here as well..the good ones at least. :)-

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      They had a very coherent message at CES that they were going to be leveraging the knowledge from all of their various departments (TVs, gaming, photography) to really build outstanding smartphones, but I haven’t seen them actually roll that into an advertising campaign yet and that’s a shame.

  • Skis03

    I think it should be illegal for a phone to be release on anything other than ICS right now!

    • CTown

      Ice Cream Sandwich also came with a lot of changes to how Android is going to work. It introduced fragments, a set of widgets that OEMs must leave intact, better NFC featuers, and Google’s want to depreciate the menu button.

      It looks like some OEMS, like HTC, weren’t even ready for ICS (just look at how many of HTC’s defualt apps includes a real ugly menu button on the bottom). Another thing to look at is how they haven’t been using NFC or just not including it including it in some phones.

      This time it isn’t even Google’s fault! Ignoring the closed-sourced Honeycomb, Android seems to be on a yearly release schedule now.

      • CTown

        Wow, I deleted the beginning of my comment (along with my point) while trying to clean it up.

        My point was: I think like with Froyo (which came with a lot of lower-level changes) the OEMs need a lot of time to play catch up with Google. Lots of OEMs skipped on 2.2 and just went to 2.3. However this time around Android is on a yearly release schedule so I can see from looking at HTC’s deafult apps on the One phones that they were not completely ready for ICS but this time around they cannot blame Google.

    • pjamies

      I completely agree ! 110%
      This far along the life-cycle of ICS there should be no reason
      for any manufacturer to be dumping Gingerbread on a new device.
      Someone at Google is obviously asleep at the wheel!!
      When a new OS is released into the wild all other previous OS’s should
      be shelfed, and all new phones forced to move up to the new OS.

      Bad Google, Very Bad Google … Now be a good boy and change your policies .. lol

      • Robbbie

        it’s not Google’s fault that the OEMs wont stop themeing Google’s OS and changing it around so much, i think part of the reason Google is doing more frequent releases is to force the OEMs to start using the new software or be left in the dust. HTC, Sony, and the rest of the companies are only making things harder for themselves and the customer by screwing with ICS.

  • thaghost

    I guess you guys are updating the site because I cannot see any of the pictures.

  • Nathan D.

    This is kinda cool I if other would do the same but that might be asking for a lot I guess

  • Nathan D.

    This is kinda cool, if only other would do the same but that might be asking for a lot I guess

  • Will

    I like Sony – but what a FAIL it was for them to announce this on Google+ then including a link to a Facebook page.

  • Tech Guy chris

    Haha I was the first to bet that it was the Xperia Ion. I left numerous comments on blogs saying thats what it will be. If you go the page to speed up the countdown, the top comment (as of this writing) is me saying that It is the Xperia Ion.

    Thefore, the credit for this blog should go to me. .

  • Harryville

    I reckon it will be the internation version of the Xperia GX.

    Processor: 1.5GHz dual-core [Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon MSM8960 with Adreno 225 GPU]
    Display: 4.55-inches (720 x 1280)
    PPI: 323
    Internal Storage: 16GB + microSD slot
    RAM: 1GB
    Rear camera: 13 MP
    Front camera: 1.3 MP
    Wireless: LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 3.1
    Ports: MHL via microUSB
    Battery: 1700mAh (removable)
    Dimensions: 131mm × 69mm × 10.5mm (8.6mm at thinnest point)
    Weight: 127g
    Colours: Black, White

  • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

    Whether the phone suits you or not, I just find this whole marketing ploy somewhat annoying and desperate by Sony.

    On the one hand, I suppose its good to get teh consumes to interact in a different way by getting them to speed up the announcement, but I think the only people that will try and get the announcement faster are those that already have decided they are going to get the phone anyway.

    It just seems like a silly High School ASB style gimmick to show your spirit, and whether you click whatever you have to click or not…um…they are still gonna announce it, so I’m not exactly sure what they hope to accomplish by getting the word out a day or two early if the phone still has a hard release date.

    Basically, my long winded way of saying…who cares.