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Sprint Galaxy S III delayed due to overwhelming demand, underwhelming supply


Those of you looking to get your hands on the Sprint version of the Galaxy S III will have to wait a little longer. A Sprint spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that they have received overwhelming demand for the 16GB variant of the Galaxy S III, and that pre-order volumes have depleted their supply. As a result, those eagerly looking to walk into their Sprint stores to pick up the device tomorrow will be sorely disappointed; no Sprint stores will be offering the device tomorrow.

If you pre-ordered the 16GB Galaxy S III variant, your device should arrive on your doorstep tomorrow as planned. Preorders for the 32GB model are set to kick off next week, with a yet-to-be-disclosed delivery date. No in-store availability for either the 16GB or 32GB varieties have yet been announced. We expect it could be a week or two until the supply is able to keep up with the demand for Samsung’s latest flagship, so those of you hoping to get your device in time for the July 4th holiday may be out of luck.

We’ll bring you any updates from Sprint as we learn more.

Source: Engadget

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  • bernard Jakksen

    Show close up photos of the 4×8 inch screen. Show all features

  • bernard Jakksen

    Show close up photos of the 4×8 inch screen. Show all features and capabilities

  • redraider133

    This is really turning into an iphoneesque type launch. I think even samsung underestimated how well it would sell in the US and this is a really good sign for android phones in the future. Hope the delay isn’t too long and they can get the phones into people’s hands.

    • kazahani

      This is absolutely huge. I sell wireless service for a living, and let me tell you that the last few years have been TOUGH!!! I’m talking 40 to 50% fewer sales in 2010 and 2011.

      The past few months I have seen it start to come back, and now the way people are going crazy over the GS3, I’m getting super excited! This is a wonderful sign for our economy! (And for me! I get to sell it!)

  • dreamdoggy22

    What a shocker! The hottest phone of the summer is on backorder before it goes on sale. This means Verizon should have it for sale by Christmas:)

    • ozzzy3z


    • swazedahustla

      Hottest phone of the summer?? You mean the most over hyped phone. I can think of 2 phones I believe are better. So its really subjective because its not better than the one x/evo lte. Its on par with them, which makes it just another good phone for 2012.

      • Jimmy_Jo

        @swazedahustla …He didn’t say it was the best phone. He said the hottest. People are interested in it, it’s exciting, its back-ordered before it’s even been released. I know you wanted to say the One X or EVO LTE is better but they’ve been selling them on discount since they came out. It was supposed to sell for $200 but it’s been going for $150 for weeks.

        Now pay attention… I’m not saying the One X and EVO LTE aren’t better. (I honestly don’t know) I’m saying the demand is not nearly as much. Plain and simple. They had 9 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S III by the first week of June. Pre-orders! That doesn’t count the people who are waiting to see and feel it or aren’t due for an upgrade yet.

        • Jake H

          Well said Jimmy Jo.

      • GS3 by Samsung

        Both of the HTC phones you mentioned (OneX & Evo 4G LTE), as well as the OneS, don’t have replaceable batteries. As well, the OneX & OneS don’t have an external memory card slots either (typically micro sd). This is neither overhyped nor subjective.

        * For those who have a battery that’s low/dead, your only option will be to plug it in and wait before you can go. Sorry OneX/S & Evo 4G LTE owners!

        * For those who keep ALL of their music, photos, videos, etc on their cell phone because they don’t own a computer, 16GB or even 32GB of internal memory may not be enough. Sorry OneX & OneS owners!

        * For those who want to flash new Roms on the go (without needing to connect to a computer), you too will need that micro sd card. Sorry OneX & OneS owners!

        * For those who took the advice of the “better” OneX or Evo 4g LTE, sorry “swazedahustla” listeners!

  • Pdxguy

    Just got back from the T-mobile store, looks like June 27th is the new launch date. I was told the phone will be selling for $650 off contract and $350 on contract with a $50 or $100 mail in rebate (sales person wasn’t sure). To get the phone at the cheaper price you must sign up for the 2 year 5GB data plan.

    • kazahani

      Before you sign taht contract at the carrier store, I would check out Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club. A lot of times the indirect dealers have the same or better price, and they usually don’t make you do a mail in rebate.

  • Raptor

    That demand is the result of Apple’s dumb “One Size Fits All” (shitholes).
    Seems this year Samsung will bring 3 NASA budgets from US taking away average annual salary of 1 million people. Or effectively making 1 million new jobless.

    • kazahani

      um wut?

  • mdawg924

    Well suck, because I waited.

  • Jason H

    Mine is less than an hour away on a UPS truck. 16GB Pebble Blue from Sprint.

  • yankeesusa

    I guess it works out for me. I decided to get the sgs 3 and skip on htc this year. I’m on my 5th evo 3d with probably a 6th on the way. I will be getting the sgs 3 if the galaxy note 2 doesn’t come out for sprint or it feels to bulky. Either way samsung is in my sights. Looking forward to trying sammy for first time. Maybe by time i decide the price will have gone down at amazon or walmart.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      I’m trying Sammy for the first time since my old Samsung flip phone. I’ve got the EvOG and the wife has the Shift. We’re moving to the GSIII…

  • Adaywa

    what is delaying them, they should put oils on their machines so they could work a bit faster!

    Free Android Games

  • spazby

    5 more weeks and i can upgrade…. come on sprint, light up lte in major markets already

  • Richard Yarrell

    32gb version here I come June 27th Tmobile bound. So long crusty Verizon… I see my new Nexus in the rear view mirror come November. Meanwhile Galaxy S3 is BOSS anyone responding to this comment don’t HATE participate in buying not holding up the sidelines.

    • Max.Steel

      You truly are a fool.

    • squiddy20

      “Meanwhile Galaxy S3 is BOSS”
      Not even 2 months ago you were saying the same stupid crap of your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus, and 8 months before that of your “legendary” Evo 3D that you said would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012″. What a moron.
      And before you start going on about my “useless” Samsung Moment and how I “never buy anything”, let me remind you (again) that I’ve had a Galaxy Nexus with Sprint for the past month (at least) and within 5 hours of getting it, had it unlocked, rooted, and running a very stable CM9 nightly.
      You may make think you’re big or “boss” because you can buy all these smart phones, but you really only demonstrate your stupidity. Instead of buying these things like a druggie looking for a fix, maybe you should do something better with your money, invest it, get a tutor for that god-awful spelling and comprehension you show on a daily basis, or just something to better your life in general. God knows you need it when you start talking about “pushing up on” a phone…

  • Max

    This sucks. My Nexus S is slowly dying and I’ve been eagerly waiting for my pre-order. Looks like since I went with 32gb I won’t get it until next week. :(

  • Max.Steel

    It’s called hoarding. Limiting supplies to create an artificial demand. Makes the product seem more valuable than it actually is.

    • Mix

      This caused my finance to want to buy a Wii when we saw one on a shelf.

      It collects dust quite nicely now.

      • Max.Steel

        Ah, the Wii fiasco. Who can forget that one? Nintendo did a good job on that one.