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US versions of Galaxy S III could look exactly like global version


Rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy S III could arrive in North America around June 20th, but we are still waiting on the specific details for design, specs, and pricing. According to a new leaked image posted by Chris Ziegler of The Verge, it appears the T-Mobile version of Samsung’s flagship device will look exactly like the global version.

Previous versions of the Galaxy series had been tweaked by the US carriers with different designs and names, but this could be a signal that the Galaxy S III will arrive unmodified as Samsung intended it.

About the only differences we are expecting will be with the internals. All the US versions of the device are expected to get Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor instead of Samsung’s new quad-core Exynos, and they could also see 2 GB RAM instead of 1 GB.

Previous T-Mobile rumored release dates include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Metallic Blue — June 20th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB Metallic Blue — June 20th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Ceramic White — July 11th

If the device is really coming this month, then we should expect a formal announcement from Samsung any day now. Are you excited to get a pure Samsung design, or were you hoping for something slightly altered?

Source: The Verge

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  • Jeff Brandt

    Please Carrier leave the Android OS alone. NO more fragmentation

    thanks you

  • YMS123

    Its a shame we won’t be getting the Exynos, its a monster processor

    • rauelius

      Yeah, it saddens me that the US Carriers are going to get the Galaxy R Style innards stuffed into a Galaxy S III shell. At least have the respect for your customers and DON’T call this obamanation the Galaxy S III. Call it the Galaxy R or Galaxy S 2.5, like it really is. Dropping the Exynos in favor of the Krait S4 is akin to Going from an i7 2700K to an i3 2120…sure the i3 can play the games almost as well, but…..why the needless downgrade?!?!?!?!

    • spazby

      I thought t-mobile would get exynos….

      • rauelius

        I thought the idea of being the only Carrier with a Quad-Core phone would (because the other ones HAVE to have LTE) would have overcome the need to downgrade the phone like everyone else. I guess not everybody can use their brain, because they would have had huge marketing potential as the only Carrier in the US with not only a Quad-Core phone in the US, but perhaps the best Quad-Core phone on Earth.

      • kazahani

        T-mobile is working on LTE too. That’s probably why.

    • aa

      Sure, Exynos 4 Quad may have more horsepower but the MSM8960 is a much more refined solution. Cortex-A15 like CPU, 28nm, integrated modem with LTE and integrated wifi/bluetooth/gps/glonass.

  • Yonas

    Well,did Anybody expected huge differences ??

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Although I may not be pure, I generally go for a pure device. Balances out my universe. I would take the white version of the SGSIII for even more purity.

    • ndarvishev

      I like the pure device with pure OS too. But I wouldn’t go for Samsung Galaxy SIII. Galaxy Note? Yes. Galaxy Note is big, gorgeous.
      I don’t know, maybe, I am biased towards SGSIII or Samsung.

  • rauelius

    So, the US is getting the Galaxy R Style, stuffed into a Galaxy S III shell? I hope they don’t expect to get Galaxy S III money for what will essentially be a Galaxy S 2.5.


    • R.S

      Just because it may end up being slightly different does not/will not keep it from being a Galaxy S IOU.

      • R.S

        *Damn Auto correct plus me accidentally hitting the submit button = IOU instead of III.*

        Since this isn’t the first time you’ve stated this while adding a link, something tells me you are just trying to get hits for your website.

        The US Galaxy S II had several variations (my T989) being one of them. That didn’t keep it from being a Galaxy S II phone.

        • rauelius

          I don’t have a website….Just looked up galaxy R Style in Google and clicked a news article. I heard about a Version of the Galaxy S III that was stripped down to a Krait S4 and sold in Korea, named the Galaxy R Style (not to be confused with the Tegra2 Powered Australian Market Galaxy R). I’m disgusted at the downgrade in SoC with these phones when sold in the US. I didn’t mind the HTC One X getting the Krait S4 from the Tegra3, as they are comprable. But going from the Exynos Quad-Core, to the Krait S4 is a bit like being promised a Bugatti Veyron and getting a Corvette…Sure it’s fast, but not as fast you should’ve gotten.

          Wait until the US versions come out and look at the absolute annihilation the International Galaxy S III vs US Galaxy S III. To get an idea, compare the US HTC One X to the International Galaxy S III and see the complete and utter annihilation rained upon the US HTC One X, in respect to system performance. I still think the One X/S cameras are better.

      • rauelius

        By that mentality, if Honda decided to sell the Acura NSX in the US, but replace the engine with One from the Honda Civic SI, would it still be an NSX? The SI is no slouch (much like the Krait S4) but the V6/Hybrid engine/motors in the New NSX is freaking mindblowing in comparison, much like the Exynos Quad-Core….

      • rauelius

        Here, watch the complete and utter obliteration of the US Spec HTC One X at the hands of the International Galaxy S III. The US HTC One X and US Galaxy S III are going to be hardware twins so the HTC One XL(US One X) is the closest approximation to what the US Spec Galaxy S III (aka, Galaxy S 2.5 aka Galaxy R Style) is going to be like compared to the TRUE Galaxy S III.


  • cwjones4

    if they’re not planning on doing any alterations, sprint better have that device out as close to June 20th (or earlier) as possible. In white, please

    • swazedahustla

      Lol we both know that’s not happening.

  • CTown

    I think this is harlious! They made a mess out of the Vibrant’s RIL and GPS, then replaced the Vibrant with a phone with the same stupid GPS but is incompatible with GS1 ROMs, and then they did the same thing with the GSII.

    So, we actually get to the point where we request T-Mo to do their “magic” on this phone and we get denied… It’s just to much!

    • CTown

      I guess the lesson is: “Be carefull of what you wish for”!

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Metalic blue? Ceramic white? Is that because marble and pebble are too complicated for america?

    • rauelius

      Since they think so little of Americans that the Galaxy S III sold in the US is just going to be the Korean sold Galaxy R Style in a Galaxy S III shell, it seems that they DO believe it would be to complicated for Americans.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Metallic blue? Ceramic white? Is that because marble and pebble are too complicated for america?

    • Oskar Wismierski

      Upss… (wanted to add: or is the US version not inspired by nature :P)

  • Nate B.

    Okay, so everyone must have forgotten that the Krait is why we will have LTE. With the Exynos we wouldn’t have 4G. But if we had the quad then people would cry about not having 4G. So make up your minds.

    • Rasy

      i think they are talking about the t-mobile version not having the Exynos bc t-mobile doesn’t have LTE so it doesn’t make sense to downgrade the inside of the US t-mobile GSIII to a dual-core S4 if the Exynos chip is already compatible with US t-mobile 4G network.

    • rauelius

      If it’s on T-Mobile the downgrade to the S4 is pointless. T-Mobile uses HSPA+ for it’s 4G and I average about 7mbps down and at home I’ve gotten 12mbps down on T-Mobile with my Galaxy Nexus. T-Mobile could see a huge influx of customers if they used the Exynos 4412 and marketed it as the only Quad-Core phone in America*.

      *Sold via Carrier.

    • redraider133

      Except the T-mo version does not have lte so that was the whole reason they were supposed to be using exynos. Makes sense in the other carriers to go with s4 because they have lte. With T-Mo that is not the case.

  • Eric Lim

    The Samsung Exynos chip is way better than the snapdragon chip..

    • Tony

      Except that it’s not.

  • jamal adam

    Hopefully, that carrier logo stays on the back cover rather than on the front.

  • tagstar

    “Include the Exynos or don’t bother shipping.”

    Hey that would look good on a t-shirt.

    • rauelius

      That would look great on a shirt!

  • rauelius

    Since my comments are getting down voted, can someone show a series of benchmarks where the Krait S4 completely dominates the Exynos 4412? Show me I’m wrong that the Krait S4 is a pretty substantial downgrade from the Eynos 4412. And it has to be faster by at least 20% across the board to count, like in the benchmarks I posted from CNET.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Benchmarks and real world use are two DIFFERENT things…

      • rauelius

        Well the real world use on a Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X (S4 or Tegra3) are already pretty awesome, so other than pure performance what would entice someone to get the Downgraded Galaxy S 3? The Galaxy Nexus runs perhaps the smoothest most stable version of Android, and the HTC One family runs as smooth and has the Gnex , and has arguably the best camera, and in either S4 or Tegra 3 form game and bench really well. With the S4 Galaxy S 3, we get the same SoC as the US One X/S and an almost comparable camera. TouchWiz isn’t that amazing(not a fan of Sense either), so without the Exynos 4412 the US Spec Galaxy S 3 seems kinda pointless, in the case of smooth running interface (most high end phones made after the Galaxy Nexus seem to be fine here), an excellent camera (The One X’s is at worst comparable and at best a little better) and great performance (since the all have S4′s they will perform identically). Now, if that S4 in the US Spec Galaxy S 3 is clocked at 1.8-2Ghz, you may have my interest again.

        I’m starting to think that the down votes are commingle from Qualcom employees…lol…I don’t hate the S4…Its just a disappointment compared to the Exynos 4412(Unless it’s clocked really high)

        • redraider133

          Because some like Samsung over htc or just like the look of the sgs3. You say the one x performance is awesome and it runs a dual core processor here in the states just like you are saying is a downgrade so if it has good performance hows it a downgrade? Not to mention s4> omap in nexus.

          • kazahani

            He’s right. S4 is a downgrade from Exynos 4412. And there’s no reason to do it in the T-mobile version.

        • Orion78

          I think you’re getting down voted because you sound like a whiney crybaby. I think its hot chocolate and nappy nappy time for you.

  • nat_daddy

    I’m just happy to upgrade from my optimus T.

  • Nathan D.

    Honestly, I want the quad-core chip instead

    • McLovin

      Me too. I’ll always slap on a 3rd party FAT battery so I can make it through the day on a single charge.

  • kwills88

    I could see this being true though I rather the traditional ICS buttons, but with how long it took the last year sii variants to get here, I can see them just running with the Europe version to ease the anticipation.

  • kazahani

    S4 Krait = I wait for the Nextus.


    I’m actually curious to see how the 2 gig of ram will work. Benchmarks for HTC one X are very good with only 1 gig of ram. It uses the same S4 processor. I would have prefered the Exynos also but well have to wait til it can have an LTE radio.

    • swazedahustla

      Won’t make a difference.

    • ndarvishev

      I guess most of the RAM is required for S Voice and those features which keep display light.

  • Bugeater

    Why can’t I have the Quad Core with 2GB Ram?

    That is the biggest question that annoys me. Why must I choose quad core with 1GB Ram or Dual Core with 2GB Ram? And which one is better without all the emotional thumbs down nonsense?

    I’m waiting for a site to have both & compare and really let us know the real difference if any.